Caring Co-worker… and Her Friend


This is my first attempt at this kind of writing. More then happy to hear any feedback. Thanks


I’ve been married for six years now. It’s a pretty common story, my wife and I started with a very active sex life but that quickly tapered off to the occasional encounter. We’re in our early 30s, both quite fit and healthy. There is no particular reason we are so rarely intimate, just how things end up sometimes I guess.

My name is Dean. I’ve been working at the same Marketing Firm for over 10 years now. I’ve known some of my co-workers longer then I’ve known my wife and have become very comfortable with them… perhaps too comfortable. There is one woman in particular who I am quite close with. A gorgeous redhead named Gwen, with very large breasts and an amazing lil’ bubble butt. Her ears are adorned with numerous piercings and she has a really well done tattoo sleeve on her left arm (yes, I asked her if she has any other tattoos and she just shrugged her shoulders and gave me a coy smile). I never really thought of her “that way” until recently. She was in a serious relationship until a few months ago and since the breakup has been dressing much more provocatively then normal. Hell, a day last week she came to my desk to discuss a brief and her breasts almost popped out of this tiny white shirt she was wearing as she bent over my desk. I couldn’t help but stare and I know she caught me. Again, I got her patented coy smile.

We vent about everything during our lunches away from the office. She is well aware of my sexual frustrations. A few days ago over Thai, I thought I had gone too far. In my ramblings I admitted that I haven’t received a blowjob since before my wife (she’s just not in to that). I also said that the odd time me do have sex, I love to go down on her. I always makes sure she cums at least once from my tongue before we do anything. I surprised myself with the statement.

Gwen looked stunned but responded casually. “That’s just not fair. She should be giving as good as she gets. I know I would.”

Again, that coy smile was shot my way.

We both had a laugh and I changed the topic of conversation to ease the awkwardness. I have to admit, I couldn’t stop thinking about her the rest of the day though. My cock hardened as I sat at my desk, thinking about her soft lips wrapped around my shaft. Needless to say it was a long afternoon before I could get home and provide myself with a little release.

That weekend, there was a party at an old co-workers house who lived out in the country. My wife was supposed to attend but wasn’t feeling very well that evening so she opted out. I skipped the early BBQ part of the party and strolled in around 9pm. The party was already going strong. I said my “hello’s” as I walked around and stopped in mid-stride as I saw Gwen across the living-room. She was wearing casino oyna a short skirt, showing off her fantastic legs and a probably the tightest top I had ever seen. She was busting out of it and every man in the room was loving it.

My mind immediately raced back to the though of her lips wrapped around my cock, head bobbing up and down. My cock twitched but it was too late to avoid her, no time to calm down. We had already made eye contact and she motioned for me to go to her. I didn’t even notice her hot friend, Jen, standing beside her as I walked up and she gave me a big hug. There was no doubt she felt my cock twitch again as our bodies met, she let out a sweet little moan in my ear right before we released the embrace. That smile was waiting for me again.

Not to be rude, I gave her friend a hug as well although I didn’t get close enough for her to feel my hardening dick. Jen was a tall blonde, in her mid 20’s with small perky tits and a tight ass. She was quite slim and looked amazing in her school girl like plaid skirt and white tank-top outfit she had on. I had met her a few times and we got along quite well. I had heard many stories from Gwen about Jens crazy adventures. She was a very free-spirited bisexual and I was sure she had a thing for Gwen.

The booze was flowing heavily throughout the night. People were having a great time and we were all more then a little tipsy. As some point, I got the desire for a joint so I invited the girls out with me. The three of us stumbled outside and into the vast backyard that bordered on farmland. We walked around chatting until we found a nice open space in a clearing, the stars and moon lit up the area as if it were almost daylight.

We all sat down in the grass, myself in the middle and I sparked up. We passed the joint around a few times and just sat there. To my surprise, Gwen blurted out to Jen, “Can you believe he hasn’t had a blowjob in over six years! SIX YEARS! His wife won’t suck his cock at all.”

“Damn, is that true?” Jen asked me. “You must be ready to explode or something… stay back, sounds dangerous.”

We all laughed but I had to admit that it was true.

“You know what, you know how much I like sucking cock. I’d be happy to help you out.” Gwen said while looking me straight in the eyes, “Friends help friends right?”

Just hearing her say how much she enjoyed sucking cock made my dick jump. Without waiting for a response her hands were quickly rubbing my hardening cock through my shorts. “You certainly seem to be OK with the idea.”

I nodded and looked toward Jen.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said “I’m always up for a free show. mmmmmmm. You suck him good baby.”

With that I laid back. Gwen had my shorts off in no time. She pushed my legs apart and positioned herself between them. I first felt her tongue gently slot oyna teasing my balls. A few quick flicks followed by her sucking with force. She knew just the amount of pressure to use as she sucked each one in deep, soaking my balls. Her hand slowly came up and wrapped around my cock. She firmly started stroking me as she continued to work below.

