Cassie, Deb , Daddy Make 3


The third installment of Cassie.

The dance floor was alive with music, pulsating in me right down to my three inch heels. Debra and I were dancing close, brushing up against each other, enjoying our night out. The night Mr. Fisher kept me late to punish me for seeking any other cock but the one that stood between his legs, Deb had gone home with someone else, as hot and horny by our encounter that afternoon as I had been. I couldn’t blame her. Sometimes you just had to jump on those opportunities and ride them for all they’re worth. I did it, so I didn’t blame her for it either.

Instead I went home to find Daddy, and we hatched a plan for my sexy little friend. He encouraged me to set up an elaborate date that would culminate at the Stratton, where he’d watch us do the nasty before joining in for a hot ménage a trois. I knew Deb wouldn’t mind once she got a load of his monstrous cock, she was as much as size whore as I was. Once we find a big fat cock, we don’t let anything stop us from jerking it, sucking it or jamming it up our tight little cunts. Even the strap on I bought for us to use in our playtime was at least twelve inches long. We dreamed big, my friend and I.

I watched her bump and grind against me, her body barely covered in a see thru top and super short mini skirt. She wore no panties, and she got off showing her pretty little pussy off to all the salivating boys nearby. I wasn’t much better, my shirt was unbuttoned down to my navel, the swell of each breast glistening under the strobe lights. I shook my ass in my tight leather mini, towering over my date in three inch stiletto boots. We touched and fondled, even kissed, driving all the guys dancing near our tight circle crazy. Sometimes we’d dance butt to butt, and draw a couple of lucky guys into our circle, our hands dipping down to find out how much we turned them on. There wasn’t a limp dick in the house.

One guy in particular had my interest. He was tall, with long flowing black hair tied back in a slick ponytail, his shirt barely containing his buff upper body. But it was his lower extremities that caught my eye. He was commando in his leather pants, and his dick was standing out like a third leg. His eyes sparkled a bit as my hand dropped to brush over that bulge. I licked my lips and danced closer, he responded by thrusting against my bare thigh. Yeah, baby. That’s the kind of thing I like to feel.

I glanced over my shoulder at Deb, who was dancing close to a blonde Adonis with his girlfriend right behind her. She wouldn’t mind if I stole a moment or two with my renegade. He caught my signal and began dancing me toward the door.

We fell out into the alley, all over each other. I kissed him hard as I shoved my hands down his pants, desperate to feel that hard cock in my hands. He pushed me up against the brick wall outside the club, which still vibrated with the music. He pushed my buttoned down shirt wide open, revealing my perky breasts to the night air. Both his palms flattened against the hard nipples as he caressed the fullness of my tits in his hands. I was groaning as he dipped down to his knee, using the wall as leverage to lift me up by the knees and expose my dripping wet pussy for his equally impressive tongue. It swirled all around my painfully erect clit before slithering through my slippery wet pussy lips. His thick, long tongue fucked me slowly, taking turns shoving deep in my cunt and flicking rapidly across my clit. I shuddered hard as I came and casino oyna he clamped his mouth over my clit sucking me hard. I was so grateful he was strong enough to hold me up, otherwise I would have wilted right to the ground.

He gently brought my feet to the ground as he kissed his way up my body. By the time he reached my mouth I was shoving my tongue aggressively into his mouth, my hand clasping over the impossibly hard erection he had going on. I wanted to get fucked by that big hard cock. And I wanted it right then and there.

Imagine my surprise as he gave me a small peck on the nose and turned back to the club. I trotted to catch up. “Hey. Hey, come back here.”

He shook his head and kept walking. I chased a little bit more before yelling out, “Prick!”

He smiled as he turned around, right next to the dance club door. Slowly he unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to reveal the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Even bigger than Daddy’s. I nearly swooned. “Yeah, but you want it don’t you?”

All I could do was nod. Words failed me. He just smiled and tucked that giant back in his pants. “Soon,” he promised. And with that he disappeared back into the club. I stood there, my shirt wide open and my pussy still tingling from the incredible tongue fucking he gave me. You’re damn right it’d be soon, I thought to myself.

