By The River


One of the first warm weeks of the year and few people lounged beside the slow moving river. The bank was divided into two areas – a larger one where most people went and a smaller one where no one said anything if you disrobed completely. Ellie reclined naked, her left arm shading her eyes from the bright morning sun. She glanced along her body – past the firm youthful-like breasts, the firm stomach, the shaved pussy, the missing left leg, the long slim right leg, the shapely foot – towards three naked people splashing around about fifteen feet out into the river. Her eyes closed and she drifted between sleep and fantasy.

A cool breeze woke her and she sat upright. The woman in the water embraced the younger of the men, her lips pressed tightly against his, her hand reached between his legs as if she had done so before. Her body rubbed over his letting her breasts move nicely about. The other man playfully splashed the pair who ignored him. He turned and walked towards the shore where Ellie sat.

“Oh my god,” Ellie slowly muttered louder than expected as she watched him.

Now out of the water and about ten feet away, he grinned.

“Is that because of me … or for me?” She teased watching his erection hardly bob with each step.

He sat facing her, his legs slightly crossed but not hiding his cock in any way. “Would you mind if it were both?” He giggled slightly and extended his hand. “I’m Kevin. I thought I’d let them tend to each other.” He tossed his thumb over his shoulder towards the pair still embracing in the water behind him.

“Ellie,” she replied holding his hand. “Not that I’m a connoisseur of cocks, but that IS a particularly nice one.” She let go of his hand and leaned back against one arm.

“Do you come here often?”

“I like to … ah, watch.”

“What? The naked men?”

Ellie nodded a few time and let her tongue slip across her lower lip. “For me it is more of a spectator sport.” She laughed and sat upright again.

“So, you watch and then go home to fuck yourself?”

His bluntness caught her slightly off guard. “Is that so bad? I mean, I can take my time and enjoy all of my body without regard to someone else’s needs.” She watched his face for a moment before letting her gaze rest over his erection. “Don’t you play with that bad boy between your legs?”


She let her hand rest over the hip without a thigh and massaged the soft rounded mass a few times before her fingertips slipped though the lips of her pussy. “Wow,” she groaned then moved her hand over her stomach.

“Go ahead if you want.” Without touching it, his cock bounced up towards his stomach in a slight spasm.

“Make it do that again,” she begged as she touched her clit with a single fingertip.

Kevin leaned back and made his cock move several more times without touching it.

“Cool,” Ellie mumbled. “Glad my missing leg doesn’t seem to turn you off.”

“Not in the least.”

“You almost make it sound like it might excite you.”

“Would that be a problem?”

“Nope. Especially if it wouldn’t be a problem that I had it off.”

“Had … did you want it off?”

“Crazy huh?” Her hand cupped the legless hip and fondled it. “A few years back.”

“Wow-w,” he slowly exclaimed then let his hand curl around the large erection. “Now that IS exciting.”

“Really? Is it something you want too?”

“No, but I do find women with one leg very exciting … and to know you wanted to be that way is … ah, icing on the cake.”

“Does your wife know about your feelings?”

“Don’t have a wife. What about your husband?”

“Don’t have a husband … and no boyfriend either. Not for ten years since I graduated from college. Don’t get me wrong, I have a guy once in a while … mostly to satisfy my love to suck cock.”

“Hmmm,” he purred rubbing his chin and watching her fondle the hip. “Do you think I could be a “guy once in a while”? He laughed. “Actually I’d like to be more than that.”

“We all get horny.” She laughed and moved closer. Her hand replaced his on the cock and stroked it a few times. “Such a nice thing,” she softly whispered without stopping. “Bet it has been in quite a few pussies.”

“Enough to know what it feels like, but not a lot of or often enough.”

“What a shame … the often enough part.” She stopped stroking and let her thumb rub around the large swollen head twice. She leaned down and took just the head into her mouth letting it moved in and out slightly several times before sitting back up. “Nice.” Her thumb smoothed the salvia that remained on the head.

“You didn’t have to stop.” He sounded disappointed.

“I know, but this is so public. Believe me, I’d love to have continued.”

His hand moved towards her, then stopped in midair. “Can I touch…?”

She pressed a finger over his lips before he could finish as if to shush him. “Anywhere you want.” She leaned back and moved her foot more to one side. “Have you ever touched a stump?” She giggled and watched his hand casino oyna move closer.

