Chapter 3 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt


Chapter 3 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy CuntChapter Two sees Dan’s wife, Helen, bound, tied-up, blindfolded and helpless. Unbeknown to her and against her will she is about to get her slutty wet hairy cunt well and truly creampied … and more …. Three of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt: Creampie surprise I was consumed with utter horny lust and I was drooling precum from my cock and my mouth was salivating as well. Fuck, I needed to be so deep inside Helen’s warm and wet slutty hairy fanny right now. I stood up and then climbed on top of her. I positioned myself so that my cock was between her legs, teasing her very wet pussy lips. I could feel my precum leaking all over her hairy wet gash as I rubbed my big fat hard cock against her pussy lips. I was also hungrily groping at her big udder like tits and sucking them. had never had the opportunity to play with such big tits before. I was in my element, fascinated by them, overcome with crazed lust as I sucked chewed, roughly groped and played with them. At the moment, Helen was just my fuck doll and there was not a lot she could do about it and yet Helen’s body response was that this she was loving it. Her beautiful nipples were stiff and erect and she was very wet under my cock that was rubbing up and down her puss lips teasing her. I was sucking on her tits for dear life, well perhaps suckling might be a more apt term, delirious with lust almost like trying to milk them, I wanted her big juicy milky tits to milk for me. It was so beautiful lying on top of her, focussed on trying to get her juicy big fat udder like tits to milk for me, as my hard cock leaking precum was rubbing against her warm dripping wet horny hairy pussy. I growled deeply, I needed my big fat horny hard cock deep inside her at the same time as suckling on her tits. With a deep grunt I roughly pushed my cock covered in precum deep into her warm and wet juicy pussy. “Oh fuck yes”! I grunted, enjoying the excited feeling and sensation as I ploughed deep into her nice and tight, horny wet hairy milf cunt. Her cunt felt amazing around my cock. I was really fucking pounding her dripping wet horny hairy cunt, drilling her, ploughing her so deep, as I suckled on her big juicy udder like tits. wondered how long I would last! I loved the way her pussy gripped my cock like in a vice and was pulsating around it. I growled into escort bayan Helen’s ear as I drilled her deep: “you dirty milf hairy cunt fuck slut . .. you fucking luv this!”. I increased my pace and depth as I really began to pound Helens hairy wet fanny. It really was the best feeling ever and her pussy was so wet and squelching it was driving me crazy with desire. I was so excited now and felt this a****listic lust just release itself throughout my loins and body as I started to really fucking bang her hairy wet slutty cunt deep and hard. The truth is I was not really considering her feelings right now, I was just considering me and how great it felt banging her wet hairy meaty pussy. The truth was that she also enjoyed the way I was using her slutty cunt, she was enjoying the way I was treating her like a dirty slutty whore, she was groaning “oh fuck, oh yes, oh yes”. I was thrusting deep into her like a frenzied crazed a****l and yelling “you fucking take this in your hairy cunt you dirty whore bitch!”, as I pounded her deep, balls deep, really thrusting into her. It was evident Helen was really getting into being used like this, me using her as a slag fuck doll as she started to respond by thrusting her hips up towards my own. We were fucking in an amazing synchronized rhythm right now. It was like the only thing that existed was her hairy wet pulsating slutty cunt and my hard big fat horny cock as we fucked each other relentlessly. She had opened her legs as far as the restraints would allow her and adjusted her hips so that I could get maximum penetration into her slutty hairy wet fuck hole. I knew perfectly well that if her hands had been free these would have been on my naked arse pulling me deeper into her, showing me how much she luved me pounding her slutty fuck meat wet hairy fanny hole. Instead, she showed me how much she enjoyed this as she fucked me back, thrusting her hips up towards me, to meet my own, which was really sending me over the edge.