Church Bitchez Pt.3!!


Church Bitchez Pt.3!!I soon realized what I’ve done and looked at Tabitha , “Oh god… I came inside you… You’re only 18… What if…”She didn’t look worried, but before she could explain, her tutor beat her to it. “Relax Kevin , we all took the pill before we planned all this.” their leader proclaimed, “I didn’t want our first time to be hindered by condoms. Didn’t want us getting pregnant either.””You girls… really thought this through…”Michelle got off the desk and walked over to us, squatting down in front of us, “Of course. I wanted you all to myself, but I knew Taby had a thing for you, and well, I figured things would go a little more smoothly if I had an accomplice.””What about that Kaitlin girl?””My younger sister. I mean, Taby is still a bit of a wild card but I know I can count completely on my sister in case she wanted to tell on us. She doesn’t know you, but hey, it was her 18th birthday 2 weeks ago, I figure you’d make a good late birthday gift.”Tabitha rolled off me and kissed me sweetly on the lips, “Thank you so much… I’ll never forget this…”Before her peer could so anything, Kaitlin moved in, “C’mon s*s.. let me have him first…”The leader looked at her and then back at me. “Fine. I guess you’re getting the best for last.”She then leaned in and took my cock in her mouth, sucking on the head, trying to liven it up for round 3. Kaitlin rubbed my balls and stroked whatever wasn’t in Michelle ‘s mouth, and started to kiss me. I haven’t kissed her until now, so I let her do as she pleased, as her tongue soon found its way to mine. It was gonna take a while before my cock could harden again, it was bit sore, but it was clear the sisters were enjoying themselves taking their time and playing with it. Tabitha watched us but was slowly dozing off, her body giving in to the exhaustion.A few minutes of tender loving care upon my tired worn out cock from the curious mouths of the Colmillo sisters served to stiffen it up for another go. As agreed, Michelle leaned back and let her sister go at me first. Kaitlin wasted no time in kissing me wildly, her tongue once again tasting mine, as her hand jerked my shaft eagerly. She pulled me on top her, still kissing me, only breaking from my lips to say “Fuck me baby….”I had to admit, the sight of this horny virgin girl’s sweet shaven cunt eager to be taken by me made me want to do just that.Kaitlin was even thinner than Delia , so I had to be careful with her. I rubbed the head against her cunt, hoping my precum would make even easier, despite how incredibly halkalı escort wet she was already. Her blue eyes shimmered with desire, as she looked up at me, eager to bust her cherry. Her little groan drove me crazy as I forced the head to part her sweet lips. I gasped for breath myself as I forced about 4 thick inches inside her. She was so tight, her small lovehole clenched onto my dick like a vice, almost struggling to let me take her. She winced in slight pain as I finally broke her chastity, but the intense feeling of having a hard throbbing cock insider her soon made her forget. Or even care. She was taking my meatrod and fucking loving it.”Oh my gawd!!! It feels so good!! It feels so fuckin’ good!! Oh gawd, don’t stop!!!” the horny girl would scream as her senses were racked.She was such a skinny little thing. I didn’t dare enter her fully. Thrashing her with a bit more than half my shaft seemed to be doing more than enough to make her scream for more. Rather than going nice and slow, her teen twat felt so good, I couldn’t help just outright fucking her good and hard. I didn’t even know this young woman before all this, so I ravaged her little cunt on lustful impulse alone. I had to admit, her little tits were tempting as they bounced with each thrust I gave her tiny body. I soon raised her shirt and yanked her bra off, helping myself to her luscious orbs, licking and sucking them while my pole continued to drive itself into her. “Oh gawd… it feels so good!!! I love it!!! I fuckin’ love it!!!”Kaitlin was overwhelmed by the savage pleasure rocking her body and she soon let out an intense groan as she came all over my cock. She came a little too soon for me, as I was still quite hard and eager to continue. The girl laid there, lost in her own orgasm, moaning lightly as I continued to fuck her little pussy. I wanted to cum inside her too! And bring her to a second climax. But suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder.”That’s enough of that. She had her fun. It’s my turn now. I’m not sure if you can get hard after cumming a 3rd time, so if you’re gonna lose it, it better be inside me.” I turned to face the older sister of the girl I just wild sex with. It was finally time to fuck Michelle .I had to admit… I wanted her badly. Except for her socks, the woman I’ve been wanting to fuck for so long stood naked before me… and damn did she ever look so fuckin’ fine. Her long dark silky hair, her big round tits, her long sexy thighs, and that perfect taksim escort pussy of hers…. all coupled by an almost adorable lustful smile knowing she was finally getting what she wanted. She held my hand and helped