Chemical Spill Pt. 03


Jessica was still trying to process the weird call she got from her old friend Betty. Never the best of friends, neither one of them very outgoing, but they had known each other for years, before either had had children.

The favor she asked was not difficult, just odd, and her explanation even more cryptic.

“Hi Jessica, Betty… this is going to sound strange, but I need your help and I need it without a bunch of questions.”

It had sounded like a “battered wife” call… which piqued her interest enough to drop the boring romance novel she had been reading and go to the mall to get what Betty had asked. But things did not add up as nice and neat as she would have liked either. Sweat shirts and sweat pants? Who has an emergency over gym clothes? What sealed her decision though was the request for a nursing bra. What in god’s name…?

Well, what ever it was, she would find out soon enough… at least there were no police when she pulled up to the house.

Her phone rang before she shut the motor off. Weirder by the moment… why would Betty be calling instead of coming out to the car?


“Jessica… just bring everything in through the kitchen door… “

“I don’t…”

“Please… trust me… I can’t come to the door to meet you… just come in and put them down…”

“I am liking this less minute by minute…”

Ronnie took the phone from his mom…

“Hello Mrs. Anderson… This is Ronnie Fitzgerald, Betty’s son. I really appreciate your helping mom out like you have… if you could just do this one last thing…”

Jessica’s worry evaporated like mist in the mid morning sun… she gathered the bags together and twisted after opening the car door. It was the twist that caught her attention… she felt fine, at ease even, but noticed that her breasts tingled when she moved, her nipples were hard like a cold day in a tee shirt. And her pussy was suddenly wet. Goodness that feels odd she thought to herself… nice but odd… on the way to the back door she decided that she would need to change her panties when she got home. When she opened the back door all of those thoughts disappeared.

Ronnie handed the cell phone back to his mom; she turned it off and put it down when she saw the Jessica had hung up.

“What just happened Ronnie?”

He shrugged slightly… “Just tried something that I have been thinking about…”

He waited for her to pick up on what he had done, but her blank look told him she would not yet…

“Communication is more than what we say… it is much more about how we say it… I listened to her then modulated my tone, pitch and words to create reactions in her that I wanted. We clumsily do it all the time, some better than others…”

“But I heard it too, and I did not feel anything.”

“No… I was specific to her… It would have been outside of probability that it would have affected you in the same way. Now go meet her in the kitchen.”

Betty was wearing an old terry cloth robe. She had to keep crossing it over her as she had not found the belt.

Jessica opened the door and was immediately engulfed in a sensual experience… the aroma was intoxicating, sweet, but not syrupy, flowery, earthy… she felt light headed, but not unsteady or dizzy… euphoric… that was a good word to describe it… but not enough because there was need too… physical, primal… at her core. Everything she looked at referenced sex. When she looked at the kitchen table she did not see placemats and silverware, she saw a woman, herself, legs spread wide, being savagely fucked by a naked giant of a man, at the counters she was bent over being manhandled and giving herself to it. Jessica let the bags slip from her hands, her thighs tightened into each other trying to stop the flow of liquid pouring from her pussy. Her breasts ached begging to be rubbed, her nipples so hard they hurt.

And then a young woman, vaguely familiar, walked in from another room… gorgeous… hair messed, a ratty old robe… they just added to the allure. Jessica had never had more than a normal passing thought about being gay… but at that moment all she wanted was to hold and be touched by this woman whom ever she was.

Jessica stumbled forward, arms forward, hands searching and the woman welcomed her, embracing her, cooing that it was going to be fine, that everything would be alright…

Jessica felt her face against the warm skin of this beauty and wanted more; she put her hands under the robe and parted it, pulling herself closer. Her hands touched damp skin and felt a warmth radiate up her arms… her nostrils flared trying to get as much of the drug up her nose to her brain as she could, then she rubbed her face against a wet breast, her face lit up like a sunburst, so bright in her mind that she squinted her eyes shut… but felt forward with lips and tongue, knowing as a baby knows, to find the nipple and casino oyna suckle.

