Caught Sniffing Pt. 12


I slept in the next morning, probably due to the demands of the previous day. If it hadn’t been for a knock on my door I’m not sure when I would have stirred.

“Tom…Tom you OK?” called one of the twins from outside the closed door.

“Err, yeah,” I said not quite awake.

The door opened and she stepped in.

“It’s nearly eleven, we were starting to wonder,” I could now see it was Emily as she came into focus.

“Oh God is it really! I was dead to the world,” I said shocked to learn the time.

“It was only when Janice from next door asked us where you was that we realised we hadn’t seen you,” she said.

“Oh yeah, Janice, I promised I’d go round and finish a job for her,” I suddenly remembered.

“She did seem a bit worried that she’d be asking to much of you. I told her I was sure you was happy to help her out,” she said.

Now I was more awake I realised Emily was wearing a pink bikini. I couldn’t help looking her up and down admiring her neat little body as she now stood next to my bed.

“Perhaps, if you see her, you can tell her that I’ll be round a bit later when I’ve had a shower and breakfast, or should that be lunch! Can’t believe I’ve slept so late!” I said wiping she sleep from my eye’s.

“Will do, I’ll give her a shout over the fence and see if she’s still about,” Emily said and turned to leave.

“Thanks Em, oh and tell her I’m happy to help her out with anything she needs,” I said knowing exactly what her needs were.

“OK, see you later,” she said walking out and closing the door behind her…

When I eventually made it downstairs it was getting on for midday. I made myself some toast and a cuppa. I could hear the twins outside in the garden, still working on their tans I guessed.

“Hi,” I said as I strolled outside to see if they’d spoken to Janice.

The twins where both laying face down and had both undone their bikini tops to avoid white lines while they tanned no doubt. If it wasn’t for the different coloured bikini’s I wouldn’t have known who was who.

“You managed to get up then,” Emily said when she’d raised herself up onto her elbows and turned to face me.

She made no attempt to hide her breasts, her nipple was just visible. I smiled at her comment.

“Did you manage to speak to Janice?” I asked.

“Yeah she said to go round the back when you’re ready,” Emily replied.

“OK, thanks, I’ll see you later,” I said.

Wearing just a white vest top and blue shorts (I hadn’t bothered with underwear) I slipped on some canvas deck shoes and made my way next door…

“HELLO!” I called standing outside Janice’s open back door, poking my head inside.

“COME IN TOM,” Janice called from somewhere inside.

I stepped inside and waited. It wasn’t long before I was greeted by the sight of Janice wearing a short red silky dressing gown.

“Sorry I didn’t come sooner I casino oyna overslept,” I said.

“Don’t apologise I’m just glad you’re here now,” she said.

“Let me sort that curtain pole out for you,” I said although I was sure she wasn’t really bothered about it.

“Yes lets go up shall we,” she said with a cheeky grin.

Following Janice upstairs I kept getting the odd glimpse under her gown. She was wearing a pair of black panties. She certainly had a shapely pair of legs. Walking into the spare bedroom I could see the step ladders were still by the window. I walked towards them.

“Come on Tom we both know why you’re here,” she said.

“I’ve been thinking about you ever since you left yesterday. I even dreamt about your big cock. I kept waking up and my panties were soaked every time,” she said taking a step towards me.

Looking up at me with a look of pure lust she stroked my cock through my shorts and then tugged them down.

“Lay on the bed Tom, let me play with you,” she said.

Stepping out of my shorts and kicking of my shoes I was soon laying on the bed. Janice kneeled down next to the bed so she could reach my crotch.

“You have such a lovely penis Tom, and so big,” she said not taking her eyes off of it.

With the gentlest touch she ran her fingertips along my shaft as it laid flat on my stomach. The fingers of her right hand gently lifted and stroked my balls. For some reason my cock wasn’t responding.

“It looks like he needs a bit more encouragement,” Janice said and stood up.

Undoing her dressing gown she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor exposing a black bra that matched her panties.

“Perhaps this will help,” she said.

Reaching up behind her back she unclipped her bra and let the straps slide down her arms. I saw her breasts for the first time. My eyes were transfixed on the huge size of the dark areola, the biggest I’d ever seen. Kneeling back down beside the bed I watched the fleshy mounds bounce around as she shuffled into position.

“Oh yes that seems to of worked, look at him grow!” she said.

Again with the lightest of touch she resumed stroking her fingertips along my now growing erection. It wasn’t long before it was lifting itself clear of my stomach and a tear of pre cum was forming in the eye.

Slipping one hand under the shaft Janice pulled it so it stood straight up. With both hands she began very gently wanking me, sliding the foreskin up and down.

“Mmmm, lets work some more of that lovely juice out, I just love it,” she said.

I was still mesmerised by her breasts. The dark rings of the areolae were such a contrast to her pale white skin.

“Oooo yes here it comes,” she said as the tear grew bigger and began running down towards her hand.

