Camping Fling. Part one.


Camping Fling. Part one.M/FMy friend and college room mate, Ben, and I decided to go camping. I brought along a mutual, and beautiful, acquaintance, Mandy, and her tagalong nag of a room mate, Becky.We set up a tent deep in the woods. We built a beautiful fire. And, like the college k**s we were, brought out the drinks. We were having a good time, playing never have I ever, learning and humiliating eachother, taking cheap shots so the other team (boys versus girls) would have to drink. Mandy and I are sitting next to eachother.We had a designated spot in the woods for boys and girls bathroom breaks. This is important later. (No watersports this time guys.) Anyways. As the games commence she slides closer to me. anadolu yakası escort Touching my arm. Touching my leg.Leaning against me, closer and closer as the night drones on. Her naggy room mate gets up to use the bathroom, my room mate staring drunkenly into the fire, She leans over and kisses me. No one noticed. Games continue. She continues to sneak me kisses here and there however so sloppily. Her room mate decides to crash. She zips herself up in the tent. MY room mate, Ben, Continues drinking and singing merrily. He is enjoying his own company. Mandy asks if could escort her to the female bathroom area as she is unfamiliar with the area. I take ataşehir escort the hint. We sneak off several feet from the site. She isn’t drink at all, she never had a drink. That sly fox. We are surrounded by darkness. We kiss. I lean back against a mound of dirt some might call a hill, covered in leaves and moss. Hands begin roaming. I fondle her chest, pinching and kissing and her nipples, freshly touching the cool night air after I releases them from their lacy prison. She wastes no time at all. She is on her knees, undoing my pants. Forcibly pulling them down she takes me into her mouth, not only savagely, ferociously, primitively. Her Red-blond head bobbing back and forth ümraniye escort in the darkness, her tongue swirling over my head. This girl is a professional. I pull her up from her knees and respond to her in kind, I push her against the mound, back facing me.”Do it.” She commands. I tank her pants down, ignoring the button and zipper. I aim myself into the darkness, searching the moist haven I have been dreaming of all night. I find my target. I pound her. I fuck her. Every harsh and dirty verb describing the deed I performed. force and heat made that night possible. I was sweaty, she was moaning. She was all about it. I waste no time, nor does she. As I am about to go I warn her. She drops to her knees, taking me in her mouth once more, performing like a professional porn star once again, I explode in her mouth. She swallows every drop. She stands. “I love cum.” She says. We retrieve our clothes and return back to the campsite. A passed out Ben is laying on the ground. We leave him and continue our escapades. See Part 2.

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