California Love


I was so excited to see my big brother. He moved to California over three years ago, and although we talk all the time, I haven’t seen him in person since he left.

Apparently, he was doing really well out there, making a lot of money and meeting a lot of big celebrities, but he was also a bit of a bullshit artist since I’d known him, so I had to see it all for myself. He was always name dropping, telling me he hung out with this person or that person, and sometimes even telling me about his famous sexual conquests, but like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. It didn’t matter anyway seeing as it was my first trip to the coast, and I was just excited to be there for two weeks, and hang out with my big bro.

When I walked out of the gate, my brother was there waiting for me. He looked amazing – tan, well dressed and well built, completely unlike the guy I’d grown up with. He’d definitely been working on his appearance. I rushed in and gave him a huge hug.

“Wow bro, look at you! I’m impressed! You look great!”

“You look pretty hot yourself sis. You’ll fit right in around here. C’mon let’s get your things.”

I had definitely undergone some physical changes since I’d seen him last, but it was a bit weird because it seemed like every time I looked at him he was checking me out, and he would quickly look away when I noticed. But he was my brother, so I just figured he was glad to see me.

We drove up to his place, and it became obvious that he wasn’t lying about his income anyway. The house was big and beautiful, and very secluded. I could definitely see it on MTV Cribs!

“Wow James, you weren’t kidding! The house, the car…looks like you made it!”

He smiled as he showed me around the house.

“Well, the car is a lease. One of the perks, but the house is all mine. C’mere, let me show you the best part.”

We stepped out on to the huge patio. The view was amazing, and complete with a swimming pool, and an enormous hot tub. It looked like a tropical paradise. I just stood there with my mouth wide open.

“Wait ’till you see it at night” he said. “It’s amazing.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Well, you’ll have to because I’ve got plans for us tonight.”

“Oh yeah? And what are they?”

“Don’t worry, it’s a surprise. Go get settled because you’ve got to go and get you something to wear.”

I smiled and headed to my room. When I came out, my brother was sitting in the living room with an attractive blonde. She looked very young, about sixteen or so, but I found out later she was actually older than me.

“Anne, this is my assistant Toni. Toni, this is my sister Anne.”

“Wow James, you were right, she’s quite beautiful.”

She held out her hand to me, and gave me the “once over” as we shook hands. She had an English accent which completely threw me. She looked so young, yet so mature, and the voice just didn’t match, but there was something about her that was very endearing.

“Assistant huh? Wow.” She pulled me in close and whispered in my ear, but loud enough so he could hear.

“Don’t listen to him. I am his entire life. Without me, he’d fall flat on his face, but he pays me well enough, so I put up with my title. Whatever you need, you just let me know. Your brother couldn’t even get dressed without my help.”

He laughed and said she was right.

“Anne, Toni is going to take you shopping while I tie up a few ends. I’ll meet you guys back here in a few hours.”

Toni was really cool. In a short time we got along as if we were old friends. We spent the afternoon getting the full star treatment, courtesy of my brother, but the topper was the dress Toni said I just had to have. It was absolutely the most amazing thing I’d ever worn, but the price tag was incomprehensible. Toni shrugged it off and insisted we get the dresses. (She had picked one out for herself that was almost equally as expensive) It kind of put me off to think that she was spending my brother’s money that way, but later, I learned that the dresses were loaned to us, and didn’t cost a thing. It was the first of many eye-opening experiences of what things were like for the rich and the famous. Not only that, but everything that Toni ordered for us had been delivered to my brother’s house before we even got back! I was in heaven!

My brother was home before us.

“Looks casino siteleri like you didn’t waste a second showing my sister around.”

“She’s learning.”

Toni smiled, grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s been wonderful meeting with you Anne. I hope we get to spend some more time together” and then she left.

“She’s amazing isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she’s great.”

“Well, you’d better hurry up and get ready, we’ve got to leave soon.”

That night was incredible. It was some charity event, filled with all kinds of celebrities. I met so many people, I can’t remember all of them.

The first week was much of the same. Every night my brother had us going to some celebrity event or party, and after a while, it all seemed the same. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing, but I was exhausted, and I really hadn’t got to spend any time with my brother, so on Saturday morning, I told him that I needed a break.

“Too much for you to handle huh?’

“No, it’s not that, but I’ve been here for a whole week, and the most time we spent together was coming back from the airport. I’m only here for another week, and then who knows when I’ll get to see you again.”

“Okay, okay, I get it. So, we’ll skip tonight and go out to dinner, just the two of us.”

“I’ve got a better idea. How about we skip tonight and stay here, just the two of us. I’ll even cook dinner. Besides, I’ve yet to see this amazing view at night.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you half way. We’ll stay in, but we’ll order out.”

“Hey, I can cook you know.”

“I’m sure, but this is your vacation. I want you to relax and have fun.”

“Okay, whatever.”

