Lisa Customer Service


There is something about the “average woman” that turns me on. You know the type, she blends into a crow and is over looked by most. She has a kid or two and has put on a few extra pounds. Her husband has been ignoring her for years, or perhaps she is divorced, you know the type.

I am now older soon to be 33, more experienced and I have been heartbroken. As a result I see things differently than most men. I enjoy paying attention to those women, talking to them, exploring their fantasies. It has become my new quest in life, to revitalize all of the neglected women, help them feel again. I plan to have a lot of fun doing this and I will share my adventures with you.

This story is about a 40 something year old woman who is named Lisa. She is the manager of a local grocery store in the town where I live. I requested to speak to a manager when I purchased some French bread from the bakery that I later discovered had mold on it. Of course I did not have my receipt and the young dumb high school age cashier was not of much assistance.

He called for the manager and this woman appeared, I felt it right away. She was about 5ft 8in and about 175lbs. Her short shoulder length black hair had some grey in it but, her cute face resembled Beverly D’Angelo, the mom from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Her body and curves were hidden by an ugly navy blue and white store uniform she had on. Her crystal blue eyes looked at me and ever so politely she asked, “Can I help you sir?”

My anger level started to reduce, my focus was on Lisa. “Yes you may help me mamma, this bread is no good and I do not have my receipt, I would like to replace it would that be ok,” I asked in my professional voice. “I purchased it last night and it is no good,” I continued to explain.

She showed no emotion while explaining, “Sir that is not our Normal store policy, but I can help you this time…I remember you shopping here yesterday…you were in some type of uniform correct?”

I was shocked that she had remembered me, I had never seen her but this proves that you never know who has eyes are on you. We walked over to the service counter and she got a few forms. I was walking behind her and I quickly peeked at her butt while enjoying the sent of her perfume.

“If you will fill this section out for me I will process your refund sir,” she seemed so cold and disconnected. I could tell that she had done this many times before and to her this was just another transaction.

“I do not need a refund mamma…you do not have to waste your time on all that paper work,” I was trying to strike up conversation.

“What would you like sir,” once again her response was distant and she seemed to be growing frustrated with me.

I had to do something and I am the bold type with nothing to lose. “I would like a new loaf of French bread, a half of pound of Swiss cheese and,” speaking very confidently waiting until I had her attention. She looked at me with her crystal blue eyes waiting for me to finish my statement.

“And a nice smile from a beautiful woman like yourself is all I want,” my words were clear and well articulated.

She was shocked and laughed bahçelievler escort bayan while shaking her head, “You must really want that bread and cheese huh?”

“No I just really want you to smile at me,” I responded sounding more serious than before.

“Stop flirting I am old enough to be your auntie, or even your mother….how old are you young man?” she asked with a bit of curiosity and authority in her voice.

“I am an Officer and a gentleman who follows the golden rule…don’t ask don’t tell,” I was quick to respond.

“What are you some Lieutenant fresh out of college,” she questioned?

“No I am a Captain,” I boldly and firmly corrected her.

“EXCUSE ME, I hope I did not offend you Captain.”

“I will forgive you mamma if I can get those things that I requested,” after speaking sharply I winked and smiled. She returned my smile and then she motioned for me to follow her. We walked a few feet to the deli section and this time her walk was different. Her hips swayed more than before and she even peeked back over her shoulder to see if I was watching her walk. She picked up a hot loaf of French bread and a pack of Swiss cheese.

“Would you like a bag for that… Capt,” she was playing with me, I could hear the sarcasm in her voice.

“No I do not need a bag just a smile” I winked again.

“I hope to see you again Capt…thanks for your business,” as she smiled and handed me the bread.

I made sure to slightly touch her hand as I took the bread. I walked away knowing that she was watching. I made sure to take slow strong steps while letting my shoulders and back stay rigid.

I went to the store several times after that and I would often see her. She would look at me and smile, “Hello Capt.”

I would always respond in a serious professional voice, “Hello Ms. Lisa,” and I would always wink. All of the female clerks would smile and giggle when we did this. It was a game but I had to take it to the next level. I sent Lisa a small gift basket with a dozen white roses attached. The gift basket contained some hand and foot creams, a few Godiva chocolates and a Marine Corps teddy bare in Dress Blues.

I waited a few days and when I walked in the store I could see that a few of the female clerks were motioning toward me and making comments. One clerk picked up the phone and called Lisa to inform her I was in the store. When I went to check out I saw Lisa, a bright more confident Lisa, she even had on lipstick. I gave my routine wink and said, “Hello Ms. Lisa…how are things?”

Her smile was radiant and her skin was glowing, “Things are well Capt,” with a hint of seduction in her voice.

I walked to my car and when I got there I noticed that Lisa was behind me. “Excuse me Capt,” she cautiously spoke.

“I want to thank you for my birthday gift, you were the only one that got me something…I really appreciate it…more than you will ever know,” her voice was so sincere.

I had gotten lucky it had been her birthday and the gift had gone over well. “I am glad that you like it, you deserve it.” I was keeping it short and to balgat escort bayan the point.

“Uh Capt…Sir,” she was nervous.

“Yes Ms. Lisa,” I waited for her to say what was on her mind.

“Would you like to have a drink after I get off at 9:00 tonight…if you are free…you know as friends,” her voice was shaky and she feared rejection.

“No, I do not drink, but I would to have some cheese cake and ice cream with you…it would be my honor.”

I could see her pleasure with my response, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She tried to regain her composeur,”9:00, right here, ok,” as she winked and walked away.

I had 3 hours, just enough time to shave shower and pick up some nice orchids. I showed and shaved and decided to wear all black. I picked out some black sports briefs for support, a pair of double pleated dress slacks with a business cuff. A black on black pin striped polo shirt that was neatly pressed and I sprayed on just a touch of Perry Ellis Black 360. I made sure that my apartment was nice and neat and I was off to see Lisa.

When I got to the parking lot she was in her car waiting on me. She was dolled up and her smile was electrifying. “Would you like to ride with me or follow me,” I asked her while I took in her beauty.

“I’ll follow you,” she quickly responded.

I drove to a local restaurant and parked, when Lisa got out of her car I was amazed. She had gone home and changed. She was in a nice mid length black dress and heals. For the first time I got to see all of Lisa. Her legs and calves were toned, her stomach was not perfectly flat but it was firm. Her breast were a surprise, they were bigger than I had ever noticed in her store uniform.

“Wow you look gorgeous Lisa,” I was stunned.

She smiled, “Thank you, I am glad you like my dress.”

The restaurant was perfect for us there was music and dancing and the dessert was great. We talked for a few hours and she explained to me that she was divorced and her kids went to live with their father because he had more money and could spoil them. She also explained that she had been a volleyball player in college, she had attended the University of Georgia and was a huge football fan.

I had asked her to dance with me and the first few times she declined my invitation but after a few drinks she accepted. Holding her close to me I could feel the energy. She was not a good dancer but the way her hands would massage my arms and back made up for her awkward steps. She rested her head on my shoulders and I knew then I had to have this woman. I could feel the warm passion brewing in me, starting from the pit of my stomach reaching all the parts of my body. I was even starting to get an erection, it was hard to control myself. It was then that the song ended and we sat down.

It was late and we both agreed it was time to say good night. I walked her to her car and before she could say a word I kissed her. She did not resist I heard her soft moans and I could feel her body melting in my arms. I did not stop my hands began to explore her body and then we were interrupted by the police. “Is everything batıkent escort bayan ok mamma,” the cop asked.

“Yes, yes, I was saying goodnight officer,” she explained as she caught her breath and straightened her dress.

“Have a nice night mamma,” as the officers totally ignored me and drove off.

“Capt, can we…go…uh…you know,” she was being suttle.

“Sure we can go where ever you like, you pick.”

“The new Radisson Suites on HWY 1, I have been told the executive suit is very nice…it even has a garden Jacuzzi tub in the room,” she was trying to be seductive.

“Cool I will follow you,” as I kissed her on the lips and got in my car.

The drive was short but I was on fire thinking about all the fun I would have with Lisa. Soon we were in the parking lot, then in the elevator, then the room. Lisa seemed to be unsure if she wanted to be in there. I would kiss her on the face softly and caress her skin. I wanted to be bold, so I stood up and started to take off my clothes real slow. It did not take long before I was standing in my briefs. She looked my body over one quick time and then looked me square in my eyes as I removed my briefs. I tossed them over to her, she smiled and stood up to kiss me.

Our embrace and kisses seemed to last for long periods of time. I was touching her and wanted so bad to remove her dress. She pushed me back on the bed and took off her dress. Finally I got to see her body, I was pleasantly pleased when I saw that she did not have on any panties. She sat on my lap and we kissed and kissed as the fire generated in both of us. I rolled around on the bed with her kissing, until I was on top. I then teased her by kissing her softly down her neck, to her breast, down to her stomach, lower to her sweet mound of pleasure. She was so wet and I had to have her. I licked her, ate her and sucked her while she moaned in response. She was so sensitive to my actions, and her moans were long and getting louder and louder.

She started to tighten her thighs around my head and her body started to shake. She began screaming and she tried to push my head away. Then in one overwhelming burst she had a monstrous orgasm. She was screaming and crying at the same time. I resisted as she pushed my head away and then again her body climaxed.

My entire face was wet, I have never had a lover who was so loud and so animated. I began to work my way back up to her face. I wanted to feel this woman and with every touch and soft kiss, she would quiver. I began to touch her breast and suck on her nipples, while my left hand caressed her thigh, and once again she moaned, screamed and exploded. I felt like a king, I could make her cum so many times, she was on the bed and all mine.

I guided my dick to her wet open pussy lips and I felt her tightness. I was gentle but I began to push and she resisted. I was kissing her and then I moved the head of my dick around her opening. I tried again to penetrate her, she was so tight, I could see her face tense up as I pushed. I was gentle but becoming frustrated I wanted her. I grew rougher as I tried to slide more of me in her. I noticed her face , she would close her eyes tighter as I pushed inside her.

“Capt I am real tender and tight there…please don’t hurt me…be gentle,” she explained as she moaned and kissed me.

Now I was faced with a tough decision, be a gentle man, or pound her senseless. Send me feed back what do you think I did, what should I have done?

Daddy’s Girl


I was only 17 when my little girl Stacey was born, and she was only 11 when I split up with her mother. Well, to be precise her mother took off with Stacey to Cyprus with her toyboy waiter. I re-married a short while later, and got divorced again not much longer after that. With one thing and another I didn’t see Stacey again until about six months ago when, just after her 20th birthday, she decided out of the blue that she wanted to come back to live in England. I was a bit nervous when I met her at the airport, but when she emerged from Arrivals I saw that my little angel had blossomed into a lovely young woman, who I was proud to introduce to friends as my daughter. She moved into my spare room, and we soon developed a close, jokey relationship.

Every Friday night I go to a club a few miles away with my mates. It’s a pub cum dance hall where we go to try and pull birds. One or other of us sometimes succeeds, but most of the time we just wind each other up about our attempts to do so, see who can come up with the most outrageous chat-up lines, and sink a few pints of lager. Stacey normally went out with her own friends from college on a Friday, but one night she was at a loose end and asked if she could come with me. I agreed reluctantly, as I thought having my daughter along might cramp my style with the ladies, but as we climbed into our taxi I had to admit she looked a knockout. She wore a glittery black off-the-shoulder dress which perfectly complemented her shoulder length silver blonde hair and light tan. It also barely covered her bum, but I didn’t mention it as I didn’t want to sound like a typical middle-aged dad.

As we walked across the club car park, arm in arm, I saw a workmate who doesn’t know Stacey. He greeted me and, clearly thinking I was cradle snatching, complemented me on my ‘girlfriend’s’ appearance. Stacey put her hands on his shoulders, leaned very close to him and whispered something in his ear. He then gave me an odd look and scuttled off as if he’d just seen a ghost. I asked Stacey what she had said to him. She replied “I said this was our first date, but that my mum told me you’ve got an enormous cock.”

That was typical Stacey, but my face turned so red with embarrassment I was surprised çıtır escort it didn’t light up the entire car park! We joined my mates, and after a couple of drinks Stacey decided she fancied a bop, and disappeared onto the tightly packed dance floor. We eyed up the talent for a while, then I heard one of my pals talking about Stacey’s long tanned legs. I gave him a filthy look, then turned to look at my daughter, moulding her body to some scruffy kid I’d never seen before. I suddenly caught myself thinking “I’ll bet she’s a right little raver in bed.”