“Mmmmmm, damn baby, that looks fucking tasty. He’s freaking huge.” Jen said. I looked over and saw that she had her skirt up, panties to the side and she was slowly playing with her clit, watching the action.

Gwen released my balls and said that it tasted even better then it looked before taking my cock all the way down and holding herself there. I could feel the muscles at the back of her throat contracting before she released, grasping for air.

“I’ve been wanting this cock for years. I’m going to make you cum so hard Dean. I want you to cum in my mouth baby, fill it up. I want to be your whore.”

And with that I reached down, grabbed her hair and pulled her down hard on my dick. “mmm, suck me like a good little whore.”

Both girls moaned with pleasure, seemingly turned on by me calling Gwen a whore. I figured I’d try my luck and said “Take my cock in deep you little slut. Milk my fucking cum from that fat cock you little bitch.”

That appeared to set her off. She started sucking on my cock faster and harder, slobber dripping down my balls. Feeling that I was getting close, I held her head in place and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth hard.

“Fuck yes, fuck her face Dean. That’s so damn hot.” I heard from Jen as I kept pumping. “Jesus, I gonna’ fucking cum watching you guys, fuuuuuucccccckkkkk.”

I watched as she started squirming, “Yes, cum for me as I fill up you slut friend’s hot mouth bitch. Mmmm yes Gwen, I’m gonna’ cum too baby. Suck up all that cum baby. Damn.”

I came hard in Gwen’s mouth, shooting load after load deep down her throat. She kept sucking me hard, milking every single last drop from me. Ending it by sucking hard on the tip of my dick.

I hadn’t even noticed until then that Gwen had slipped out of her skirt. I don’t even know if she had had underwear on but that was gone too. Her breasts were popping out the top of her shirt and she looked so hot.

“I have to return the favour.”

I pulled her up forcefully. She slid up my body and mounted my face. She let out a loud moan as my tongue reached her wetness. I slid my tongue across her slit a few times before finding her clit. I teased her in my mouth, gently flicking her clit before sucking it in hard. She tasted so good and I started devouring her.

I had forgotten about Jen completely with my full attention on Gwen. Without being able to see anything I felt hot breath on my still hard cock. Jen sucked me in deep as I continued working on canlı casino siteleri her friend. After another minute or so, and a whole bunch of slobber, I felt her lower herself on me.

“Fuuuck yes,” I heard her moan as she pushed me in to the hilt. As soon as she had me all the way in she began bouncing on my cock with vigour.

I kept my concentration on the delicious pussy riding my face and let her do her thing. I felt that Jen was getting close, her body was beginning to tense up. I broke off for a second just to say, “Cum for me you little slut. Yes.”

I promptly returned to my duties and had both women cumming in minutes. My face and cock were soaked as they both rode me hard.

Gwen got off first, looking back to see Jen riding me for the first time, in the final stages of her orgasm. We watched as Jen jerked violently on my cock a few times before sliding off me and on to her back beside me.

I looked up at Gwen, “Taste your slut friend off my dick baby. Then get it nice and wet for you.”

She quickly bent over and grabbed my cock, licking it from bottom to tip before taking me in. “Mmmmmmm, she tastes so good.” as she released me.

I got up and positioned myself behind Gwen, pushing her down on all fours, her head between Jen’s legs. I pushed myself in with ease, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Yes, your cock feels fucking good baby, fuck me,” she screamed.

“I’m gonna’ fill you up with this fat cock Gwen, you’re my lil’ whore and I’m gonna’ make you scream as you eat your slut friend,” and I pushed her head down between her friends legs.

Jen immediately took control of her head from me and forced her hard to her pussy. “My god yes… I’ve wanted you to eat me out for so long. Yessss Gwen, you feel so good baby.”

I watched for a second, taking in the site of my sexy co-worker going down on her hot friend. My cock twitching as it lay deep inside Gwen. I grabbed her thighs and started plowing in and out of her hard. I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. I did all that I could to hold out, whispering “Eat that pussy ya good lil’ bitch, make her fucking cum” in her ear as I kept going.

Jen came again quickly due to Gwen’s skilled tongue. I felt Gwen tightening too as I was reaching my peek. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I told her I was about to cum. She lifted her upper body, her head close to mine and she looked back at me, “fill me up, fill up your little whore” and she slammed her pussy back onto me.

I began cumming hard, filling her up as she kept slamming back into me. She moaned and pulled herself off me when I was finally coming down. She quickly turned around and took me in her mouth, savouring the last few drops of cum and looking up at me in the eyes.

We collapsed together, joining Jen lying on the grass. We stayed there for minutes, just breathing together. Eventually we all got dressed and returned happily to the party.

We were all a little too tipsy to drive still, so our hosts set up some sleeping quarters in the basement. More fun to follow…

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