Come Break Away With Me Ch. 01


Sarah and Richard ate mostly in silence within the picturesque dining room. A large meal of roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed broccoli, and buttered biscuits was arrayed across the glossy sheen of an imported oak table. An expensive, espresso colored grandfather clock stood monolithically in the corner and ticked away each uncomfortable second.


“Pass the biscuits please,” Richard requested of his son Eric.

Ten year old Eric, who idly used a fork to push the mostly uneaten food around his plate, seemed oblivious to his father’s words. He instead stared absent-mindedly through a cold-frosted sliding glass door and into the darkness of the early winter evening.

Richard sighed heavily before he said calmly but sharply, “Eric.”

Hearing his name snapped Eric from his reverie. The young boy moved his head and turned his pale blue eyes quickly to the left which caused his straight, crow black hair to rustle against his cheek. Eric locked gaze ever so briefly with that of his father before he cast his gaze downward.

“Sorry dad,” he apologized before he lifted the glass dish that contained the biscuits and placed it within his father’s reach, his eyes never lifting their sight from the table top.

Sarah listened to the brief interplay between father and son, sensitive to the fact that Eric still felt he had been punished unjustly. Being a good and loving wife she had to stand firmly behind any discipline meted out by her husband Richard, but inwardly Sarah was very proud of her son. Eric had protected his sister even if how he’d gone about it was wrong.

She reached across the table, touched Eric’s hand with an understanding gesture, and asked, “It’s the best thing in the world that Zerra has such a caring brother, Eric, but you know why you’ve been grounded, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Eric responded flatly, his voice devoid of expression.

“You broke the boy’s nose, son,” Richard explained in an even tone. “He had to go to the hospital. You could be expelled.”

Eric’s younger sister Zerrafina, who had been silent to this point in their family’s evening meal, interjected, “But…Tommy was hurting me, daddy!”

Zerra’s brilliant, emerald green eyes glistened softly with moisture, the eight year old on the verge of tears at the fresh memory…

Tommy Jensen, for some unknown reason, had been picking on Eric’s sister for a couple of weeks. It was mostly just verbal taunts during recess and the occasional spitball hurled during class, but this afternoon Tommy had pinned little Zerra to the ground in a little-used hallway after school. The bully was roughly pulling Zerrafina’s long, straight locks of cornsilk blonde hair with one hand while he used the other arm to grind the point of his elbow painfully against the sternum of the much smaller girl.

“Whatchu gonna do, whatchu gonna do? You gonna cry?” the heavier Tommy ridiculed with a cruel derision in his voice as he used his greater size to keep Zerra from struggling free.

Zerrafina was crying and begging for Tommy to stop when Eric, who had been searching for his sister so they could head home together, heard her plaintive cries. Eric had run toward the sound of his younger sibling’s voice when he turned the corner and took in the scene.

“No one hurts Zerra,” Eric growled in a low, menacing, almost animal voice.

Tommy looked up at the sound, and his eyes grew as wide as saucer dishes when he realized Zerra’s brother was charging toward him at a dead sprint. To his detriment Tommy froze with sudden panic and fear as the older boy barreled toward him.

“RRWAAAA!” Eric bellowed as he swung his thick math book sideways and double-handed like a baseball bat.


The heavy textbook connected solidly across Tommy’s face, threw the boy backward, and broke his nose in the process. After a sparse moment of shock had passed Tommy began to cry tears of pain, and a low moan of agony escaped his lips as blood poured profusely from his nostrils. The injured boy clamped his hands instinctively to his face in a mostly vain attempt to staunch the flow.

In the meantime Eric helped lift little Zerra from the floor of the dark brown, carpeted hallway and asked, “Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you bad did he?”

Zerra sniffled once and replied, “No…I’m…I’m okay now that you’re here.”

She looked up into her brother’s pale blue gaze and saw the undeniable love and concern written upon his face as plainly as if she were reading a book. Her heart swelled with happiness, and Zerrafina suddenly felt safe and warm. It was like staring into the eyes of a guardian angel whose soft, feathered wings were draped gently around her in a warm halo of light like an impenetrable armor that could easily deflect the world’s worst slings and arrows.

