Campus Call-Girl


Tom licked the last of the envelopes, pressed the flap closed and placed the completed invitation on the top of the pile. Leaning back in his chair he stretched with a satisfied yawn.

“That’s it,” he said. “They are all finished.”

“All except Christopher.” Janine remarked in a clipped, well educated voice. “We can’t get married without inviting Christopher, can we?”

Tom smiled back at his soon-to-be wife. He hadn’t forgotten their old college friend.

“You know he never responds to letters,” he laughed, “I thought we might just pop down and see him in person.”

Tom looked over at Janine and clearly saw a twinkle flash in her wide, blue eyes. They were the eyes that Tom had fallen for the first time he had seen her back in college and he knew instantly that Janine was as keen to return to see their old friend as he was.

Tom’s mind wandered back the few short years to the drunken, debauched and absolutely wonderful time that he loosely referred to as his higher education. He and Janine had come from very different backgrounds; his parents were hard working folks who had just managed to scrape together enough money to send their only son to college, while Janine’s father – her mother had taken off when she was very young – appeared to have a financial interest in most of the major businesses that Tom had ever heard of.

At first, Tom had watched from afar as Janine surrounded herself with willing friends and acquaintances. He tried determinedly to see her as a spoiled little rich girl who just craved attention. But the more he tried, the more he realised that he was drawn to her. The sun reflecting off her long blonde hair made his breath catch in his chest and lit up his whole day. The way she moved casually among her friends; smiling and laughing. And yes, her supple, pert figure had him totally mesmerised.

But Tom soon realised that the object of his waking fantasies and dreams was never going to be short of male admirers. Although she never actually had a boyfriend, she seemed to pick up and then drop young lovers at quite a startling rate and before long it was clear that she had earned herself quite a reputation. Not that Janine seemed to mind this. Tom saw the way that she seemed to revel in the attention she provoked. There were other girls on campus with similar reputations but Janine was different. She seemed completely undeterred by what some of the more prudish students thought of her. It was clear that she rarely tuned down an offer simply because she loved sex.

It was towards the middle of their second year at college before Tom made his move. At the time, Janine’s latest conquest was a student called Christopher Riley. Unusually, Janine and Chris had stayed together for nearly two weeks and the word around the college campfire was that the “Campus Call-girl”, as Janine had affectionately become known, was about to be taken off the market.

But as Tom manoeuvred his way easily into Janine’s affections, Christopher remained as well. The three students became almost inseparable and it was heavily rumoured that they had developed their own little sexual threesome. With his hand on his heart, Tom could never deny these rumours, but Janine knew, and Christopher knew, and Tome certainly knew that there was more than just sex between him and Janine. It only took a few more weeks before Tom finally asked her to marry him and Janine had willingly agreed.

Christopher Riley suddenly looked up from his studies; he just knew something was going to happen. It was almost a sixth sense with him. As he glanced out of the second floor window he smiled to himself. Tom’s car was unmistakable and as it pulled around to the front of the building he could see his two friends in the front seats.

Absolutely delighted with the prospect of seeing Tom and Janine again, Christopher raced out of the reading room, almost knocking over a tired, slow moving librarian, and leapt down the stairs two at a time. He had just enough time illegal bahis to compose himself before Tom and Janine exited their vehicle and began walking towards him.

“What the hell took you so long?” Chris shouted as his friends came into earshot.

Tom laughed. “Might have guessed you wouldn’t be working! You been standing out her waiting all day for us?”

The three friends hugged as they greeted each other. Conversation was loud and babbling as they all attempted to impart their own news since last meeting over a year ago. Eventually, Tom managed to find a break in the dialogue to tell his friend about the impending wedding.

“I know.” Chris said with a coy smile. “I talked to Julie Simmons last week and she told me she’d got an invite. I’ve been expecting you!”

As if presenting an Olympic medal, Tom reached out and placed a gold trimmed envelope in Christopher’s hand.

“This it then?”

“Yep. That’s it. That’s your invitation.” Tom replied.

“Hope you don’t expect me to reply!” Chris laughed.

“I think we can take it as read that you’re coming!” Janine interrupted with a smile. “As I remember, you always did!”

Janine’s remark was not so cryptic that it’s meaning was lost on the two men and all three looked at each other in silence for a moment.

“I think I’ve got a few beers hidden somewhere in my room.” Chris said eventually breaking the quiet. “Lets grab them and head down to the quad behind the old chapel. It’s a lovely day and it’s nice and quiet down there.”