“Baby”, I growled “I’m going to cum, can I cum inside you hunni? I need to flood your womb with my cum”. Helen carried on thrusting her hips up toward me as she whispered: “Oh, Smiler, I promised Dan this would never happen, that a guy can only cum on my tits”. Helen said this to me but I was not convinced by her words or the way that he pussy was pulsating around my cock and seemed to want to milk me, her pussy seemed to be begging for my cum. As Dan had requested, I thought I would push her on this test. I started tuzla genç escort to fuck her harder, knowing I was so close to cumming and it’s unlikely now that I would be able to pull out even if I or she wanted me to, anyway. In fact, I had made up my mind, I was going to be selfish, I needed to cum in her soaking wet hairy cunt: fuck her, I was going to cum inside her whether she protested or not! Helen cried out, albeit it not that convincingly “Smiler, I promised Dan…”. I ignored her. I continued to plough her dripping wet hairy fuck hole. The smell of her aroused hairy pussy filled the bedroom and there was no way I was getting off of her without a cum load deep inside her hairy slippery wet fanny. Yes, Helen was going to be my hairy fanny cum dump whore. I leaned forward pinning her to the mattress underneath us as I whispered into her ear: “I’m going to cum in your slutty wet hairy cunt Helen, you need this as much as I do, tell me you want my stranger cum!, you fucking take it, every last drop of my swimming spermy cum!” Before she could respond, I kissed her passionately as I pounded into her, our mingled sweat and juices covering us as I pounded her horny wet hairy cunt. I managed to hear her moan with pleasure and could make out her saying as I was kissing her: “Oh fuck yeah, oh please yes, just fuck me Smiler, don’t pull out, yes, cum inside me, fill my hairy cunt hole with your stranger cum”. sent me over the edge and I really fucking went for it, really pounded her hard and rough, rather aggressively. I started to slap her big juicy mammary tits as they wobbled in front of me, teasing me, driving me even more crazy, and I put a hand around her throat as I drilled her hairy wet slutty dripping wet cunt. I knew I was building up for a really, really intensive spurting of spunk load deep inside Helen’s hairy pussy. I really was going to flood her slutty womb with my cum. Helen’s legs were spread wide as I pounded balls deep into her.I knew I could hold on no more, very, very soon I was going to cum. I held myself deep inside her as I pinned her underneath me. When I did spurt, I did not want one swimming sperm to escape. I held myself so tight to her so that every last drop of sperm would be swimming straight into her hairy cum dump cunt. As I grinded my cock into her, working her horny, wet slutty and sweaty pussy over and over, we could both feel how my mushroom cockhead was swelling so deep tuzla kendi evi olan escort inside her, we were both moaning in pleasure and we both knew I would be ejaculating deep into her wet hairy snatch so very soon.I felt my balls tighten and knew this was it, I was cumming. With a huge cry and loud moan I yelled out “fuck yes, I’m cuming Helen!” and I came as I held myself deep inside her. My cock didn’t stop twitching for a good 30 seconds, I just kept pumping stream and stream loads of spunk after spunk deep into Helens slutty wet cum dump womb like my life depended on it as my expanding mushroom cockhead was just throbbing uncontrollably and spurting it all out. At that point we both orgasmed. We were both crying out in pleasure as my spunk was spurting deep inside her wet hairy cunny, and her pussy was pulsating around my cock encouraging me to spurt every last drop of hot gooey cum so deep inside her. Fuck yeah, she really was draining my cock and balls of every last drop of my cum.After I had finished spurting into the depths of Helen, I held myself deep inside her, and just laid on top of her. I was feeling quite exhausted, breathing deeply and was enjoying the feeling of my cock still in the delicious warm and wet tight depths of Helen’s fanny. Furthermore, I was enjoying the power of dominating Helen and knowing that I was ensuring every last drop of my swimming sperm was deep inside her, that none had gone to waste. And there was Dan, sitting in a pub somewhere, probably wondering how is wife is being fucked but perhaps oblivious to the fact I really had just given her a thoroughly good insemination and creampie as she had cum on my cock at the same time. Such a dirty slutty whore wife.After a few minutes of just lying there, both of us in silence, I got off her. My eyes were instantly drawn to between her legs and I sighed in pleasure at just how beautiful she looked. Her hairy pussy was engorged and looked well used and fucked as it glistened with its cunt juices and my spunk under the light. My cum was leaking out of her hairy gash and it looked to me like perfect art, like the most beautiful and erotic sight in the world.I could see that Helen’s legs were shaking. She, cleared her throat and then she said: “Wow Smiler that was amazing. So when are you going to untie me? After that I really need to pee!”. I thought about this for a moment. This was not something I had considered. The truth was that I was thoroughly enjoying seeing Helen lying there with her legs spread open, her hairy pussy on full display and my spunk leaking out of her well used cunt. Perhaps rather more sternly than was appropriate I relied to Helen: “No! you wanted this, you are going nowhere, I have not finished with you yet, you stay right there!”.

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