Caning Suzy-Jayne Part 3


Caning Suzy-Jayne Part 3Following my visit to Suzy-Jayne’s house, the thought of the two hours I’d spent in her company were never far from my mind. Despite having led an active sex-life since my teens, I had always enjoyed, perhaps even preferred, the unrestrained pleasure afforded by masturbation. Even, during the two years I’d lived with Rosalind and where we shared intimacy at least once on most days, I had still relished the opportunity of being alone in the flat to pleasure myself to the thoughts of the things that really turned me on. With Rosalind’s departure, I now had unlimited time alone and although I drew on the collection of attractive young women who regularly featured in my masturbatory fantasies, since meeting Suzy-Jayne she had become firmly established as the one who never failed to accelerate me across the finishing line. I began to question myself, what the fuck was I doing getting more sexually aroused than I had ever done before, by a ‘girl’ with a penis and testicles?The Wednesday which followed my visit to Suzy-Jayne’s house was like any other third Wednesday of the month. After finishing work, I took the tube to Central London to meet up with a group of friends at The Coach Makers Arms in Marylebone Lane. Meeting on the third Wednesday of the month was well established and had started around two years earlier when a handful of us who had been to university together and now worked in or around London, would meet up. The group had rather evolved over time with friends, partners and work colleagues of the original group often coming along as well. This particular Wednesday comprised of quite a large group with perhaps as many as twenty of us there. As the evening progressed, we dispersed around the pub as it had become too crowded for us all to stand together, which after jostling for a space to stand away from the bar, led to me standing face to face with an attractive young redhead named Angie. To my inner embarrassment, I’d noticed Angie’s appeal at a previous gathering and on returning home that evening, had masturbated to the fantasy of her bent over the back of an old leather armchair I had in my flat as I used a thin, whippy cane to emboss her naked, alabaster buttocks with a vivid pattern of raised, red weals.Angie was in reality, a work colleague of Jonathan, one of the guys I’d been to university with. I discovered that Angie was 26 years of age, one year older than me, and recently divorced. Egged on by Jonathan who was aware that I’d split with Rosalind, I was told by him while Angie was out of earshot, “You should get in there, she told me she really fancies you and only came along tonight hoping you’d be here.” Although I can’t deny that I was tempted, I really didn’t want to take the risk of getting into another vanilla relationship as I very much doubted that an invitation to my flat to bend over the actual armchair of my fantasy would have been quite what she was hoping for! Even if she had been, I had no desire to take the risk of this ‘very private’ part of my life becoming public by someone who knew my friends. I had witnessed this happening to an acquaintance at a party, embarrassed beyond description as his inebriated girlfriend began talking loudly about the fact that he enjoyed nothing more than pulling down her panties and spanking her bare bottom with a hairbrush before sex. A few days later and I once more made the journey to Suzy-Jayne’s house, my whole body tingling in anticipation of the two hours in her company which lay ahead. I had once again requested for her to be dressed in school uniform and as she greeted me on my arrival she looked every bit as perfect as she had for the last session.As before, we chatted for a while over a mug of coffee before heading upstairs and for me at least, the expectation of two hours of total bliss. Although my use of implements was of a more than proficient standard, Suzy-Jayne seemed keen to broaden my horizon and after a lengthy period spanking and caning her wonderful bottom in the ‘schoolroom’ she suggested I took her through to the ‘other room’ where she told me how much she enjoyed being restrained for punishment. During the punishment I had meted out in the ‘schoolroom’ with Suzy-Jayne mostly bent over one or other of the desks or chairs, my cock had drifted in and out of hardness, but as I secured Suzy-Jayne into the pillory, just as I had been during our previous session, my cock soon swelled to the point of aching within the confines of my trousers. Suzy-Jayne made a perfect ‘damsel-in-distress’ and the sight of her in the pillory conjured up so many thoughts that would doubtless feature within future masturbatory fantasies for me. My purpose now though, was to continue caning Suzy-Jayne and as I once more slipped her panties to mid-thigh and tucked her skirt out of the way, I again savoured the sight of her delicious bare bottom which so invitingly awaited my further attention. After the first few strokes had been applied to this already well punished bottom, I delighted in the sight of her own cock rising to the occasion, confirming to me that she was enjoying being caned by me as much canlı