Can You Keep Up?


Luke, I’m sitting here in front of my computer. I have on a black negligee; with a black mesh thong, and a beautiful black lacy bra. I just shaved myself completely, and I’m soft and incredibly smooth, just the way you like.

I’ve been sitting here, watching porn and reading some stories on lit. I’ve been trying to hold out for you to get back online, but I can’t wait anymore. I didn’t sleep at all after I took my shower. I wanted to keep cumming, I wanted to feel you lick my clit, and finger my ass, and fuck me. My whole trip home I imagined what you would feel like inside me, how good it would feel, what a relief it would be to have your naked cock balls deep inside my dripping cunt.

And here I am, horny as all hell, sitting, waiting. But like I said, I can’t wait any longer. I have to cum, and I need to tell you about it. I’m running my fingers up and down the mesh covering my slit. My legs are parted so I have easy access. Wouldn’t you love to rub your nose up and down my panties, and inhale deeply? You could lick me through my panties and taste me. My clit is swollen and the hood is puffy. My lips are engorged and slippery. My fingers slide so easily all over my pussy. Luke, I smell so good. I have to taste myself…I’m coating my finger in my juice, and I’m bringing it up and sucking it off. I’m imagining my finger is your cock, covered with my luscious tasting liquid. Mmmm, what tastes better than a pussy coated cock?

My juices are sweet and salty at the same time. It’s so good. But my clit needs some güvenilir bahis attention. I’m running my right index finger gently over my clit, all over it. I’m spreading my fluid over my lips, and rubbing all over my pussy. Everything is so swollen! I can just imagine how amazing it would feel to have you rub your cock against my lips and clit. I know you’d love to feel my hot little nub rub the underside of your shaft…right on that sensitive spot.

I’ve grabbed my Hitachi Magic Wand, and it’s set on low. I’m keeping it right on my clit, off to my right a little bit. The vibrations are fantastic. I need to feel your tongue on my clit…I want to feel you tease me with your mouth. You’ve bragged so much about your talents, and now I want you to prove yourself to me by making me cum.

With my other hand, I’ve grabbed my metal toy, and I’m teasing the entrance to my cunt with the small end, lathering it in my fluid, slowly warming it up. I have squeezed my muscles tight, and I’m holding it while gently pushing my toy into me. The way my pussy opens up to accept it, and then grabs down on it sends jolts down my spine. My cunt is so talented! I’m imagining it’s your finger that you’re using to rub my G-spot. While rubbing that spongy part you keep sucking and nibbling my clit. I swear I am headed to ecstasy. Oh Luke, I’m imagining you’re finger-fucking me as I slide this toy in and out of me. This end is slender but satisfying. Oh god, my clit vibrating, ugh, good feeling in my cunt…so soft and smooth, ugh, ugh, türkçe bahis ugh. Yes, Luke, fuck me with your fingers…let me squeeze them. I want your fingers to be soaked with my cum before you pull them out of me and suck on them.

I need to feel something more, something that will leave me feeling fuller. I’m turning my toy around, to the wide end. When I press it against my opening, it won’t go in at first. I’m imagining it’s the head of your cock, pressing into me. I’m only letting it go right inside me. If I had you here with me right now, I’d be straddling your hips, and just keeping the head of your cock inside me, squeezing and releasing; then I’d raise myself till you’d just pop out, then I’d go back down, so you’d be fucking me with just the tip of your member. I’d savor every time my muscles popped over your ridge. Mmmm.

But Luke, I’m getting to the point where I want to be filled, and pumped and fucked. I want to impale myself on your solid rod. I want to work myself all over your cock. So I’m pulling out my metal toy, and grabbing my vibrating dildo. I wish I had you right now in front of me, sitting on your knees, so you were eye level with my cunt. I’d love for you to watch as I rub the head of my vibrator over my clit, and coat it in my juices.

I want you to fuck me with my toy, watch how my pussy lips spread as the tip disappears into me. Can you imagine sitting in front of me, with my legs spread wide, with my ass on the edge of a chair? Move it inside me, rub it around everywhere, just like güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m doing now. That is exactly how I want you to orient your cock with my cunt. Touch every square inch of it, map it out, feel my depths, and claim them as yours.

God Luke, I want you to fuck me, to slide your hard dick in and out of my wet folds, I want you to make me moan and cry, scream and groan. Make me beg to feel your cock pump into me harder. I’m thrusting this toy in as fast as I can, but I know it pales in comparison to what you’d give me. My toy is vibrating the way you would throb deep inside me. God I’m going to cum again soon. Yes, my clit, and my cunt, at the same time. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes…my head is rolling from side to side, and my breathing is becoming hard and heavy. My chest is heaving and my tits are tingling; my nipples are hard as stones, and the lace feels heavenly on them. I want you to bite my nipples, and then suck them hard, each one at a time while you gouge me with your tool. Yes, oh, each nipple, they’re so hard, oh god, my clit is tingling, I’m going to cum, yes, oh, shallow…and now deep. Of fuck, I just came hard. Oh Christ, my pussy is still clenching my vibrator.

Do you think you could keep up with my toys? How long could you go before you shot your load deep inside my cunt? I’d love to feel your hot cum sear my pussy walls and mingle with my cum. Ooh, my pussy tingles at the thought of feeling your bare cock within me. Mmmm, Lukie, I think I’m going to need a nap to recover from this little adventure. You have no idea how much I wish you were here with me to explore my body and all it’s splendid surprises with me. Wow, I’m shaking after those last few orgasms. I know you’d leave me shaking too…until later,


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