As the three friends sat on the grass and sipped the beer, the talk between them was free-flowing and light-hearted. They discussed the coming wedding in some detail and Chris was somewhat relieved when Tom asked him to be Best Man. One beer swiftly followed another and as the warm afternoon sun heated their bodies their conversation, inevitably turned to the subject of sex and of their previous adventures.

“Hmmm,” Janine murmured lazily as she recalled a particularly raucous afternoon that the three of them spent naked in her dorm room, “it was good back then, wasn’t it?”

“Good? It was great!” Tom replied with a laugh. “I don’t think there was anything we didn’t try that day!”

While the two men laughed in unison, Janine was thoughtfully silent.

“Well, there was one thing that we didn’t try,” she said slowly. “Actually, one thing that we never tried.”

Tom and Chris’ laughing quieted as they both looked up at Janine.

“I think I know what you’re talking about.” Tom said with a grin. “You mean you never took us both on together, don’t you?”

Janine stared demurely at the lush grass and slowly nodded her head.

“Let’s do it then!” Christopher suddenly exclaimed. “Right here, right now! I’m game if you two are! It could be like a wedding present to you.”

Again, all three friends looked at each other in silence. Both Janine and Tom both nodded their heads deliberately. It was going to happen, Janine thought. At last, it’s going to happen!

Slowly, wordlessly, Janine kneeled up on the blanket they had spread on the ground and began to unbutton Christopher’s shirt. She herself had worn a short denim skirt and a thin summer top that exposed her midriff. As she exposed Christopher’s hard, muscular chest her husband-to-be busied himself by pulling her top up and exposing her breasts.

Tom’s hands went straight to his future wife’s breasts. The soft flesh felt warm beneath his hands as he mauled the orbs gently and teased the stiff nipples to full attention. He always loved the way that her tits reacted to his touch and he could already feel the strain of a growing erection beneath his jeans. He could hear her moaning softly as he felt her up and guessed how excited she was already feeling.

With his old lover gently kissing his exposed chest, Chris let his hands roam downwards until the rested on Janine’s silky smooth thighs. His fingers began tracing light patterns over the tanned skin, illegal bahis siteleri moving in increasing circles higher and higher until they were under her skirt. He could feel the warmth immediately and knew that, just like before when they were all at college, Janine still didn’t wear any panties. His fingers slid gracefully over her hairless mound and drifted luxuriantly between her moist sex lips. He heard a little gasp as she nibbled his flat stomach and felt her wetness dribble onto his fingers.

Tom was watching with interest as Janine kissed further and further down Christopher’s body. His friend had always had a good, athletic looking figure and, over the last year, he had obviously kept himself in shape. But Janine clearly wanted more. Her hands were fumbling urgently at the front of Christopher’s pants in a frantic attempt to pull down his zipper.

“Let me help with that!” Chris said with a laugh. “You always were an impatient little slut!”

As Janine let her hands drop, Tom saw her look up into Christopher’s eyes with longing. His fingers deftly unzipped his pants and in a second his hard, throbbing cock was finally liberated.

“It’s all yours, Jan,” Chris continued, “go ahead and suck!”

Tom sat back and watched as his future bride crawled over to Chris and gently guided his throbbing tool towards her mouth.

The bright sunlight bathed Janine’s silky blonde hair as she started to suck greedily on Christopher’s thick cock. Tom watched her work with a sort of awed fascination. It was not the first time of course, but it had been many months since he’d seen her swallow another man’s weapon and it was turning him on as much now as it did when they were back in college.

Chris groaned quietly as he watched his cock disappear inch by inch into Janine’s mouth. Her hands were working well on his shaft; twisting and stroking gently as she bobbed her head up and down. This girl always knew how to give great head, he remembered, and it didn’t seem like she’d forgotten a single trick! He could see Tom moving towards her as well and knew that he wouldn’t want to be left out. His friend shuffled towards her back and Chris felt the vibrations caused by Jan’s low moaning as her husband-to-be slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

Jan groaned deeply as she felt Tom’s fingers penetrate her. Christopher’s cock swelled in her mouth and she tilted her head slightly to allow the thick pole of meat to slide into her throat. She heard him gasp from somewhere above her and knew that he was experiencing wonderful sensations as her windpipe contracted around him. Her top was still hoisted up around her neck and the warm sun heated her already hard nipples and stiffened them further. She was fully aware that her semi-naked body would be visible to anyone who happened to pass by but she had lost all cares of being discovered. Her concentration was entirely directed to the pleasure that she was receiving from Tom and the pleasure that she was clearly giving Chris.

