Coached in College


Chapter 1

I first met Beth at the restaurant where we both worked. We were both seniors in high school, both enrolled in colleges, mine about two hundred miles away, Beth’s about one hundred and fifty miles from where we lived but the colleges were only about eighty miles distant from one another.

Any way, Beth and I really hit it off, neither one of us had dated a lot, we both sensed right off that our combined sexual experience wouldn’t make a decent paragraph.

I really fell for Beth, she was always so neat and fresh-looking. Kind of preppy with Izod polo shirts, plaid skirts, sweaters, the whole LL Bean look. And, she filled out these clothes very nicely, as well. She was slender, five foot eight, one hundred fifteen pounds, just a wonderful figure, a smile that lit up the room and auburn hair that had an amazing sheen. Oh, I was a goner.

We were both waiting tables, that scourge of a job so many high school and college kids get into to try to stash away some savings. Well, we were soon dating, then steadily, then an item. Beth had the use of one of her parent’s cars and she took me home each night after work, where we parked in my driveway and talked and talked for hours.

Slowly, we began to become more involved and began to kiss, then neck and make-out. We both seemed reluctant to risk having the other say, ‘no,’ so we only lightly steamed-up the windows.

Then, one evening after work, we were parked in my driveway necking and she reached down, took my hand and placed it on her breast. Even through her blouse and bra, I could feel her hard nipple which I began rubbing and squeezing through all those layers of fabric. Oh, did I get hard.

She didn’t touch me where I was hoping she would and we just did basically the same thing, neck with a nice feel on the outside of her clothing. That was the rest of our summer together.

Then the fall came and we were off to college.

We talked a lot by phone and email and were able to see each other every three or four weeks and had become very close to each other, sharing our inner selves, our secrets and, yes, talking quite a lot about our love for each other and about sex.

During the first half of our freshman years, we didn’t up the ante much sexually, except that we were now naked above the waist with each other and I was delighted to have Beth’s beautiful breasts to pet and hold, to fondle and kiss and suck. Yes, there were nights when I could hardly walk but I was so happy and in love with both Beth and her breasts, that it was enough.

The big change in our relationship sexually really began with Lauren, Beth’s roommate. Now, before you start going, ‘aha, roommate, threesome, wild, kinky sex parties,’ you can slow way down.

No, Lauren and Beth had become good friends, they had a lot in common, but one thing they didn’t have in common was their sexual experience. Beth, as you know, has had her boobs kissed and sucked, Lauren, well, Lauren told Beth she all about her sexual experience and she was way ahead.

Lauren was very good looking with large breasts that always seemed to attract guys wanting to fuck her and she seemed to welcome most overtures.

Yes, she had paired up in multiples, once with three guys and she and another girl and, then, a rather long-term threesome with two guys. So, Lauren, as soon as she discovered Beth’s lack of experience, began coaching her on how to get an orgasm under just about any circumstance that might ever arise.

The two girls had many long talks about sex and Beth told me some of the details and I also came in for some kidding from Lauren with a never-ending series of ‘cock’ jokes always at my expense and fairly frequent tries to cop a feel of my dick. She was not shy.

After a while, her jokes and jibes became expected and her extreme openness about sex did have the effect of opening Beth and I to expanding our sexual repertoire.

We soon were naked except for our lower underwear and would hump each other to orgasm.

We had been giving each other orgasms this way for some time but I think we knew then that it was just a matter time before we gave each other our virginity.

During this time, Lauren was often out of the dorm, so Beth and I had lots of time together. But, we had also become much more comfortable even when she was there. I often just had my briefs on and the two girls often just wore bras and panties.

Then, Lauren started kidding us with virgin jokes all the time. She just kept it up trying to push us along to having sex. I do know that Beth and Lauren were talking very openly about how far we had gone and Lauren was giving lots and lots of advice.

One Friday after I got there, we had opened a large bottle of Chianti and proceeded to get a bit sloshed.

“Let’s play ‘Strip Poker,’ guys. You two being such virgins casino oyna and all, we’ll keep our underwear on so you’re not scandalized by the ‘wicked’ Lauren.”

