Jim hadn’t seen his sister for over three years, but out of the blue she had phoned and said that she wanted to visit for a couple of weeks. As she stepped off the plane Jim recognized Chrissie immediately. Now she wore boring ‘married woman’ clothes, but he could see that she had maintained her shapely figure. A figure he knew very well. Jim’s mind slipped back to when he was a young boy of sixteen and the first time he had happened past his eighteen year old sister’s slightly open bedroom door, and seen a quick flash of skin. He couldn’t be sure what he had seen, but he was certain that she had been wearing no clothes. From that day on he had taken every opportunity he could to pass by Chrissie’s door and, when he thought it safe, to linger and wait. He had quickly found out what were the best times to pass by, and these times were always followed by frenzied masturbation session in his own room or the bathroom.

As time went by Jim had seen everything his beautiful older sister had to offer. Her nice tight ass, her beautiful firm tits and the light covering of her most tempting cunt. Of course that was as far as it went. Jim was constantly frustrated that this beautiful creature was his sister and so he could only look. But he found himself in a state of constant arousal, and his dick took quite a pounding.

Shortly before her marriage to Paul they had gone out for drinks together. Jim had a few too many, and in a moment of indiscretion had admitted to spying on her. Chrissie turned red but replied that she had known and had set up situations for Jim to see her naked. She said that it made her feel sexy, and wanted. But at that moment some of their friends had turned up and they had never spoken about it again.

“What are you dreaming about Jimmy?”

Jim was snapped back to the present.

“Oh, nothing. Just remembering something important. You look good.” Later that night Jim locked up the house and made his way down the corridor to his bedroom. He saw a small sliver of light at the edge of Chrissie’s door. He couldn’t believe it. He made his way quietly to the door and peered through the tiny crack.

Chrissie was standing with her back to the door, her long shapely legs stretched out from beneath the shirt that she wore. Her silky black hair tumbled down below her shoulders. Jim felt himself harden as he noticed her reflection in the mirror. Her hand moved up to the buttons on her shirt and quickly opened them. She leaned forward to get her hair brush from the dressing room table and it became obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Jim could see the curve of her breast, and just as her nipple was about to come into view, she straightened and began brushing her hair. The curve of her 38 inch breasts remained in view, but the thin fabric of her shirt had settled over her nipple.

Jim was hard as a rock and his hand stroked up and down his shaft as he strained to see through the narrow opening.

When Chrissie was finished brushing her hair she stood and quickly removed her pants, revealing a flash of the firm round ass that Jim remembered from his youth. The last time Jim had seen that ass, Chrissie had been 19. Now she was 35, but neither the years nor the birth of her son 15 years ago had done much to alter her charms. She was in magnificent shape.

At that moment Chrissie dropped the shirt off her shoulders, revealing her gorgeous tits completely. Jim’s eyes widened at her fully erect nipples. She crossed out of sight, and the light went out. Jim made his way to bed and, not for the first time, masturbated to the memory of his sister’s beautiful body. As he drifted off to sleep he wondered if his sister had deliberately exposed herself to him again, and he remembered those erect nipples. She had been as horny as hell. Jim’s last thought was to wonder if she was playing with herself and fantasizing about future shows that she would perform for him. He thought he heard a little cry from down the corridor as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jim woke to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom that connected his room with the guest bedroom. He started to imagine the water running over his sister’s gorgeous body. His prick started to harden, and it was then he made his decision. He wanted Chrissie and he was going to have her.

The sound of running water stopped. Jim put on his robe, crossed to the bathroom door and entered. Chrissie turned and, surprised for a moment, stood fully exposed. Jim took in her beautiful full tits and the light covering of dark hair on her now exposed cunt. Then she reached for a towel and wrapped it around her body.

“Oh Jimmy! You can have the bathroom in a moment. I just want to clean my teeth, then I’ll be finished.”

Jim replied “Take off that towel, I want to see you naked.”


“Take off the towel, now.”

“Jimmy, I’m your sister.”

” That didn’t stop you from putting on a little show for me last night did it?”

She blushed. “What are you talking about?”

Jim could have reached out and taken the towel, but he wanted her to do it. “You know what I mean, you used to do it when we were kids, and you started casino siteleri again last night. But this is my house and we will play by my rules”


Jim was tired of waiting. Before Chrissie knew what was happening, he grabbed her by the shoulder, turned her around, bent her over the wash basin and brought his hand down on her now exposed backside.

