Captaint’s Night


As I turned the corner, I flipped the lights off. Christen was in the shack guarding the employee entrance again tonight. She was on the phone again and the lights in the shack were off – but I was getting used to that.

She didn’t see me as I stopped the small Geo Metro we use as a security vehicle at the bottom of the drive way. She seemed occupied with the phone call she was on.

Pulling the night vision glasses out of the glove compartment, I watched her from the bottom of the drive way. The reason she didn’t see me was that her eyes were closed – but she wasn’t asleep. I watched as her full red lips parted slightly, and her tongue lightly licked them. Leaning back – she opened her mouth wide enough that I could clearly see the stud attached to her tongue. The only hand I saw was the one holding the phone – but I could tell the other one was busy – out of site beneath the desk.

Watching her was turning me on a bit. I admit – I was very attracted to her, but it would be wrong for me to do what I was thinking.

Shaking my head, I turned on the lights and slowly made my way toward the gate, watching her out of the corner of my eye.

She didn’t notice I was even there until the gate went up after I swiped my card. Sitting up, her large green eyes open wide and her face blushing just a bit – she waved to me and hung up the phone.

Once parked, I got out of what I like to call “the skateboard,” my six-foot frame towering over it, and approached the shack. With the lights of the lot reflecting off my bald head and the Captain bars on my shoulder, I made my way to the shack.

As I tried the door to the shack, I was a little surprised that it was locked. So was she. While I looked at her with a questioning stare, she hopped off the chair and opened the door.

It was a cool summer night yet beads of sweat gleamed on her forehead and down her neck, small clear drops made their way into the opening of her blouse, racing each other into the valley her breasts made. Her shoulder length frizzy red hair looked a little casino siteleri disheveled, but no more then normal. Her uniform seemed a little disheveled too, the front of her blouse looked like it had been pulled and hastily stuffed back into her unbuckled slacks.

“Been behaving back here Chris?” I asked as I sat on the stool next to her.

“Um…not really,” she answered with a grin.

As always when she spoke, my eyes were drawn to her small mouth with the sensual red lips, and the stud on her tongue. The thought of that small metal ball enticing me made me feel aroused – and I knew it was visible in the tight uniform pants I was wearing. “Come on, you can tell me,” I prodded, waiting to hear an explanation of how she was misbehaving.

She let out a cute little sigh and glanced at me, her eyes drifting once to my crouch, getting a little wider when she saw the outline of what was hidden underneath.

“Okay…I was on the phone with my ex-husband.”

“When I talk to my ex, I usually don’t feel so wonderful afterwards.”

“Uhh…we had phone sex.”

“I thought you were married?”

“I am, but we haven’t touched each other for a long time.” She said as she leaned back in the chair, fluffing her hair and making her breasts almost pop out of her uniform – I could see her dark nipples under the white shirt.

“I’m sure it wasn’t as satisfying as the real thing,” I said with a wink. I turned around and stood up – adjusting myself as inconspicuously as possible. I always had a feeling she was flirting with me – even from day one. I had dreamed of taking her, wrapping my arms around her as I drove deep inside. But it was against the rules – I couldn’t date another officer here – but tonight, I was wondering if I could get away with it.

“That’s true, I was doing okay – but we didn’t finish. My damn phone died”

As I turned around, I noticed how dark it was in this little corner of the world – other thoughts began to creep into my mind again. Returning to my chair, I sat – my legs stretched out in front of slot oyna me – stretching the material a little more and watching her eyes to see if she would notice the growth between my legs.

Looking at me – she smiled and licked her lips slightly, her tongue darting in and out like a snake sensing the air around her.

“God I need sex!” she sighed as she returned to her forgotten monitor and rubbed her neck.

“Stiff neck? Hope you don’t mind, may I?” I asked as I stood up and moved behind her.

“Oh please!” she said as she raised the hair off the back of her neck.

My fingers caressed her neck – eliciting very calming sighs from her, it wasn’t helping me much – but it was doing something for her.

She purred under my touch as I said, “Better than sex?”

“Not by a long shot – but awfully close.” She said as she extended one finger and shut off the monitor – plunging the whole shack into total darkness.

With the same hand – she touched mine – sending a tingling sensation through me. With my hands, still on her thin long neck, she turned and pulled me to her.

Before I could pull away – not that I wanted to – her lips were on mine and we kissed hungrily. It felt like all the passion and sexual tension we had experienced over the last two months overcame all other desires.

Quickly, her hands undid my belt and zipper – forcing my pants to fall around my ankles. As our tongues entwined, her hand found my stiffness – which stood out like a flag pole. The stud on her tongue only made it harder each time I felt it caress mine.

When our lips finally parted, she kneeled in front of me – I didn’t say a word as she engulfed me – her tongue lightly stroking my shaft as my hands pressed her head into me.

As she sucked and stroked me with her tongue, I saw a pair of head lights approaching the gate, I waved as they swiped their card and passed through – at about the same time I came inside her mouth.

She purred again as she swallowed every drop of the warm liquid while she raised from her knees and we canlı casino siteleri kissed again.

Her hands pressed against my buttocks as she leaned into me. Without a word, she stopped and released her pants, pulling them down around her ankles and pulling one thin, slender leg out. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so I got a very good look at her as she sat on the chair and spread her legs wide. I took a minute to admire the shaved and glistening mound between her legs before I moved closer – caressing it with my tongue. I quickly found another stud hidden between her folds.

Her taste and smell made me hard again as I pressed my face into her – my tongue exploring her insides as my fingers worked their way into the dampness. As I sucked at her juices, I could feel her come – her sexy body trembling on the stool.

When she couldn’t take any more, she pushed my head away and stood up. Not a word passed between us as she leaned over the counter and pointed her firm buttocks towards me.

I quickly moved to her, my swollen rod going slowly into her wet, warm insides.

“Oh, that’s hard!” she screamed as I entered her all the way, slowly at first, yet building momentum with each thrust – our bodies quickly caught the rhythm.

With each thrust – a scream of pleasure escaped our lips, and she screamed for me to go faster and harder.

As I came inside her – I could feel her pulsing against, and around me. Our bodies trembled as we reached the climax of our sex.

Our uniform shirts were drenched in our sweat as we stood there – catching our breaths with the sweet smell of sex drifting through the shack.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up and put my pants back on as she fixed her uniform.

“Now that was better than phone sex,” she said with a grin – leaning over to kiss me passionately.

“It’s always better Hun.” I stated as our lips parted.

With my heart still racing, I walked out of the shack – feeling her sea green eyes watching me as I made my way across the lot.

When I hopped back in the Geo, I noticed she was on the phone again, probably telling her 30-year-old husband she just had sex with a man twice her age.

I’m sure there was a spring in my step as I walked into the security center.

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