Zerra hugged her brother with a sudden tighness and said, “Thank you, Eric. You’re the best brother I could casino siteleri ever have.”

“It…it was nothing,” Eric responded as he suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable at the attention.

“I think you broke my nose,” Tommy wailed painfully through his sobbing.

Zerrafina loosed her embrace as she felt her brother gently try to move away. Eric took two quick steps toward Tommy. The bleeding boy cowered and cringed at his approach.

“And if you ever touch my sister again I’ll break your arms,” Eric threatened in a dire tone that left no doubt in Tommy’s mind he was deadly serious.

Eric turned away, took his sister’s hand, and said, “C’mon, Zerra, let’s go home…”

It was at that moment the school counselor, Ms. Vale, walked around the corner and asked, “What is going on here?!?”

Richard saw his daughter’s coming tears and tried to forestall them by saying, “Honey, I know what Tommy did was wrong, and I’m not saying Eric shouldn’t have done something to stop it…but…”

“Richard,” Sarah admonished, “we’ve already been over this.”

“I know,” her husband grumbled before he fell silent and continued to eat.

“Sweetheart,” Sarah said as she turned her focus to her little pumpkin, Zerrafina, “all that matters right now is that you’re safe and sound. Hopefully Eric can learn from this and do better in the future.”

Her mother’s words seemed to have a soothing effect as Zerra visibly calmed. The eight year old girl seemed to ponder something very intensely for a moment.

“Eric’s the best brother ever!” Zerrafina suddenly declared, “And when I grow up I wanna marry him and be his wife!”

Richard choked on a mouthful of food, coughed, and laughed at the same time as he tried not to spit his dinner everywhere. Sarah joined in and laughed so hard she snorted twice. Eric’s face turned bright red with embarrassment as he looked over at his sister. With a child’s innocence she smiled at him with her biggest grin.


Zerrafina stared wistfully at the framed family portrait from a decade ago. It had been taken only days after the “Tommy” incident. In the photograph Sarah and Richard smiled beautifically with their children in front. Each was dressed in what one would call “their Sunday best”. Sarah had a hand on her daughter’s shoulder while Richard did likewise with his son. Little Zerra had a seraphic smile on her face. Eric’s smile, however, looked a bit forced, the young boy still feeling a little raw at the time about his extended grounding. The picture evoked a mixture of emotions within the eighteen year old high school senior, and her eyes began to become misty.

“I will not cry,” she thought to herself as a lone tear rolled down her soft, youthful cheek to betray her intended stoicism.

It had been a mere two years since her parents had been taken from her, killed in a freak car accident while on their way home from a show in the city. The wound still hurt, and it had been a long, hard road to get to the point she didn’t cry herself to sleep most nights. That was but one thing of which the photograph reminded her.

“This is when I truly began to love Eric,” she mused. “Not like a sister loves a brother, but like a woman loves a man. I had no idea at the time, but this is when the seed was planted.”

Her wonderful brother, Eric, had always been there for her. He had always been her closest friend. No matter the span of years that separated their ages as they grew up Eric was never embarrassed to have his little sister tagging along. Even when they became teenagers he always had time to help her with her homework, or to help her memorize her cheerleading cheers, or even stay up late on weekends just talking about everything under the sun. Zerra’s brother was somewhat introverted and had never had a plethora of friends. She sometimes wondered if it was because she had monopolized all of his teenage years. Eric was personable enough and a great listener, but he never seemed to truly open up for anyone but his sister.

Most notably, though, he had been there for Zerra right after their parents had died. Only days after the terrible, life-altering accident the State decided it would be in Zerrafina’s best interest to move her into a foster home. This was despite the fact that her brother was eighteen at the time and of the legal age of majority. They had no other living relatives in the US, only an uncle in the military who was stationed in Germany and in no position to care for a sixteen year old girl he’d never met. Eric fought the State’s decision.

“Oh how Eric had fought,” Zerrafina recalled fondly.

With their parents barely laid to rest, and Eric himself no doubt feeling just as angry, stunned, lost, and confused as Zerra felt, he mounted a legal battle in court to gain custody over his sixteen year old sister. It had slot oyna taken months. Months of her being stuck knocking around a foster home with three other kids she didn’t know and two adults she understood even less. What got her through the roughest three months of her life was Eric’s frequent visits…and his promise.