I couldn’t believe I’d just thought that about my own child! I don’t know if Stacey saw something in my expression, but she gave me the sexiest smile, and the most knowing wink. I quickly buried my face in my beer, trying to convince myself that I hadn’t just had incestuous thoughts about my little girl, and to ignore the stirring I felt in the front of my pants. When I looked up again Stacey made sure she had caught my eye then, slowly and deliberately, slipped her hand down inside the boy’s trousers and clearly began wanking him. He only lasted a few seconds, and I watched astonished as she walked laughing to the ladies loo, leaving the lad standing dazed on the floor.

Afterwards Stacey sat down with us for another drink. I was too embarrassed to mention her little floor show, but after a few minutes she asked me to dance with her, ignoring my protests and dragging me out onto the floor. As we danced her hand twice brushed against the rapidly hardening pole in my slacks, deliberately I thought. I put a bit of distance between us, but as the song ended she turned her back to me and wiggled her sweet little bum hard into my groin. I was now so stiff I had trouble walking back to my seat with dignity, but thankfully my pals didn’t seem to have noticed anything untoward. I sank gratefully into my chair, but Stacey had other ideas. She pranced over and asked if we could go home now as she’d had enough dancing for one night. I was actually quite relieved as I thought she was clearly getting over-excited, and the cool of the night might calm her down a bit.

As our taxi set out for home Stacey, giggling, started tickling me. This was an innocent game escort demetevler we used to play when she was small, and I happily joined in. Suddenly – she made it seem accidental – her hand dropped into my lap. Still giggling she squeezed my rock hard dick and half-whispered “I wasn’t wrong about you being enormous, was I?”

Before I realised what was happening she had shoved her hand down the front of my pants and wrapped it around my cock! I moved to pull her hand out, but as I did she grazed a long finger nail up the length of my shaft. The effect was electric, and I gasped and threw my head back as my prick twitched against her hand. Taking her chance, before I could get my breath back she had unzipped my fly, buried her head in my lap and started swirling her gorgeous tongue around my painfully stiff cock. I saw the taxi driver glancing at us in his rear view mirror, but I was beyond caring. I just wrapped my fingers in Stacey’s hair, and tried to put out of my mind who it was playing my dick as sweetly as a flute. I shot my load into her mouth just as we reached my flat. As Stacey triumphantly swallowed my jizz I tucked my dick back into my pants, gave the driver a huge tip, and rushed inside as he leered at me and wished me an enjoyable night.

Once I got inside my composure returned slightly. Trying to sound stern, I told Stacey that what she had just done to me had been lovely, but that nothing like it must ever, ever happen again. She gave me her big-eyed innocent little girl look, and said meekly “Yes daddy.”

After that I decided I needed a nice cool shower, so I went into my bedroom to change into my dressing gown. As I was stood there naked I heard the bedroom door open behind me. I dragged the dressing gown on and hurriedly tied the belt before turning to face my daughter – who was also completely naked!

She looked unbelievable! Tall and willowy, like her mother at the same age, with small but perfectly shaped breasts, a diamond stud in her belly button, wispy golden pubes and long, shapely legs. I couldn’t help noticing that her tan covered her entire body, with no white bikini marks. My mouth immediately went dry, and I wasn’t sure if I could even speak. I escort dikmen managed to croak “Stacey, this has to stop, now.”

She wasn’t any more convinced I meant it than I was. She gave me a sweet smile and murmured “But daddy, I was so good in the taxi I thought perhaps you might want to give me a special present as a reward.”

She emphasised the word ‘daddy’, making me feel even worse about the situation. As she advanced towards me, and I backed to the edge of my bed, it felt almost as if I was a nervous teenager and she was the mature, experienced adult. She stopped inches from me and I could feel the heat radiating from her body. I whispered “Stacey, please.”

In response she glanced down and exclaimed “Ooh daddy, is that for me?”

I saw with horror that my iron-hard cock had poked out of my dressing gown, and the burning tip was actually brushing against her thigh! With that she pushed me in the chest and I toppled backwards onto the bed. Stacey took her chance, straddling my chest and tickling her stiff little nipples across the tip of my nose. Finally giving up trying to fool myself that I was in control of the situation I sucked a sweet tit into my mouth, flicking the nipple with my tongue and enjoying the warm, salty taste of her sweat. My daughter needed no further encouragement. Scooting down my body she raised herself above me and plunged her pussy down onto my ramrod stiff cock.

After a few seconds of Stacey rising and falling on me I flipped her over, so I was on top, and rammed my prick into her like a steam hammer, my balls slapping against her arse, as she whimpered “Oh yes daddy, so big, fuck me daddy, fuck me”.

I kept going for as long as I could, but after a couple of minutes the sight of that beautiful face below me, eyes screwed up in ecstasy as she howled her enjoyment, was too much for me, and I exploded into my little girl, her hips bucking up to meet my thrusts and her finger nails raking deep across my backside. Then I collapsed, temporarily spent, beside her on the bed. After a minute or so Stacey leaned over me, her breasts cushioned against my chest, and gave me a deep French kiss. She whispered “Oh daddy, I do love you so very much.”

As she rested her head on my belly I realised that I would probably feel as guilty as hell in the morning; but at that moment the only thing that mattered to me in the world was spending the entire night making love to this beautiful, sexy, incredible young vixen who was smiling happily up at me as her hand cupped my balls.

Biker Sex


She could feel her pulse racing thru her chest. She could hear the music humming in the background. She thought about all the things she would do that night and giggled like schoolgirl at the fun she was going to have. The black leather cat suit with the zippers on her breasts and pussy was waiting for her to melt into it. Her makeup was on and perfect. Her hair was great. Now all she had to do was follow through on her plan.

Her mind raced as she dressed in her black leather cat suit. She slid her little feet into her precious fuck me boots and looked at herself in the mirror. Perfect, just perfect….. He would melt with the touch of her hand.

Her heart started to race as the doorbell rang. She answered the door and there he was…. Looking like a biker god standing before her. He had his shirt taunt over his chest, his jeans hugging every inch of his lower body, his hair pulled back in a long ponytail down his spine. The goatee on his chin impeccably trimmed. The smell of his cologne wafting up, to entice her senses. Her loins ached just seeing him stand before her.

As they left and got on his new bike she knew what she had to do…..she had to do it soon or she wouldn’t be able to hold on for the ride. She sat down and wrapped her thighs around him. Her nipples became erect as she grabbed his thighs to hold on for the ride. Her fingers digging into his jeans tighter and tighter, working their way up his thighs to the bulge in his pants. They weren’t even riding yet and she was getting hot.

His cock started to come alive with the feel of her fingers through the material. His cock started to throb and he told himself to take it easy she was just a friend out for a ride on his new bike. She scooted forward into him. So close that he could feel the warmth of her pussy on his ass. He let out a slow breath as he revved the motor of his bike. He knew if she kept touching him escort bahçelievler and scooting closer that he was going to cream his jeans. She looked hot tonight and he couldn’t tell her. He thought she would laugh it off like any other night and work her body off on the other guys in the club. She would dance close to them and he would get so hot that he would have to relieve him in the bathroom. Little did he know what was in store? As they left the parking lot for the club, dirty thoughts were going through both their heads and visions of what could be putting sexy smiles on their faces.

They got to the club and instead of parting ways, him to the table and her to the dance floor, they both ended up at the bar. The sex must have been in the air because she started groping him and he was responding with all his might. She nibbled on his ear and throat and he grabbed her tits and ass. They were both were getting really excited and you could feel it building between them. She grabbed his hair and yanked until she saw a smile come over his lips. She said I know what you like; you want it hard and rough. Tugging his hair more, she said you want everything pulled and bitten. She started to nibble, lick and suck his fingers and his eyes grew wide with what she was doing. This was a friend and she was turning the tides.

She didn’t want to stay at the club and neither did he. She whispered in his ear that she wanted to fuck him. His eyes grew even wider, and his cock came to full attention trying to break free of his jeans. He reached down and started to rub her wet pussy through her cat suit, her moans of pleasure ringing in his ears. He couldn’t wait to leave and see what she had planned.

She sat on the back of his bike and started to rub her pussy. All the while telling him, that she wanted him to fuck her, on his bike. His bike? It would never work… escort balgat but she had her mindset and getting her to change it would never happen. So they drove to the beach on the bike. During the drive she was fondling his cock and he was trying his best to stay on the road. He reached around and gave her ass a tight squeeze, then scooted her up close to him hoping to feel her throbbing behind him.

They reached the beach in record time. They pulled into the private parking lot.

Before he could cut the engine she was already starting to unzip her cat suit. It unzipped all the way to her pussy. As she revealed her breasts to him, he unzipped his jeans and began to stroke his cock. Pulling down her cat suit and exposing her pussy to the air, he realized that she shaved her pussy hair but not all of it. He tried to see what it was and she told him to see her pussy he would have to eat her. He started grinning from ear to ear. Eating pussy was his favorite pastime. He told her to pull her cat suit down and lean back because he was hungry and curious. She did as she was told. She began to tremble and moan with pure delight and he was soon covered with her sweet nectar from nose to chin. He had dived right in with gusto. Licking and sucking her clit, rolling his tongue in her pussy making her squeal with delight as she was starting to climax again. Popping his thumb into her tight asshole as she was starting to build just sent her over the edge. Her sweet nectar, dripping down his shirt now.

She couldn’t handle it; she pushed him away from her, licked her fingers and grabbed his cock in her hand. She began to stroke and fondles his cock. She ran her fingers on the under ridge of his cock head. The wetness from her fingers sending tingles through his cock. She responded by kissing his peehole, teasing it with her tongue, and then sliding her lips around the escort batıkent tip. Soon she was trying to engulf his cock with her mouth. She could only get about half of his shaft in her mouth because it was so large and thick. She began an up-and-down motion along it, intermixed with licking the head and circling her tongue around it. She also lightly squeezed and stroked his shaft and balls. She then ran her tongue down her shaft and started to suck his balls, all the while playing with his asshole. Pre-cum was dribbling down her chin as she pulled away. She kissed him deeply, their juices mingling in their mouths. She couldn’t stand it anymore she pushed him away and told him if he didn’t fuck her now she would be sorry.

His jeans were soon on the ground and he was positioning himself on the bike. He picked her up easily and plopped her onto his ever ready cock. He said since she was wanting it so bad then she better take him. She started to rock slowly at first then faster, till he could feel her muscles tightening in another round of climax. Once her orgasm was over, she teasingly stated ok I have had enough lets go home and jumped off the bike. His face dropped and she giggled. He picked her back up and pulled her back onto him, this time he popped his rock hard cock into her ass. He knew with as sopping wet as she was that lubing it up wouldn’t be a problem. He told her to lie back and relax because he was in control now. He started to slowly fuck her ass, as she lay back fingering her wet pussy. Then he started to speed up, knowing he wouldn’t last too long because she kept clenching her ass cheeks together. She was telling him to fill her with his seed, fill her ass, and soon he was doing just that. Holding her tightly to his cock as it exploded in her ass. They lay breathlessly on the bike not wanting to break the contact. They could feel their juices running between their legs. She jumped up and ran to the waters edge laughing and giggling as she dove in. He followed too behind to clean off. As they emerged from the cool waters and lay on the sand only one thing was running through his mind he knew his bike would have needed a wash, just not with their sweet juices or this soon.

Knicker Fun with Marie and Julian Pt. 02


Swinging each of her legs over Julian’s and mine, respectively. Marie settled back and started to stroke between her knicker-clad thighs with her agile fingers. Her peach coloured directoire knickers glinting in the light from the television.

“Mmm.. Watching you both spurt your loads has made my gusset ever so wet. I don’t think I will need my buzzing pussy-eggs, with you two lovely men at hand, will I?” She sing-songed, with a playful smirk on her full, sexy, dark red lips.

Julian was still breathing heavily, recovering from what seemed like a very intense orgasm. I nodded to Marie in agreement. I looked down at my hand caressing her shapely, sheer tan nylon-clad legs. Recollecting the photograph that accompanied their advertisement we made contact through.