“Nah … looked at enough pictures though.” He laughed and massaged her hip. “It feels really nice.”

“You’ve got that right.”

He moved his face closer to hers then let their lips touch. She slipped her tongue inside and let it enjoy the wetness of his mouth. A pleasurable moan was made a few times as her hand cupped the back of his head and her fingers toyed with his hair.

She pulled back leaving her hand behind his head. “Nice kisses.”

“Not the only places I’d like to kiss you.”

“Oh baby, you say the nicest things.” She giggled and lay on her back. “Show me.” Two fingers parted her pussy lips exposing the wet pink insides to him.

Her eyes closed as he nibbled and stabbed his tongue inside. His nose rubbed against her clit and he held her hips in both hands. Leaves rustled and a shadow covered her face.

“Kevin’s found a woman,” the female voice said.

“Guess he won’t need a ride home,” the male voice said and the couple from the river walked away. After a few feet, he remarked, “Did she only have one leg?”

“Yeah-h,” she drawled with a slight sense of excitement in her voice. “I’ll tell you more some day.”

Kevin had not stopped while they had watched and Ellie had only slightly been aware of someone else being nearby.

“Darlin’,” she moaned. He paused and glanced towards her face, the aroma of her pussy still lingering close. “If I promise you can do that all night, can we stop for a while and go for a swim? I also want to relish that cock of yours tonight. Okay?”

Kevin stood and reached his hand down. She held it and pulled herself upright. “I can just hop. Let me hold your arm for balance.”

“It must be awkward to hop in the water.”

“Yeah. Of course you could carry me.” She giggled as he scooped her into his arms. “Who were they?”

“My little sister and her guy.”

“Sister? Does she know about your, hmmm, interest?”

He let her slip gently from his arms, guiding her until she stood in front of him in water up to their waist. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, teasing her lips with his.

“Some … and she pretends sometimes. He doesn’t know and I doubt she will tell him.”

“Do you mean ‘pretend to be an amputee’?”

“Yeah-h … usually just for me, but sometimes alone just for herself. I bet you used to do that too.”

“I confess, yes I did. God, it is so-o much better now than when I used to pretend. Does she want to be an amputee?”

“She says she doesn’t.”

His hands slipped along her back until his fingertips slid though the valley of her ass, then one hand massaged her legless hip.

“How did you know I was partial to having the leg completely gone?” he asked giving her lips light kisses as he spoke.

“I guess my crystal ball was working really well.” She laughed and reached into the water and held his cock. “How did you know I liked large cocks?” She laughed again.

The sun had moved enough the trees now cast a large shadow over the blanket and other items. She let go of his arm and bent over to pick the towels up, one for him, the other for her. Balanced on her only foot, she patted the drops of water from her naked body and rubbed at the long single leg. She bent down again and lifted the crutches until they rested under her arms then toweled her hair a little. The whole time she had watched his cock bounce as he vigorously dried his body.

“What?” he asked pressing his palm against her crotch, feeling the pussy lips kiss his hand.

She reached out and played with his slightly firm erection. “Bet we’ll have fun with each other.” She held his cock and pulled him closer so she could kiss his lips. As she did, she pushed a little of the cock inside her and felt the renewed erection growing even firmer. “Be a shame to waste this,” she teased.

“There’ll be more of those. We don’t want to mess up that sweet cunt of yours, do we?”

Kevin tossed the duffle bag into the backseat and watched Ellie slide the crutches across the floor. She pushed the door closed and took two long hops so she could sit in the driver’s seat. Her barefoot moved inside and rested on the accelerator. The door clicked shut. She wiggled her hips and tugged at the long t-shirt bottom until it exposed her naked hips.

“Give you something to look at on the way home.” She laughed and started the engine.

“And I like what I see. Guess when we get home, I’ll have to give it a very, very close inspection.” He snickered.

Karen stood by Mike in the parking lot of her apartment and kissed him long and deep. Her tongue explored his mouth and she could feel his growing excitement press against her.

“Baby, I need you too. I’ve a few things I just have to do though. Please understand,” she whispered into his ear as she ground herself against him.

“What?” he asked in a mild state of anger. “I’m getting tired of having to jerk off after being slot oyna with you.” His voice grew angrier with each word.