bahis as I was enjoying caning her. Pausing for a while after every half-dozen or so strokes, I ran my hand over her buttocks, kneading the soreness of her hardened flesh, teasing my fingertips around her anus as her erect cock made me desperate to reach between her legs and work it with my hand or better still, slip it into my mouth and suck the life out of it. I somehow though, sensed that within this ‘professional’ relationship, something more was developing, something I certainly didn’t want to jeopardise by overstepping the mark. Despite my yearnings, I left her cock alone satisfying myself with the thought that I would soon feel the warmth of her sumptuous mouth as she clamped it around my own cock when the cane finally came to rest.The following weeks saw me return to see Suzy-Jayne regularly (or just Suzy, as she told me she preferred to be called as we got to know each other better). She explained that she had chosen the name Suzy-Jayne from the first names of two girls she’d particularly admired at school and who she wanted to be like. Vanilla sex had really never done that much for me, perhaps even bored me, in truth my mind had always been full of what to some would be considered ‘bizarre fantasies’ which helped me get by, but meeting Suzy had changed that for me. She was real, beautiful, deliciously sexy, uninhibited and someone whose company I simply couldn’t get enough of. Despite having holiday owed to me, my boss was becoming increasingly unhappy about the number of afternoons I was requesting off, so I had little choice but to change my routine and visit Suzy in the evenings after work. With late afternoon traffic on the M25 notoriously heavy I made the journey most weeks often struggling to reach Suzy’s house before 6.30 pm. She didn’t mind though, and with me being her final client of the day I often stayed well after the two hours I’d paid for. Usually after each session had finished, we would sit and talk, drink coffee and sometimes order food for home delivery. For the first time in my life I found myself able to talk about my fantasies openly to someone. Although young, Suzy was worldly-wise and unflappable and as she shared some of her own fantasies with me I so hoped that she would want it to be me who helped her bring them to life.The description she had given of herself when we had first met at Blake’s party was totally accurate and as well as being a ‘professional submissive’, Suzy was without doubt a genuine lifestyle submissive craving the punishments that were meted out to her. It was around three months after I had first met Suzy and probably after around ten or so visits to her house when she told me her feelings for me. We’d had yet another wonderful session with me spanking and caning her delicious bottom in the schoolroom and then through to ‘the other’ room where, with her secured to the St Andrew’s Cross, which we hadn’t used before, I continued to cane her vigorously before eventually switching places to complete the session with Suzy spanking and caning me as I took my turn being tethered to the cross.At the conclusion of my punishment she slowly massaged my throbbing buttocks with one hand as the other played with my cock and balls as she nervously told me “I really like you Toby, really like you and get excited when you phone to arrange a session.” She kissed my buttocks, as I had done hers on many occasions, and from my tethered position I paused before responding as a smile spread across my face, “Do you mean you find me attractive, that you fancy me?” I asked. Suzy answered coyly as she continued to work my cock, “Yes, of course I do,” she added, her voice little more than a whisper. I guess that over time I had left her in no doubt of the appeal that she held for me, making her aware that I found her sexier than any of the natural born girls I had ever known. I’d even told her that I frequently masturbated about her which she seemed extremely pleased about. Unwittingly I had perhaps put the ball in her court, totally unaware of the relationship she had with her other clients, even unaware of her true sexuality. Although she sometimes talked about the punishments she had given and received, Suzy rarely divulged anything about her other clients, something I always respected. I asked her about her sexuality, “If you fancy me does that mean you’re gay or straight?” She pondered her reply, before saying, “I’m a girl and you’re a boy so I guess that makes me straight but I do like girls a bit too, so I guess that kind of makes me bi.” Perhaps I should have accepted Suzy’s confession with a sense of pure delight, been ecstatic even. Perhaps in a way I did, but despite having to admit to myself that I was besotted with this beautiful T-Girl, I’d probably have felt more comfortable if she’d told me that I was just another paying client who she put on an act for, and who in reality, had no sexual interest in blokes. At least that would have protected me from myself as deep down I had to admit that I was just a little scared at what was happening. I had little doubt that I would have bahis siteleri happily continued as just a paying client escaping from my everyday life for a couple of