It was of Marie, her back to Julian’s camera, bent over, touching her toes. Dressed in very sheer and shiny tan tights. So much so, they looked almost wet. Her Rubenesque figure and form accentuated by this delightfully, glossy hosiery. Marie’s gorgeous, plump cunt clearly visible through the hose.

A moan from Marie startled me from my reverie. I looked to see her visibly flushed and with the vibrating eggs from her pussy in hand.

“Nice daydream, Rich?” Marie smiled. I laughed, as I explained my pleasurable distraction to her.

“Ooohh! I do remember that well! My dear Julian couldn’t contain himself after that particular photography session. Could you dear?” Marie smiled lovingly at her husband.

“I certainly could not, my love.” Julian turned and nodded with a dirty smile in my direction.

“He gripped my hips and thrust his lovely, hard penis against my big nylon-covered bottom. Didn’t you dear? He shot so much creamy spunk over my new tights, Rich. They were absolutely soaked! Very expensive Wolford ones too, I might add!” She laughed.

I giggled and admitted that was my impulse too, upon seeing the photograph of her fabulous nyloned bottom.

“He bahçelievler escort is so like you, Julian! Don’t you think?” Before Julian had a chance to reply, she continued.

“Anyway, boys.. I think this lady is due some pleasure from you both. Right now.” Marie softly commanded.

Julian and I nodded eagerly, as we stood up and discarded our knickers. Julian, slowly and gently, pulled his wife’s down too. Marie pushed herself forward a bit more and raised her legs, akimbo, into the air.

Julian handed me her damp knickers. I eagerly took them, lifting the gusset to my nose to inhale her musky scent. My cock immediately started to twitch back to life.

I remembered Marie having quite a prominent vulva and clitoris. Demonstrated to me, when they sent me a video of her queening Julian.

But, when I gazed upon it then. It was far more vivid in reality. She wasn’t shaven, just trimmed very close. And, her cunt lips were beautifully engorged and red.

Julian caught my admiring stare, as I wrapped Marie’s discarded directoire knickers around my stiffening prick. It twitched frantically. Reacting, as the silky, rayon material cocooned my erection.

“She is fantastic, eh Rich?” Julian asked. Looking with approval as I started to rub myself with Marie’s peach DK’s.

“Well, our young friend, have a peek at this!” His tone full of evident pride and love for his beautiful wife.

He spread her bum cheeks to expose Marie’s anus. At the sight of her lovely, puckered bum hole, I just could not help myself. I dropped to my knees and started to sensitively use my tongue to rim her inviting anal rose.

“You’re right dear.. He is a lot like me!” Julian laughed at my eager response.

“Ooohh, Rich! That is nice!” Marie joyously exclaimed. “Our new young knicker friend is very naughty. Isn’t he, Julian?”

“Just how we like our play mates, my dear.” Julian chuckled.

I pushed my balgat escort tongue in further. Delighting in Marie’s reactions to my exploration of her anal passage. Julian proceeded to expertly frig his wife’s excited clitoris. This had her moaning, uncontrollably.

The whole situation, the taste of Marie’s rear hole and of her pussy juices trickling down from her husband’s administrations. Had me stroking my cock, frantic with desire, into Marie’s lovely directoire knickers.

“Come up here, Rich. Beside me.” Marie panted. Patting the empty space on the sofa next to her.

I got up and knelt beside her, as she unbuttoned her cardigan to release her breasts. Lovely, big pendulous orbs with very stiff nipples and large, brown areolae.

I noticed Julian had become hard again and was slowly fisting his lovely looking cock. Marie took and gently guided my hand to her sopping cunt.

Without any further prompting, I slowly slipped three of my fingers into her easily. And, started to ease them in and out of her pussy whilst, at the same time, massaging her slippery clitoris with my thumb.

“That’s it, Rich. Frig-fuck your Aunt Marie’s horny cunt!” She cried out. Making an excited reference to a fantasy we shared in our explicit correspondence.

I looked up to see Julian lubing his hands and prick, before kneeling down in front of Marie.

He started to carefully nudge his stiff member against her bum hole. Teasingly pushing, just slightly, in and out of her lovely anus. Stimulating Marie to yet more moans and sighs of delight. Whilst, at the same time, locating my own anal cherry with his free hand and fingers.

“Oh Julian! Yes!” Marie urged her husband on. ” I want both your lovely, big cocks in my juicy cunt later!” She brazenly exclaimed, clearly in ecstasy.

Writhing sensually, her hand reached out and cupped my balls. Tantalisingly massaging the sensitive area between them and my anus, with batıkent escort her finger.

I gasped, as Julian proceeded to insert his lubricated finger in my anal cherry. He was, thankfully, very gentle in his administrations to my tight back passage. As, besides self-pleasuring on my own, this was the first time I had experienced somebody else’s touch in my young bum hole.

“Uncle Julian is very good with his finger, isn’t he, Rich?” Marie breathlessly murmured. Her eyes misty and glazy with arousal.

Nodding in agreement and panting with pleasure. I concentrated on fucking her sopping wet cunt, faster, with my fingers. I leant forward, taking her right nipple into my mouth. Eagerly, yet tenderly, suckling her breast like some kind of lust-driven offspring.

Marie suddenly stiffened as the orgasm took her. She shook, her pungent juices gushing over my fingers and hand. It took me quite by surprise, the force and intensity of her climax.

The stream of cunt juices that ebbed and flowed from her pussy. Led me to think, for a brief moment, that she had lost control of her bladder. Marie looked beautiful as she spurted her musky wetness. Nor, would I have minded if she had relieved her warm, golden nectar instead!

I withdrew my hand and righted myself. So, as best, to position myself to match the motions of Julian’s expert fingering. I stroked my stiff, pulsating cock. Moaning, as they both tended to my anus and balls.

Marie leant forward to kiss and lick my throbbing, red cock-head. Just, as Julian slowly withdrew his finger from my back passage. Both actions causing me to shudder, gasp and groan. I ached for release and to shed the creamy cum from my balls.

Marie looked up at me, smiling.

“Mmm.. Well, I think we could all use a shower, after that, don’t you?” She winked at me.

“Shall we take our young friend upstairs, my love?” Julian asked, as he started to slowly stroke his eight-inch prick.

“Good thinking, Julian. We do have some fabulous undergarments in the bedroom, our sweet, naughty Nephew. Amongst other things!” Marie purred delectably.

“I think they will look quite adorable on you. Come on, now. Look sharp, both of you. The night is still VERY young!”

To be continued..

Daddy Wants a Fresh Start


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


This story contains incest between a father and a reluctant daughter. Also, the views in this story don’t necessarily reflect mine. It’s very “me man, you woman.” caveman-like at times. It’s made up. It’s a kink. This is not meant to reflect certain views. You shouldn’t remodel your farmhouse, fuck your daughter, and make her carry your baby.


The farmhouse was cornflower blue. My first clue daddy had been working on the house again was the fresh coats of paint swiped across every surface. The shutters were bright white with new, white curtains to match.

Growing up, he was always too busy to make the changes he always wanted but there would be a week or two where he’d go all out and fix up the house. Usually when one of the few girlfriends he had was showing real promise.

The things daddy always saw as pesky gave the house charm. Creaky wood floors and a shaky banister. The old white paint would peel off during humid summers.

These new windows were too new and shiny to match the wood around them. Ceiling fans made during this century whirled high above century-old oil lamps placed precariously on antique side tables.

The house looked beautiful tonight with warm amber lights casting a glow against the sherbet sky. It was mid Fall and I wish I’d returned home to have a normal supper with daddy but I’d come with bad news.

I’d gotten my grades back from school. Officially, I was on academic probation. A manilla envelope was delivered to my dorm with notes like Mia fails to show up to class. Mia fails to turn in homework. Mia seems distracted.. Distracted? Yeah, well, I was hungover. It’s not like I didn’t know it was possible but I’d refused to log on to see where I was at. Kind of like not checking your bank balance after a weekend out.

Even with summer school, it hadn’t been enough to pass. I lied to daddy telling him I was taking a few classes in the summer to get ahead. In reality, I’d been feverishly making up classes I’d tanked.

Against my better judgment, I left the safety of my car.

The front steps didn’t squeak. They were sturdy underneath my boots, past the rocking chairs with new cushions. Tubs, the fat cat my dad took in from the hardware store’s parking lot, stretched out on the porch swing. Tabby and scruffy, he looked like a werewolf.

A step stool propped open the wooden door. The smell of pot roast, gravy, and mashed potatoes floated out onto the porch. My favorite. Everything smelled delicious. I’d been living on Kind bars and coffee.

Moths huddled around the porchlight daddy had turned on for me. Always afraid I’d trip in the dark. I could fall upstairs. I wasn’t graceful.

It had been me and daddy the whole time I was growing up. Mom left when I was about six months old and though there had been a few girlfriends, none of them stuck.

Warm and cozy, the front room had little touches of upgrades. Good quality leather sofas and chairs crowded the wood floors. A fresh coat of off white paint on the wood paneling. Fat vertical slats of wood saved from a barn to build this house decades and decades ago.

Paperbacks and thick hardbacks lined the four bookshelves, full to bursting. Throw blankets folded and stacked on the edge of the couch for wrapping up in with hot chocolate and a Shirley Jackson novel.

“That you, tater tot, or do I need to get my bat?” called daddy’s low, deep voice.

Clanks came from the kitchen. I followed the light through the archway to the kitchen’s sunshine yellow paint.

“You didn’t change it,” I said, relief flooding my body. When I thought of home, I thought of that bright yellow kitchen. With its “good china” stored away behind glass and it’s open face shelves with old, mismatched plates you could actually use. Tinny signs lined the walls making this place look like some ‘ol 66 roadside diner.

The wide stove had eight burners, five of them in use. Mash potatoes filled a tall pot, covered in chives, cumin, and butter. Green beans and corn had their own little pots. Cast iron held a warm golden piecrust, the deep purple blueberries bubbling in the center.

Daddy stood over his domain, stirring in more salt and peppering this or that. His six-foot frame barely allowing him under the hood of the stove. The plaid shirt stretched across his wide back needed mending. Something had snagged and ripped it toward the bottom. He hummed to himself, I couldn’t name the tune.

Arugula and spinach fresh from the garden filled a wooden bowl on the counter. A giant, square oak table sat in the middle of everything. Marilyn Monroe salt and pepper shakers sat on the table. Her figure warped and bloated into fat goblin thespians.

“Course I didn’t change it. Welcome home, baby.” He wrapped an arm around me and squeezed. “How long do I get to keep you for?”

Daddy smelled like peppermint. The cologne I never knew the name of sat bahçelievler escort bayan on the top of his dresser. Deep blue glass and it lasted him five months with tiny little dabs added to his neck. Worn it so long, I’m sure if he skipped a day the scent would stay, sunken deep into his pores.

“A week.”

“Fall break or something? Thought that was Thanksgiving.”

“Pipe burst.” Flat lie. I tried to keep my voice from giving me away. I always spoke too high, too fast, when I lied. He always caught me.

Daddy sat the green beans and mashed potatoes on the table. Guiding them onto worn potholders. Most of which were older than me. “So how’s school?”

When’s the best time to tell your daddy the school he paid a ton of money for wanted to expel you? The same one he didn’t want you to attend in the first place. A place he called “idiots teaching idiots” was fixing to kick you out because you were too preoccupied with liquor and rice crispy treats?

Before or after dessert?

I sat down and studied each bowl like I’d never seen them before to avoid looking up at him. “Oh it’s fine,” I finally answered. “Everything smells good.”

“Might have seared the roast longer,” he grumbled. Daddy could never take a compliment.

He went about gathering food into large bowls. With one jerk of his head, my old reflexes kicked in. White dishes were piled upon each other on the shelves, I took two plates, two saucers, and gathered a set of silverware for both of us. Setting the table with a nervous tremor in my hand.

“Good to have someone to eat with,” his hand ran across my back and he kissed my temple.

We sat to eat, taking up our old chairs.

Daddy sat at the head of the table and took my hand. I dropped my fork, pretending I was still accustomed to praying before food. He blessed our food with a few quick lines about appreciation, hard work, and clean slates. The last one was odd but I was starving so I wasn’t fixing to debate him on his prayers.