Holding on to the base of my cock with her right hand Janice manoeuvred herself and with her slot oyna other hand directed her nipple over my bulging knob. My cock twitched and jerked as Janice rubbed her swollen little bud across the eye.

“Oh God that feels so nice,” I said.

She smiled and continued the same movement. Her nipple was covered in my juice. As she lifted her breast up a string of pre cum stretched away with it. Swapping hands, her left hand now holding my shaft, she directed her other nipple to my knob and continued teasing me.

“Look at that lovely mess you’re making,” she said.

She brought me to the brink of shooting my load but stopped just in time. Standing up she slipped her thumbs inside the elastic either side of her knickers ready to slip them down but stopped.

“I think you might like these Tom. After my bath this morning I put these panties back on. They were the one’s I wore last night,” she said.

Pulling her knickers down and off she held them up in front of her.

“Can you see how wet they are,” she said.

Janice pulled the fabric around and I could see they were soaked.

“And look at this,” she said.

Turning them inside out she held them up to show me the large patch of white marks.

“Here have a good sniff while I suck on that lovely cock. I want you to come in my mouth,” she said.

Knowing I wouldn’t last long I kept Janice’s panties away from my face, but just the anticipation as I examined them was nearly as bad. I then felt her tongue flick across my knob.

“Mmmmm that tastes so good,” she said and continued licking.

Her tongue explored further down my shaft. Holding the knob in one hand she seemed determined to lick every millimetre including my balls where she gently sucked each one in turn into her mouth.

I couldn’t resist any longer and pulled her panties to my nose just as I felt her tongue return to my knob. First smelling her subtle perfume it was soon mingled with her dirty juices, both fresh and stale as I moved her knickers closer.

I gasped as Janice slowly slipped her soft lips over my engorged knob. Looking down I saw her breasts hanging down and jiggle around from the movements she made as she sucked me in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm it tastes mmmmm so good,” she muttered.

Taking another sniff of Janice’s dirty black panties I felt the wet material on my face. There was no stopping now. Thrusting my hips up and down Janice sucked harder and seconds later I was pumping my spunk into her mouth.

Janice kept her lips firmly closed around my cock until she was satisfied that I had finished. Lifting her head she seemed determined not to spill a drop of cum but I looked down to see spunk dripping from her lips as she let my cock fall from her mouth. She seemed to be savouring the taste before eventually swallowing it down.

“I know I’m a dirty cow but I do love the taste,” canlı casino siteleri she said licking her sperm covered lips.

“I’m so horny Tom, I can’t remember the last time my nipples were this hard and swollen,” she said, sitting back on her heels and tweaking her stiff buds.

“I’d love to feel your lips around them,” she said.

“You have lovely breasts Janice,” I said and made a move to sit up.

“Stay where you are young man,” she said stopping me in my tracks.

She climbed up onto the bed.

“Do you really think they’re nice? I’m afraid they’re starting to sag,” she said cupping them in her hands and lifting them.

“They look good enough to eat,” I said smiling up at her.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that,” she said.

Kneeling beside my head which now laid flat on the bed, Janice positioned herself on all fours across me.

“I hope you’re hungry,” she said lowering one dangling tit towards my mouth.

Stopping just short of my lips I filled the gap with my tongue.

“Oooo yes that feels so good,” she said.

After flicking her stiff nipple with my tongue a few times she lowered herself a little further.

“Oh yes that’s it, give it a good suck,” she said.

After a few minutes of sucking on both of her tits in turn Janice suddenly pulled away.

“Oh Fuck I need to come,” she said.

Before I knew it she had straddled my face and I could smell the sexy odour of her pussy that was soon pressing against me.

“Oh God Yes,” Janice cried out as I licked and sucked.

I felt her shift her weight slightly and then felt her hand on my cock which had come back to life. She had managed to lean back so she could wank me while still grinding her dripping wet cunt into my face.

“Oh Yes Tom Oh Fuck Yes,” she cried out louder.

I was having trouble breathing as Janice pressed harder and harder. One moment my tongue was between her pussy lips and the next moment my nose.

“OH FUCK YEEES,” she almost screamed.

She had let go of my cock and her body went rigid as she was consumed by her orgasm…

By the time she had finished I was gasping for air when she eventually lifted herself from my face. She virtually collapsed on the bed next to me.

“Oh God that was so intense,” she said breathlessly.

“Feel free to come over my tits if you need to Tom, I’m afraid I’m too exhausted to help,” she said seeing I was fit to burst.

I wasn’t going to decline the invitation. As I manoeuvred myself into position I could see a trickle of juice oozing from Janice’s pussy. I was soon looking down at her sexy tits with my cock in my hand. Although she had said she was to tired to help Janice still managed to cup my balls in her hand and gently caressed them.

Retrieving the black panties I’d discarded earlier I brought them to my nose. Sniffing in the delicious dirty odours once again soon had my spunk making a mess all over Janice’s tits much to her delight. Unable to resist, she rubbed my cum all over herself and licked her fingers clean.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Janice will find more odd jobs for me to do…

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