hours a week with my perfect fantasy girl and guiltlessly including her in my wildest masturbatory fantasies. In truth though, I knew that following Suzy’s confession, I had more chance of rowing the Atlantic in a bathtub without a plug, than resisting this beautiful T-Girl’s attentions. With my wrists and ankles released, I stepped back from the St Andrew’s Cross and embraced Suzy, simultaneously brushing her long blonde hair away from the side of her face as I placed my lips against hers, my buttocks deliciously sore from the caning she had given me. As we kissed, I did what I’d wanted to do for so long and reached inside her panties to wrap my fingers around her cock, enjoying the feel of it swelling within my grasp as I did so. “I guess I finally get to suck this now,” I whispered to her with a smile. Moments later I found myself following her out of the ‘other room’ and rather than through to the shabby, old sofa in the ‘schoolroom,’ I was privileged to get my first view of Suzy’s bedroom. In truth, it was a fairly ordinary bedroom, nothing flamboyant, with a double divan and a large, chrome clothes rail on castors displaying the uniforms of her trade as well as some of her everyday clothes. The remainder of her clothes I guessed were contained within a built-in wardrobe which stood next to the chimney breast still displaying the original Victorian fireplace from the time the house was built. Dried flowers contained within the fireplace and a dodgy coat of black gloss paint, a perfect indication that it was purely there for decorative purposes nowadays.My true interest though, was not in the furnishings, decor or architecture of the bedroom, but of course, in Suzy herself. Suzy was well acquainted with certain parts of my anatomy already, but as I slowly stripped naked I so hoped that I didn’t disappoint. Perhaps taking her cue from me, Suzy began to remove the school uniform that was so much her trademark with me. With only her padded bra remaining, we kissed on the bed as I worked her cock with my hand, aroused by the imminence with which it would likely enter my mouth. I had no concern regarding her lack of natural breasts, I had never been a breast guy and even if I had been, her magnificent bottom more than made up for this. In any case, I’d been with girls before whose mammaries were little more than ‘mosquito bites’ and it had never bothered me, as for me, a pretty face and a decent bum was what really mattered. Rosalind though, had a pretty face, large breasts and a more than decent bottom, doubtless a bonus for some guys but for me it was really only the face and bottom that truly mattered.After a long time wanting to, the moment finally arrived where I was able to slip Suzy’s swollen cock into my mouth. It was a first for me, my own cock had been sucked countless times, but before I’d met Suzy I had never imagined or believed that one day I would actually place an actual cock in my own mouth. As I tasted the flavour I had no regrets, Suzy’s cock was so much what I wanted, so much what I needed at this very moment, and tasted delightful as she once more worked my own cock with her hand, I relished the thought of her cum filling my mouth and me not wasting a single drop as I swallowed it down. Suzy though, had other ideas, “I’d like you to fuck me Toby, give me another caning then properly fuck me.” Suzy clambered off the bed and went to fetch a cane as I cast my eyes over her near naked body. She was perfect, just perfect and I was thankful at this moment that the many hours of training I had put in to maintain my fitness for the sports I pursued had given me a well-toned body of my own. Yes I had wanted to suck her cock dry, but there’d doubtless be plenty more opportunities for that and well, fucking her magnificent arse had frequently featured in my fantasies.As I quickly contemplated indulging in anal sex with Suzy, I was aware that I had only experienced this often frowned upon practice, once in my life. Although I’d always wanted to, I’d never requested this with girlfriends before Rosalind, and early on in our relationship Rosalind’s nymphomaniac tendencies encouraged me to ask. It was a flat refusal though, “No way, it’s not what your bumhole’s for, it’s disgusting,” she had insisted, and that was that. She later confessed that a previous boyfriend had given her a hard anal fucking, she’d been in agony for days afterwards and promised herself that she would never let it happen again.Curiosity though, had driven me to make use of one of the many tacky advertising cards displayed in a phone box near Victoria Station, ‘Stunning young brunette with ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels awaits your call,’ or something similar to that, it said on the card. Well, I made the call and after a five minute walk down a dreary side street, found myself in a seedy attic flat about to sample my first experience of anal sex with a brunette that wasn’t quite as young as the advert suggested and although passably decent in the looks bahis şirketleri department, fell someway short of my idea of ‘stunning’. Still, it was another box on my bucket list ticked! As Suzy returned with the cane and a tube of