Betty came in totally unprepared for her friend. Had she herself been this deranged when she first sought out Ronnie in his bed? Jessica stumbled forward, Betty held forth to catch her, pulling her in, holding her up.

But Jessica’s need was infectious… Betty helped her get inside of her robe and then directed, using a guiding hand on the back of her head, Jessica’s mouth to a nipple now leaking freely.

The liquid squirting in her mouth triggered her first orgasm, strongest one of her life, knees weak, she sagged not letting go of her lifeline, the nipple.

Betty, her own orgasm triggered with the suction applied to her nipple, was pulled to the floor by Jessica unable to stand, but unwilling to let go.

From the doorway, Ronnie could see the energy explosions in both his mother and her friend. He could track the path of the “milk” flowing in Mrs. Anderson as she drank and absorbed it through her skin. He could see the glow brighten in his mother as it flowed out of her… not draining or depleting, but adding more, generating more, fueled by mini orgasm after orgasm.

More and more of this became an experiment of observation for Ronnie. He saw the driving forces, need and desire grab his mother and now her friend, but he felt none of them himself.

The sex was good, better than he would have imagined, but these two lose their minds to it…

He knew part of his detachment was that, even with the healing done to his mother, she was still barren, and Mrs. Anderson had had a hysterectomy, so neither one could be bred… would he lose control when he caught a female that was ready to be bred? Would he get caught up in mindless rut? He did not, at this time, know, but he knew that his mom needed more of his sperm, she was not done changing yet, healing… his cock, his body, responded to her need by producing more and leaking, the scent calling out to her.

Jessica was still in the early stages and so, unaware of it yet. Her body was absorbing his mom’s fluid. Curious to see what would happen, Ronnie went over to where they pleasured each other, fed and fed off of, and reaching down, he grabbed one of Jessica’s ankles, she made no notice of it until he pulled her down and away from her hold on Betty’s tit. She bit down and held on, grabbing like a kitten to its mother.

Betty’s eyes flew open, as her hands found Jessica’s head and pressed her hard against her full breast. Unable to form words on the down hill side of her latest mini burst of orgasmic energy, Betty shook her head left and right; eyes first pleading and then threatening, warning Ronnie not to strip Jessica away. But then a glob of sperm dripped off the tip of his cock, trailing a string, flooding the air with his scent. Betty’s nostrils flared and she reached out with her mouth and body language, while still maintaining the leach attached to her nipple.


His command voice cut through the fog, more in his mother than Jessica, but it was aimed more at her so there was that, but Jessica had heard and responded.

“Mom, I will feed you more cock, but I am going to shift Mrs. Anderson first.”

Jessica sucked harder and gripped tighter, not wanting to let go…

Ronnie reached down and grabbed a hand full of her thick black hair and pulled.

“Ahurgh! Her teeth… she’s… biting!”

Betty could barely get the words out as her body responded with yet another orgasm.

Ronnie relaxed his grip, but did not let go. He shoved his free hand between the two women and dug two fingers into his mother’s sloppy wet cunt. When he brought them back out they were well coated with both her juice and his… he brought them, his fingers, up to her mouth, but before he could wipe them on Jessica’s lips and try to push them into her mouth, Betty grabbed his wrist and tried, unsuccessfully, to get them into her own mouth.

“Mine!” she shouted. “It is mine!”

This time he was louder, let the anger and frustration into his voice. “STOP!”

Both women cringed, flinched as if struck. Jessica even let go of Betty’s nipple to cover and cower.

Ronnie drug Jessica back up towards him by the back of her head… she was small and could not have weighed more than 110lbs, but even had she weighted two hundred, she could not have resisted his new strength.

Her hands and arms covered her face, her eyes big with fear, the urge to survive over riding her need to suck… to drink.

Ronnie slowly moved his coated fingers towards her face, softly saying now, “I will not hurt you if you do as you are told… open your mouth.”

“No… ” Betty’s wailing cry was cut short with a look from her dominating son. She flinched again, but could not totally suppress her own sobs.

