Chaffernaught 04


Chapter 04: Leg of Lust

On the way to my chair I whipped off my clothes, heels, blouse and skirt, leaving a trail Hansel and Gretel couldn’t miss. Didn’t need to tell joeie to strip, he was already naked, and like an eager puppy he met me at my chair looking happy as could be. I grabbed the chair’s arm and spread my legs wide, turning my butt to his face. I expect joeie to clean my pussy and behind before I shower; it’s the least he can do.

“Snack time,” I sang. In a moment joeie’s tongue was lapping away at my behind, slathering up and down my crevice, his slurping loud enough to drown out the music playing in the background. He’d taken a butt cheek gently in each hand and opened me wide enough for his cheeks to slip between my thighs, his mouth reaching for pussy. I bent forward further to facilitate his endeavor. Instantly I felt joeie vacuuming my pussy, sucking up globs of sperm left by my Nubian Prince. My hungry pervert was taking it all in his mouth as fast as he could, guzzling it down like a last meal.

Once joeie’d successfully cleaned his plate and pussy was emptied of sperm, his licks became gentle, teasingly so. Then he strained his neck to reach for my clit and begin sucking and nibbling. It wasn’t long before his masterful lips and tongue elicited the first of many orgasms. With legs trembling, then trembling even more, I was forced to step backward, to fall, with joeie catching me as one would a cherished relic, slowing my descent, following without missing a lick, mouth glued to pussy.

Soon I was breathless and kicked him away, then kicked him away again when he resisted, as I expect. Then I kicked him away yet again, when he tried getting his mouth on pussy again, and again once again, till he got the hint casino siteleri and went to my feet looking dejected and hurt, which made me chuckle, though not easily. I lay there, cleansed and spent, luxuriating in simmering sensations most inviting. joeie slid up my leg to wrap his arms around my thigh and begin humping, staring at my breasts. I looked down at my pussieboy, glad to see him where he belongs. Here was a male on a mission, humping away with his tongue hanging out looking hungry and deprived. If I’d the energy, I’d have laughed aloud at this pathetic creature’s demonstration of male dependency. I was excited by thoughts of caging that beautiful organ soon, caging it once and for all.

“Stop that, and get my shower ready,” I managed to bark. joeie’s blue eyes met mine seeking permission to continue humping, though he never stopped until I raised my voice. “Didn’t your HEAR me you simpleton?” My voice was coming back, and I was able to be louder. With great reluctance joeie uncoiled his arms and cleaned the area of my lower leg used by my cock. Then he stood, wiping his cock clean with his hand, then licking the juice from his hand. He held up his hand for me to inspect, looking for my approval, and I nodded. He then turned, got down on his hands and knees and crawled toward the bathroom. I soon heard water running, so I got up slowly and managed to reach the table. A few puffs of my vape pen and a healthy slug of Old Grand-Dad, was all it took, and I was on my way to the bathroom.

The bathroom was steamy and warm, just the way I like it. joeie was there, his eyes glued to my breasts, ready to part the shower curtain. With my breasts held up before his eyes I stuck my forearm in to test the water, and found it the perfect temperature. joeie offered slot oyna his arm so I could climb up and into the claw-footed tub. Once under the water I pointed for him to kneel down and go to the corner. I watched my male, without being told, get into position, kneeling with his ass lifted high and his nose pressed tightly into the corner. I closed the curtain and began lathering my body, washing away seventeen hours of train ride, not counting the hour with my Nubian Prince. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in cramped quarters, and I had the deluxe room! I peered between the shower curtains to give my pussieboy a thrill by yelling at him, demanding he get his ass higher so I could see my balls better, and nose pressed deeper into the corner. I snickered to his anus puckering tight while he struggled to comply. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his positioning, but I have no intention of telling him that.

After a bit I rinsed thoroughly, then turned off the water. This was my pussieboy’s cue to fetch some towels and wait for me to part the curtains. joeie’s arm was there, and as I grabbed it to step over the scrolled edge, he wrapped a warmed towel around my shoulders. He then placed a smaller one atop that, so I could wrap up my hair. Instead of letting him gawk at my breasts, he got a red-nailed index finger pointing back to the corner. I wrapped my hair and then toweled off. While patting my skin with hemp seed oil, I prodded joeie’s ass with the big toe of my foot.

“Higher,” I bellowed as if upset, just to watch him jump. “And smush that nose into the corner!” I had to admit I was impressed by the way he wriggled his butt before becoming still, being able to get it no higher he yet tried. Truly I was succeeding with this male, finally. canlı casino siteleri I shook my head in wonder, wondering if he realized he’d already had his ass high in the air, or did it matter to him? If he pressed his nose any further into the corner, I’d need a stone mason to get it out. I finished my routine and slipped into a mauve colored silk robe.

“Get the towels and hang them up, joeie,” I state, walking passed him. I seated myself in my chair and picked up my vape pen. Shortly joeie crawled to the entrance of the room and cleared his throat for permission to enter. After a minute I nodded and the poor dear crawled as fast as he could for my leg, to press his throbbing hard-on against it, while wrapping himself around it, imprisoning it quickly. I looked on feeling quite smug.

“Easy there, champ. I just showered,” I said in a very annoyed voice. “And is your dish beneath you,” I asked as a way of pointing out a failure. He stopped to retrieve the dish and place it near my foot, beneath his boner as best he could, and began humping anew, with even more intensity. “I don’t want any of your juices going to waste,” I said in passing before going back to smoking. I let him hump away like the little puppy I’ve been spending the last few years training him to be, and now he actually wants to be. I ignored him while going about checking and answering my emails.

Soon I was tired of the computer and decided joeie’d enjoyed himself long enough. I stood suddenly and he damned near toppled over. So intent was he on humping my leg I needed to shake him off, like one would any other horny dog. I giggled and turned around, lifting my robe to my waist. joeie moved immediately to my butt, parting my cheeks to lap at my crinkled rosette. I spread my legs wide for my obedient pervert, bending over the chair’s arm for support so I could offer him a treat. Like this I’m able to enjoy his tongue wiggling its way up into my asshole after a well-earned reward. It’s easy to please a real pervert.

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