Carly’s Friends Ch. 01


1. Please feel free to leave any comments, criticisms, questions or suggestions below as this is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. It may be a little while before this story is finished as I have to focus on school.

2. Don’t expect this to be realistic

3. All characters are over 18 and fictional. Any relations to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Carly, Donald, Gregg, Steve and DeShawn had been friends since anyone could remember but you would never have thought that from a distance. The four guys looked very similar all heavily muscled, very handsome and over 6 foot but Carly was very different. Carly was just 5’2 and had a very nicely proportioned body with huge bouncing tits, a tiny waist, a sweet bubble butt and long blonde locks, she was just 100 pounds and had an angelic face with nice fat blowjob lips.

The four guys were pretty typical jocks, all had football scholarships and got grades just good enough to keep those scholarships, they were the stars of the football team. Donald was 6’4 and his muscular frame matched that height, he had a buzzcut and was almost always wearing a white singlet and cargo pants. He had a dragon tattoo running up his arm. Gregg was the shortest of the four, at 6’0 so he wasn’t actually very short, he was, however, was the most buff of the group and was the quarterback. He had sandy blonde hair wore and his red JV jacket. Steve was 6’3 and looked very similar to Donald, he had a buzz cut and wore singlets, however he no tattoo and was slightly stronger. DeShawn was 6’4 and his black frame was large and muscular he was by far the strongest of the group and could pick Carly up with just one hand. He didn’t have shaved hair but it was very short.

They were talking amongst themselves as they walked to the gym on the scorching hot Thursday afternoon. They were eager to get to the gym and into the cool air conditioned building. Carly was wearing a Bardot crop top that left almost nothing to the imagination and although she would never admit it she always enjoyed watching her best friends steal glances at her immense cleavage.

Carly’s friendship with the four giants meant no one had ever dared to try to get with her out of fear of being beaten to a pulp, so Carly was still a virgin and hadn’t even kissed a guy before. This had left her snatch tight as the day she was born. The four boys had agreed a long time ago that Carly was off limits but recently they decided they wanted to gangbang her.

It had happened one drunken night when the four of them were coming home from a party, they started talking about how hot she was and soon it evolved into each of them talking about what they would do to her if they could. The next morning they still remembered the conversation and still thought it was a good idea. Little did they know it would come to fruition today.

When they got to the gym Carly and the guys split off to the changing rooms. As Carly was walking away she heard DeShawn say “Fuck! Did you guys see what she was wearing this time?” She smiled and walked into the changing room. As she was changing she was thinking about how the trip here casino siteleri and it only just dawned on her, when she thought about the tent their dicks made, how humongous their dicks were, they all had to be a good seven inches and DeShawn’s was surely an inch bigger.

The four guys were laughing when they left the changing room, joking about the school’s principal and his toupee but they all stopped as soon as they saw Carly, she was bent over the water tap, filling up her water bottle in her sportswear. Usually, she wore loose jogging pants and a t-shirt for working out but this time it was way too hot for that. Her tight yoga pants hugged her heart shaped ass which was pointed straight at the guys. When she turned around she smiled and waved to the boys, who were now staring at her pink sports bra which pushed her tits up making them look impossibly larger.

“Hey boys, you ready for a workout?” Carly said

“I’d give you a workout if I could” Steve muttered. They headed over to the general gym equipment and were surprised to see there was no one else there.

“Must be too hot for everyone else” Carly laughed. Gregg, Steve, Deshawn and Donald stared in disbelief, the gym was usually packed to the brim after school, but then again as Carly had said it was extremely hot and everyone else was probably just relaxing at home in their pool or in front of the T.V. They all understood what this meant, a hot heavy workout with a hot sweaty Carly. This was gonna be one helluva afternoon.

About an hour into working out Steve was spotting Gregg on the bench press and Donald was on the treadmill next to Carly. They were both running at quite a fast pace they had worked up to, small beads of sweat were starting to form and they rolled down her chest to rest on her tits that, despite being contained in a sports bra, were bouncing up down mesmerising Donald.

“I’m going to go do some squats,” said Carly as she turned off the machine.

“Yeah sure,” he replied absentmindedly. She looked at him and rolled her eyes when she saw he staring at her rack. She turned her back and walked away knowing Donald’s eyes followed her swaying ass as she walked.

As Carly walked to the mats she thought about how different her life was compared to most chicks her age. Most girls, best friends were other girls and while she had a few girlfriends her best friends were the four guys she was working out with right now. She had been friends with DeShawn since preschool and then Steve and Gregg a year later and then in primary school, Donald joined their group.

When she reached the mats she saw DeShawn doing curls beside them, she smiled at him and he grunted back.

She continued walked over to the middle if the mat and started doing a set of squats. About ten minutes later they all heard a large clanking noise come from the ceiling and suddenly the air conditioning stopped ‘shit’ thought Carlie but she continued doing her squats as it was still relatively cool. Ten minutes later though the heat was really starting to get to her and she could feel the sweat forming in her yoga pants. She stopped and thought for a moment, ‘fuck it we’re all friends slot oyna here’ and so she peeled off her sweaty pants. So she was now only in her pink g-string. Much better she thought.