“Ow!” Crack! “Ow Jimmy!”

Jim growled, “Be quiet.”

Crack. Crack. “Ahhh.” Crack. Crack. “Yeahhh”

Jim turned her round to face him again. “Now are you ready to behave yourself and tell the truth?”

“I’m sorry Jimmy, I did do it on purpose last night. But I thought you’d like it. I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Yes, you will. In fact you are going to do it now. Get rid of the towel.”

Chrissie hesitated.

“Do you need another lesson on how to behave yourself?”

“No, Jimmy.” she quietly replied as her hand slowly moved up to the place where her towel was fastened.

The towel dropped to the floor. Jim noted that her nipples were erect again. His first instinct was to reach out and pinch them, but he wanted to savor the moment. He ordered her to put her hands on the back of her head, she complied and in doing so, pushed her tits forward. Then he told her to turn round, she did, and slowly her ass came into view, the marks that his hand had left glowed red on her soft white skin. He was hard as a rock now, but he had to maintain his self control.

She continued to turn and her tits came back into view. She was so aroused that they raised and lowered on her ragged breathing. Jim knew that if he could control himself for a little longer he would have her right where he wanted her. She was facing him now.

“Stop,” he said quietly, not wanting to break the spell. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“No Jimmy … I …”

“In a moment I am going to put my hand between your legs and if I find that you have lied to me, you will be punished. But before I do, I will give you another chance, if you tell the whole truth your punishment will not be as severe. Are you enjoying this?”

She hesitated for a moment the replied, “Yes, Jimmy, having you want to see me like this makes me feel so sexy and wanted, and you are so strong with me … I’m a little scared … but I don’t want it to stop.”

Again a red tinge colored her face, and she dropped her head in embarrassment. Jim moved forward and reached down between her legs. Her whole body jumped and she breathed in sharply. She pushed her warm moist cunt forward and Jim eased his finger inside her. She started to moan and rub her clit against his hand. With his free hand Jim began to massage her tits, pinch her nipples and tug on them. He slid his mouth over her nipple and gently bit it. She went wild, about to explode in a massive orgasm. Then Jim stepped away.

She cried out in anguish but maintained her position. “Jimmy, please, let me come! Please!

“We need to get the rules straight first Chrissie.”

“Rules? Please, Jimmy, I’m so close!”

“You have teased and frustrated me for a long time. Now is the time to make amends.”

She started to pay attention; she needed to cum but knew that Jim wouldn’t let her until he was ready. All she could do was co-operate. “What do you mean?”

Jim smiled, he knew that this was the moment. “From now on you will be totally naked in my house unless I specifically order you to wear something. You will obey every command that I give you without hesitation, and will acknowledge those commands before carrying them out. You will be punished on a regular basis to remind you of your position, and to make up for your prick-teasing ways. Do you understand?”

Chrissie nodded.

“I didn’t hear that,” Jimmy said.

“Yes, Jimmy.”

“You will devote yourself totally to my comfort and pleasure.”

“Yes, Jimmy.”

“Now we need to get you totally naked.”

“But I am.”

“Don’t back-sass,” said Jim as he picked her up and sat her on the wash basin. “Spread your legs.” She did.

Jim rummaged in the drawer and found his shaving kit. First he used his electric beard trimmer to cut her thatch down to a stubble. The vibrations of the machine started Chrissie moaning again. When he was done, Jim lathered up his shaving brush and liberally applied the soap. As the brush glided by her clit, Chrissie jumped and cried out in pleasure. Before long the last trace of hair was gone.

“Chrissie, go to my room and find a leather belt. Then wait for me in the lounge.”

“Yes, Jimmy.”

Jim watched as Chrissie scurried out of the bathroom. He heard the doors of his closet open and close, then silence. He waited a few moments then headed for the lounge.

Chrissie was kneeling in front of the chair that he always sat in, her hands on her head and her legs spread as far apart as they would go. Clamped in her mouth was the leather belt that she had found. Jim stood in front of her and opened his robe. Her eyes widened at his massive erection.

“Your punishment will be to be whipped with the belt until you make me cum with your mouth. You may masturbate if you wish, slot oyna but do not cum before I do, and make sure you swallow my whole load.” He took the belt from her mouth. “You may begin.”

