Captured part 3


Captured part 3Michael became aware again, hanging by his wrists, by a steelwire running through thick black leather manacles that were locked in place, a winch on the wall, connected to it, his ankles bound tightly together, as his knees were secured togehter as well, making him completely unable to open his legs at all.His ankles were pulled towards the floor by another steelwire in the floor, it being locked to a ring in the floor.He still felt a large thing fill his ass, though it had ben secured this time, by a solid metal belt, tightly around his body, and a similar metalband running under his crotch, locked tight, his cock in a little metal tube connected to the belt, spikes in the tube, that would hurt his cock, if it got stiff, causing great pain.He was in another padded and soundproof cell, the same size as his prison, a mixture og neonlamps on the celing, giving of a slightly buzzing sound, that could be heard in the deep silence of the room, and some sharp halogenlamps at the sides, hurting the eyes, if he were to look directly into them, illuminating his body at all sides.He felt his body stretched firmly, allowing him only the slightest movement of his fingers, othervise he was completely stretched in a very uncomfortable and quite painfull position.The blindfold was off, but otherwise the solid metal posture collar and the gag filling his mouth completely, was securely in place with it’s small padlocks.he tried to geet free, but realized after a while, there was nothing to do about it, and began to give in to it slowly.he felt totally helpless, fethiye escort not knowing what would happen next, his feelings still in turmoil about the sudden appearance of his girlfriend Linda in this way, this situation.He didn’t know what to think, the feelings a complete chaos in his mind, reflecting the state of his thoughts.He hung there for he knew not how long, it could have ben 1 hour, 2, possibly 4, there was no way at all to count the time, which only added to his sense of total helplessnes, total confusion.Small tears begin to trickle down the corners of his eyes, followed by more, eventually bursting into full crying, his body wracked by sobs, if the posture collar hadn’t prevented it, his head would have sunk forward in crying, but as it was, his head was firmly held in place. Linda entered the room, an evil looking whip hanging from her right hand.her dress had ben exchanged for a tight fullbody black rubberdress, covering her entire body except her face, an 5 inch plateauboots with laces in front of them, wearing sunglasse against the sharp glaring light.Her bodylanguage spoke strictness and harshness.Michael didn’t notice, he still was deep in his feelings.She spoke up, strong voice, the harshness of it, reflecting her bodylanguage.”you pig, you miserable dog, you piece of shit, you have cheated me for the last time again, and i can gaurantee, you will never ever be tempted again, and you will become the perfect boyfriend to do all my biddings”.She continued.This lesson is about obidience, this will teach you what happens, if escort fethiye you do not follow my orders, and to be certain it sinks into your mind, this lesson wil be thorough and long, so you can expect something.”She grabbed a fistfull of his hair and and pulled tightly, the angry look of her eyes boring into his pleading ones.”Don’t even bother to be sorry about your affair, nothing can forgive it, so i do not want to hear you sorry excuses, get ready to learn the lesson.”He looked with pleading eyes into hers, hoping, beyond reason, beyond possibility, that he would be spared, would be released, but no help from her.She walked around him once, twice, patient, expectant, calm, allowing the fear he were experiencing to sink in, to let him fall deeper into it.She enjoyed the power she had, the revenge she would have, the training he would undergo, end the end result that were to come.The corners of her mouth twitched slightly upward in anticapation.The first swipe of the whip fell on his back, and he winced, more hits followed, 5, 10, 50, he didn’t count, he just felt pain, and he would have screamed if the gag hadn’t prevented it, and still she kept going.After a while, declaring she needed a break, one of the jailers entered, one of the to helpers, both of them were black, well muscled and powerfully build, no hair on his head.She gave him the whip, and told him to go on.He enjoyed being the cause of the victims pain, enjoyed the little movement he could see Michael was doing in pain.he eventually stopped the whipping, Michael’s entire body red, fethiye escort bayan filled with crisscross stripes, some places even dark blue by the treatment.Some of those marks would be lasting, and he would gauranteed be sore and in pain the next days, they would see to it.”she has told you, hasn’t she?”he asked loudly.”We will make certain you never again cheat her, and to show you what it means to be fucked……..”He let the phrase hang in the room for a short while, took a remotecontrol device from the tpocket of his pants and pushed a button.the thing filling Michaels ass began to give small electrical schocks, but then, as the intensity was increased, the pain in inside him became unbearably painfull.The jailer could see the pain it was causing and laughed loud.”Will you cheat her again you dog?”He asked while Michael was in pain.How he would have loved to **** him, hanging there, but that was not to be, at least not now, he would have to wait.Michael was exhausted completely, he felt af if all his strength had left his body, felt all the muscles shiver in deep pain.many many tears had ben shed.the scond jailer entered with linda, and Michael was lowered to the floor.He lay panting, shivering, crying, feeling absolutely in pain, the sense of it engulfing him completely, nothing else existed for the time, and he dared not move, lest it got worse.His wrists and ankels were linked to the ring in the floor and they left him lying there, with the halogenlamps still on, the neonlamps beneath the celing buzzing slightly, the only sound in the room, except for the small sounds comming from Michael.They left with the words, that he should think of this punishment for his affair, and think good.the door closed with a bang, leaving him alone in the bright glaring light.To be continued

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