Jessica glanced sideways quickly at Betty, who spit out “Bitch!” but Ronnie shook her head softly and slot oyna regained her attention. The fingers got closer and her senses came alive. By the time his fingers entered her mouth, she was wanting whatever smelled so good… what was on those fingers. She closed her mouth and ecstasy enveloped her. It was over way too fast as it seemed to leap off of his fingers and into her. The feeling spread out from her mouth, her body shook with her latest, absolute strongest, cum to date.

Ronnie pushed her head, and her body went sliding on the tile, directing her face to his mother’s pussy, where he new, waited more of her cum and, more importantly, his: residual, left over from his last ejaculation, genetic material her body was absorbing slower.

Jessica’s nose picked up the scent of his cock and the drop sitting on the end, her body came back to life, her hands scrambling for a hold, her mouth open, searching for the source.

Ronnie forced her past and planted her open mouth on his mothers messy cunt, much to both Jessica’s, and Betty’s delight. Jessica attacked with lips and tongue, then added fingers, her body tripping through multiple orgasms that only momentarily interrupted her rooting and snorting.

Betty was sensitive, climaxing over and over again, exhaustion not even a consideration.

Good to his word, Ronnie knelt down, straddling his mothers now dried up but firm and full breasts, and pointing his rigid cock at her face, fed her inch after inch of cock to suck on while his body leaked, and occasionally spewed forth mouthfuls of cum, choking her, gaging her, adding to her pleasure just by being there and using her. She could not think of another, better place to be.

Don arrived home, (checked his watch to make sure), at the normal time. Why was his driveway blocked with a car? Honestly, Ronnie was a real piece of work.

“I don’t ask all that much of that boy… but he knows I want the garage to keep my car in… the least he could do is have his friend park on the street. And now he has me talking to myself out loud…”

It never occurred to Don that his wife might have someone over; she never entertained or did anything with anyone… which in all reality was fine by him… who needs the bother that other people bring with them anyway.

He pulled up to the curb, thought about honking until someone came to move the car, but thought that the neighbors might complain… and who needs that hassle… so he resigned himself to having to come back out and putting the car away himself because he sure as hell was not letting Ronnie or his irresponsible friends anywhere near his car keys.

He thought of himself as a reasonable man, not prone to emotional outbursts, but he could feel the irritation mounting… he was respected at work, in the greater community, and, back in his younger days, had swaggered a bit… he should get more respect at home than he was getting… both from Ronnie and Betty… this morning she had all but molested him… well… the man was home, after spending the day hunting and killing it (metaphorically speaking anyway) and he would have to give her a good fucking tonight to set her straight again. (After his T.V. program and a good shower for both of them of course)

His “anger” was fomenting as he approached the house, words he would speak were forming in his mind. He was a company executive… he could deal with Ronnie and his young friends in a decisive and no nonsense manner.

His hand turned the knob with resolve and purpose, but when the door cracked open, it melted and fear gripped his heart. Not since his boss had called him on the carpet last year had he felt so nervous and afraid… he gathered himself and pushed the door open, stepping through at the same time.

He could not detect a smell that he could identify, but a feeling if dread clutched at his heart and threatened to completely undo him… he held onto the door to keep from bolting back outside.

There, sitting at the breakfast table was a young man, naked, familiar, smiling, but somehow Don knew that this man was dangerous. Kneeling between his legs was a naked woman, her head bobbing up and down, obviously sucking his cock, through none of that was visible… again, she looked familiar, but, given the circumstances, he could hardly recognize some slut servicing one of Ronnie’s friends.

The boy looked up, the girl, woman, did not. The boy waved and said something that sounded like “Hi Dad” in a voice that sounded like Ronnie’s, but it could not have been Ronnie for god knows how many thousands of reasons.

“What… what is…” and then another shock. Betty, but not Betty walked into the kitchen from the front room. Holy shit! His mind was exploding. His frumpy wife was suddenly gorgeous, trim, healthy, sexy, naked and wantonly sashaying towards him.

Don could smell her sex… it made his mouth water, his heart, racing in fear already, shifted canlı casino siteleri gears and revved up in a whole new range. He could feel his cock swell, his fear was swallowed back and he wanted this lusty bitch more than life itself.