“Yes, Jimmy.” Her mouth engulfed his prick, and her hand shot down between her legs. For a moment Jim was lost in the vision of his prick disappearing into her mouth, and her ass bobbing up and down as she furiously fingered herself. Then he remembered the belt in his hand and began to lash her bottom. She would get off lightly this time – he wasn’t going to last long. As the belt struck her, he watched the impact ripple up her ass-cheeks. She was taking the whole length of his quite impressive rod now, despite some initial difficulty.

Jim couldn’t believe it, his naked sister was kneeling at his feet giving him the best blow-job he had ever had. Her warm moist mouth sliding quickly up and down his shaft. He could tell that she was desperate to cum and was fighting franticly to finish him before she was allowed to do so. He managed to get in ten strokes of the belt before her frenzied movements and the sight of her kneeling submissively in front of him with welts appearing on her ass made him shoot his load down her throat. Instantly he heard the sound of her orgasm muffled by his prick in her mouth and by his warm semen sliding down her throat.

As he softened in her mouth Jim said, “After I have a nap you can make breakfast for me. Then we start getting you trained.”

“Yes, Jimmy. Thank you, Jimmy.” she replied, and snuggled in to his crotch and kissed his balls as he drifted off to sleep.


Jim woke up. He had fallen asleep in his chair, but now his head was on a pillow and he was covered by a blanket. The smell of cooking bacon drifted from the kitchen. For a moment he was disoriented, then it all came flooding back to him, Chrissie naked, kneeling in front of him her mouth wrapped around his stiff cock.


She came quickly out of the kitchen and knelt before him.

“Yes, Jimmy?”

Chrissie had positioned herself so that she was in easy reach for Jim. He reached out and gently caressed her breast. Her nipples stiffened immediately and she let out a soft moan.

Jim took the time to survey the beauty before him. Since his youth, he had longed to touch her, and now she was his to do with as he pleased. Chrissie was the picture of submission as he played with her tits. “Keep your legs apart at all times, so that I have easy access to your cunt.”

“Yes, Jimmy,” she sighed, opening her legs for him.

He reached down between her legs and ran his hand between her moist warm pussy-lips. She breathed in sharply and let out a low throaty moan. Jim leaned back into his chair. “What have you been up to while I was asleep?”

“I cleaned up the house a bit, made your bed and put your breakfast on as you commanded,” she replied. “It should be ready by now.”

He gave her ass a playful slap. “Go put it on the table, I’ll be in, in a minute.”

She smiled and leapt to action, with a bashful kiss on his cheek, and the by now familiar, “Yes, Jimmy.” He watched her ass sway as she returned to the kitchen. She was really settling in to her new role, but Jim knew that he would have to push her boundaries before too long, if he was going to maintain his control over her. When Jim entered the kitchen, Chrissie was placing the plate of bacon and eggs on the table. Jim sat down to his breakfast. “Get up on the table, I want a show while I’m eating.”

“W … What?”

“Do I need to tell you twice?”

“I … It’s just that … Well …” She blushed. “… Don’t you want me to suck you?” Her head dropped.

“I want to watch you play with yourself, I want to see you squeeze your tits and make your nipples hard. I want to see you finger yourself to orgasm. And I want you to do it to please me.”

“But Jimmy …”

Jim knew that this was a crucial moment, Chrissie was testing his authority, he pushed his chair back, grabbed Chrissie by the wrist and dragged her across his lap.

“You were doing so well.” Crack.


“I’m very disappointed.” Crack.


“You have to learn how to behave.” Crack. Crack.


“This is my house.” Crack. “My rules.” Crack.


Crack. “You are not my girlfriend.” Crack. “You are not my wife.” Crack. “Not my partner.” Crack.


“You are my slave.” Crack. “And will learn your place.” Crack. Crack. Crack.

“Ahhh. Please! Jimmy … I’m sorry”

During the punishment Jim had watched Chrissie’s ass turn from milky white to pink to a fiery red. The effect of this sight on him was obvious, his rock-hard prick was pressed into Chrissie’s stomach, he wanted to push her head down into his lap; but that would be rewarding her initial disobedience.

He pushed Chrissie to the floor instead and noted that she immediately spread her legs for him. He shook his head and sighed. “Do you want to be a good slave, or am I just wasting my time?”

Her embarrassment colored her face again. “I’m sorry, Jimmy, I’ll be good. I want you to want me. I want canlı casino siteleri to make you happy.”

“Answer my question. Do you want to be a good slave?” Silence. “Well,” said Jim, “I can pack your bags and have you on the plane in an hour if the answer is no.”