As I entered the club I scanned the crowd for him. I got a lot of interested glances, my skin was glowing from my earlier orgasm, and I had barely covered my still hard nipples, which poked against the shirt I wore. I saw guys make a beeline for me, but I sidestepped them. Who I was looking for eluded me, and suddenly all these other guys didn’t seem worth the trouble. I sighed, resigned to the fact that he must have left. I went to find Deb.

She made off slightly better than I did. I found her in the bathroom, stuffed into one of the stalls with the girlfriend I’d seen her dancing with earlier. You could barely hear their groans above the echo of the music, but I knew they were in there getting their rocks off. I went into the adjoining stall, and pressed my ear up against the wall we shared. I could hear both Deb and her fuck buddy slurp and groan against each other. My hand went immediately to my own pussy, fingering my clit as I listened to their sexy symphony. By the time they were cumming so was I, and I could hear another strange voice from the other side of their stall groaning with pleasure as well. Had I known someone was in there alone I’d have given her a hand. But by the time we all emerged from the stalls all I wanted more than anything was to get Deb to the Stratton and watch her face as I produced our twelve inch toy.

I grabbed Deb’s hand and pulled her from the bathroom. We were kissing as we moved along the street toward the hotel. She had her hand in my shirt and we barely parted as we stepped into the hallway of the hotel. An older lady gasped in horror as she watched Deb pinch my exposed nipple. “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” I admonished, and then kissed Deb right in front of her, my tongue running along Deb’s lips and swirling around her tongue. The lady hurried away, and Deb and I giggled as we headed toward the main lobby to get our key.

She had no idea that Daddy was already up in the room, waiting for the show of a lifetime. His precious baby girl about to be fucked this way and that by another woman. It was too fucking hot.

I was taking off my shirt even before she slot oyna had the door completely open, and once inside we were locked in the hottest kiss we’d ever shared. I impatiently tore away her clothes, desperate to get that hot body naked so I could explore every inch of it with my tongue. I pushed her down on the bed, kicking away my skirt in the process. I kept my boots on, mostly for Daddy, because I knew how hot it made him for a girl to be naked with super sexy footware. I encouraged Deb to keep her stiletto platform sandals on as well.

Her body felt warm and soft, with a lot more curves and cushion than the men I’d been fucking had. It felt so good as our skin melted together. We began sharing long, slow open mouthed kisses. She laid me back, her hand cupping my breast up to her mouth. I gasped as she took my nipple into her mouth, her tongue bathing all over it before sucking on it slowly. I groaned, arching my back toward her. I felt her hand slip in between my legs. Expertly she slipped a finger in around my clit, rubbing it slightly in the same rhythm her tongue was flicking back and forth over my nipples. I began bucking against her hand as my own hand slid down her back, over her hips and around to her love box. I mimicked every motion she made. We were both sopping wet as she maneuvered her way over me, parting her legs above me as her head dove down to eat me out at last.

My legs shuddered the moment her tongue touched my clit, I had dreamed of this moment with her for so long. I came almost instantly, but she was relentless. She knit a couple of fingers together to shove them deep inside me as she sucked me through one orgasm after another. I was screaming into her sweet pussy, open like a flower over me. Without hesitation I drove my tongue right into her like the mystery man had done to me. She responded by grinding her hips down onto my face, forcing me to step up the rhythm.

A motion from another part of the room caught my eye. My Daddy had been sitting in a nearby chair, completely naked, and completely unnoticed by the two of us. I watched him as he stood, his cock rock hard in front of him. He walked right into her waiting hole.

Her scream of surprise turned into a deep moan of pleasure as he stroked that cock in and out of her tight little pussy. I watched up close, my fingers surrounding her clit and jacking her off as I watched Daddy fuck her. That did her in and soon she was cumming hard around his big dick. He withdrew his cock, and my head fell back over the edge of the bed. I wanted to taste his cock with her creamy juices all over it. He shoved his cock into my open mouth. She was still hard at work eating me out as he began to fuck my face, which had me moaning against him. I kept feeling her tongue swirl around my clit, then flick over it, then dive into my dripping wet slit. I was dizzy by the time Daddy withdrew his cock to spray his juice all over her ass. I took my sweet time licking it all off.