“I will get you out of there,” he’d told her the day she was forced to move from her deceased parents’ home and into foster care.

Zerrafina most remembered that last court hearing. Eric had been unyielding in his stout refusal to back down from what must have been an incredibly daunting task for one still so young. The judge, despite Zerra’s own positive testimony on the stand, had been quite dubious at first, but Eric produced affidavits from past employers at his summer jobs who attested firmly to Eric being a fine and responsible young man.

Her brother showed piles of paperwork from the medium sized tech firm he and his sister had inherited upon their parents’ deaths, and explained the details of P&L statements, quarterly growth projections, estimated future demands, et al, ad nauseum to prove his financial stability. He outlined his plans to take a job in the software development department of his company as well as handle the leadership role. He expressed how he wanted to keep his sister in the private school she was attending for her own scholastic benefit as well as her future college prospects. Eric provided many other insightful details others might have overlooked that ultimately impressed the judge.

By the end of the hearing Eric had the judge practically eating out of his hand. Zerrafina had known her brother was smart, but it wasn’t until that day she understood just how intelligent he really was. He had done everything himself without a lawyer, and he had done it all perfectly. He knew things no average eighteen year old would know and had learned them quickly out of desire to protect his sister. The judge had gladly and without pause rubber-stamped his approval of Eric taking custody of his sister.

The pair were walking from the courthouse when Zerrafina asked, “How did you…? Why did you never have a lawyer?”

“Because,” Eric replied in ernest, turning to look at Zerra with that penetrating gaze of his and speaking words she would never forget, “no one in this world will ever care as much about you as I do.”

Zerrafina took one, last look at the old family photo before restoring it to it’s place on the cottage style nightstand to the left of her very stylish, white, four-poster canopy bed. She sighed, her heart a bit heavy from the bittersweet reminiscing.

“Oh, Eric…why did we have to be born brother and sister?”

As Zerrafina looked up she noticed the time.

“Oh gawd,” she bemoaned, “I’ve been staring at that picture for half an hour! I’m gonna be late!”

The teen stood up and bolted out of her bedroom and into the second floor, half-open hallway that overlooked the living room on the floor below. Turning to the left she headed for her bathroom that was two doors down. The bathroom…and the shower. She definitely needed a shower. Zerrafina was still wearing the white and blue cheerleader outfit from her practice earlier that day, and she felt sweaty and grimy.

In a rush she kicked off her shoes and stripped her socks, dropping both in the corner. Normally Zerra liked to keep her bathroom clean and tidy, but today was to be an exception due to her lateness. She could clean up tomorrow.

“Besides,” she thought, “Eric uses mom and dad’s old master bathroom. My mess shouldn’t bother him.”

Eric had insisted on it so Zerrafina wouldn’t have to walk through her parents’ old room to use the bathroom. She’d said it wasn’t fair to him, but he also insisted she deserved her privacy. Zerra had let Eric win that battle.

Next to go was the striped white and blue top with her school’s mascot on the front. The charging rhinoceros looked as though it were smashing through the chest of her cheerleader’s sweater. Zerra lifted it quickly over her head and flung it near the shoes. With a practiced motion she reached behind her back and unsnapped her pink, frilly bra with the flexibility that lithe, young, eighteen year old women possessed. The undergarment joined the growing pile. Zerra’s mature and sultry breasts swayed at the motion.

The teen gripped her cheerleader skirt and pink panties together with a hand on each side and pulled them down as she bent over. She casually kicked them with one foot behind her as she stood back up. They topped off her small hill of cheerleader’s clothing.

About to climb into the shower something made Zerrafina pause. Placing both hands on her hips amidst the spacious bathroom she stepped back and turned to the large mirror above the sink for a moment of self-indulgent vanity.

