College Camping Experience Ch. 04


This story is a continuation of a story about a group of 18 year old senior girls who take a yearly camping trip filled with female fun and nudity.

The next morning, Ally wakes up. She hears giggling outside the tent. She rubs the sleep from her eyes, throws on a tank top and pajama pants, then unzips the tent and looks out. Cloe and Mandy are huddled around a cellphone that Beth is holding. They appear to be watching something. Ally is in shock when she hears her moans coming from the cellphone.

Beth looks over at the tent and sees Ally. “Come over hear Ally. You need to see how hot you look in this video.”

Ally wonders how they had gotten a video tape of her. She remembers hearing a flash, but she doesn’t remember anyone video taping her. Ally hesitates, unsure she wants to see the video.

“Come on!” Cloe says, waving her hand toward the girls.

Ally climbs out of the tent where Molly is still sleeping. She stands up and slowly walks toward the three girls, looking at their faces in an attempt to read their motivations. She stands next to Mandy and watches in horror as the camera looks down on her and Molly making love to each other. The video looks like it is looking through mesh. The phone must have been placed on the open space on top of the tent.

She finds it awkward to watch her body move as Molly is pleasing her. Ally takes a step back and stops watching. She places her hands on her hips and turns away.

“God this is hot.” Beth says with a voice that sounds taunting.

“Why did you do that and what are you planning on doing with the video?” Ally asks.

“I will make sure she deletes it.” Mandy says, trying to comfort Ally.

Beth turns and looks at Ally. “I recorded it because I knew it would be so hot to watch you and Molly. I was right. Of course I will delete it…as soon as I get to watch you masturbate in real life.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” Ally says with disgust. “I thought Mandy said my initiation was over?”

Beth has an evil smirk on her face. “Oh, it is. I just want to see you masturbate. I canlı bahis şirketleri will delete the video as soon as I get to see your hot body moving in pleasure before me. If not, well then I am not sure what will come of this video.”

Imagining all of the horrible things that Beth would do with the video frightens Ally. If everyone at school saw the video, her life would be ruined. She would be the talk of the college. She could imagine all of the looks she would get from the students.

Molly climbs out of the tent. “Knock it off Beth!” she says with a stern voice.

“I agree.” Mandy says. “You are going too far.”

“I am having no part in this.” Cloe chimes in.

“My phone, my video, my rules.” Beth says.

“Let’s have an early morning show. I am anxious to see your perky nipples poking out and watch your finger dive into your delicious little cunny. I want to watch your hips thrust against your slick fingers.” Beth commands.

“No way. Eat dust.” Ally says.

“Fine. Have it your way. What will your boyfriend think of this video?” Beth asks.

“You are such a bitch!” Ally says. “I will do it. I am not ashamed of my body. It isn’t like you all haven’t seen me naked anyways. But, I want that video gone forever.”

Beth smirks, knowing she has gotten her way. Molly, Mandy and Cloe are whispering to each other. They are shocked by the whole situation; shocked by Beth’s demands and more shocked that Ally has agreed to give into the demand.

Cloe rushes to her tent and returns with a blanket. She lays it down on the ground in front of Ally. All the girls huddle in anticipation. They are like kids in a candy store. They all take a seat on the picnic table and face Ally.

Ally realizes that she is a little excited by the thought of the girls watching, yet nervous at the same time. She would never do this if it weren’t for the incriminating video Beth was holding over her. She slowly pulls her tank top off and begins massaging her breasts. She can feel her nipples get hard instantly.

The girls cheer her on. Mandy encourages her canlı kaçak iddaa by telling her how brave and beautiful she is. Ally lies down on the blanket and closes her eyes. She does her best to forget the girls are there and imagines herself all alone in her room. She starts to think about the night before and how good it felt to be touched by Molly.

Slowly, Ally slides her pajama pants off her hips, past her ankles. She slowly massages her outer labia with one hand and begins pinching her nipples with the other hand. She can feel her body beginning to respond to her own hands. A gust of wind hits her skin, sending tingles throughout her body.

It doesn’t take long for her hands to move inside her vagina. Her legs have spread wide open. Her finger dips inside her walls. She moans softly. Slowly, she slides a second finger inside herself.

The four girls watch closely, without saying a word. Their eyes are fixed on the action a few feet away. Mandy slides her hand down her own pants. She feels hew own wetness. Her fingers slide between the folds of her lips and massage her swelling clit. She does her best to hold back her own moan.

Ally reaches down and separates her folds with one hand while pushing her two fingers deep inside her dripping wet vagina. She did her best to block out the girls, but she cannot help but be turned on by the thought of them watching. She is afraid to open her eyes and look at the girls. Their eyes peering on her would freak her out. So she continues to pleasure herself with her eyes closed.

The middle finger of her left hand, which is holding her lips open, slides over her clitoral hood. Her hips jolt up in response to the strong spark of sensations now surrounding her clit. She moans louder this time. Her hips begin to move along with her fingers. She can feel and hear hear wetness growing.

Time after time she thrusts her two fingers deep inside while her other hand massages her clit. She cannot believe how hot her body is getting. She never imagined she would be so turned on by masturbating in front of other females.

Molly canlı kaçak bahis and Beth have joined Mandy and Ally in masturbating themselves. Their moans start to fill the air. Ally hears the moans. She lowers her head and opens her eyes for a split second before shutting them again. While open a fraction of a second, Ally sees Cloe watching intently with her hands folded on her lap. She also catches a glimpse of the other three girls watching her with their hands down their pants. The thought of them being excited pushes her to another level.

In her mind, Ally imagines Molly and Mandy stroking themselves. She slides her fingers out from inside herself and moves the wet fingers up and down her slit as she imagines they are doing inside their pants. Her hips thrust into the air.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.!” She exclaims.

Her slick fingers glide over her exposed clitoris. It takes only a minute before she is creaming the blanket. Her moans fill the air. With a few last thrusts deep inside her vagina, Ally feels her body overtaken by a strong orgasm. Her hips lock, suspended in the air while her fingers furiously thrust inside her walls. Waves of joy wash over her.

The other girl’s moans follow just behind her moans. Ally’s hips fall to the blanket. She opens her eyes and sees the girls hands moving very fast inside their pants. Their eyes are closed. She slowly stands up, grabs her clothes and jogs to the lake without the girls noticing she has gone. Ally jumps into the lake and cleans herself.

The cold water feels great on her skin. She slides her hands over her breasts and down to her vagina, washing the sweat and juices off her body. She moves onto her back and enjoys the warm morning sun on her stomach and chest as she floats on the water.

Ally feels her stomach rumble and she realizes she is hungry. She climbs out of the water and does her best to shake the water off her body. She strains her wet hair and then dresses and makes her way back up the hill to camp.

Molly runs over and gives Ally a huge hug. “I cannot believe you did that. That was phenomenal. You looked so hot. I was so turned on. I couldn’t help but play myself. Now let’s go make sure that video of us is deleted.”

Ally says,”Next year, Beth will be gone. I cannot wait for next year. We have a year to find a new recruit.”

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