Mashed potatoes were the first thing I grabbed while daddy went about picking my meat and cutting it up for me. He always had. Even when I was long old enough to do it for myself.

Daddy was a big man. Tall with broad muscles from a lifetime of hard work on the farm. His arms were still deeply tanned from summer, freckles littered his hands. Salt and pepper hair was kept neat and tidy with a close shave. Always.

“Have you found yourself a boyfriend up at that school?”

This was a sore spot for both of us. Daddy sent me to an all-girls school growing up and had assumed I’d go the same route in college but I didn’t. I screamed and kicked and eventually enrolled without telling him. He only footed the bill after several rounds of heart to hearts and negotiation about boys. There would be none until I graduated. “You know I don’t.”

“Cause that was apart of our agreement. You focus on school, graduate, then boys.”

“I don’t have one.” And I didn’t. Besides Tommy Gerret who had a panic attack in the back of his jeep while he fingered me, I didn’t have any experience with boys. I wasn’t happy about it. “You know I don’t.”

“How would I know anything? You don’t call. Which is why I had someone looking out for you, making sure you were making the right choices.”

I almost choked on a green bean. “What?”

He laid his silverware down harder than he needed to. “You’re failing school.”


“You’re failing school because you’re skipping classes. Drinking on weeknights. Hanging out in the backseats of cars with boys who aren’t fit to wipe the mud off your shoes.” With each sentence, his voice got louder. The vein in his neck was popping out like it always did.

My tongue felt too big for my mouth. Not only did he know how bad I’d disappointed him, he hadn’t even let me tell him. Not even giving me the courtesy to explain myself. He had spied on me. I wiped my mouth and went to scoot my chair back, my heart set on leaving. None of my friends lived around here. Nor, did I have any money for a motel but I’d sleep in my car before I’d stay here.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he snapped, jerking my chair back to the table. Uncomfortably, the edge pressed against my ribs. “You’re failing because you’re running wild up there and I’m not gonna have it.”

“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!”

“Watch it, little girl. I’m still the man who washed your mouth out with soap over that sink right over there.” He pointed to the cast iron sink where a vase of sunflowers sat, my favorite. “And I called and talked to those teachers of yours. I figure I know more than you do since you haven’t been to class since the second week of school. Hell, I thought I’d have to tell you about the probation.”

My face was hot. Equal parts embarrassment and anger. Daddy stared at me, waiting for me to explain myself or apologize. No remorse for having me followed or empathy balgat escort for my situation at all. I couldn’t stand it.

My fist hit the table before I even realized I had raised it. The solid oak ringing through my bones like a bell. Daddy’s confused face crumpled as he furrowed his brows in anger. Dark green eyes burrowing into me. I was surprised too but trying not to look it. “Don’t talk to my teachers! Don’t have me followed! It’s none of your damn business!”

“Watch your mouth!”

Bam! I learned nothing. My fist felt like a cartoon character’s. Like it might swell up to the size of those inflatable boxing gloves for children. “I’m twenty years old, daddy! I can say whatever the hell I want!”

Righteous indignation swelled up inside of me. Who was he to tell me what I could or couldn’t say? What I could or couldn’t do in college? Everyone was drinking on weeknights, skipping class, and doing morally questionable things in the backseat with boys.

Daddy grabbed my wrist, jerking me up from the table. “If you think you’re too big to be pulled over my knee, you hit that table one more time.” He let go of me and I took two quick steps back to put some space between us. Trying my best to look as mean as he did. And failing. “Go to bed.”

“I’m not sleeping here.” I looked around for my keys.

“Mia, if you ever wanna sit down again that front door stays closed until I give you permission to walk out of it. Got it?”

My eyes stung but I wasn’t fixing to cry in front of him. I headed up the stairs, reaching the top few by the time my teardrops started hitting the floorboards.


It’s easy to forget how dark the country is. I grew up here my whole life but when my eyes flew open around two a.m. it took me a while to adjust. Only the moon peeking through my curtains gave me the least bit of light. Crickets sang outside and frogs croaked, and there was another noise. One I couldn’t place. Creaking.

Crawling out of bed, I walked as easy as I could. Taking the stairs two at a time. I did my best not to bust my ass and wake the whole house. Especially when the only other person in the house was mad at me.

Cowboys stared from the cover of a cheap paperback laid on the couch near a crochet throw. Bookmarked with a thin coaster. Daddy must have found time after his lecture and threats to get in a little light reading.

After talking myself out of yanking the bookmark out of place, I made my way into the kitchen for something to drink.

I reached for a glass when I noticed daddy’s door was open. His room separated from the kitchen by a tiny hallway. The creaking was louder down here.

The moon lit up the thin white curtains above daddy’s bed. A soft glow of white over the deep shadows of heavy, dark wood furniture. Daddy’s thick profile outlined by moonlight, I could see his sheets and blankets bunched around his thighs. A shallow grunt coming from him. Both of his hands were around his middle. One hand tugging. Daddy was playing with himself.

I knew I shouldn’t watch. Shouldn’t want to watch. Or hear. Those soft grunts getting more and more frequent. His hips jerking upward to meet his own fist. He was imagining a girl on top of him or underneath him. Possibly my mother. Instead of running away or doing anything sensible, I started to giggle.

I don’t know why it made me laugh. Lots of things. Daddy fixing up everything in this house but keeping his twenty-year-old bed. The absurdity of him jacking off. Or how my inexperience had me watching every stroke. My hands flew over my mouth and I sank back into the shadows. Settling on the other side of the fridge where I could hear but couldn’t see.

Small curses floated through the air. “Fuck, fuck, yeah, yeah” he huffed. My body started reacting to the noise. It was only natural for my pussy to clench as an urge took over. Goosebumps bloomed up my arms and down my back.

The squeaks of daddy’s bed got louder and the headboard started to thump, thump, thump against the wall. Some long lost relative had made their children on that bed. Mother and daddy had made me on that bed. How many times had it thumped against a wall like that?

I pulled my T-shirt up and let my hand slide underneath my shorts into my panties. It’s natural. I said it over and over again to myself trying to push away the parts I knew were wrong. Listening to daddy grunt and whimper and moan as he took care of himself. My fingers moving in time with him.

The good feeling took over and soon I was swiping three fingers hard back and forth over my clit, eyes shut tight. I hadn’t paid attention to daddy’s final grunts. The sound of blanket and sheet sliding to the side as he shambled out of bed and walked across the wood floors.

But I heard him when he cleared his throat not a foot away from me. Felt the slap as his hand grab my arm, jerking my hand out of my panties and me away from the wall. “What were you doing?”

“Getting batıkent escort bayan a drink of water, daddy!” I half lied.

“And we get a drink of water with our hand down our panties?”

My whole face burned. He knew what I was doing. How was I supposed to explain myself? How could I lie to get out of it? My idiot brain yelled the first thing it could think of. “I wasn’t!”

Wonderful. My voice was too whiny, even for me.

I swear there was a flash of a smile before daddy grimaced and pulled me upstairs, gently pushing me back into my room and slamming my door.

No water. No orgasm. No nothing.


I’d rolled around in bed, giving up and grabbing my phone. I had shitty service but it was enough to scroll through Instagram and answer a few DMs. Four a.m. rolled around before I fell asleep. I didn’t roll out of bed until eleven. Daddy was already gone.

Fresh blueberry muffins sat on the table. I picked one apart while eyeing a book I’d slipped off the bookshelf. Out of shame, I avoided the spot I got caught near the fridge.

The front door creaked open and daddy came strolling in, Tubs prancing right behind him. He said nothing to me, strolled over to the cabinet and grabbed a blue and green can. Thumping it down on the counter, he grabbed a can opener and started opening it. “We need to talk about it, baby.” His voice was gentle and calm.

I said nothing. Just watched him open the can of tuna and toss it on the floor for the purring feline at his feet.

He looked up at me. I stared down at my book, reading the same line over and over again. “Look at me.”

Reluctantly, I looked up at him. “I sent a perfectly respectable lady up there to that school and you damn sure know I didn’t want to. Those places rot minds. With their partying and drinking and carrying on. I wanted you to go to a private school.”

He wanted to talk about school? After last night, expulsion didn’t seem like a big deal to me anymore.

“An all-girls school,” I groaned.

“And? What is it you need from these college boys who drink their weight in liquor and trip on acid and stick their cocks in anything that moves?”

I dropped my eyes to the table and muttered, “I’m not a baby.”

“You damn sure are mine,” he snapped. “If the reason you’re failing school is that you’re up there being a little whore I will take you over my knee like I used to. That is not an idle threat. You understand me?”

My face was burning up. I was a grown woman. I’d be twenty-one in the fall.

“Understand me?” he said again, stepping closer.

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now one of my field hands, Victor, has a wife who takes care of the big garden out back. Her name is Erin. I want you to help Erin do all the work here while I’m out on the farm, got it?”

“Daddy I’m on vacation.”

He laughed. “No, you were on vacation at school. Now you have the rest of the day to laze around and tomorrow, I want your ass in this chair when that rooster finishes crowing.”

The fat cat kept eating his lunch while daddy pulled leftover rabbit stew from the fridge. I sat there, sulking. Why didn’t he realize I was having such a hard time? I was embarrassed about failing my classes. Embarrassed about being caught in the kitchen. He had more sympathy for an abandoned cat than his own daughter.


Erin was a squat, Mexican woman with long black braids with grey wisps running through them. Her eyes were big and brown. She wore a 4-H t-shirt, knee-length denim shorts, and boots that covered her ankles.

Her laugh was full and genuine. I hated her.

I hated her for that little yellow piece of paper she carried around listing more chores than I’d ever known could belong to one person. Or two people. Since I was now her sidekick.

I knew fresh milk didn’t just appear in my fridge. That the chickens wandering around pecking at bugs and feed didn’t get let out by house elves or fairies. I’d met and befriended lots of women and men who worked around the house. I just never had to do it myself.

Daddy wanted me to focus on my schooling. The kitchen table was always piled with my books and my butt firmly planted in a chair. A tutor often sat there going over lines with me. Now I was facing expulsion and sweating like a pig in the middle of a row of peppers.

“If they’re this beautiful dark green color, go ahead and pick ’em. Now, these yellow ones, they’re alright too, they’ll turn red in the house. Pick ’em! If they’re any lighter, leave ’em.” Erin would bark out orders at me from several rows over when she knew I was slacking.

I filled my basket with peppers while she filled several with tomatoes, okra, onions, and squash. Running circles around me at twice my age.

After milking the cows, picking the vegetables, feeding the animals, and sweeping the first floor of the house. We mopped. Except there was no mop. Erin insisted we get down on our hands and knees and scrub the floors with sponges until they shined.

“This is a beautiful house. These floors need to shine right. I’m so happy your daddy’s feeling up to fixing it all nice again.”

I muttered two words to Erin the whole day and she didn’t mind. She talked enough for the two of us.

Bikini And A Badge Ch. 08


Brittany woke from her nap shortly after noon. Lying on her back, she realized she was alone in her stateroom. Her legs and pussy were covered with dried cum from the earlier tryst with Richard. Slowly rising to a sitting position, she noticed the cum stains on the bedding. Waiting a few moments while her head cleared, she pulled the stained bedding into a pile stuffing them into a hamper.

Peering out into the salon, she discovered it was empty, no sign of anyone, not even Richard. Brittany scurried to the bathroom and jumped in the shower to wash herself off. While she was toweling herself off, Richard entered the bathroom carrying a tall glass of iced tea.

“Thought you might like a cool drink.” He said, handing her the glass.

“I sure could.” She replied, before taking a long sip of the cold refreshment. “Thanks.”

“I take it everyone’s still in town?” She added.

“I guess.” Richard replied. “Hard telling what they’re up to.”

Brittany decided to slip into her bikini and get some sun while she and Richard waited for the rest of the team to return. Lounging on the bridge of the luxurious cruiser, she and Rich discussed plans for the assault operation to recover the two kidnapped coeds.

“We’ll have Trace put us ashore a couple of miles north of Yaguajay.” Brittany stated. “We’ll have to hit the inner coast right at dawn so we can see where we’re going.”

“How long do you think it’ll take us to hike into the area?” Brittany asked.

