Closing Time

Big Tits

Maggie ran the Spread Eagle pub with her 20 year old daughter Rebecca. Rebecca had been about to go to University a couple of years before, when her Dad & Maggie’s husband, Harry, had died of a heart attack. Despite Maggie’s protests, Rebecca had insisted on staying & helping keep the pub going.

The pub was situated just outside a small village, in the middle of nowhere. Business used to be fairly steady, as it was on a country road, which happened to be a link road between 2 large towns. (In fact, it had probably served in the same way for centuries.)

This had all changed 5 years ago, when a by-pass was built, taking all the traffic with it. Business had been slow ever since. The struggle to make ends meet had caught up with Harry & had sent him into an early grave.


Maggie had managed to tone herself up in the last year or so. She had decided to make more of an effort & go to the gym in the nearby town, a couple of times a week. She hadn’t managed to lose all of her weight, but she wasn’t looking too bad & she somehow hadn’t lost any weight in her 36C breasts. She had recently had her brown styled like Edie from Desperate Housewives, (even though she wasn’t a blonde). She had finally accepted that Harry had gone & she had decided it was time to move on. This wasn’t easy, though, as the only men she ever met, (apart from the Brewery’s delivery men – she’d eyed them up as well), were the locals. She found several of them ruggedly handsome, but it wasn’t the same as Harry. So she had rebuffed all their offers, so far.

On the surface, Rebecca was a frumpy young girl, who kept herself to herself. She wore baggy clothes & always slouched, even when standing, letting her long brown hair fall over her pretty face. Several of the regulars thought she might have a stunning body hidden away, but that was all it was – speculation. They teased her about her prudishness, but secretly, they all would’ve liked to get into her.

The only person who Rebecca ever confided in, (apart from her friends on the internet), was Vicky, who helped behind the bar several times a week, when Maggie went to the gym. They had been friends since school, although they couldn’t have been different now. Whereas Rebecca was shy & reserved, Vicky was never afraid to say what she thought. When it came to men, she always seemed to get what she wanted. She had slept wit over a dozen men & she was still only the same age as Rebecca. She was a perky blonde with smaller tits than the other women. She wasn’t fussed casino oyna though. As long as she had a cock ready to satisfy her several times a week, she was happy.

Rebecca thought that her jealousy was well-hidden, but Vicky understood her far better than she realised. Vicky used this to her advantage on many occasions, including talking Rebecca into getting her this job. She knew that Rebecca was far more perverted than she was, but had never had the opportunity to try anything with a boy. Rebecca’s plan, (or so Vicky let her think it was), was about to be tested.


It was closing time on a Friday night. Business wasn’t picking up, although the handful of regulars still supported them. Maggie feared that she might soon have to lay off Vicky. If Vicky was aware of this, she showed no sign of it.

They started to clean around the main bar. The pub was built in the Victorian times & as such had all of the Victorian timbers & low roofs that you would expect. The open fire in each room was the only lighting available & also served as the main source of warmth. Maggie thought that everyone had already gone home. She wasn’t aware of the 3 patrons who were sitting in one of the rear rooms. They hadn’t asked for a pint now for over an hour, so she assumed they must have left through one of the side doors.

While she carried on cleaning the main bar, her daughter & Vicky went to sort out some of the other smaller rooms.

Now Rebecca could see if her plan had worked. Vicky had assured her that she would keep watch, while Rebecca could ‘explore’ the sleeping male forms. The sedatives that Vicky had placed in the 3 drinks would knock them out til the morning. Vicky also assured Rebecca that the sedatives wouldn’t affect the rest of their bodies.

Rebecca got nervous when she saw that there was only 1 sleeping man in the room. Phil lay unconscious on the floor by his table. Vicky said not to worry. She would go & check to see where the other bloke had gotten to.

Rebecca calmed herself down, when she was left on her own. She was determined to go through with this, now. She wasn’t worried about her Mum finding her. She knew her Mum trusted her to get on with the cleaning up. They often went to bed without seeing each other afterwards. Besides, Vicky promised to distract her mother. That was enough for Rebecca.