DeShawn had just finished doing a set of bicep curls when he looked up and saw the sight of his life, Carly was resting in between a set and was sat on a bench hunched forward looking at her phone with her back to him and her two massive white globes were staring right at him. He couldn’t comprehend the size and tightness of that ass on a white girl. He hadn’t heard or felt the air conditioning turn off and had no idea why his friend had taken off her pants but he wasn’t going to complain.

‘That little tease’ he thought, overcome with a combination of lust and exhaustion taking her lack of pants as an invitation he didn’t even think as he walked over to her pulling down his own pants and boxers with carnal intentions.

Carly didn’t hear DeShawn coming up behind her as she sat listening to her favourite tunes playing in her earphones, recuperating from the last set so when DeShawn grabbed the straps of her g-string and, without effort, ripped them apart she let out a loud scream. She was then grabbed by the hips and lifted up. She had no idea what was going on as he lifted her up, she was speechless for a few seconds.

“DeShawn, what are you doing, St-” Her eyes shot wide open and she couldn’t speak, she had just been impaled on his dick, already 3 inches of his length was inside her just from the initial push and slowly inch by inch she was lowered down until she took all 8 inches, going balls deep, into her gushing wet pussy.

She was still utterly speechless and just sat there for a few seconds trying to comprehend what had just happened and how she was currently sitting on her friend’s dick, with her legs dangling off the ground, feeling the most full she could possibly be. She noticed she loved how it felt, she felt full, she felt complete, she couldn’t think of a better feeling than the one she was experiencing right now, it was like a constant wave of pleasure pulsing over her. This was just the beginning

“Fuck your pussy feels good Carly” and with that, he pulled seven inches out until it was just the head inside her pussy and suddenly slammed it back inside her holding it there. He looked down and saw her ass jiggle and quiver delightfully with the impact.

“Ohhhh fu-fuck” was all Carly could say and she felt like this was what she had been waiting for. Deshawn did this a few times letting her pussy get used to the sudden and massive intrusion, the first she had experienced. All the while Carly was moaning like a bitch in heat.

Next Deshawn moved one hand to her stomach to keep her implanted on his dick and moved his right hand up to the back of her sports bra unclipping it with ease, as he had done many times before, her bra fell away and her huge tits were revealed to him, as his massive height still allowed him to look down at her despite her elevated position. He held the hand on her stomach tight and groped her huge globes of white flesh while he pulled his dick back slowly, watching her mouth tremble with pleasure at canlı casino siteleri the simple act bringing her close to an orgasm and this time when he slammed his dick not only was it with tremendous force but he continued fucking her at that pace. His dick slamming in and out of her at such speeds was the single greatest thing in the world at that time for Carly and it brought her to her first dick-induced orgasm of her life in just seconds, she let out an incredible scream, not thinking about the other guys in the gym, her pussy gushed and soaked DeShawn’s massive dick.

Throughout her orgasm, DeShawn did not stop fucking her and just as she was coming down from her orgasm she had another one, almost passing out from the immense pleasure, her eyes rolled back. After about ten minutes of this and plenty more orgasms, she was panting as DeShawn set her down on the bench, he had not even broken a sweat.

She wasn’t given long to rest as DeShawn picked her up again and set her down on her knees in front of his raging erection. She knew exactly what to do and without hesitation, she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. This was not how it was going to go down, though, DeShawn was in control and it would stay that way, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth further and further down his cock.

Carly tried to pull away but she held firm and kept pushing her mouth towards his balls, her eyes were wide as she took more and more cock down her throat. She couldn’t believe her gag reflex wasn’t going off, there was no room for it too she guessed every inch of her mouth was full and he just kept pushing after a few more seconds she had taken his massive 8 inch cock, which had a two inch girth, all the way down her throat and he just held it there. She was really trying to get away as she was no longer able to hold her breath yet still he held it there. Another ten seconds passed and she was about to pass out when he let go of her head and she immediately pulled out feeling the massive slab of meat slide out of her mouth. She collapsed to the ground trying to catch her breath.

DeShawn looked down at her and laughed at her, grabbing her by the back of her head again and pulling her.

“Open your mouth slut, I’m gonna fuck your face,” He said and she happily obliged, eager to get this over with and get fucked again. She didn’t really understand what he meant by ‘fuck her face’ and just assumed he wanted a blowjob so she began sucking eagerly but this was not the case. He still had his hand on her head and he held it still stopping her in the act. “No” was all he said before shoving his massive organ all the way down her throat and pulled it out again. DeShawn fucked her face for the next ten minutes and Carly’s jaw was really starting to hurt when finally he shoved his dick all the way down her mouth and started spurting gallon after gallon of cum straight into her stomach, she could feel it filling it up and felt his meat slide out of her while he was still cumming when he pulled out of her, spurting bucketloads of cum, literally covering her face and tits.

“Now that’s a sight for a sore cock,” he said as he grabbed his phone snapping a picture of the scene. Carly was smiling as she wiped the cum away from her eyes but her smile faded when she saw Gregg standing 10 feet away with his cock out and a huge grin on his face.

To be continued…

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