“Better allow for at least an hour just to be safe.” Richard replied. “Hard telling what the terrain’s going to be like. I’m betting it’s rocky right along the coastline then heavy ground cover after that.”

“I’d like to have everyone in position before anyone wakes up at the hacienda.” Brittany commented. “That way we’re less likely to make a sound that might alert anyone.”

Brittany went down to the stateroom to get the aerial photographs of the Ramos hacienda. Returning to the upper deck, she set them out on the table.

“You and I will get as close to the house as possible and still have plenty of ground cover to conceal our location.” Brittany stated, pointing to one of the photographs. “I’ll have Karen at a location above us with the sniper rifle. She’ll make the first shot but only on my command.”

“How you going to communicate with her?” Richard inquired. “A hand signal?”

“No. I’ve got a headset radio for everyone.” Brittany replied. “All you have to do is key the mike to talk. All the radios are on the same frequency so everyone will hear the conversations, even Trace back at the boat.”

“What about Jake?” Richard asked. “Where’s he gonna be?”

“Jake will have to circle around the hacienda to this lower plateau.” Brittany answered, pointing to a small area just below the hacienda.

“He’ll have two Laws rockets along with his assault rifle, shotgun and pistol.” She added.

“Laws rockets!” Richard exclaimed. “You got Laws rockets!”

“Yep. Eight of them with modified sights for distance shots.” Brittany replied. “I just need to caution him not to use them unless he absolutely has to.”

“What’s he going to knock out with the rockets?” Richard asked.

“This Quonset building.” Brittany answered, pointing to a large building on one of the photographs. “Notice how it sets aways off from the village? It’s got to be for some kind of commercial use, maybe a storage warehouse for drugs.”

“With the other rocket, Jake will need to take out the dock area if there are other boats present.” Brittany added. “If the docks are clear, he won’t have to waste one.”

“Sounds like quite a plan.” Richard said. “How many people do you figure will be at the hacienda?”

“I hope just four.” Britt responded. “Miguel, his wife Jessica and the two girls. But I’m betting there may be a servant or two. We’ll wait till they’re all outside. I don’t want to have to invade the house. That could prove disastrous for the girls.

“What about bodyguards?” Richard mentioned. “There could be one or two of them.”

“Well, if there are, we’ll have to take them out.” Brittany said. “I just don’t want to shoot anyone who’s not armed or posing a threat.”

“How’re we gonna get out?” Richard inquired. “Hike back to the boat? That may be difficult with the two girls.”

“I’ll call Trace to come and get us as soon as we get the docks clear.” Brittany answered. “I don’t want him coming in too soon and taking a chance on getting the boat shot all to hell.”

“We’ll put the two girls below deck along with Karen and Jake.” Brittany added. “That’ll leave you and me to cover our escape.”

“You gotta plan B in case things go wrong?” Richard asked.

“Withdraw the same way we came in.” Brittany answered.

“Pray and keep firing till the ammos gone.” Rich stated.

“That too!” Brittany exclaimed.

“What do we do next?” Richard asked.

“How about we put clean sheets on my bed?” Brittany quipped, grinning.

“Huh!” Oh yeah!” Richard responded. “They were a bahçelievler escort bayan little stained, weren’t they?”

“I’d say more than just a little.” Brittany commented.

After replacing the bedding with fresh sheets, Richard and Brittany returned to the upper deck. It was almost 4:00pm and the rest of the team hadn’t returned from their outing.

“They should have been back by now.” Richard stated.

“Yeah. I know.” Brittany responded. “I can just about imagine what kind of shape they’ll be in.”

Two hours later, the four team members still hadn’t returned to the boat. Brittany’s patience was running out, pacing back and forth on the bridge and smoking one cigarette after another.

“Still planning on leaving as soon as they get back?” Richard inquired, watching Brittany become more and more aggravated.

“No! It’s too damn late now!” She exclaimed. “I don’t want to try and hit the shoreline at Andros after dark. It‘s too chancy.”

Richard and Brittany were watching the sun sitting on the horizon when they heard a commotion on the docks. Richard jumped up and looked over the starboard side of the boat.

“Kids are home!” He exclaimed, jokingly. “And Boy, they look like hell!”

Brittany quickly climbed down the ladder to the rear deck of the boat. Wayne and Trace were both intoxicated to the point where it was difficult to tell which one was helping the other walk. Jake was holding up Karen, trying to get her to move one foot in front of the other. He appeared to be the only one fairly sober.

With Trace and Wayne safely tucked away in their stateroom, Richard and Brittany concentrated on taking care of Karen. She’d consumed enough alcohol to knock herself out. Richard and Jake carried her into the master stateroom. Brittany managed to get her shorts and t-shirt off before covering her with a blanket.

“That must have been some party!” Brittany said to Jake.

“They were trying to out drink each other and I guess we lost track of time.” Jake responded, offering an excuse.

“We’ll stay here for the night and leave in the morning.” Brittany stated. “Why don’t you get some sleep?”

Waking around 4:00am the following morning, Brittany eased off the sleeper sofa trying not to wake up Richard, who was sleeping next to her. Finding her cigarettes in the dark, she lit one up before stepping out onto the rear deck. The cool breeze blowing in off the sea and flashes of lightning in the northwest were definite signs of a passing storm.

The light over the counter in the galley came on suddenly, illuminating Richard as he made a pot of fresh coffee. Waiting for it to brew, he stepped out on the deck to join Brittany.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Brittany asked.

“Nah, I woke up when I sensed you weren’t lying next to me.” Richard answered. “I missed the smell of your hair, the scent of your skin and the warmth of your body.”

“Well, aren’t you quite the romantic?” Brittany quipped as a smile appeared on her face.

“Like I said. I might be old but I’m not dead.” Richard replied with a smile matching Brittany’s.

Brittany and Richard sat at the table on the rear deck sipping the fresh brewed coffee.

“I was surprised you didn’t jump all over everyone last night when they showed up drunk.” Richard stated.

“Maybe it wasn’t so much a drinking contest as it was a quick way to get their minds of the danger they were facing.” Brittany responded. “Maybe we all should have gotten drunk.”

At 7:00am, Brittany entered the McCullough brother’s stateroom. Both men were still asleep, dressed in the clothing they’d worn the previous day. Brittany shook Wayne to get him to wake up.

“Get your ass out of bed and in the shower!” Brittany shouted. “I want you up at the helm in one hour!”

Wayne tried pushing Brittany’s hand away so he could go back to sleep but she wasn’t going to let him. Grabbing his ear, she pulled him up to a sitting position. His screams of pain filled the stateroom, waking up Trace.

“You too asshole!” Brittany shouted. “One hour or I’m throwing your ass overboard!”

After grabbing a quick shower and fixing her hair, Brittany slipped into a bright yellow bikini. Entering the salon, she passed by Wayne and Trace sitting at the bar, drinking coffee.

“Let’s get over to the fuel station so we can top off the tanks.” Brittany commanded. “I’ll drive the powerboat.”

“Hey! Really like that bikini!” Wayne exclaimed.

“Thanks! You’d really like what’s in it!” Brittany smarted off as she kept on walking.

While she and Richard checked the engines on the powerboat before starting them, Wayne eased the luxury cruiser away from its mooring slip. Trace was standing on the back of the boat, intently watching Richard and Brittany.

“Don’t think Trace especially likes me being on the boat with you.” Richard commented.

“I don’t really care what he thinks.” Brittany quickly responded. “He’s probably too hung over to think straight balgat escort anyway.”

After topping off the fuel tanks on both boats, the team was ready to set course for Andros Island. Richard purchased some ice, soft drinks and snacks for the trip. Brittany stood on the dock with Trace, helping cast off the lines to the cruiser.

“120 degrees southeast.” Brittany shouted up to Wayne, standing at the helm.

“I know how to get there.” Wayne retorted, grinning. “Just what do I get when we get to the island?”

“Dinner, if you’re lucky!” Brittany quipped, striking a sexy pose. “It’s too warm for hell to freeze over!”

Brittany fired up the Eliminator’s twin five-hundred horsepower engines, letting them settle into a low rumbling idle. Easing the powerboat away from the dock, she led the cruiser out of the marina. Once out of the harbor, she eased the throttle levers slightly forward. The bow of the catamaran lifted a few degrees before planing out. The roar of the powerful engines grew louder the more Britt eased the throttles forward. Watching the speedometer approaching seventy-five miles per hour with more throttle left only encouraged her to push the boat to its limits.

Richard was sitting in the passenger seat, his hands firmly gripping the safety bar on the dash. Firmly planting her butt in the driver’s seat, Brittany shoved both throttle levers all the way forward. As the boat skimmed across the surface of the water, she gripped the wheel tight with both hands. The thundering roar of the engines was deafening as the speedometer hit one-hundred miles per hour. Glancing in the dash’s rearview mirror, Brittany was unable to see the top of the rooster tails as the stainless steel props churned the water.

Brittany gradually eased the throttle levers back till the boat was cruising along at forty miles per hour. It felt like the boat was drifting along compared to its previous speed.

“WOOO! That was incredible!” Richard exclaimed. “Like riding a rocket!”

“I asked Wayne to reverse the props to inboard rotation so we’d have more top end speed.” Brittany stated. “With the team and equipment onboard, we’ll need all the speed we can get.”

A few minutes after 11:00am, Brittany eased the Eliminator powerboat into a quiet and deserted cove along the southern shoreline of the Andros Island. Shutting down the engines, the rumbling sounds were instantly replaced by the sound of warm breezes blowing through the trees and the occasional cawing of tropical birds.

“How about some lunch?” Richard suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Brittany responded. “It’ll be awhile before the others get here.”

“A short while or a long while?” Richard quipped.

“Time enough to eat.” Brittany replied, grinning. “And time enough to do whatever else we want to indulge in.”

Richard prepared the sandwiches and the snacks while Brittany poured the soft drinks. Sitting on the bench seat at the rear of the boat, the couple enjoyed the peace and quiet as well as each other’s company. After finishing their lunch, Brittany and Richard dove into the water to cool off.

Splashing about in the water, Brittany and Richard forgot about the dangers they’d soon be facing. Brittany warmly welcomed Richards’s amorous gestures as they clung to each other in the cool waters. Their kisses were warm and tender, slowly becoming more passionate.

Climbing back aboard the powerboat, Brittany stretched out on her tummy on the front deck. Richard stretched out beside Brittany, his hand gently massaging her back. Untying the top of her bikini, he leaned down, placing soft kisses along the back of her neck.

“Want me to stop?” He whispered, brushing the straps at the top of her bikini aside.

“Never.” Brittany mumbled.

Richard continued placing warm kisses over Brittany shoulders, slowly working his way down her back. Brittany raised up slightly, allowing Richard’s hand to reach beneath her to cup and massage her breasts. His fingers tweaked her nipples, teasing them till they hardened. A low moan, barely audible, escaped Brittany’s clenched lips.

Richard’s nimble fingers untied the knots securing the bottom of Brittany’s bikini. Slipping his hand beneath the material, his fingers eased their way over her firm butt towards the moist lips of her pussy. Spreading her legs apart, his kisses trailed over her firm butt down to Brittany’s pussy. Unwilling to control her desires, Brittany’s ass lifted from the beach towel. Richard positioned himself behind her, lightly running his tongue up and down the hot slit of her wanton pussy.

Brittany was unconsciously licking her lips as Richard worked her pussy, bringing her close to orgasm. His tongue slid between the folds of her pussy, licking the entrance to her pussy. Brittany’s ass slowly ground against his face, savoring the stimulating pleasures. Stroking her pussy with his fingers, Richard worked Brittany’s clit till she came. Her ass was humping wildly against his hand, not wanting him to stop stroking batıkent escort bayan her.

Resting on her knees and elbows, Brittany’s breathing was coming in quick gasps. Richard quickly slipped out of his swim trunks and knelt behind Brittany. Gripping her hips firmly in his strong hands, he gently worked his hard cock inside her pussy. Lubricated by her cum, his cock easily penetrated Brittany, bringing a loud moan of pleasure of her lips.

Feeling his cock firmly in the grasp of Brittany’s pussy, he felt the pleasure beginning to build in his own body. Slowly fucking her, he felt his balls heating up the thick cum inside him. Gradually increasing his tempo, Richard fucked her harder and faster. His hands kept their tight grip on Brittany’s hips as he fucked her. Brittany’s orgasm was coming quick and strong. The harder Richard fucked her, the faster the orgasm developed. Exploding insider her, its intensity crested, taking her to new heights in sexual pleasure. Brittany screamed out Richard’s name as she felt her body captured by the powerful orgasm.