Rising to the taunt, we both agreed and she got the cards. In about an hour, I was in my briefs, trying to hold my legs just so to shield my very hard cock. Beth still had on her top, bra and panties, while Lauren was in her bra and panties. Now, her bra left nothing to my imagination, her nipples were easily visible through the sheer fabric.

So, since I was down to my last article of clothing, Beth said that we had played the last hand and tossed her cards into the middle between us.

But Lauren piped up with, “Well, since I’m not the virgin here, I guess I want to play the last hand,” so we did. And, Lauren lost. She snapped open the front of her bra and I gazed upon an absolutely stunning pair of quite large breasts. These were ‘Playboy’ breasts and had nipples poking out that just made me hungry for them. I know, I know, the girl I love is also sitting there and, yes, I love her with all my heart. But my eyes and my cock were riveted to Lauren’s stunning breasts.

“What do you think, Lewis? Nice?”

“Oh, Lauren, you could be in Playboy easily.”

“Well, Beth, how about you? I’ve shown Lewis mine, he’s already seen your’s before and you’ve told me how he loves to suck on them. Well, girl, how about it? It’s just Lewis.”

I looked at Beth and she was reaching behind and as I watched, her bra came off and her lovely breasts came out. Four beautiful breasts, was I in heaven.

Then Lauren stood up and pulled down her panties and stood in front of us wearing only her smile. She could be in Playboy. Nice, slim waist, hips that promised passion, and a perfect plump slit with just a slight glistening of moisture. I thought my dick would burst.

We just sat there dumfounded.

“Come on, you little virgins. Lewis, let’s see that cock of yours. Beth, isn’t it about time he saw all of you? I have and you’re really beautiful. Lewis loves you, honey, show him your body. He’d love to see your pussy.”

We still just sat there.

“Oh, you virgins, loosen up. Get naked, you have to begin sometime, show me that nice, virgin cock, Lewis, and I’ll show Beth how to make you spurt your cum out.”

To tell the truth, I would have done it but I was waiting on Beth to make a move and she didn’t.

“Well, guys. I’m having a little fun,” and she turned and went over to her bedside table and took out a dildo and came back over as she waved it back and forth. She sat on the floor with her back against the bed, spread her legs wide, presenting us with her open pussy, and slid the dildo into her mouth, then right up into her yawning pussy as she said to us, “Umm, this is how it’s done,” and pressed it in until it was almost all up inside her.

Then she began stroking it in and out, all the time looking right at the two of us. I couldn’t help it, I began rubbing the bulge in my briefs and Beth was staring mesmerized at Lauren masturbating for us.

“Mmm, oh, oh,” and Lauren began rubbing her clit with her other hand as she fucked herself with the dildo.

“Ew, yeah. Mmm, uh, uh, oh, oh, feels so good. Nice and deep, um, yeah,” as she stroked faster and faster, rubbing her clit round and round.

“Oh, YES, YES, UMMM, UUHN, uh, uh, uh, oh, mmm.”

She lay there for a few minutes slowly stroking in and out as we sat there stunned at what we had witnessed. Then, suddenly, she jumped up, hurriedly pulled on her clothes and said, “The place is yours, have fun,” and left.

As she pulled the door closed behind her, Beth looked at me and said, “Wow, that was something. Maybe she’s right,” and she pulled her panties down, then reached over and pulled mine off.

Beth jumped up over me and began kissing me running her tongue all around my mouth and her hands all around my body. I felt her grip my cock then pull up off my mouth and kiss my neck, then chest, working her way quickly down to my cock which she kissed the head of, then opened her lips and took it inside and began to suck me.

“Oh, Beth, oh, honey, mmm, that’s wonderful. Oh, you’re making me feel so good, so good.”

I was so wound-up by that point, I felt an orgasm rocketing up.

“OH, OH, BETH, OH, I’M…UUN, uuh, uh, oh, Beth, I love you so much, oh, so much.”

She didn’t stop sucking me, so I coaxed her into a sixty-nine position tugging her leg up over me and she pressed down over me as I felt her wet pussy touch my mouth. Oh, wonderful, I thought, as I licked and kissed as I brought my hands up and began running my fingertips along the edges of her pussy.

Then, I pulled her pussy apart to lick up and down as it lay open over me. Beth began to moan rather loudly, something that was new between the two of us, and she began slot oyna moving her hips around obviously greatly enjoying what I was doing.

