Coffee adventure


Coffee adventurewritten for glnwar148 I went to get a coffee at this cute little shop I know as I walked in there were a people there nothing special but the girl at the counter was especially beautiful she was a petit vixen couldn’t be taller than 5’6 or so but i didnt mind it put her face directly at my breasts. Anyways im 6’2 and very busty at a 36dd and very sexy I was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sport bra ready to go to the gym as i waited in line for my coffee i couldn’t help but notice the brunette servicing everyone she looked beautiful even though her uniform wasnt very flattering but the button up shirt she was wearing wasn’t hiding her amazing rack id say it was a d cup. So finally i was at the counter and placed my order I could see she was checking me out and fumbled a bit but it was cute and she smiled when i told her she was cute.We made small talk as she was working and a little light flirting as my ice coffee was ready she fumbled and it ended up spilling all over my canlı bahis tits and stomach she looked so embarrassed and started apologising I told her it was alright and she smiled shyly and she showed me the employee bathroom to clean up she was still apologising as we got to the door and I turned to face her, I caught her off guard as i kissed her slowly and gently. She was shocked and withdrew a bitin surprise as i pressed her against the wall my tits in her face as i leaned into her, I saw you checking me out Ashley reading her name tag as i pressemy body against hers slowly you didn’t spill my coffee on purpose and with that I kissed her deeply. She didn’t have to say anything her mouth gave me my answer as she sucked my tongue and returned my kiss.We stood there making out and I was undoing her shirt she grabbed and squeezed my ass as she ran a hand down my thigh, this girl was getting into it as much as I was we kissed and felt each other. I opended her shirt naughty girl wasnt wearing bahis siteleri a bra and her tits were definitely d cups i grabbed them and squeezed as i rolled her nipples between my fingers she was so warm and soft i bit her neck as i squeezed and caressed her breasts harder she whimpered softly and let out a soft moan i lifted her up and held her as i kissed and licked her breasts she was grabbing my hair and pulling my head into her. She stopped me and lead me to the storage room where she locked the door and we continued i had her pants off and she was laying spread out ontop of her clothes as i went down on her she tasted delicious as i ran my tongue up and down her soft shaved pussy she was moaning now as i spread her open and began sucking her clit.Yes dont stop, dont stop please she breathily said as i sucked her clit harder and she bucked her hips cumming as i continued my assault she was squirming and i loved it.I leaned up and told her to lick her juices off my lips as she did güvenilir bahis as she was told i took my pants off as i was soaking at this point i swung her into a 69 with my ontop and i sat up smothering her with my pussy as she licked and sucked i massaged her tits and rode her face, yes eat that pussy god your tongue feels so good i felt her tongue inside me as i ground my hips on her face feeling my orgasm building i squeezed her tits harder and that made her fuck me harder. I came all over her face and turned around so i could taste myself on her i got ontop of her and we began grinding our pussies against each other as i held her tight we were both breathing heavily as we tribbed ourselves to another orgasm.We layed together catching our breath as i kissed her softly holding her in my arms she finally broke the silence and said that was amazing i kissed her again and she jumped up remembering the other customers and tried dressing quickly but i came up behind her and grabbed her tits and kissed her neck she was putty in my hands as she turned and we made out slowly and passionately. The names Sasha and Id love to see you again Ashley same time tomorrow i said and we both laughed as i kissed her again.

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