“I think you’re wet enough for a little more penetration, don’t you?” Tom suddenly cried.

Janine almost fainted as he slowly drew his wet, sticky fingers from her pussy but knew that there was better to come as she felt him kneel up behind her and push her skirt roughly up over her waist.

“You’re still the campus slut, aren’t you?” Tom growled as he nudged the head of his cock between her wet sex lips.

“Yes!” Jan gasped in between deep swallows of Christopher’s cock. “I’m still a slut. I’m you slut. Both of you!”

Tom grunted deeply as he sank into Janine’s tight, hot vagina. She gripped him with her internal muscles, as he knew she would – as she had done a hundred times before – but this time it was different. The last year their sex life had consisted of a lively variation of themes but, Tom thought, he reckoned they both missed the threesome angle. For his part there was nothing quite like fucking his little Jan from behind while watching her swallow canlı bahis siteleri another man’s cock!

Christopher was breathing hard. Janine was being pushed back and forth onto his cock by Tom’s grunting thrusts and he had an idea that if she continued to throat his hard tool for much longer he would explode in her face. He had a good control of himself but, if Janine was to get what she wanted, then it would have to be soon. Very soon!

“You want me inside you as well?” Chris gasped. Janine was looking up at him with those baby-blue eyes and it was turning him on so much he was having trouble keeping control..

“Oh yes!” Janine gasped, “That’s exactly what I want – You in my pussy and Tom in my ass. Both at the same time! I want to be filled with cock!”

Tom heard Janine’s words and acted immediately. Slowly withdrawing his throbbing, juice smeared tool from her pussy he placed the head firmly against her tight back hole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Janine babbled.

Gently and slowly he inserted his tool into her anus. The tiny hole seemed to bloom like a flower as it stretched around his cock head.

“Get under me Chris!” Janine continued excitedly. “Put yours in me too. I’m almost cumming!”

Christopher reacted quickly. Almost tearing his cock from Janine’s sucking lips he shuffled his body underneath the gasping woman and between her legs. His tool throbbed and twitched in his hand as he guided it up towards the hot wetness of her pussy. Her lips spread nicely for him and he felt the glorious warmth as his tool slipped easily inside.

Janine sighed deeply and closed her eyes as, for the first time, she felt the sensations as two large cocks penetrated her body simultaneously. She felt more full as she would ever have thought possible and as the two men began to slowly pump themselves into her ass and pussy holes she felt her whole body begin to tremble. The shaking started in her legs and quickly spread down to her toes. She curled the little digits up into tight balls as the sensations washed over her. The tingling began to sweep her body now. Up through her thighs and scorching through her dripping pussy it quickly reached her abdomen. It felt like nervous butterfly’s as the feeling swelled and increased up to her breasts and nipples, through the taught tendons of her swanlike neck and culminated in a crescendo of unadulterated pleasure in her brain.

“Oh my God!” Chris suddenly cried. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too.” Tom joined in. “Let’s flood the little slut’s insides, man!”

Janine had only just had time to recover from her intense climax when she felt the first jet of cum driving deep into her pussy. Chris was pounding himself into her; bucking his hips brutally and thrusting his spasming tool as deep as he could. His actions were frantic and uncontrolled and immediately caused Tom to cry out, signalling his own ejaculation.

Janine bathed in the glory. Kneeling with her limbs aching and still trembling she felt the twin jets of sperm paint her insides. Tom’s cock had swollen to such a size in her ass that she feared he would tear her and Christopher was slamming himself so deeply into her vagina that she could almost feel his balls entering her as well. She gasped, she cried out and she shuddered again. Her second climax, unlike the first that built up gloriously slowly, took her completely by surprise. Her back arched almost involuntarily and the three friends collapsed in an exhausted heap on the ruckled blanket.

“I’m going to miss you two after the wedding.” Chris sighed as he propped himself up on one elbow and lazily drew a wet line with his finger down through Janine’s deep cleavage. “It won’t be the same without you.”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you?” Janine asked innocently. “My younger sister, Fiona, starts at college in the winter. I taught her everything I know and she’s very keen to meet you, Chris! Actually, she’s very keen to meet everyone!”

Tom smiled as he saw his friends’ pleasurable reaction. But what Chris didn’t know was that Janine had another two younger sisters besides Fiona and he was certain that their father would want them all to go to college. It looked like there would be a call-girl slut on campus for a good few years yet!

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