Richard kept pumping his hard cock into Brittany, forcing his pelvis hard against her ass. Cumming inside Brittany, his cock spewed its hot, thick fluid. A loud groan emanated from his throat when he forced his cock deep into Brittany as the last of his cum shot into her pussy. Easing back, Richard’s cock slipped from her pussy. The last few drops of cum trickled from Brittany’s pussy onto the beach towel. The couple stayed motionless for several moments trying to catch their breath. Richard and Brittany stretched out next to each other on the cum-soaked beach towel.

Later that afternoon, Brittany and Richard spotted the cruiser approaching from the northwest. Coming to an idle a short distance from the shoreline, the cruiser drifted alongside the powerboat. Richard and Brittany secured the boat to the shore.

“Where’s Trace and Karen?” Brittany asked, noticing they weren’t on the bridge with Wayne and Jake.

“There down in the stateroom, taking a nap.” Wayne responded, grinning. “At least, I think that’s what they’re doing.”

Brittany entered the stateroom, finding the two asleep in each other’s arms. Both were completely naked. Karen’s legs and pussy were covered in dried cum. Brittany shook them both till they woke up.

“Hurry up and get showered.” Brittany commanded. “We need to go over the plans for the rescue mission.”

Once the team members were gathered in the salon, Brittany reviewed her plans for rescuing the two college coeds from the Ramos hacienda. Spreading the photographs out on the table, she made sure everyone knew their job and where they’d be positioned during the mission.

“Under no circumstances should anyone take any unnecessary chances that might endanger the lives of the team or the lives of these two girls.” Brittany emphatically stated. “And, don’t shoot anyone who’s not armed or posing a threat.”

“Don’t kill just for the sake of killing!” She exclaimed, looking intently at Karen.

“What if we get intercepted by a patrol boat?” Jake inquired. “Do we fire or not?”

“NO! Don’t fire even if they fire on us.” Brittany quickly responded. “I don’t want to start some kind of international incident.”

“You’re gonna just let them shoot us out of the water?” Jake retorted.

“No. Just don’t shoot back unless you absolutely have to.” Brittany replied. “I’d rather try and outrun them. They’re patrol boats are slow and heavy. I’d rather try and outrun their guns.”

Jake wasn’t happy with Brittany’s decision but he wasn’t about to go against direct orders. During his last stint in Vietnam, he’d disobeyed orders and it resulted in several injuries. He didn’t want that to happen again, almost thirty years later.

“Let’s get the boats into position.” Brittany ordered. “I want to hit the inner coast around 5:00, as close to sunrise as possible.”

With Wayne at the helm of the cruiser and Trace driving the powerboat, they moved the boats to within fifty miles of the Cuban coastline. Securing the Eliminator to the cruiser, Trace made one last check of the boat.

“Everything ok?” Brittany asked, when Trace boarded the cruiser.

“With the boat, yeah.” He grumbled, stepping into the salon.

Jake and Richard were in the stateroom, trying to get some sleep before the early morning assault. Karen was stretched out across the bed in the master stateroom, catching a nap.

“You want something to drink?” Wayne asked from the galley. “Got some coffee left.”

“Yeah, coffee’s fine.” Brittany replied. “It won’t keep me awake but I doubt if I’ll sleep anyway.”

Brittany sat on the couch in the salon. Trace came over and sat down next to her, putting his arm around her. Brittany started to make a remark but decided to remain silent.

“No sense on taking a chance on starting an argument.” She thought.

Waking up around 2:00am, Brittany cleared her eyes before getting up from the couch. Trace still had his arm around her, holding her close. She shook him gently to wake him.

“Better get everyone up.” She muttered. “We’ll need to leave in an hour or so.”

Brittany woke up Karen before grabbing a quick shower. Trace woke up Jake and Richard, informing them of the time. Wayne was bustling around in the galley, trying to hide his nervousness.

Katherine’s Dream

Big Dicks

Lying in the golden sun, Katherine listened to the crashing waves with her eyes closed, blocking out the irritating chatter of fellow holiday makers; humans. She twirled her lapis lazuli necklace with an absent mind as her thoughts shifted from her present, if a little mundane, vacation. No drama. No dicks. No fun. Just serenity; the peace and quiet she had longed for.

Yet, Katherine’s subconscious took her straight back to the chaos she had been running from. She found herself looking in a full length oval mirror to see a slender girl clad in a deep violet skin tight cat suit that shoved her cleavage outwards. Katherine’s dark glimmering hair that gave her the essence of an exotic beauty was scraped back from her angelic smirking face , into a high sporty ponytail. One hand was clutching wiry cobalt stick. Oh meow! She chuckled to herself in pure amusement and arousal.

Katherine backed away from the mirror and turned around to see exactly who her victims were. Her jaw dropped slightly in surprise but she composed herself quickly, sniggering behind her palm.” How apt I get to finally show the men who never returned my affection that I’m the boss!” she mused wryly.

Eric blinked several times, enquiring sheepishly, “Katherine?” He was tied to a black steel chair with blue ribbon around his sculpted chest and his hands were secured in front of him. Naked. Smooth. Sexy.

“Hello,” Katherine simpered, casting her second victim an even more smug look. Chris was in the same subdued condition as Eric, except he wore a more irritated expression. She paced in front of the two men, shaking her head and laughing. Revenge. All she could have dreamed for. “Well, I must say we’re going to have so much fun together.” At least in her head, Katherine could be in full control. In this fantasy, there was no way her two ex’s would overpower her!

“Katherine!” Eric gritted his teeth and struggled against his luxurious, bold bonds. In response, Katherine landed the stick on his bare crotch sharply, causing him to shudder in a mix of pain and arousal.

“Yes?” she batted her lashes sweetly. “Please, call me Miss Katherine.” Walking towards Eric, Katherine lowered herself onto his lap and stroked his face, cooing. “Why couldn’t you have loved me?” She shot Chris a dark look and prodded his bare chest, frowning. bahçelievler escort “You used to be more athletic,” mocking, scolding, teasing, “what happened? I don’t think I can have much fun with this version of you at all!”

A low purr escaped from Katherine’s lips when she felt Eric’s prick rise to attention. Lowering her lips to his neck, she sucked delicately, nipping a little. “Good little boy! Now,” her dark eyes flashed with amusement as she focused her attention back on Chris. “Let’s see if I can make you behave.”

Shifting from Eric’s warm and moist lap, Katherine moved to drape herself over the back of the other chair so that her mouth rested over a firm nipple and her hair swished in Chris’ face. Again, Katherine let her tongue do the work and her teeth leave a few droplets of red.

“Rise for me,” she breathed in Chris’ attentive ear, letting her cane tap repetitively on his slowly growing bulge. Once it reached full height, she broke away from the groaning Chris, smiling to herself. What more games to play?

After a few minutes of thought, Katherine addressed the two men again and beamed when they both twisted their necks to look directly at her with lust. “I will untie only one and let the lucky guy sample,” she pointed at the crotch of her suit that would surely unzip, “here. The loser will go in that small cage across the room.” The cage was a squat square and wounded into thick iron bars; it was a prison for even a dog.

“Yes, Miss Katherine.” Eager, desperate. The reactions she had yearned for all this time. Too little too late…

“I’m thinking of a body part. Tell me what it is.” She cocked a brow, already deciding who she wanted to go down on her.

“Your little pussy cat, Miss Katherine” Chris winked.

“Our big hungry dicks, Miss Katherine” Eric wondered in a hushed, strained tone, indicating his deep desire for her intimate touch.

Katherine strutted in front of the boys in dark high stilettos that matched her outfit; she made sure her hip movements were fluid and slow so that they would study the way the leather dimpled under her cute little butt. She pulled a pair of scissors from her cleavage and cut the ribbon around Chris before ordering in a sultry tone, “cage. Now. You hound dog!”

Katherine balgat escort was glad that dream-Chris was very compliant, almost docile. She winked at Eric, cutting him free and helping him upwards before she let one finger rest on her crotch to pull the zipper down.

Eric gasped at the sight of Katherine’s cunt peeking out from the tight folds of her outfit. She beckoned for him to kneel down and embrace her throbbing clit. Shuddering with pleasure, her walls growing more soaked as Eric’s tongue action grew more intense, Katherine managed to cry out, “I want to hear masturbation going in that cage. If Chris is good, he’ll be allowed to crawl around my back area!”

To her satisfaction, within minutes she heard grunting and panting coming from Chris.


Katherine pushed Eric from her and to the hardwood floor. “Now does good little boy want a reward?” Eric nodded quickly, leaking from his erection at the thought of the angelic dominatrix going down on him. Katherine straddled the quivering man, crushing her smiling lips to his parted ones. Delicious. She felt Eric slide inside her and thrust in a rocking motion.

“Just how I remember! OH!” Her hands wrapped around his faintly pulsing neck in a possessive manner. “Mine! All mine!”

The heaving couple kept on going until Eric collapsed with exhaustion. Katherine stood up from his sweating body and blew him down a kiss. She then proceeded to loiter in front of the sordid prison, sitting on her damp haunches to eye the jerking, grunting man inside. “This leather needs to come off soon. It’s sticking to my skin!”

Chris stopped tugging on his erupting prick as soon as Katherine rested in front of the cage with a curious look playing on her soft features. “My reward? Miss Katherine?”

“You really don’t deserve to even touch me.” Katherine felt for the zip at the back of the restricting, sweltering cat suit and tugged it downwards, pulling her arm free from one sleeve, and then the other. She slid the leather down her dusky skin to expose her swung breast and then continued pulling ever so slowly at the material until it reached her ankles. The she shrugged her heeled feet out and voila; she turned around to let her dripping cum be viewed by Eric, who still lay on the floor incapacitated. batıkent escort

Raising her pert lithe butt to the bars, Katherine got on her hands and knees, shivering with anticipation. “But, my fantasy, my desires. You can enter me now. IF you can fit through the bars.”

Would he? Katherine heard shuffling behind her and strained guttural sounds. In a matter of moments, a piercing sensation rippled through her anus. He was way quicker than she expected! Expert,even. She purred in delight, giddy, as the solid prick shoved it’s way inside and slipped out. In and out. Faster and faster. The moans of pleasure couldn’t be contained by Katherine any longer.

Eric crawled across the floor, hands outstretched to grope her rising and falling chest. Now it was his turn to press his lips to the nape of her neck, to her wet lips. Wrapping his legs around either side of Katherine’s delicately curved body, Eric worked his way inside her and let himself gently caress her clit. Like she needed any more rough thrusting!

“I’ve lost control!” Katherine screamed wildly for a second before being consumed by Eric’s passionate kiss. “Who’s the boss now!? I’m being fucked over again!! OH!” It was hard trying to focus when she was being harshly plundered by the roguish prick! “I want to wake up but you won’t let me. This is too good!”

Eventually, Eric collapsed onto Katherine, embracing her with his manly arms this time. Chris pulled himself from her, but managed to slip a finger and thumb through the bars to rub the back of her neck.

“I love you, Miss Katherine,” they both uttered at the same time, causing Katherine’s heart to swell and tears to form in her eyes. It was what she had wanted to hear for a very long time. Maybe we can reconcile in real life? They must love me, somehow. Please come back to me. Both of you. I…I…

Katherine woke up with a start, cursing under her breath. The dream had been good; stunning, fantastical, intoxicating. Until unresolved feelings had crept back in and ebbed the power from her inch by inch, thrust by thrust.

I love Eric, she reasoned calmly, “but he hates me so I have to move on. Be strong. I also… she cringed about her inner, dark feelings, no. I don’t love HIM anymore. I did, and that part of me clearly wanted to invade my erotic fantasies. I HATE Chris and I am trying to hate Eric. YES! I hate them both. Damn fuckers ruining my own fantasy.

Rising from the pale blue sun lounger, Katherine stalked off in irritation, making her way up the crowded beach trying to ignore the wet patch that had formed in the crotch of her black bikini bottoms.