“Sorry.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Well maybe we shouldn’t get naked and make out if we can’t get each other off.”

She pulled back and looked at him with the bulge in his pants as she held one of his hands. Her eyes scanned his body and quietly she considered what to say. She let go of the hand and took another step away.

“So, am I just a pussy for your cock?” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t need you or your cock that much. Good fucking luck finding someone else.”

She turned and flipped him off as she walked along the sidewalk. She could hear him protesting for another twenty feet until she turned and walked along the other side of a tall hedge. She talked to herself, sometimes muttering aloud, convincing herself that she did not need him.

The lock on the closed door clicked and she walked though the apartment leaving the beach bag on the washer then on into the bedroom. She undressed removing the only two pieces of clothing and dropped them on the floor of the bathroom as she watched in the mirror. Both hands cupped her breasts and a finger on the left hand teased a nipple into a state of firmness.

“Oh baby,” she moaned aloud.

Karen leaned against the wall still playing with one breast and pulled her left foot up pinning it between her hip and the wall. Aloud, she said, “What is Kevin doing with that one legged chick? Why is she so lucky to be missing her fucking leg? Why not me?”

First one finger, then a second, filled her pussy. Her head fell backward against the wall. Her mouth dropped open. “Ah, ah,” she gasped as her eyes again looked in the mirror.

The orgasm subsided as she thought aloud, “He knows I pretend. He thinks I do it for him. Will he think I’m crazy that I…?” She let her foot down and turned the knob in the shower to warm.

“It’s not much,” Ellie explained as she closed the front door behind Kevin. “But it’s home these days.” She walked smoothly on her crutches occasionally pausing in mid-stride to balance with her foot off the floor.

“You really do love being that way,” he remarked as he followed her into the kitchen.

“Oh hell yeah-h.” She held a bottle of whiskey up towards him. He nodded. “I can’t imagine having it back now. To be very candid, I can’t remember what it was like to have it.” She handed him a tumbler with a half-inch of whiskey covering the bottom, then she sipped from her glass. “Guess I always wanted to be this way.”

“Do you know why?”

“Nope. I used to spend hours wondering why. I was afraid I was crazy or insane. I would read all those stories of new amputees crying over the loss of a limb and taking month, years, to get back to their life. I was up the next day and crutching up and down the hall. It doesn’t matter why anymore.”

“A few years ago?” he quizzed before another sip.

“Yup. If only I could have done it when I was a kid….”


“Yup. Tell me about your amputee interest.” She poured more whiskey into both glasses.

Karen and I had a cousin our age that’d lost a leg because of cancer. Eventually she died, but before that, we both loved using her crutches.”

“Did you get to see her stump?”

“Yes we both did … a number of times. We were just kids and very curious.”

“So that did it for you?”

“Oh, I had girlfriends with both legs, but I was always on the lookout for one-legged women. I never found any to date, though I saw a few at the mall or amusement parks. Eventually I started buying pictures before the Internet. Now I have a hard drive filled with pictures.”

“What about Karen?”

“While she was in college, she would visit me. We probably had a few drinks too many one night and were talking about our cousin. She mentioned something about how we used to go around on her crutches. I asked if she still did that. She said she would if there was a way to get a pair of crutches, that she had really loved doing that.”


“Yeah, wow. We went to the pharmacy and bought a pair and several ACE bandages. A few times that evening she bound her leg up for a while and walked around my apartment on the crutches.”

“Did you ask her if she wanted to have just one leg?”

“I did, but she only would say ‘there isn’t a way’.”

“Do you think…?”

“I don’t know, but she has gone out with me at night on one leg. We go to another part of town or go out of town. Her foot sticks out from her ass and that kind of messes with the image. She walks very well on her crutches.”

Ellie sat her glass on the counter and pushed at Kevin’s waistband until his shorts fell along his legs landing over his feet. She patted the counter next to him. “Sit up here,” she commanded. “You’re making me horny.” She giggled and pulled her t-shirt off leaving herself naked.

She watched him push himself up letting his shorts fall on the floor. With a single hop, Ellie positioned herself canlı casino siteleri between his knees then slipped her hands along his thighs. “Geez, you have a wonderful looking cock.” Her fingers teased the warm shaft letting it move against them. “Lean back just a bit,” she instructed letting her face moved closer to the head before taking it between her lips.

