Cabin Fun


Curled up on the sofa, heavily into a mystery, I hear voices and the motor of a boat. I look over at the clock and realize maybe John is back from his fishing adventure for the morning. I put the book down on the table and head to the door and see two other men with John looking at his engine. I look down and figure I am decently enough dressed in this long t-shirt to wonder down to the dock and find out what is going on. The tits are covered as is the ass and that is all that needs to be covered out here. I arrive to see the other two men look me over and John says, “good morning, sweetie. I had some motor trouble and these guys were nice enough to tow me to shore. How do you feel about cooking up some breakfast for me and our guest. “Sure not a problem, ” and I head back to the cabin. Leaning over the sink washing my hands I notice they are all shaking hands as they head to the cabin. What is that about, I question for a split second. John comes over casino siteleri and kisses me and shows the men the direction of the bathroom in our room as well as the one in the hall.

“I just finished the bacon and was wondering how you guys like your eggs,” I ask as I turn around and see they are standing there in the nude. I look to John who has a sheepish look on his face. “Gee, guys what is it you two have in mind here?” They look at each other and then back at John. They both start laughing and say they would like to have me sunny side up. I laugh and John walks over and removes my t-shirt. I stand there naked before the three men as John slips out of his shorts to display a hard dick too.

John pushes the plates and and stainless to one side of the table and takes me to the edge and says over babe.I lean over the table into the same position he had me in just last night. I grab the edge of the table with my hands as my legs are spread from behind slot oyna on the other side of the table. He grabs a stick of the soft butter and greases my ass hole up nicely and I begin to purr with expectation of what is to come next. I feel my clit rubbing against the edge of the table. “Ready babe?” “Oh yeah, I am ready. Don’t disappoint me now guys,” I say as I laugh.

The first one is gentle as he enters my ass. He beings to work himself up to the point of explosion and I have already cum and begging him to fuck me hard. He pulls out and shoots his load on my ass. The next one says, “you want it hard do you?” “Yes, fuck me hard. Make it hurt!”

He begins to tear my ass up with pounding and John moves to the front of the table just to hold me on the table. I am cumming and shotting, “yes, yes, yes, oh my yes. It is hurting but keep it up I love it.”

I can see John is enjoying this as much as I am. Finally he unloads his load on my ass. John canlı casino siteleri says it is his turn but tells me to flip over and give him that wet pussy. I do just that as I pull my legs up and he slides me to the edge of the table to insert his swollen cock into my hot wet pussy. He pounds it like he can and I sceam with the ecstasy I am feeling. The other two are watching and getting hard again. John unloads his load deep inside me. I am pretty spent by now. My body quivering and shaking inside out.

The other two move to do the same and John says, “wait a minute guys I told you she was yours for one position. No seconds unless she says so.” “I am spent and though I would love to take it again and again. I smile at the three of them and tell them breakfast first, that is bacon and eggs not me. Then we can see if the strength has built back up and we want to play some more.”

Disappointedly they help me off the table and begin to clean it up and set it for breakfast. I finish the eggs and bacon with each of them finding reasons to rub against me. Oh yeah this is going to be a good day, I think to myself.

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