She rolled Phil onto his back. He was motionless. The only way she knew he was alive was by the slight rise in his well-muscled chest with each breath. She slot oyna was tempted to strip him completely, but right now, she was too horny for that. She immediately started to undo the buttons on his jeans. She could hardly wait! After all this preparation, she could finally get her hands (& pussy!) on a real-life willy – no, wait – cock.

After unbuttoning his jeans, she really had to battle to get them down to his knees. Once done, however, all that lay between her & first dick, was Phil’s boxer shorts. Reaching with trembling hands, she slowly pulled his boxers down to his knees as well. She was a little disappointed at first. He was as bid as one her fingers & soft. It didn’t look anything like the ones on the internet. There was also far more pubic hair than she expected.

Still, she’d gotten this far. She was going to see it through. She touched his penis lightly, expecting some sort of reaction. Nothing happened. She lifted it up, so she could study it from all angles. As she moved in closer, the smell was intoxicating. She closed her eyes, relishing it.

Without realising it, she had wrapped her hand around him. Her fingers were just about touching, as he slowly hardened. She still hadn’t noticed this, though. She felt his warmth.

As she opened her eyes again, she noticed how hard he was becoming now. This was more like it. Her fingers no longer reached around him. She marvelled at the wonder of this wonderful piece of man-flesh. A new warmth began to spread from her crotch.

She began to wonder what he might taste like. She was also amazed at how easily the skin slid up & down.

By the time she had plucked up the courage to lick the tip, he had stopped growing any further, sticking out at least 8 inches from his pubic area. She dabbed the salty tasting liquid, hesitantly at first, then licking up all of his moisture, as she learned she liked it. This just got better & better!

If there would ever be a next time, then she would have to try to take him further into her mouth. But right now, she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to have him in her pussy!

She quickly undressed. Before, she would have been considered a prude. Now, all she could think about was ‘what will it feel like to finally have my pussy stuffed with this wonderful cock?’.

She quickly yanked off her baggy trousers & over-sized jumper. Her attractive body was finally visible through her granny knickers & t-shirt. Normally, she would have been embarrassed about the moisture that was showing canlı casino siteleri through her knickers, but not right now. She pulled t-shirt off quickly, leaving her standing in her bulging bra & knickers. Both were quickly removed. She rubbed her boobs absent-mindedly, at first, just enjoying the freedom of nudity. But, then, enjoying the feeling. She took after her mother in that department. They were a healthy 36B & still growing, possibly!

She was about to start rubbing her pussy, but then caught herself. ‘This time, you’ve got the real thing, you fool!’, she told herself. It was hard not to jump & impale herself on the blunt tool. But she held back. Her brain had just enough control, to make her take it slowly. She got out one of her pre-prepared condoms.

She straddled Phil’s chest & slowly lowered herself down. As she approached his body, she reached for his still hard cock. With a little effort, she rolled the condom down. She then pointed his tip towards her fanny. The tip forced the lips open, but he was so wide, she was really struggling. She forced herself down. He was a lot wider than her vibrator!

She was breathing heavily, now. She had no idea how long she’d been fooling around. She looked down & was amazed to see that he was half way in! How did that happen? She had to stop every centimetre, or so. Bit by bit, though, she forced her internal walls to stretch, to accommodate his enormous girth. Her juices were flowing more freely now.

After a while, she felt his hairs tickle his lips. That couldn’t be true! She looked down. With one last shove, she was completely impaled on his red-hot poker! She sighed with contentment & closed her eyes again. It still hurt quite a bit, but she finally felt like a woman.

As she grew accustomed to his width, she lifted herself up slightly, then slid back down, like she’d heard about on the internet. A whole new world seemed to beckon her. Why had she waited so long? The vibe felt nice, but it was a poor substitute for a real flesh & blood cock.

As her moisture increased, her pussy slid more easily over his cock & her speed increased. She started to slam herself up & down. She was drenching Phil’s crotch. She had long since lost all of her awareness of what was going on around her. Her core had taken control & wouldn’t let go, until it got what it wanted. She was moving fast, now. She could feel something building. It had felt nice with her vibe & even with her fingers, but this was something else.

She felt the thick cock start to swell. She was oblivious to this, though, as her first orgasm shook through her. She lost control & consciousness. When she came to a short while later, lying next to Phil, she felt very weak. She would have to do this more often…

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