lubricant, she handed them to me and asked me if I was okay with caning and fucking her. It was of course, a question that didn’t really require an answer and as she placed her hands on the duvet as she bent over the foot end of the bed, I allowed my hand to explore the surface of her buttocks as I gently eased them apart to reveal the neat puckered entrance that would soon accommodate my cock. Despite the duration and severity of the punishment I had already administered, Suzy’s buttocks showed few visible marks, she was certainly resilient in just about every way, but beneath the surface of her skin the feel of hard, swollen ridges bore testimony to the severity of what she had already endured. Offering the cane to the centre of her bottom once more, I asked her how many strokes I should give her, “Twenty four hard ones, in quick succession and then fuck me,” she replied without hesitation.With my eyes focused on the centre of Suzy’s buttocks, I began to cane her, savouring the sound of the cane cutting through the air and the crack of it meeting its delicious target. I counted the strokes in my head and silently mouthed each number as I caned her. As one stroke followed another Suzy contorted and groaned to the challenge. With all twenty four strokes administered, I discarded the cane as Suzy clambered to kneel on the bed as I lubricated my erect cock from the tube and offered it to her beckoning hole, my eyes drawn to her own awakened cock hanging vertically between her legs, imagining the feel of it as it filled my own anus when positions were at some point reversed. This would be another first for me. As I began to drive myself into her, I knew that I was about to embark on a new and amazing relationship which just three months earlier I would never have believed possible.It was a relationship that was to last for more than four years, very secret, very private. Suzy was never to become part of my social circle, we both preferred it that way. In fact, for the entire duration of our relationship she only ever met one of my friends and that was by pure accident. Suzy sometimes stayed at my flat at weekends, always arriving dressed in her ‘normal’ clothes, just like any pretty girl you would see out and about. Any curtain-twitchers would have nothing much to gossip about other than that a gorgeous young woman had arrived at the door of number 122A. One Sunday morning though, while Suzy was taking a shower, Tom, an old school-friend who now lived at the opposite end of the country called in by chance with his fiancé Jo, as they were visiting the area. As I invited them into the flat I had no time to warn Suzy before the bathroom door began to open. With my heart in my mouth, I imagined her stepping out completely naked, cock and balls proudly displayed as she enquired what I’d like to do with her ‘nice, clean body,’ something she often said after she’d showered. Thankfully, on this occasion Suzy had put on my bathrobe and nothing untoward was revealed nor did she open her mouth before realising we had guests!With little opportunity to avoid their invitation of joining them for a pub lunch we did our best to present ourselves as a normal couple who’d met at a party, with Suzy feigning to be an accountant’s secretary when asked what she did for a living, embarrassingly flannelling her answers when asked what her job entailed. With Tom and Jo out of earshot, I did manage to whisper to Suzy that I rather fancied the idea of her as a naughty secretary and would have to think up a suitable punishment.Whilst in the pub, Tom and me went to the bar to order some drinks, while the ‘girls’ found somewhere to sit. Tom obviously had no inkling that Suzy was transgender and said, “Wow, you’ve got a real cracker there, take my advice and do what I’ve done with Jo and get a ring on her finger before someone else snaps her up.” Tom had never been particularly successful with the opposite sex and as I glanced towards lank-haired, bespectacled, plain looking Jo, I couldn’t help but raise a smile. For the most part, Suzy and me preferred to keep ourselves as private as possible. We did though go out together to restaurants, to see movies, even holidayed in Cornwall and the Lake District. It was in fact, an almost perfect relationship cemented together by our mutual passion for corporal punishment and especially the cane. It truly was an amazing four years.I guess they say that all good things must come to an end and when Suzy was reconciled with her family after years apart due to their disapproval of her becoming transgender, it seemed the time was right for a change for both of us. In truth, I knew that we had the kind of relationship that simply couldn’t go on forever.Although she had never discussed it that much, I knew the rift with her family was a major issue in her life and with her parents and sisters having relocated to the North a few years earlier, I didn’t want to stand in her way of joining them. In any case, I knew deep down that I needed to change things sooner rather than later and perhaps enter a more conventional relationship that I didn’t need to keep secret. The end

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