“OH, LEWIS, OH, OH, UUUH, uuuh, uh, oh, I am so happy, Lewis, that feels so good. I want us to do this lots and lots,” as she ground her wetness into my face.

“Oh, Lewis, I love you so much. Oh, so much.”

“I love you, too, Beth, I love you the most I possibly can. I want us to be together forever. You are so wonderful. I love everything there is about you. Oh, and your body. Oh, I want you so much now.”

“Mmm, you’re gonna get a lot of my body from now on, a lot.”

The rest of the weekend we gave each other oral sex numerous times and masturbated each other many times. Beth loves to jack me off and have my cum splatter all over her breasts, then rub her breasts all over my chest.

We also discussed intercourse, all the ins and outs, so to speak, what to use for protection, when we would do it, what we wanted to try, just lots of things. We would get some condoms for next weekend and on Monday, Beth would go to the clinic and get on the pill, we were ready.

Chapter 2

We talked all week about having sex, what we wanted to do, how we wanted the atmosphere and ambiance, everything. I took an earlier bus and as I got off, Beth was there with open arms. As we kissed, I became aware that something was missing…her bra.

“Bethie, you forgot your bra,” I whispered in her ear as we hugged. She let go, stood back and asked, “Like my new look?”

“What do you think?” I said, nodding down to the bulge in my pants. Ah, we were off to a perfect start.

When we got to her room, Lauren was there and she gave us both kisses and handed us a fancy bottle of chilled champagne and two glasses and told us to enjoy our weekend, she’d see Beth on Monday. She then leaned over to me and said, “Just take it nice and slow, Lewis. You know that but I’m just reminding you. I’ll be thinking of you two all weekend.”

Well, it looks like Lauren is in on our plans.

Beth had candles all set out and flowers. Her bed was covered with decorator pillows and towels and there was a nice aroma in the room. I put down my overnight bag with the new box of condoms lurking inside and she showed me the package of spermicide she had bought for a little extra protection. Good thinking.

We went for dinner at the college cafeteria and ate in a far corner to try to keep the evening’s romantic mood alive.

I got the champagne out of the fridge and opened it and we rather quickly sipped our way through half of it. The candles were lit, the music cued up and I slowly began unbuttoning Beth’s shirt as we kissed. I kissed downward along her shoulders and the top of her breasts, then on to her hard nipples.

Beth was busy taking my shirt off and began to caress my chest and back, then moved her hands up to my head and brought my head down further onto her breasts.

She reached down and began unbuttoning my jeans, then bent down and tugged them to the floor and helped me step out of them. I pulled Beth’s skirt and panties off, then she pulled down my briefs which were strained holding me in. As I tossed her panties aside, I felt their wetness and knew how much she was anticipating our lovemaking.

I lifted her up and placed her on the bed and lay down next to her as we continued kissing and feeling each other. I was enthralled sucking her nipples as she fondled my cock and I began kissing and licking my way down to her navel which I tongued, down her abdomen, then along her slit. She moaned and put her hands down to spread her labia and whispered, “Lick me inside, Lewis, eat me.”

I got down between her legs and licked and tongued her as she sat up holding herself open watching me. I looked up at her and she was smiling with a far-away look in her eyes.

“Oh, Lewis, oh, you make me so happy. That feels so good. Oh, I want to do you, please, I want to,” and she got up over me and took my dick in her hand and began licking circles all around the tip. Oh, I think Lauren has been coaching her. She then licked up and down the shaft and, as I watched, my cock disappeared completely in her mouth as she started sucking up and down.

“Oh, Beth, that feels so good, oh, so good. I really can’t wait. I want us to make love, oh, I want you so bad.”

She got up and said that we needed to get ready and she took the gel and put a plunger-full up into her as I rolled on my first condom.

We toasted each other with another sip of champagne and then I laid her back down and she spread her legs wide, pulled her knees up some and I got up between them and began to kiss her lips, neck, breasts and belly, then, Beth took hold of me and guided my dick to her opening. The gel was pretty slippery and, of course, she was very wet anyway, so when I pushed, canlı casino siteleri the tip end of my cock went inside her with little resistance.

“Mmm, I feel you inside me. Just the end, right?”

“So far. Is it okay?”

“Oh, yes, just go ahead.”