It was turning out to be the best night of the whole trip. We had an amazing dinner, and really got to talk and hang out, like we used to. It made me realize how much I’d missed having my brother around. All the other stuff was great, but even without it, my brother is really amazing. We were on our third bottle of wine when I started to ask my brother about his love life.

“So, where’s all these hot young celebrity chicks your always telling me about?”

“Eh…that’s fun for a while, but it’s really hard to find a girl out here you can be serious with. They’re all after one thing.”

I laughed. “Listen to you, you sound like a woman.”

“No, I’m serious. All these girls want to know is who you know or how much you got. After a while, it would just be nice to have someone who doesn’t care about all that shit.”

“Wow, never thought I’d hear you say that.”

“Yeah, well, things change.”

“They sure do.”

“What about you? I watched the way you worked the room. You had a lot of heads turning. How come you’re not trying to bag yourself a man?”

“Well, even if I was, what would I do? I’m here with you, it would be too weird.”

“Hey, I would understand. You’re not a little girl anymore. I don’t have to worry about you.”

“I know, but still. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my moments. There’s some hot guys here, and I’ve definitely been pretty horny all week.”

I laughed as my brother blushed and squirmed uncomfortably.

“What’s the matter? You can’t handle your sister getting horny?”

“Anne, cut it out! You’re my sister!”

“Ha! Well, fair is fair. I’ve listened to all your stories.”

“Yeah, but that’s different.”

“Oh c’mon, you love it. I see the way you’ve been checkin’ me out.”

“I have not!”

“Have to! I’ve seen you!”

“Okay, fine, so I may have checked you out a little, but not like that. It’s just that well…you know.”

“I know what?”

“Well, let’s face it sis, you’ve grown up to be a hot looking chick! I just can’t believe how great you look. But it’s not like I’m checking you out.”

“Aww…you’re so sweet. But it’s still checking me out. Don’t worry though, I’ve checked you out a few times myself. You’re a stud bro.”

“Yeah, I know.” He laughed.

“Well, I’m glad to see all this hasn’t gone to your head.”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Well, no matter what, it’s still cute that you were checking me out. After all, you can’t help it if turn you on.”

“Wait a minute. I never said anything about being turned on.”

I laughed. “It’s okay, you can admit it.”

“I never said that. You’re my sister. It’s slot oyna one thing to admire how you look, but it’s another thing to be turned on by it.”

“Oh c’mon big bro, You’re no different than any other guy. You guys see a pretty girl and you get all nuts.”

“Maybe that’s true, but not when it’s your own sister.”

“Oh c’mon. That thing in your pants has a mind of it’s own. It doesn’t know I’m your sister.”

He laughed. “Okay, enough. Let’s talk about something else.”

“I thought so.”

“Whatever Anne. Even if it was true, which it’s not, I’d never admit it, so you’re wasting your breath.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to admit it, so long as we both know it’s true.”

He shook his head.

“Seriously though, when you’re not lusting after your own sister perv, what about Toni? She seems pretty cool, and she’s way into you.”

“Ha, well yeah, she’s great, but it would never work. I think perhaps your woman’s intuition is a little off on that one.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. She likes you, I can tell.”

“Oh yeah, and what makes you so sure?”

“Just a hunch. Perhaps you just didn’t notice because you’re too pre-occupied with your gorgeous little sister around.”

“Yeah, perhaps, but let me let you in on a little something. Toni is more likely into you than me.”

“Really? Wow, I never would have guessed.”

“Yeah so, that just goes to show how off the mark you are.”

“Well, maybe about that, but I’m definitely right about the other thing.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“Wow, she’s a lesbian huh? Never would of guessed.”

We sat quietly for a minute, while we finished off the wine.

“Should I open another one?”

“Hell yes! I’m on vacation remember?”


“Speaking of which, is that thing just for show”?

I gestured towards the hot tub. My brother smiled.

“I’ll open another bottle and meet you out there.”

“I’ll get my suit.”

I changed into my bikini and ran out to the hot tub. My brother came out with the wine and our glasses. I slid in while he set them down next to us.

“Hmmm.” He shook his head.


“Well, nothing. It’s just that normally I have a rule – No clothes in the hot tub, but I guess considering the circumstances, I’ll have to break the rules.”

“Ah-ha! I told you!”


“You want to get me naked in your hot tub!”

“Sis, I was kidding.”

“Oh, I don’t think you were. How many girls have you said that to?”

He laughed. “Well, you got me there. There’s been a few.”

“See, I told you. Now I’m sitting in your little love pool. How much sex have you had in here?”

He started to strip down to his boxer shorts.

“Don’t worry, it’s cleaned regularly.”

“Yeah right. Either way, you want to see me naked don’t you perv?”

“No, I was kidding.” He started to step in.

“Wait! I will if you do.”

“What, get naked? No it’s okay.”

