Christmas cums for Vickie and Nick


Vickie & Nick

Only three hours earlier, she had wrapped her arms around her husband’s thick neck, looked into his eyes, and promised him, “When you finish your shift, hurry home. But leave your costume on, I’ve always wondered what it would be like, making love to Santa Clause. My Christmas present to you is going to be best sex session we’ve ever had.”
She kissed him soundly, then whispered in his ear, “You’ve been wanting to do anal, I’ll be ready. Anything my big Santa Clause wants, tonight he gets it.”


Nick had been a professional football player, but an injury to his hip had ended his career, during his second season. He had married Vickie while he was still in the rehab facility. That had been less than two years ago.
It was love at first sight for the nurse and the patient, and that love grew fast and strong.
She stayed after her shift one evening, in his room. As they kissed and petted each other, she told him, smiling into his devouring eyes, “I had a talk with the other girls. They’re going to stay away from your room, and keep the other patients away, too.”
As she started loosening the buttons on her uniform, she noticed the rise in his flannel pajama bottoms, “I’m still a virgin, sweetheart, and right now, you’re not exactly in a good position to be humping, but I’m going to give you a preview of what you’ll be getting, when we get married.”
Taking her time, she moved her beautiful body around the room. The dress dropped to the floor, then the slip, the bra, and finally the bikini panties followed suit. Her large, d-cup tits stood high, firm and proud. Her coal-black hair cascaded down, over her shoulders, long enough to tease her dark nipples.
As she pranced, her hands traveled up and down her creamy skin, tweaking her nipples, and flicking her middle finger across her clit, prompting Nick to unfasten the one button that was holding his cock in hiding.
When it sprang free, Nick began stroking, slowly.

“Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” he told her, as she turned her back toward him, “I haven’t seen many asses, on women anyway, but yours has to be the best one in the world. I can’t casino oyna wait to get out of these fucking braces, and get this cast off my ass. I want you so bad.”
Vickie moved to the edge of the bed, bent slightly, and offered her breasts to her man. As he sucked the tips, and rolled them with his tongue, she moved his hand away from his engorged dick, replacing it with her own.
Nick’s mind was exploding. He’d only known Vickie for a few weeks, but he could picture nobody else in his life, ever.
His moans soon became grunts. Although Vickie had never had sex, she knew his nuts were about to erupt. In a swift move, she withdrew her nipples, kissed her lover, and dropped her luscious lips over the throbbing cock.
That was all it took. The third time her head bobbed up and down, thick, long streams of juicy cum blew into her mouth, and down her throat. She was proud that she’d been able to give Nick some relief, and didn’t lose a drop.
Laying her head on his belly, she continued pulling her hand back and forth, flicking her tongue out to catch the last few, occasional drops.
The blow jobs became a daily routine, for the next two weeks, until it was time for Nick to leave rehab.
The two of them were married in the facility’s chapel, on his last day.

As a result of being a finance major in college, Nick had bought a home, and paid for it, during his first season of football. He was a fast healer, and within a month, he landed a job with a brokerage firm.
Things went well for a while, but when the economy began to turn bad, Nick was caught in a cut back. That had been a month ago.
Because of his size, and personality, he easily found part-time work as a Santa. By contracting as an independent, he was able to charge the stores more money per hour, and deduct more expenses. Nick was a smart man.


The door squeaked very slightly, as the big man eased it open. There lay Vickie, sound asleep, wearing a red Santa hat with matching red lipstick, finger nails, and toe nails….nothing else. Her flawless skin was shining with the moisturizer she had applied, after her shower.
“I’m starting with those gorgeous slot oyna toes,” he thought, “Then I’ll work my way up…..”
He loosened the big brass buckle, which held the broad, black belt in place. The red, velvet, pants dropped to the top of the tall, black boots. His ten inches stood straight out. The cock was stiff enough to hang a beach towel on.
“All the kids grinding against this tonight, and all those mamas with the tight asses & big tits have definitely got me ready for this”, he thought.

Vickie awoke, as he was sucking on her toes. “Mmmmm, just keep that up as long as you want, but feel free to slide up farther, anytime.”
And he did. Little giggles escaped her ruby lips as he kissed the bottoms of her feet. “Your beard tickles,” she snickered.
The giggles and snickers changed to humming & purring as his tongue and teeth traveled past her knees, which were getting further apart, each time he rubbed up and down with the whiskers.
As he reached her pussy, his eyes caught sight of the freshly trimmed bush, shaped like a Christmas tree. He teased her clit with his finger, as his tongue, and kisses, traced the outline of the tree.

Vickie was now rising to the occasion, lifting her ass to the caressing mouth and finger. The fuzzy ball on the end of his hat fell forward, it’s sensual touch, crossing her navel, causing her to catch her breath.
Low, soft moans began uttering from her throat, as his mouth replaced the finger’s assignment, and light suction pulled the clit into his mouth. After a few moments, two fingers entered her cunt, which was already wet with her own, natural lubricant.
The next time she raised her body toward his face, the thumb on his other hand pressed against her virgin asshole. Since Vickie remembered her promise to her husband, and was expecting her very first ass-fuck, she given herself an oil-based enema, then left a little extra body oil just inside. His thick thumb slipped in, easily.

At first, she was a little uncomfortable, but soon accepted the full length of the thumb. The discomfort was replaced with an unusual feeling of anticipation.
His long, thick tongue moved to her hole, canlı casino siteleri and began flicking into, and out of, the warm, moist tunnel. When his free hand cupped her other ass cheek, Vickie felt his other thumb against her sphincter. Slow, steady pressure resulted in a wider intrusion, this one a little more painful.
She had promised Nick, though, so she never whimpered. Within minutes, both thumbs were fucking her ass, in rhythm with the tongue lashing her pussy was receiving.
Then her first orgasm hit. She literally screamed out in ecstasy as another followed the first, then another and another.
Suddenly, one thumb slipped out, and his strong arm hooked under her leg. He flipped her over onto her stomach, and jerked at her waist. Her knees naturally pulled under her, jacking her ass into the air, and backward. She felt his shaft enter through her labia, into the tunnel, and all the way against her cervix.
“Oh…My… God!”, she moaned. Then she thought, “He’s never been this deep, or this hard, before. It hurts, but I love it. I love my Nick.”
In a matter of minutes, his seed firmly planted, he switched holes. Once inside the tight sphincter, he slammed as hard and unmercifully as he could, until he spent his load, again.
She slept…


The sound of jingling bells woke Vickie. The clock read, just past midnight. She could feel soreness in her cunt and asshole, but chalked it up to the extensive cleaning she’d done, in expectation of her promise to Nick.
The bells were fading into the distance, when she heard the front door close. As she rose from her bed, she noticed the soiled linens. “Damn body oil,” she thought, “I’ll change these sheets, quick, before Nick gets upstairs.”


Exactly nine months later, on September 24th, Timothy was born. Although healthy and happy, his legs and arms were stunted. He was a midget.
Three months later, on Christmas Eve, he was taken from his crib, and placed in the big red sleigh along with the rest of last year’s crop.
Santa had impregnated 1000 women one year ago. Now it was time to reap the harvest and take them home.
Taking a quick glance, back into Nick and Vickie’s bedroom, he made a decision….He loosened the big brass buckle, which held the broad, black belt in place……..

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