Long, cornsilk blonde, slightly wavy hair spilled down her back reaching all the way to the top of her firm, rounded, canlı casino siteleri and strikingly feminine buttocks. Brow-length bangs framed a pair of luminous, emerald green eyes that were set within the delicate, elfin features of her face. Zerra’s countenance had a sophisticated, adult beauty that fooled many into thinking she was in her early twenties and not an 18 year old. The teen’s 5′ 9″ tall body was thin and supple without being boney. She had an ample curvaceousness highlighted by a strong hint of muscle tone beneath her creamy, caressable skin. Two youthful, firm, and perfectly symmetrical C-cup breasts hung tautly from her chest. The perky nipples centered in her half-dollar sized areola had stiffened slightly in the cool air of the rest room.

“Dang I’m hawt,” she jokingly chuckled, though she’d been told on many occasions by would-be male suitors as well as her best girlfriend in school that she could easily be a model.

Zerrafina’s gaze moved down the mirror to her long, shapely legs. The wax job she’d given herself two days ago seemed to be holding up as no shaving was neccessary yet in that department. Her pussy was another matter. Zerra didn’t wax such a sensitive area. She preferring to shave instead. A week’s growth was more than she liked to be sporting. The young woman reached down and gingerly rubbed the short but quickly sprouting hairs that surrounded the sexy outer lips of her pretty vagina.

“This will never do,” Zerrafina decided firmly, time constraints be damned.

About six months prior, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Zerra had been curious about what kind of woman Eric would like. He never dated much before their parents passed. The three girlfriends Eric had gone out with during his younger years never lasted more than a month, and three girls wasn’t much of a sampling. After their parents’ funeral Zerra never saw Eric with go out on a date with a woman let alone even talk with one on the phone who wasn’t a coworker. Even then he would only speak with them of work related matters sprinkled with occassional, meaningless small talk.

So she had gone on a bit of a hunt. After all, Eric must have needs. With her brother out of the house she snooped around his room to scout for any hidden porn. The teen had felt a twinge of conscience at searching for her brother’s masturbation material. Though she’d felt bad about invading his privacy Zerra’s curiosity was insatiable, and she just had to know. She’d started with the laptop sitting on his work desk, but it was clean as a whistle.

Searching elsewhere Zerrafina had been surprised to find a stash of porn dvds hidden in an old shoe box on the top shelf of Eric’s closet. Oddly enough they were burned dvds of the kind Eric must have compiled himself. Zerra had almost overlooked them as the discs were in plain, nondescript, and unmarked jewel cases. Each disc was labelled only with a date that probably denoted when Eric had created them. Zerra popped one in Eric’s laptop and discovered their true nature.

“How old school,” she’d laughed, delighted to discover her brother wasn’t a total stick in the mud when it came to sex.

She’d spent a couple hours watching and fast-forwarding through the videos to discover the vast majority of the women were completely clean-shaven down there. No small puff up above, no landing strips…nothing. Each porn starlette was tall, curvey, and most had blonde hair.

“Ooooh,” Zerrafina had thought with delight to herself back then, “Eric likes blondes.”

All of the sex scenes were pretty vanilla. What Zerrafina watched was all one man with one woman generally in more upscale environments. There was lots of foreplay building up in each segment to the eventual penetrative act itself.

Zerra had begun at the time to imagine Eric watching these on his laptop…visualize him unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. What would it look like? How big would it be? Her thoughts made her begin to feel a warm craving between her legs and she’d ended up masturbating to the thought of her brother jerking off to those videos.

She’d tried to put them back exactly as she’d found them, and Eric had never asked if she’d been in his stash. A couple of weeks later Zerra got extremely horny one day after school while Eric was still at work, and an impish impulse caused her to raid his hidden treasure again. The blonde imagined the sexed-up couples on Eric’s laptop screen were herself and her brother as she stroked and fondled herself to orgasm again while sitting in the computer chair in his room.

This had become a once or twice a week ritual for Zerrafina. Each time she did it she would fantasize about Eric walking in on her as she watched his porn. With her legs spread wide, her ankles propped on his work desk, and two fingers or her vibrator buried deep in her snatch she would envision all the possible scenarios.

She came back to the present while still staring at herself in the mirror. Zerrafina realized that at some point during her sexy thoughts about her brother and his well-hidden porn she’d begun to unknowingly slide two fingers up and down in-between her rapidly moistening inner lips.

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