College Stud Takes My Girl


Thanks again go to ‘Jill‘ -a friend – for first requesting my assistance, for her supplying the idea, plot and direction. Also thanking her, for her continued support throughout;

If reading pornographic stories offends you go and read some other form of written work!


Julie and Tom were both high school students, about to move on to college, having grown up together and been friends throughout elementary school, High school saw them as a couple. Most of the small town they came from knew them as a happy go lucky couple. And they set off together to start the same college. Neither of them were they experienced lovers, having only been with each other but the excitement of college meant they had both hoped that it meant more sex together, and a chance to learn new things together.

The first few weeks went by fairly quickly, moving into the campus dorms was fun and they discovered they each had single rooms and could see each other fairly easily, without getting caught. Andrew however was about to find that not everything was as smooth as he would like. A guy in the next dorm, who was a college jock whom I had taken a distinct dislike too, changed everything. This dislike began to get even worse as he discovered what a cute girl Tom had all too himself.

The bullying got progressively worse, as time passed. It started as name calling, like wimp, sissy, pussy and gay bob. Then it was the odd push, trip or bump, Tom was getting more and more frustrated and annoyed that he was the subject of bullying by this guy, Tyron.

He put up with it as he and Julie had managed to have a far more interesting sex life since moving to college. That was until Tyron, one of the College football stars, made his move on her. Tyron had managed to waylay her one day and made it blatantly obvious to Julie that he wanted her for himself. “Hey Julie!… Why would you want to be with that sissy boy?…when you could be with me gorgeous?”

Julie tried to push him away but he was too strong “Leave me alone, I already have a boyfriend!” she snapped.

“What that little pussy?…you need a real man! Not an imitation of one” he laughed as she tried to get away from him.

“Move knucklehead!” she shouted.

Tyron stepped back to allow the young woman space to pass. “See you around cutie!” as she rushed off.

‘What a big oaf’ she muttered to herself. ‘An absolute muscle head..Thick, illiterate and single track mind’ “Ooooh!” she screamed at herself for no particular reason, other than through frustration. ‘He makes me so mad thinks he can snap his bloody fingers and I’ll go running well he’s in for a bloody shock’ muttered Julie to herself. So angry was she, that she almost walked straight into Tom, when she looked up her face was red in anger. Tom, being concerned asked her;

“What’s up dear? you look upset!” He tried to console his girlfriend but she was livid.

“That bloody great fool Tyron! Is what’s wrong with me TOM! He tried to paw me when I left last class! And frankly I’ve had casino siteleri enough of him.” Julie yelled.

Tom tried desperately to calm her down, he didn’t fancy a confrontation with Tyron, he was a bully and Tom was afraid of him. “You’ll just have to try and avoid him.” suggested Tom.”

“And HOW do you suggest I do THAT!” she snapped, “He’s in most of my classes. You’re such an idiot at times Tom, I sometimes wonder what the hell I see in you!” If Tom didn’t know she was upset before then, he sure did now. He decided to stay quiet and say nothing it would be best to let Julie let off steam and speak after she calmed down.

“I’m just going back to my room Julie, I’ll see you tomorrow yes?”

Julie glowered at him shouting loud enough that most of the other student’s around heard her berate him, “you’re a bloody wimp at times Tom!… FUCKING GROW A SET YOU DICKLESS FUCKER” And she stormed off.

Tom went back to his dorm room and as he sat in his room he could hear Tyron next door with his music to loud again. Tom just stuck a pair of foam ear plugs in and got down to studying. He had no wish to tangle with Tyron; he figured if he did it would be a painful experience.

Tom didn’t see Julie for almost a fortnight after their row, it was getting to the stage that she wasn’t even answering his e-mail or text messages. Tom had given up calling her mobile it didn’t even ring out now it just simply went to voicemail. When eventually Tom did see her, indeed it was a less than acceptable situation. He had been out walking when he saw her out by the sports field, he started to walk towards her but then he saw Tyron walk up to her and start speaking to her. Tom veered away and decided to wait, far better to wait than be bullied further by the likes of Tyron. He did wonder what the hell she was talking to that big bully for.

He saw the two of them later as he was about to enter his dorm. They were walking past the rear entrance and he heard them talking, “So you want to come up and see my trophies Julie?” asked Tyron.

“Yeah maybe later Tyron, I have to do something first.” I sniggered to myself at the cute way Julie had avoided the big oaf’s advances, trying to get her into his bed.

I decided to go and visit Julie, after dinner that night. So at seven pm I found myself outside her door. I had knocked several times to no avail, and was about to leave when her friend Emma who stayed next door to her appeared. “She went out about twenty minutes ago Tom. Don’t know where she went but she was dressed up”

I shuffled awkwardly “Oh right, eh okay then thanks Emma I’ll catch her later!” and I left to return to my Dorm. I wondered where she had gone, and tried her phone but it wasn’t even going straight to answer-phone now it just kept going dead. I decided to wait till the next day, before speaking to Julie and I was about to start studying, when I noticed a small folded note that had been pushed under my door. I lifted it and it had my name written on the front of it, I opened it to find it was from Julie, slot oyna it was simply written, and said;

Tom I am fed up of my being such a wimp, my lack of a spine and almost feminine behaviour and wanted to break up with me, and didn’t want to see me again.