me get back up, pulling me into a deep long kiss. I surprised her as I kissed her back without hesitation. I held her close and wrestled with her tongue once again, my hands reaching behind her to grope her tight firm ass. Her hands wandered down to get a nice grip on my hard thick cock, in desperate need of release since I didn’t finish earlier.”Admit it Kevin , you want this as badly as I do.” Even if she was right, I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing I was practically all hers.”Let’s just get this done, Michelle …”She took my hand and led me back towards the teacher’s desk. She carefully sat on it and laid back, spreading her legs again for me, only this time, there was no dress in the way. She didn’t even have to ask. I just walked over and started to position my cock near her opening. This was it. Half of it was to pay her back for putting me into this predicament; the other half was doing what I’ve wanted to do to the snobby bitch for years… She smiled at me and closed her eyes, savoring the feel of me rubbing the head in circles against her entrance. Suddenly and without giving a damn anymore, I rammed my thick rod inside her all in one go. She let out a painful scream, her eyes snapping wide open as I buried all 7 rock-hard inches inside her in one violent motion. Tears formed as she felt her cherry destroyed in that brief instant. She could barely gasped as I pulled most of it back out and then rammed it all back in. I grabbed her hips and did this slow hard thrusting a few more times, the woman barely able to gasp and moan.”What the fuck Kevin?! T-take it slow!! You’re hurting me!!””You wanted this Michelle , so now take it bitch!”Without holding back, I slammed at her like a jackhammer. Violent screams filled the room as she was being rocked by the force of my thick dick plunging into her ravaged cunt. I had to admit, she felt good. Real good, probably the best fuck I had in a while. By now Tabitha was out like a light and Kaitlin tried to get up, too exhausted to help her sister. Suddenly Michelle grabbed onto the sides of the desk and did her best to thrust against me. Fuck, she was actually enjoying the rough treatment!I was surprised, but we were now both thrashing against each other. She looked at me, trying to speak as she moaned, “You’re şişli escort a bit of a bad boy yourself… aren’t you Kevin?”I could only moan and breathe heavily. Her tightness felt so good, I could barely contain myself. “Oh fuck.. you’re so intense.. don’t tell me you’re not loving this!! You love my pussy don’t you? A Mexican guy like you just loooves the white pussy, don’t you?”Truth was, I did love it. The sweet sensation of her cunt slurping on my head each time I pulled back was driving me to the edge. I dare say she was the best pussy I ever had. Still defiant I answered with, “Just… just shut up and cum already…”She grabbed me and pulled me on top of her, kissing me like her most passionate lover. I mounted her as I continued to fuck her against the desk. My hands squeezed those juicy tits of hers as I continued to thrust against her. All that was heard now were moans and sounds of selfish pleasure.I couldn’t take much more, I was about to cum. Michelle continued to wrap her tongue around mine as she bucked her hips wildly against my cock. Each thrust slammed out hips together, as all of my cock was completely buried inside her. Her fingers dug into my back as I could tell her body was about to submit as well. We broke the kiss as both of us released blissful moans as we both reached climax. I can’t believe how hard I shot inside her, as did she tremble and shake as her cunt came roughly as well. Breathing raggedly, the woman let go of me and just lay there, as I continued to pump into her a few more times until I emptied myself completely inside her.A slight silence filled the air, as we both held each other and struggled to calm down and breathe normally. Our eyes were locked into each other, as we could say nothing but rough worn out panting. Kaitlin was starting to get dressed again and she was shaking Tabitha up, to try to wake the blonde. Despite everything, I savored Michelle ‘s sweet embrace and was a little proud that I finally managed to have her. I finally moved a little and got off her, she was too tired to keep me on top of her. I looked for my pants and started to get dressed. Half-awake, the only blonde in the room was the one to finally say something, “Wow… it’s late… We really should be going… I guess I dozed off a little…”Getting dressed herself, she looked at me and her tutor, “Oh my god… so you two… um…””Yep… and man, he was so worth the wait… I think I’m gonna enjoy your company from now on Kevin .”I froze as I looked at the dark haired woman dead in the eye; “You said it was just this one time…”Michelle smiled and kissed my lips lightly.”Not even. You think after an intense fuck like that I’m gonna let you go? You’re gonna make a great fuckbuddy…”Fuckbuddy…?””Yes my dear Kevin , from now on whether you like it or not, you are my lover. And I think you’re really going to like it.”

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