She finally turned around. “I suppose you’re Daddy, huh?” she asked with a sexy little grin. Daddy nodded before climbing across the bed to kiss her. She pressed him back down on the bed, her hand reaching immediately to grasp his not yet limp cock. I watched her tiny hand squeeze and manipulate it back to a full standing position as they kissed and fondled passionately. His hands tweaked her breasts and her hand never strayed from his totally beautiful cock. I spread my legs apart as I watched them, fingering myself canlı casino siteleri to this amazingly sexy scene.

Deb didn’t wait too long to feel that big dick inside her again. She straddled him, facing me. I needed no prompting. I positioned his cock to fit right inside of her. She watched me as she began to bounce up and down on Daddy’s huge meat. I got so hot watching her titties bounce as he shoved himself into her tiny little twat. I began to finger fuck myself to the rhythm they were keeping. Daddy bent so he could watch me as he fucked her harder. “You gonna cum all over Daddy’s big cock?” he asked, and both of us answered with a loud moaning “yessssssss”. Deb and I came at that precise moment, and Daddy followed soon afterward.

As we all lay together on that big king sized bed, Daddy queried us how our night on the town went. Deb gave explicit details about her encounter in the bathroom, and I admitted about my rendez vous in the back alley.

“What really sucks is I never got to feel that big dick,” I pouted.

Daddy reached over to pat my thigh. “You’ll get him one day, Baby Girl. And when you do, you’ll be calling the shots.”

I shrugged. I guessed so. It didn’t help that deep ache inside.

“I know what you need,” he grinned. He got up, looking sexy as he walked around the hotel room with a stiff dick. He pulled The Monster from the drawer and handed it to Deb.

Deb gasped as she ran her fingers along the stiff twelve inches of rubber dick. She immediately buckled it on, and stroked it as she walked my way. She looked so sexy I moaned as I lay back on the bed, my knees spread wide, and she crawled right in between.

There was no ceremony here, she shoved that dick inside me with an animalistic grunt. It opened me up all the way, touching places I never knew existed. I grabbed her hair with both hands. “That’s right. Fuck me with that big dick!” She responded, stroking in and out of me with a quickening pace.

I felt added weight from behind Deb, and that’s when I noticed Daddy had crawled in behind her. He was coating himself with some slippery lube, preparing to fuck Deb’s tight ass.

She screamed out loud when he eased inside of her. Without any warning she began to fuck me faster and harder, riding me rough with that gigantic rubber cock.. I ate it up. I came first, then Deb, who was hollering louder and louder as Daddy pummeled into her tightly puckered asshole. He slowed down as she began to drift down from her mind shattering orgasm, and then he lifted away. Deb rolled to the side, and Daddy pulled me to a standing position.

From the standing position he spread my firm ass cheeks so that he could fuck my ass next, I bent a little to give him a better angle. Nothing felt better than having Daddy’s big cock shoved deep in my ass, and I couldn’t wait.

Deb lay on the bed watching us. I bent down to suck off that huge dildo that was still covered in my sweet juices. Deb groaned as she watched me, and before I knew it she was pushing me back up against Daddy. Like a shot Deb was on her feet, and poising that strapon toward my cunt once again. She began a slow fuck of my pussy while Daddy was picking up the pace. I was filled in both holes and about to lose my mind with yet another intense orgasm. My feet weren’t even touching the floor by the time Daddy blew his wad in my ass, and Deb had shoved that dick so far up inside me I was cumming like a madwoman.

I lay in between Daddy and Deb as I fell asleep, feeling them touch and kiss and fondle around me. I couldn’t help but think that sex just couldn’t get any hotter than it was that night.

I didn’t know what was coming, no pun intended.

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