I sat down heavily on the bed, and started to cry like a baby. ‘Why?’ I asked myself over and over again. She knew what I was like, we grew up together, and we were good together. I read the note over and over perhaps it wasn’t written by her, but I knew it was by the handwriting.

I lay on my stomach and bawled my eyes out, I felt sick, worthless, useless. My one and only true friend Julie had left me, ‘what was I going to do?’ I cried most of the night, sleeping only briefly. I decided to try and find out what had caused Julie to write the note. I tried to find her all day, and eventually I caught up with her outside the library. “Julie…Julie!” I called.

She stopped and looked at me. “I’ve got nothing to say to you Tom, I told you not to get in touch in my note” with that she turned to walk away.

I called after her in my usual whining voice, “But Julie why?” I could feel the tears start to flow. She stopped and looked at me again, this time with disgust and when she spoke the tone of voice was filled with disdain.

“You ask me why? Why Tom look at you crying like a baby. You’re a wimp I’ve had enough of pretending you were the boy for me!…now I’ve had a real man fuck me… I want nothing your pathetic wimpy cock or you can offer me..So fuck off and leave me alone!”

I stood there with tears running down my cheeks, shaking with shock. I could even feel myself begin to wet myself, and rushed off to my dorm where I locked the door and sobbed uncontrollably for the next two hours.

I convinced myself my life was over, it was worthless without my Julie. I was climbing off my bed when I heard familiar noises coming from next door. Tyron obviously had a girl in his room as I could clearly hear his bed banging against the wall as he serviced the little slut.

“Yeah slut, you like Tyron’s big cock don’t you?”…”Go on slut don’t be scared tell me how much you love my big cock filling your pussy!” I was about to laugh at the thought of some poor innocent girl getting pounded by that oaf when my world collapsed around me in crushing mode.

“OH GOD Tyron I love it, go on you big cocked fucker, fuck me till I beg you to stop!”…”I’ve needed a good hard fucking for long enough Tyron baby!… And preferably by a big cock like yours stud so give me it all fuck my brains out!”

I slumped back onto the bed, missed it and fell face down on the floor as I clearly recognised my Julie’s voice. ‘Oh god no… Please NOOOOO!’ I heard myself silently scream inside my head, this can’t be happening. I was breathing erratically, my body was shaking and I could feel myself shaking with anger and despair. The tears were replaced by deep sobs, and disbelief at what was happening right next door. I shook my head trying to rid myself canlı casino siteleri of the images that flashed through my mind.

That whole night was spent with vivid images of what the two of them were doing next door. Tyron was really working her over as I could hear everything that was said and done. “Oh yeah, suck it for me baby!” …”here it comes, swallow my cum!… Julie you slut!”…” Bend over the end of my bed I’m going to fuck the arse of you!” followed by the bed banging against the wall, or the bed springs squeaking to the rhythm of their lovemaking. I sat and cried like a baby over and over. Every time Tyron took her to another loud orgasm I would start crying again. I was gagging whilst dry retching.

Julie could be heard screaming with pleasure as that bastard Tyron fucked the living daylights out of her. “Oh god Tyron, your cock is soooooooo, big! I love the way it stretches my tight cunt filling me fuller than I have ever been before!” …”Keep going baby, fuck me harder!…Harder…fucking HARDER!… you stud!”

While Tyron called her all the dirty sluts, or a cocksucking slut, whilst giving my ex girlfriend a fucking she would never forget. “Cum for me stud spray your cum all over my face and tits. Cum for me, cum for Meeeee!” yelled Julie.

I was beyond devastated; I was feeling physically sick, the pain I felt in my head and chest felt like I had been shot. Every yell, every sound or every yell just made my situation worse. I eventually got up and went for a walk, just to get out of the way. I sat on a bench till way past midnight before returning and the pair of them, were still fucking at it.

Julie was screaming again as Tyron continued to fuck her in a way I could only ever have imagined. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I’m Cumming!… I’m Cumming!…Go on fill my cunt with cum you fucker!” It was almost two am before next door fell silent. I eventually fell asleep and awoke to find Tyron stood at my door with a smirk spread right across his face, and every other resident in the dorm stood listening at their room doors.

“Hi sissy boy, just thought I’d let you know your ex girlfriend Julie is now my girlfriend and I better not catch you trying to talk to her you comprehend pussy boy?”

I nodded and quietly said “yes!” Tyrone turned around and laughed loudly as everyone in the Dorm heard him tell me Julie was now his. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to listen to their noisy sex sessions every fucking night. It would get worse much worse, but at that moment I felt myself begin to blubber like a baby, and then I wet myself as well.

I spent a lot of time over the following weeks and months, crying myself to sleep. My work suffered to the point of my parents being called into the college principal to a meeting, and I was almost thrown out when I failed my end of term exams. Instead I had the embarrassment of having to re-sit them during summer term. However this was not before, I had my whole world finally come crashing down, on itself, while visiting my parents, as well as Julies parents. By the end of that visit I had, had more than enough of listening to my ex girlfriend and her Jock fucking each other’s brains out night after night, and had been turned into a fully fledged cuckold at her and Tyron’s beck and call.

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