He lurched towards her, hands outstretched, but her hands were quicker. With surprising power she reached through his attempted grabs, her arms knocking his hands away, and she grabbed his face, palms on his cheeks, thumbs along his nose, up, between his eyes, fingers digging in behind his ears and jaw joint. Her hands were both ice cold and lava hot… it seared his face and took his breath away, but he was not in pain… he, in fact, took in one deep breath and ejaculated in his pants. His legs could not support him, he went down to his knees, and she guided him down onto his back.

He heard Betty, who was not Betty, say to Ronnie that could not possibly be Ronnie, “I can’t do this! Please, he smells so bad (gag) please (wretch) don’t make me do this!”

She took her hands from his face but his face was still hot, the heat spreading like some creeping ooze slowly covering, no, penetrating his body, flooding it with desire and need. He was aware of the mess in his underwear, and also the still raging hardon, and he could barely breathe.

Ronnie pulled Jessica’s mouth off of his cock, drool stringing from his “small” head to her lips. Fingers twisted in her hair, he cupped the slowing healing face of the middle aged mother of three with his other hand, bringing her eyes up to look at him.

Go to Don… use his little cock and let him use your pussy…

“No, please, I want you, I’ll do anything just let me…”

“Jessica, my Jessica…” he said, his voice soothing and calming… “Do what I asked and I promise, I will give you your fill… I will fuck you again and let you suck me some more… while you are riding him you can suck some more milk while Betty drips more on him…”

Betty had crawled over to Ronnie and now shoved her friend away from her son and towards her husband.

“Do what you’re told cunt, or I’ll beat your ass!”

Then Betty turned to Ronnie, taking hold of his glistening, beautiful cock, and licked the glob of cum leaking from the tip.

She flinched as he reached for her head, not wanting to feel his anger again, but he petted her, saying, “You don’t have to be mean, in fact, you are going to have to learn to get along with the others. You were the first, you will always be the first, but there will always be more than just you. Now go over there and put more on his face and try to get some in his mouth, we talked about this, and we will need him and his job, for a little while at least, and let Jessica suck from your tit too…

Betty smiled at Ronnie, knowing he was right, but still not liking it… Don smelled rotten and old and she wanted nothing to do with him.

Not wanting his disapproval, she turned, letting go of her “precious” last and crawled over to where Jessica had pulled open Don’s pants, flipped out his pathetic dick, in comparison to Ronnie’s magnificent cock, and was straddling his spastic body trying to fit his slippery wiener inside of her wet pussy…

Ronnie reached out and swatted his mom on the ass, eliciting a mewling purr from her.

“If the change works on him too then he may not smell so bad…”

Betty crawled over to Don’s side, stood upright on her knees, putting her full, firm tits at the same level as Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica immediately stopped trying to slip Don inside and let his dick slide against her lips as she ground into him while he jerked and flopped. The taste of the “milk” seeping from her transformed friend was intoxicating… and knowing what it was accomplishing inside of her… she latched on to the closest nipple and immediately orgasmed.

Jessica’s pussy flooded Don’s crotch… that, and what Betty was squeezing from her tit and dripping onto his face triggered his own second ejaculation…

It was all too much for him as his heart raced out of control and he went limp… breathing shallow, but breathing.

As fast as liquid hit his skin, both from Betty’s tits and to a lesser degree, Jessica’s pussy, it was absorbed by Don’s skin, beginning the transformation process in him, as it had in the others. Jessica kept suckling causing Betty to ramp up another climax of her own. Without Don to worry about, Jessica’s fingers found Betty’s wet pussy. Knowing how good it felt and how good it tasted to have her friend cum while attached to a nipple, Jessica worked her fingers deftly, around Betty’s clitoris and deep inside her cunt. Betty ground against her friends hand and came hard, reveling in the outpouring of fluids and expending of energy.

Betty turned her head, glancing over her shoulder; Jessica finished gulping down a mouthful, her eyes also trying to find Ronnie.

He sat watching it all, taking mental notes, putting pieces together and formulating a next move.

He nodded to his mom who turned away from Jessica, pulling her swollen nipple from her friend’s mouth, jumped up to her feet and leaped onto Ronnie’s lap.

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