“Oh c’mon, you know you want to. Think about all the crazy things you must have done, and I’ll bet none of them come close to getting your own sister naked in your hot tub.”

“No, I don’t think any of them do, but it’s okay.”

“What’s the matter, chicken?” I laughed.

“You really want to get naked?”

“Well, I know that you really do. Besides, this thing is big enough for an army, so it really wouldn’t be a big deal.”

He smiled. “Okay fine. Let’s see you put your money where your mouth is.”

He stepped back out on the patio and slipped his boxers down. He stood there for a second, completely naked, letting me get an eye-full before getting in. He looked amazing, and it dawned on me that I had never actually seen my brother naked before, not even when we were young. He didn’t have the biggest cock I’d ever seen, but it was probably the nicest, even in it’s totally limp state. It definitely wasn’t small, maybe just slightly bigger than average, but there was just something about it, and I immediately wanted to know what it would look like when it was hard. The thought made me tingle, but I played it cool. What surprised me the most though was that he was totally shaven, and to me, that was very sexy.

He sank beneath the water, and I could no longer see him.

“Okay, you’re move hot shot.”

I wasted no time in stripping down, canlı casino siteleri making sure he got an equal view before sitting down.

After a while it was as though we’d forgotten that we were naked, and continued to talk and drink as if it was perfectly normal, but I seemed to notice the more we talked and drank, the closer we got. Pretty soon, we were only about two feet apart. I had my feet up on the long seat with my knees pulled up into my chest and back against the wall. He was sitting on the same seat about two feet from my feet.

I noticed that he had been staring at me strangely pretty much since we got in, so I called him on it.

“So, you’ve been checking me out the whole time we’ve been in here…you’re telling me you’re not excited?”

“We’re back on this again? First of all, I have not and no I’m not.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it.”

“What do you mean prove it?”

“Stand up and let’s have a look.”


“I thought so. It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

Without warning, I stretched my foot out and touched his hard cock with my foot. He jumped in surprise, and I laughed.

“I knew you were hard!”

“Seriously Anne, that’s not cool. It’s one thing to joke about it, but you’re my sister! That’s fucked up.”

“Oh relax, it’s no big deal. I just touched it for a second.”

“Still, you shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not? What’s the big deal? Here you can touch my boob and then we’ll be even.”

He shook his head and sat back down as I laughed.

“Oh c’mon. I was just kidding around. Besides, you got a nice cock, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed. It’s just, you shouldn’t do that.”

“C’mon, I touched it with my foot. It’s not like I licked it or something.” By now I was laughing pretty hard, and he just kept shaking his head.

“It doesn’t matter, a foot can do the same thing.”

“Really? So you like that kind of thing huh?”

“Well…sure, why not, but not with my sister.”

“Like I said, it doesn’t know I’m your sister.”

Even though I was joking around, this whole thing was getting me excited too.

Suddenly, we were both quiet. “No, it doesn’t.”

Without a word, almost as if I was supposed to, I reached my foot out again and pressed it firmly against his cock. This time, he didn’t move. We stared at each other as if we were both unsure, but we didn’t stop. I gently slid my whole foot up and down his shaft. He started to breathe heavy and tilted his head back and closed his eyes. I continued rubbing him with my foot, and wiggling my toes over the head of his dick. He began to pump into me, fucking my foot as I jerked him off. It was also happening so quickly, and I was so excited. My nipples were like rocks, and my pussy and clit were throbbing. Without thinking, I immediately began to finger myself.

We were both moaning as I continued to stroke my brother with my feet and toes. The water made it easy to stroke him, and his cock felt amazing on my foot. All of a sudden he grunted loudly and I felt his cock begin to spasm as he shot his load between my toes and into the hot water.

I smiled as my brother recovered, but I was overcome with the urge to cum my self. I quickly reached back and flipped on the jets, breaking the tense silence. I pulled my brother off his seat and instructed him to get on his knees in front of me. I knelt on my seat and wrapped my arms around him. I leaned forward and raised my ass in the air until my aching pussy was lined up with the powerful jet. I gripped my brother tightly as the warm water filled my pussy and pounded my clit. My brother gently tweaked my nipples as I fucked the warm stream of water, and in just seconds I was screaming in orgasm.

I quickly hopped off the seat and onto my brother, wrapping my legs around him. To my surprise, his cock was still hard and easily slipped into me. We began to fuck hard as if we were both possessed. It seemed to take forever, but soon I felt his cock throbbing and shooting off inside me. I didn’t think I would have been able to cum again, but the feel of our wet naked bodies wrapped together and his beautiful cock shotting off inside me brought me over the edge. My whole body tensed up and I screamed out as the most powerful orgasm of my life ripped through me.

Before we could even recover and face what had just happened, I noticed Toni standing just feet away from us, her hand absently gripping her crotch through her pants. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled.

“I knew there was something special about you.” She said.

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