Daddy’s Cum Dumpster Pt. 01


Today was the day. I was finally getting to meet my Daddy. He was everything I needed. It would be our first in person meeting. I got dressed quickly and checked myself in the mirror.

I am 5’3. 250 pounds, glasses, and a rack of the biggest tits EVER. Daddy (based on his pictures) is tall, dark, handsome, and has a smile that makes you quiver. I was so ready to kiss him.

Half an hour later I was in the airport. I was a nervous fucking wreck. I kept looking at my phone. No text. As I looked up from my phone standing in front of me was my Daddy. My heart jumped out of my chest and was laying on the floor (at least that is what it sure felt like).

Smiling at me (oh fuck it’s even more sexier in person) he leans down and plants a firm chaste kiss to my lips. I was done for. Every single nerve ending in my body was aware of the fire burning within.

“So little one are you ready to start our adventure?”

I gulped. Fuck. Was I ready? Was I truly face to face with the man I couldn’t go a day without thinking of? I swallowed hard and smiled shyly, “Yes Sir, Daddy Sir”

Fuck that was stupid I thought to myself as my face grew bright red. I looked down.

Placing a finger under my chin he lifted my face escort bahçelievler to meet his gaze. (Goddamn that gaze was delicious)

“Babygirl, Daddy is hungry,” leaning into my ear he whispered,” and not for food either.”

Oh God here we go. My mind was swirling and twirling. I was about to be tasted by my Daddy. He took my hand and walked me to the restroom. Right there in the airport.

“Oh my God! Here Daddy?!” I was embarrassed but excited none the less.

Smiling mischievously at me, he nods his head yes. Pulling me inside and locking the stall door, he pushed me up the wall kissing me. He really was hungry!

Sliding my panties to the side under my mini skirt, he plunged a finger knuckle deep inside my sopping wet cunt. I moaned into his mouth. Oh God I was going to explode. Right here. Right now. His pace quickened as he placed his thumb to my clit. I cried out.

“Daddy im going to cum. Daddyyy I’m cumming!”

Just like that he stopped midway through my orgasm.

“Did Daddy say you could cum little one?”

I was embarrassed. I was about to fall to pieces in his hand, literally. I shook my head no.

“Babygirl, speak out loud.”

“No.” escort balgat

“No what?”

“No Daddy”

“I think Babygirl needs to be taught a lesson”.

I was afraid but goddamn it I wanted it. I needed it. I FUCKING craved it. He ripped my panties off bending down, he picked my hips up like I was lighter than a feather, and buried his face into my cunt. I shuddered and came.

“Fuck! Sorry Daddy! Sorry” I knew I was going to be punished, but Daddy didn’t stop. He kept lapping my nectar up and growling low in his throat. I came over and over.

Finally he pulled his face back, as we were greeted by a loud knock on the door. I blushed. He looked hungrier.

“Little one we will finish later,” he Winked at me “Daddy promise’s.”

My heart was flying. My hands were growing sweaty. But most of all my now sopping wet pussy juices were freely flowing. I craved his every touch. He was going to be the reason I would die happy.

******Hours later*******

We made it to my apartment around 5pm. I was nervous. All over again. We were greeted by my kitty cat Peenelerpee. She wasn’t very excited about the fact I wasn’t alone. Shes a twat at times. But what cat isn’t. I escort batıkent went to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. Looking at Daddy I offered him a beer. He took it without hesitation. I gawked as he opened it and drank deeply. Fuck just hours ago he drank me like that. I shivered.

Daddy must have read my mind. He walked over to me and kissed me deep. He tasted of the yaks piss (cheap beer). I quivered.

“Daddy wants to taste babygirl again.”

“That would be great, but Daddy may I be so bold as to say I want to taste you instead?” I blushed bright crimson. My heart was thundering out of my chest. I couldn’t wait to taste him. I was begging with my eyes.

“I think you may.” He unbuttoned his pants letting them fall with a thud to the ground.

He was fucking huge. I wanted him so terribly bad.

I reached out my hand towards his hard cock. I could feel my pussy juices seeping out. Just by the sight in front of me! Slowly flicking my tongue out, I licked the tip. It was as if the very taste was a drug! I started bobbing my head up and down gagging on Daddy’s cock. He moaned running his fingers through my hair pulling himself deeper into my mouth.

“Slow down Babygirl. You’re going to make Daddy cum!”

I didn’t slow down. I got faster. I was on edge myself. I felt Daddy’s cock swell just before he came inside my mouth. Smiling up at Daddy I opened my mouth showing him his cum, swished it around and swallowed.

“You taste better than anything I have ever tasted before!”

Daddy Was Waiting


This is my story – of how I became a real Daddy’s girl.

I live alone with my father and mother in a quiet suburb of central Italy, I’m 19 years old, I’m a curvy female, I have pink pouty lips, perky DD breasts and long red hair. I’m what you would consider “petite”.

One evening, after being thoroughly fucked by my family’s barber and having lost track of time – I arrived home at a few minutes shy of 3 AM, Believing that my father was asleep, as his shifts had changed to the wee hours of the morning. I tried my best to sneak in but the door to the house has the nasty habit of jamming the key inside the lock creating loud metallic noises that ring through the bottom floor.

As I entered I heard what sounded to be a glass being placed back on a table – It was my Daddy, he had remained awake…and I would soon find out why.

He leapt out of his seat, grabbed me by the hair and, despite my protests, without uttering one word he threw me over the arm of the leather couch in our sitting room. In one swift movement he ripped my dimpy skirt and panties off and to my surprise I hear a loud slap and feel my ass burning.

“Daddy, no! Please stop! Why are you doing this!? I’m sorry, I won’t ever stay out this late again!” I pleaded, sobbing through words.

“I’m doing this to you to teach you that you are MY girl. And no girl of mine is going to dress like a slut and come home 3 hours past their curfew!” – he spits, almost in disgust.

I drop my head in surrender and accept the spanking, sobbing like a child… Slap…Slap…Slap… I look back, wondering why my Daddy has interrupted the spanks… I see a look in his eye, one I have never seen before.

He moves closer to me, I can feel his heat on my back, almost to himself. Next I feel warm finger-tips, slithering their way down my back…down to my ass… he whispers something inaudible, but the tone insinuates something sinister. I feel them guide expertly between my ass cheeks… and continue until he reaches my puffy pink cunt lips.

I gasp, realizing what is happening “Daddy, no! Please, you can’t do this! It’s wrong! I promise I’ll be a good girl!” I pant.

My mind is screaming – saying this is wrong, that escort bahçelievler I should fight back with everything left in me but my body betrays me and pushes back towards his touch. I feel him grinning, his eye burning into me.

“well, well… It seems my thoughts of you are correct… look how wet you are for Daddy…you ARE just a little slut…But you’re going to be Daddy’s little slut…Isn’t that right?” he whispers hoarsely, quietly, almost to himself.

I drop my head in shame, feeling the first tears sting my eyes and wet my cheeks. He proceeds to slowly insert a finger, curling it – hitting my sweet spot. I can’t help but groan, his touch is like fire. He continues to finger-fuck my poor little cunt savagely, adding another finger then two. He presses his lips against my ear, telling me how wet I am and how hard he’s going to fuck me – I cum almost immediately, causing my legs to give way. He props me up against the side of the couch, he unzips his pants and frees his monster cock, I gasp, astounded by the width of my Daddy’s fuck meat.

“Suck your Daddy’s cock, slut!” he says.

I hesitate a little.. he grabs me by the back of the head and plunges his rock hard cock down my throat savagely fucking my face.

“Open wide, slut! If I feel teeth it’s not just your pussy that is going to get fucked tonight!” he spits.

I groan and nod my compliance, which only makes him fuck my throat that much harder, grunting his pleasure like an animal every time he thrusts down my throat. I’m covered with my own spit and tears – yet my cunt only gets wetter and wetter. Suddenly he pulls his cock from my throat and lifts me up with his hands under my armpits.

“Take your shirt and bra off… I wanna see my tits.” He demands.

I look down and start unbuttoning my shirt, he pulls me by the back of head, my hair entwined between his fingers.

“What was that, slut? I didn’t hear “Yes Daddy” coming from your whorish lips” – he sneers.

I nod and sniffle “Yes, Daddy…” I Whisper meekly.

I finish unbuttoning my shirt and removing my bra… I stand sheepishly in the centre of the room, with only a rag hanging from one hip, escort balgat a reminder of the cotton panties that used to be there.

“Good girl…” He coos, circling me, gazing and taking in every detail on my body – his prize.

I shiver, my body hung in suspense and shame, wondering what is going to happen next. His fingers trail down from my hair, down my neck and pause at my breast where I feel a cool moist pair of lips clamp around my nipple then a hand covers my lips, stifling my surprised cry.

“Shhh…babygirl… We wouldn’t want mommy to come in and see us like this, would we?” He whispers.

I nod and he pinches my nipple , making my jaw clench and my toes curl. He moves to the other breast and pinches, replacing his fingers with his warm, wet lips on the other breast while continuing to kneed the other. I moan softly, rolling my head back – finally giving in to these taboo sensations . He takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen and bends me over the counter, the cool touch of the marble surface sends chills down my spine.

I groan and pant, my mind and body anticipating what is going to happen next. He grasps a handful of hair and pulls back, exposing my neck and ear –

“Daddy is going to fuck his little girl now… Would you like that?” he whispers huskily.

“Yes, Daddy. Please…”

I hesitate finishing my quiet response, the barriers in my mind still resisting this assault. He presses his hips hard against my ass and I gasp.

“What was that, slut? “Please” what, slut?”

He presses even harder against me, I can feel his cock rub against the soft, pink folds of my cunt.

“Please Daddy… Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard! Make me your slut, PLEASE DADDY!” I speak the words shamelessly.

I feel his lips curl into a satisfied grin and Without warning or hesitation, he plunges his cock deep inside of me, filling me to the breaking point. My cunt clamps down hard, accepting the sudden and brutal force of my Daddy’s lust, I can feel every bulge and vein.

He doesn’t permit my cunt time to adjust before savagely fucking me, slamming me down hard on the table top, the sounds of our flesh beating against escort batıkent each other, the wet sloppy sounds of my pussy lips being forced out and in with every stroke of his monstrous cock – finally pushing me over the edge.

He pulls my hair back once more and bites down hard on my neck, challenging me to cry out. I bite down hard on my bottom lip, the pain made numb by the pleasure of my Daddy’s cock, pounding inside me.

“oh God, baby… your sweet little cunt feels so good around Daddy’s cock…” He grunts, continuing to pound me with everything he’s got.

“oh Daddy, please don’t stop! Please! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck your little slut” I pant with a sense of urgency.

Hearing these words elicit louder grunts and harder thrusts from Daddy, his lust fired up the max. I can’t hold back anymore and my body explodes with sensations, I clamp my own hand over my mouth, preventing me from becoming too loud and alerting my mother to the incestuous happenings going on under her nose. My pussy clamps down hard on Daddy’s cock, squeezing him, milking him for all he’s worth. That pushes him over the edge,

“Ugh, I’m gonna cum baby! Do you want Daddy’s cum inside of you?” he grunts in my ear.

“Yes, Daddy! Please fill my cunt, ugh, I need it!” I beg.

He grabs my hips with both hands and buries himself ball-deep inside of me and I feel it. I feel his hot, juicy cum hit my cervix and it sends me over the edge once more, sending my body into another fit of ecstasy, my hand clamping down hard on my mouth. He slumps down, half lying on my back, I can feel is cock soften inside of me and our wetness, slick, running down my thighs. We’re both breathing hard, panting, Our skins slippery with beads of sweat.

After a few moments he stands up, turning me around with his hands on my hips and places a soft kiss on my lips, tucking away loose strands of hair behind my ear.

“You should be heading to bed, baby girl… You will need the rest for what I plan on teaching you tomorrow, when your mother is out with her Friends. You are Mine, now. Do you understand, My little slut?” I look up at him, with half closed eyes and I slowly nod.

“Yes, Daddy…”

I can barely stand now, my knees quivering with the assault. I slowly walk back to the living room and collect my clothes before heading up the stairs- lying in my bed, I feel content and warm, even though my mind is still trying to work out what is happening and above all… What will happen tomorrow?

Rachel and Melissa Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Just the Right Fit

“But if you’re thinkin’ about my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.”