“I might cum….”

She removed her mouth and shouted, “QUIET!” while pushing against his chest with a single hand. She resumed her mouth work on the head and an inch of the shaft. A moment later, she freed the warm flesh. “Oh baby, this is-s great,” then continued mouthing the cock gradually taking more of it inside.

“I’m going….”

She slapped him on the side of his thigh and continued until he began to unload streams of thick cum that rolled along her tongue. A few fingers wrapped around the base of the shaft and helped milk more until there was none. A soft popping sound rolled between his legs as she let it slip from her lips.

“Yeah-h,” she groaned wiping her lips with the back of her hand. “Damn fine cock you’ve got there. Your cum tastes good too.” She gulped once as she swallowed the last of the cum. “Yeah-h … hope you understand that I’ll want more of that before I let you leave.” She laughed and hopped a few steps back to the opposite counter.

“What … I’m just going to be a sex slave?”

“Would that be so bad … a sex slave for a one-legged chick?” She cupped her hands under her breasts and squeezed them. “I might just insist you eat my pussy too.” She grinned and let the boobs fall free then spread her pussy lips wide and thrust her crotch forward so he could see the pink skin inside. “I know how you will hate having my stump next to this.” She laughed again and let go of her pussy.

“Guess it’s your turn to sit up on the counter,” he whispered as he slid off the granite surface. He lifted her hips as she pushed with her hands against the counter. “There,” he said as he pushed her single knee further to the side. His index finger probed just inside feeling the wetness. The other hand stroked the legless hip. “Wow. Such a fantasy.” A fingertip hooked the clit and pulled it out then circled the nub several times. He leaned forward and sucked it between his lips pressing them tight.

Her hands gripped at the back of his head. “Careful … there … big … guy.” The words gasped from her mouth one at a time. Her fingers wrapped some hair around them as she pressed his face tight against her. “Okay, now go for it,” she roared. “Just had to…. ah, never mind. Just eat me. Make me cum quickly.”

First one, then a second finger vanished inside and began massaging as he continued to suck.

“Oh … baby … yeah-h,” she moaned aloud and repeatedly as she quickly approached the desired orgasm. She felt his free hand cup her legless hip and rub along the faint scars. “Good … good,” she whispered reassuring him that he was doing the right thing to her stump. Her breathing told him she was close and he let his fingertips press against her g-spot. “Easy,” she begged and as he released some of the pressure, she said, “Yeah-h baby … like that.”

Her head fell slowly back, her mouth opened. Her breathing was quite auditable. “Oh god-d … there … there.” Soon she let go of his head and pushed him away. “Getting a little sore,” she teased. “Not used to having someone down there.” She laughed. “I’m not complaining mind you. Give me a moment.”

Karen crutched along the empty and darkened sidewalk, her left leg bound with an ACE bandage and the foot pulled tight against her hip with the aid of a heavy elastic girdle. The hem of the black full skirt dangled just past her knees. The single foot wore a black moderately high heal shoe. As she passed the store windows of closed shops, she would pause to watch her reflection and imagine she was truly missing a leg.

She was lost in one of many moments of watching herself when the shop door opened quietly and a woman stepped out onto the sidewalk. After locking the door, the woman turned then noticed Karen gasp and hold a hand to her chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” the woman said as she let her eyes scan from Karen’s head to foot, then back.

Karen did the same to the woman and noticed the empty left sleeve of her black lightweight turtleneck sweater. “Your arm?”

“Yeah-h. Your leg?”

“I didn’t expect to see anyone. I sometimes pretend. It would have been obvious if you saw me from behind. I know that sounds sick to a real amputee.”

The woman leaned lightly against the window with the empty sleeve towards Karen. She pulled the bottom of the sweater up enough to reveal the arm hidden beneath. “Ha … fooled you.” She laughed. “I’m just pretending too.” She brushed the bottom of the sweater back down and held a hand out. “I’m Julie. How long have you been pretending?”

“I’m Karen. Oh, I’ve been doing it all my life and for the last five years quite often. Lately, most every night.”

“Are you up for a drink? There’s a dark and quiet bar about a block from here.”

“I think I can keep my foot up for a while longer.”

“I know that feeling. Sucks … huh?”

“Have you pretended to be missing a leg?”

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