Chrissie nodded her head slowly and quietly whispered “Yes, Jimmy.”

“Then tell me,” Jim replied.


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to serve you and make you happy. I want you to use me for your pleasure.” She paused for a moment, looked down shyly, then said, “I want to be your slave … Please, Jimmy.” She looked up with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t send me home … Let me be your slave. I know you can train me properly. Please, I’ll learn to behave, let me stay and be your … sex slave.”

“Why?” Jim asked.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” she said, the tears still running down her cheeks. “Having you control me like this, I feel so embarrassed, and so sexy; scared, and excited. But I want to please you and make you happy … to make up to you … for before.”

Jim looked at her, he knew that he had her now, she might be disobedient occasionally but there would be no pleasure in having her if she had no spirit. He liked a challenge. “What do you think I will do with you?”

“I don’t care,” she replied, “I belong to you. You can fuck me, punish me, have me suck your cock. Just let me stay.”

“Yes, I will do that and more. I will sodomize you.”

Chrissie’s eyes widened at the thought of having Jim’s huge erection shoved up her rear passage. No one had fucked her ass before. She swallowed and replied “Yes, Jimmy, I understand.”

“I will loan you out to my friends, men and women, for their pleasure, and will enjoy exposing you in public”

He could see that this scared her, but at the same time her breath became ragged again and her tits heaved up and down unevenly, and she was no longer crying. She simply replied, “Whatever pleases you Jimmy, I am at your disposal.”

Jim said “Now get up on that table and do as you were told, while I have my breakfast.”

“Yes, Jimmy.”

Jim was back firmly in control now. “I want you to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm as quickly as you can, but don’t cum until I give you permission.”

“Yes, Jimmy,” she replied as she climbed onto the table in front of him. Her bare ass slid across the tabletop as she positioned his plate between her thighs and dangled her legs over the table edge.

As her cunt opened up to him, Jim could see how wet and excited she had become. She was close to cumming already. As he started his leisurely breakfast, one of Chrissie’s hands darted between her legs, and as her fingers disappeared up her cunt, her palm mashed down on her clit. Her other hand cupped her breast and lifted her nipple to her mouth. She sucked wildly at it, bit it and moved her hand down to join the other one working on her cunt. Her tit was still held up by the nipple clamped between her teeth. Her eyes opened wide and she released the nipple with a sensual low moan. “Oh my god … I’m …”

“Hold it. Not till I tell you,” said Jim calmly as he shoved the last of the bacon in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

“Ahhh … Yes …Ohhh … Ahhh … Jimmy. Ahhh.”

Jim leaned back. He could see the strain on her face and her eyes pleading to be released, and yet she had not slowed her pace at all.

“Ahhheeeeiii!” She was going to explode soon.

“Hold it,” said Jim. He wiped his face, folded the serviette and placed it on the plate. “Very well, you may cum now.

Her body collapsed back on to the table and she screamed her orgasm towards the ceiling. Jim had never heard such a violent climax before. Just as she started to calm down she was hit by a second as powerful as the first. She grabbed at her tits and continued to rub at her cunt. She let out a deep low moan as she was hit by the third and final wave of pleasure.

Jim looked down at her spent body. “Get me a juice,” he said firmly.

“Yes, Jimmy,” she said as she slid unsteadily off the table and staggered to the refrigerator.

When she returned Jim took the glass of juice from her and pushed her down over the back of the chair next to him. He drained the glass, put it on the table, moved in behind her and fondled her ass. She sighed contentedly. He opened his robe and placed the head of his rock-hard prick at the entrance of her cunt. This was it, at last he was going to get to fuck his beautiful sister. She lifted up on her toes, raising her ass slightly in the air, to make it easier for him to penetrate her.

He slid his rod slowly into her, watching it disappear up to the hilt. He could feel the warmth of her body surrounding his cock, and stayed buried within her for as long as he could. Then he started a rhythmic movement back and forth. As he did so, Chrissie let out a small whimper. It wasn’t long before she was building to another climax. Jim too was getting close. The pace of his thrusts was picking up and he could feel the pleasure building. Chrissie was pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts, trying to get him as deep within her as possible. She came again; and the sight of his sister impaled on his prick jerking in spasms of pleasure, sent Jim over the edge. He had been waiting a long time, and his huge load of cum sprayed into her, spurt after spurt.

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