I was washing the dishes and singing along with Michael Jackson when my cell phone rang. Dropping my favorite rainbow mug back into the soapy warm water, I dried my hands on a paper towel and jogged into my living room to turn off my ipod speaker dock. Based on the chorus of Bad Romance blaring from my cell phone, I knew it was Melissa, one of my closest and dearest friends.

I turned on my Bluetooth head set and chirped,” Hey Missy!”

“What up Rachel?” Melissa said in a rap gangster voice.

“I’m good, Mrs. Slim Shady,” I said, giggling, walking back to the sink.

“What’s my favorite Coca Puff up too?” Rachel asked in her normal voice.

“Not much, just doing some dishes, listening to MJ, may he rest in peace.”

“Nice, which song?”

“Black or White.”

That’s funny. Mr. Jackson was spot on with that song, though. Race is moot point.”

“Here, here.” I poked my sponge in a cereal bowl.

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“Nothing special, I got plans to catch up on some House reruns, why?”

“Good, wanna go shopping with me? I need to pick something for Michelle and Kathy’s wedding.” Michelle and Kathy were friends of ours and like us, also batted for team Lesbian.

“Oh snap, that is coming up soon.” I put my last plate in the drying rack. “I should get something too. Okay, I’ll go with you.”

“Yay, this is going to be so much fun!”

“You are the most feminine Femme I’ve ever met.”

“Look who’s talking, Miss I Get My Hair and Nails Done Every Week.”

“All right, you got me there. Can I help it if I want to keep myself looking good for the ladies?”

“You’re already beautiful, Rachel”, Melissa said in a serious, heartfelt tone. “You don’t need to do all that stuff.”

“Thank you,” I said with a bashful smile on my face.

“I really mean it, you know?”

The line was quiet on both ends for a solid minute or more. It was a nice, comfortable silence. I wonder what made Melissa compliment me out of the blue like that. Was she into me? God I hoped so.

I broke the silence saying, “Around what time do you want to get to the mall?”

“Let’s get down there early, before all the tweens and teeny boppers show up.”

“Perfect, do you need me to pick you up?”

“Yeah, stupid car won’t be ready until next Monday or Tuesday.”

“I’ll be there at 9; we can pick up some breakfast too.”

“Sweet, can we go to Denny’s?”

“Sure, little lassie,” I said in my best Irish accent.

“That’s not bad all, you’re accent’s gotten so much better.”

“It’s a sign of me spending too much time with you.”

I could never spend too much time you, ever, I wanted to say.

“So tomorrow at 9?”

“Yes, I’ll see you then.”

“Bye, Rachel.”

“Bye, Melissa.”

I turned off the Bluetooth with a sigh. Knowing Melissa and her shopping habits, we were bound to be at the mall all day. I wasn’t sighing about the all day shopping spree; it was the fact of spending the entire day with her.

Melissa Murphy was fine as hell. She was 5′ 6” with these intense green eyes and her hair cascaded down to her waist like a thick red waterfall. Her body was toned and athletic from years of swimming and running.

Apart from being insanely gorgeous, she was so warm hearted and welcoming. She was the friend that would listen to me rant and rave about my horrible corporate job or my latest romantic disaster for hours with occasional “Uh huhs” beşevler escort and, “That’s right” sprinkled in. She remembered all of my likes, dislikes, even allergies. The woman could recall anything I had ever told her and I never had to return a Christmas gift from her.

We became instant friends our sophomore year in college when me meet in Women and Gender Studies class. She introduced herself, gave me a perfect, dazzling smile and shook my hand. I was hooked from then on. Running into each other at the campus GLBT organization gave us another chance to bond even more. We shared coming out stories, our first female celebrity crushes. (Mine being Halle Berry while was she into Kate Winslet.)

Despite having a crush on her size of Australia, I never told her how I felt. She would date these chicks that looked like Barbie dolls, and none of them would ever be on the cover of Ebony Magazine. I wasn’t her type. As the years went on, my crush evolved into a full blown case of unrequited love. I got protective of her and was jealous of the women in her life who got to run their hands through her silky, honey scented hair, kiss her slightly pouty pink lips.

I’d have numerous dreams where I would tell her how really I felt about her, she admitted feeling the same way and we would end up yanking off each other’s clothing, kissing and touching every inch of bare skin that we could. I would find myself licking and tasting her, lapping up her sweet pussy juices like a thirsty dog on a scorching summer day. I would wake up from these dreams with my sheets drenched in my sweat and other secretions, praying that I would get over the desire and lust, and just freakin’ move on all ready. I never did.

“How about this one for you, Melissa?” I said the next day at Macy’s, holding up a blue and white dress.

“No, too Shirley Temple.”

Just as I had predicted, we were now in hour 5 of the wedding dress hunt. We had been in nearly every clothing store in the mall with no luck for either of us. Everything was either to plain or too showy, too sparkly, too hoochie mama. We hoped Macy’s would have something for both us.

Melissa and I thumbed through the rack of specialty dresses, laughing at the truly hideous ones, ogling at the pretty ones and grabbing the ones that seemed suitable for us. After gathering up a handful of choices, we made our way to the dressing rooms. In the white stalls, we put on our selections and modeled for each other, stepping in and out the dressing rooms as we went through our options. The last dress I tried on was a lovely turquoise color. It was sleeveless, knee length and had an ivory ribbon around the waist with a white blossom in its front. I saw my reflection in the mirror and muttered to myself, “This is the dress! It’s perfect!”

“Hey, Rach,” Melissa called out in the room next to mine,” I need some help in here!”

“Okay, Mel, I’m coming.”

I stepped out my room, gave Melissa’s door a knock and she opened it. I was amazed by what I saw. My mouth was open like a love struck fool. Melissa was clad in a hunter green dress that brought the green in her eyes. It fit every curve of her body like it was made for her. It reached just above her knees and was held up with spaghetti straps.

“Wow,” I muttered, “you look incredible.”

“You look… stunning, Rachel.” Melissa squeaked out, a gaze of wonder in her eyes. “I um need you… to zip my dress.”

“Sure…” I said, clearing my throat. Could it be, she found me as hot as I found her?

She turned her back to me; I reached out and pulled up the zipper. balgat escort It went up with ease.

“It’s just the right fit.” I said. She turned around again, facing me. I inspected the dress with a careful eye, smoothing out creases and picking out stray lint. She straightened out my flower and moved a strap back over my shoulder. I moved us closer to the mirror and took a look at our reflections. I loved seeing the contrast between us, my smooth chocolate brown complexion against her snowy white skin. She had these adorable freckles on her nose, I could count them; I was standing so close to her.

We stood there for I don’t how long, just soaking each other in. I finally got some nerve, grabbed the back of her head, pulled her towards me and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. I pulled away immediately, waiting to see what she would do. Without missing a beat, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me with just a touch more pressure than I had used on her. Her lips felt like satin pillows, so smooth and glossy and the taste of her raspberry lip balm added to the pleasure. I wrapped my arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. She gave me a light push against the wall. She tore away from my lips and began to kiss and suck on my neck. I could hardly stand; her lips on my neck and her hands on my breasts were making me weaker by the second.

“Good God, Melissa,” I whispered in her ear, “I think we should go, soon……”

“Wow,” Melissa remarked, “look at the mirror, it’s all steamed up.”

“I blame it on you,” I said with a smirk.

“No, that’s all you, Miss Hot Coca.” Melissa smiled, sliding a hand up my dress.

“Hey,” a sales woman called, knocking on the door, “are you done in there yet?”

“Just a second,” I replied.

“We really need to get going,” I said to Melissa.”This is your dress, by the way.”

“I like it too. Turquoise is so your color.”

I pecked her on the lips and went back to my dressing room, changing back into my regular clothes as fast I could.

After we had dressed and put away the rejects, waiting in line was pure agony. It seemed like an eternity before it was my turn in line. I just swiped my credit card; everything the cashier was saying was going to one ear and out the other. All was I focused on the beautiful red head behind me. After Melissa cashed out, I grabbed her hand and speed walked her through the mall, when we reached the parking lot, the walk became a jog. When I saw my car, I began to full out sprint.

“Whoa there, Rach!” Melissa panted.

“The sooner we get out of here, the better.” I unlocked my trunk, tossed our bags in and slammed it shut.

“We’re going to finish what we started, no doubt about it,” Melissa agreed.

“Hop in then,” I unlocked the passenger side.

“No need to tell me twice.” Melissa quipped as she hopped in the car and I scampered over the driver’s side.


When we reached my apartment and the front door was shut, all self restraint was left behind. We were all over each other kissing, trying to undo buttons and zippers all at the same time. We made it to my bed in just our bras and panties. Melissa took the lead, pushing me back on the bed.

“This should have happened sooner” Melissa gasped, freeing my breasts from my bra.

“What?” I said in shock.

“Yeah, I’ve wanted you for years.” Melissa kneaded my left breast. I let out a low, long sigh. She replaced her hand with her mouth and the sigh morphed into a moan.

“You like?” Melissa purred, switching her attention to my right breast.

“So much.” batıkent escort

She unclasped her bra, tossed it aside and pulled me into another kiss. Her gentle but nimble fingers traveled lower. She caressed my stomach and hips, then retraced the path her fingers made with her lips and tongue. She gave my clothed pussy several gentle pats. I shivered in delight at her touch. She made slow, tedious circles with her fingers up and around my panties.

“You tease,” I groaned, “take off the damn panties already!”

“Be more ladylike, Rachel.” Melissa applied more pressure the soaking underwear.

“Take my panties off, please?” I whimpered.

“That’s a good girl.”

She tugged off my panties in a swift motion, spread my legs and began to kiss my inner thighs for a moment. Then she lowered her head and started with slow, tantalizing licks along my clit.

“Oh shit, that feels so good!” I ‘m positive a neighbor must have heard me but at that point I could have cared less.

She progressed to longer, faster licks at my exclamations. She French kissed my pussy like a pro, her strong, supple tongue thrusting in and out of me with gusto. When two of her fingers found their way inside of me, I knew I wasn’t going to last for much longer.

“Just like that!” I squealed. “Keep going, keep going!”

“That’s it Rach, come for me, baby!”

My orgasm washed over me in huge waves. I swore I saw stars and fireworks. Melissa removed her fingers from me and her soft kisses mellowed me out. We lay there for a bit, waiting for our breathing and heart rates to return to normal.”Now it’s my turn.” I said with a playful laugh in my voice. I shoved Melissa onto her back and she giggled. Taking my time, I kissed every inch of her body that I could. She practically jumped out of her skin when I kissed the nape of her elegant neck. I made sure to return the favor and took extra care with her breasts. She sighed and moaned as I fondled with them in between suckling on her nipples.

“You’re soaked, Mel.” I said as I slid a hand her panties.

“It’s all for you, Rach. Make love to me.”

She lifted her hips so I could yank off her underwear. She wasn’t totally bald; she had a neat red landing strip.

“You’re so beautiful,” I cooed, watching her squirm underneath me. I placed kisses on her hips and thighs for a minute then dove right in. Using every trick I knew, I licked, sucked and fingered Melissa into a fine frenzy. She was so warm and wet, she tasted heavenly.

She tried to be quiet, letting out soft whimpers here and there. When I picked up the pace, she lost total control. She moaned, grunted, took the Lord’s name in vain. As I felt her body tense up, I knew she was almost there.

“Oh God, I’m gonna come!” Melissa shrieked.

“Then come, you sexy thing.” I encouraged.”Don’t hold back.”

I gave her one hard trust and she let out her loudest moan yet. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy gushed and quivered for a good minute. I sucked and licked her clean. She collapsed onto her back, panting like a race horse.

“Wow, that was… incredible” She breathed.

“It defiantly was.” I said, laying down next her and holding her close to me. I kissed her temple. “When you said earlier that you wanted me…”

“I’ve been in love you since our junior year of college.”

“For that long? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was too chicken; I thought you weren’t attracted to white women.”

“Let me tell you a little secret, I’ve been in love with you since the first meeting of the GLBT club in sophomore year. I like you was too chicken and didn’t think you were into black girls.”

“I guess we both thought wrong.” Melissa laughed. “I’m glad we were wrong.”

“So am I. Let me ask you another question: Will you be my date for Michelle and Kathy’s wedding?”

“I’d thought you would never ask.”

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