I pushed in some more and went back and forth for several minutes and, soon, I was all the way inside.

“Well, that wasn’t bad,” she said, “Not like some girls have told me.”

I was now taking nice, long, slow strokes in and out and it felt wonderful. I have never, ever, felt anything this good.

“Oh, Lewis, I can’t believe how wonderful this feels. Oh, you just fill me up so good. Promise me you’ll love me and fuck me all of my life.”

“Oh, I do love you, I love you so much. This is a perfect way for us to love each other. I’m glad we waited but I’m glad we’re doing it.”

“Mmm, oh, Lauren was right, once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do it every possible moment after. I wanna see, see you going in and out of me,” and she sat up some and we worked around so she was sitting in my lap facing me and when we leaned back on our elbows, we could watch our fucking. There was some blood but she had put down some towels under the sheets.

“We’re no longer virgins, Lewis, we’re fucking and I love to watch you go in and out of me. Oh, it’s wonderful,” and she leaned forward and we kissed deeply.

“I know what I want,” she said, as she rolled over and got up and squatted over me.

“I want on top,” as she led me into her as she sat down over me. When she started moving up and down, I thought I might pass out it felt so good.

“Oh, Bethie, that is incredible. Nothing could ever feel better than this.”

“Mmm, I really like it, too. Lauren was right. She said she loves being on top and that I should try it. Oh, do you get up nice and deep inside me. It’s just a whole new feeling. Oh, Lewis.”

She would raise herself up to where my dick almost came out of her, almost out, then, slowly, oh so slowly lower herself back down taking me all the way inside her. It was heavenly. She just kept going slowly up and down, the feelings were fantastic. I could tell that I was getting near an orgasm.

“Hon, I’m really close. It just feels so good, I’m almost…OOH, OOH, uuh. uuh, oh, Beth, oh, honey, I love you so much. So much,” and I pulled her down to kiss her over and over.

“Are you close?” I asked.

“No, but that’s okay. Don’t worry. Let’s just enjoy each other’s bodies. Maybe you should put on a new condom,” so she got up off me and I pulled off the old condom and rolled on a new one.

She got back over me and lowered down, then reached back and held me as she pressed down. I did slowly slide up into her and then she started rocking back and forth once again. I had cummed not long before but it still felt just about as good as the first time.

“Mmm, do you feel good. This is so good.”

Then, she pushed hard down pressing me as far inside her as I could go, and began to twist her hips around grinding down on me. Probably more advice from Lauren, the expert.

“Feel good?”

“Oh, Beth, yes, oh, yes, it sure does. Wonderful. You’re gonna make me cum again.”

“Good, good, I love making you cum. Feels good when you do, huh?”

“Especially when I’m deep inside you like this. I’m not far off.”

“Mmm, just go ahead, I want you to. I want you to be happy.”

“Oh, I’ve never thought I’d ever be this happy. I want to be with you forever. I love you so much. Oh, oh, UUN, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, oh, Beth, I love you so much, oh, so much,” and she dropped forward over me and covered my face with kisses. She was crying.

“Beth, honey, what’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

“I’m just so happy, that’s all, just hold me, Lewis, just hold me tight. I’m so happy.”

We lay there for some time, my cock still inside her, a bit less erect than before but still feeling very good. She got off me and I pulled off the condom and we lay there naked in each other’s arms and lovingly and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

We woke dreamily Sunday morning about nine and lay there holding each other, kissing, petting, fondling. Then a mad dash to each respective bathroom for a quick clean-up and returned to her room.

“Look what was in the girl’s bathroom with our name on it,” she said, holding a fresh bottle of champagne and a beautiful bowl of fresh strawberries.

“The note says, ‘Congrats, Love, Lauren.’ Isn’t she sweet?”

I put the wine to chill in the fridge and we went back to bed knowing I had to be at the bus station for the three o’clock bus back to my college.

The champagne, all the strawberries and three condoms were all utilized in the remaining hours of our time together.

Beth didn’t have an orgasm the first weekend but as she was kissing me goodbye at the station, she pulled my hand up under her skirt, pressed it to her bare, wet pussy and said, “I’ll see you next weekend, remember, you owe me an orgasm.” I came back the next weekend and she did have an orgasm. And three more as a bonus.

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