Camping with Chris


Camping with ChrisMe and a couple of friends were cruising around, trying to find someone to get us high for free. Kevin suggested this gay guy that had lots of money and liked to buy large quantities of cocaine in exchange for company. Both me and Chris instantly said no. Kevin pointed out that we had nowhere else to go and plus there was three of us and only one of him. If we watched each others back there was no way anything could happen. We agreed and next thing we knew a average height slightly overweight guy in his 40s was driving us in a pickup truck with a camper shell to a popular local camping ground for a night of partying. On the way we found out his name was Paul and to look at him you wouldnt think he was gay at all. No part of his demeanor or actions suggested he liked men instead of women.After a couple hrs of drinking cheap scotch and snorting a little high quality coke we all started getting really buzzed . I am a little skinny guy at 5’8″ 120lbs so it did not take long for the cheap booze to overpower any affects i was feeling from the cocaine I stumbled off to the cab of the truck to pass out. Unfortunately for my buddies the only place left to sleep was in the back of the truck that had been customized with carpeted benches that turned into a full bed much like a motorhome table and bench seat turn into a bed. Morning rolls around and my buddies are pretty steaming mad for passing out in the only private sleep accomadations we had. They seemed to cheer up when more huge cocaine lines were offered to them. This wasnt bad at all, Paul was like one of the guys and never made us feel uncomfortable. Nothing happened on the trip to go camping that time. A week later Paul calls us up and invites us to go camping again. This time it was just me and Chris since Kevin had prior commitments. We agreed and found ourself in the same place same situation as last time we had gone. I started to get stumbling, falling down drunk. If i didnt go to bed soon i was going to hurt myself by hitting my head on rock or worse yet stumble off the steep cliffs that were on the edge of the campsight. Chris sees im going to bed and jumps in the cab of the truck where i was headed. Instantly i get mad at the fact i have to sleep in the back tuzla escort of the truck with Paul by myself. We had agreed to watch out for each other and not let this happen. I was to drunk to really do anything about Chris taking the cab. It wouldnt be that bad sleeping in the back with Paul i convinced myself. I climb in the back and Paul is already there and looks like hes already asleep. Good i think to myself nothing to worry about. The next morning very early i am still drunk and passed out, i start having what i thought was a dream about having sex with Chris!!In my dream I find it arousing to learn that one of my good friends wants to put his penis in my ass. I start to slowly come out of my drunken c*** and realize that i am being fucked in the ass!!!!. I still am not fully awake and think that its Chris having sex with me. I am really enjoying the feeling of fullness and the skin on skin contact has really start to get me going in my half sleep. I start wiggling around a little bit and that must have really turned Paul on because all of a sudden i was being fucked real deep to where the extreme fullness and slight pain brought me fully out of my sleep. I realized there was a dick in my ass and i started to pull away, Paul being quite bigger than me grabbed me by the hips and continued to slowly push into me. I didnt want to enjoy the sensations i was feeling but it really did feel really really good. I feel him shoot his cum up my ass and that makes me shoot a load farther and harder than i had ever done before. I cant beleive im enjoying this i keep thinking to myself!!! He pulls out of me and i feel his juices dripping out my butt. He grabs some kleenex and gently wipes me cleans. As he is wiping his fingers ocassionally probe my ass spreading it apart and slightly tickiling my asshole with just the tip of his finger. I wish he would stop and this would all end but then again i dont want him to stop. This is making me so horny and feels so good i feel like i am going to explode again. He sees im getting turned on and close to cumming and trades his fingers for his tongue. He is rimming my ass and it is the most sensational thing i have ever felt in my life!!! I stick my butt towards him and spread my legs to give him full tuzla escort bayan access to everything he wanted to do to me. His tongue going in my ass felt so good i wanted it more and more. The more he swirled his tongue the closer i started to get on shooting a load again. He must have seen this and slowly rolled me over and started sucking on my throbbing cock. Just like any other blowjob i have ever gotten it feels great but i cant really have a orgasm from a blowjob. He sucks me and fingertips my worked over ass. The blowjob starts to back down my cum but at the same time it makes me start to moan slightly. He really knows how to work my cockhead with his tongue. Everytime i have gotten a blowjob in my life nobody has been able to make me climax. I realize that this is not going to be the case this time. He really knows how to find all my buttons and then push them just right. He starts sliding me deep in his mouth and then just working the very tip of my cock. Oh my god its the greatest thing i have ever felt. I start moaning and skullfucking his soft moist mouth. Im so close!!! I have never had a female that let me cum in her mouth it was always the blowjob followed by a vigorous handjob. Im so close now i start to pull away from him saying im going to cum. He tells me its ok go ahead im ready. After another deepthroat tip of dick swirl with his tongue i have a orgasm unlike any i have felt before. This was knee buckling, body shake, toes curling orgasm that seemed to keep going. I cant even move and just want to lay there. Its starting to get late and Chris will be awake soon. For all i know he was awake and listened and watched the whole thing, i didnt care at that point. I had just felt the best sensations that i have ever had. After a couple of mins we composed ourselves and i went about doing the camping chores. I could still feel Chris’s jism leaking out of my ass every once in awhile and that made me feel real dirty. I realized later on after the weekend was over that i was ****d by a male. It disgusted me and scared me. Then after thinking about it for a bit i realized that it is physically impossible to **** a willing person. And thats what i had been. I seen Chris one more time after that just me and him at his escort tuzla house alone. When he had called to invite me he offered 200$ cash, cocaine and booze to spend the night w him. I reluctantly accepted because i was still having a hard time convincing myself that i had enjoyed sex with a male!! Chris must have sensed this and started feeding me line after line of cocaine. We are really wired out sitting at the table listening to rock and roll and he suggests we get naked. Im so wired out i agree. Now weare across from each other naked and wired out. Im so oblivious to whats going on i dont realize he starts masturbating and looking at me. I cant really see what hes doing because the tabletop is blocking my view. I dont mind im wired out of my skull. I go to the bathroom to relieve myself and as im coming back to sit down he grabs my hips and drags me to sit in his lap. Im a little uncomfortable with this until he reaches around and slowly starts stroking my cock. I have had so many d**gs my dick doesnt want to get hard. Then he picks me off his lap and guides me over to the table,bends me over the table like i have bent at least one female over before. Im thinking i dont want to do this but then again i dont stop him and never resist. Oh my god!! Hes rimming my asshole again!!! This time almost as soon as his tongue started probing and exploring i was going to explode. Then he stops and starts slowly sucking on my dick making my orgasm back down but at the same time intensify itself. He sat down on a chair and invited me to sit again. This time i was more willing. He slowly entered me and let me control how deep and hard to put his cock in my ass. Since i was riding his cock he was behind me and i couldnt see how close he was. Then i felthis juices shooting deep in me and that almost caused me to blow again. A couple more wiggles on his cock in my butt as i was stroking my cock i had another orgasm. How could something that felt so good be so wrong?? I never seen Chris after that, he never called again. To this day it has been one of the most sensational feelings and orgasm i have ever had. No female hasever been able to make me feel that way. I fantasize about hooking up with another guy and having him do the same things to me. Except for this time i will have more than 2 sex sessions. I want to experience the best of both worlds and would be willing to let anybody do anything at least once to me. As long as it wasnt painful(at first)

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