Coming Home to an Affair Ch. 02


I stood outside a few streets away from me house and took out my phone. I text my wife that I would be home in 10 minutes and then I waited in my car for this man I had just seen fucking my wife to leave so I could go home and pretend it had never happened.

I got home and walked in to find my wife Holly in the kitchen getting a drink. She hadn’t even changed, her hair slightly ruffled from her previous fucking. No doubt the used condom full of that mans cum was still in her bra. She still had on that same purple blouse and black leather skirt. The thought of her having already had her pussy stretched made me so hard. I came in behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind.

“I’ve missed you baby”

My hands moved up her shirt to her small breasts feeling the material rub against the cups of her bra.

“Oh I can tell” She pressed her bum against my erection as she laughed.

I turned her round and started to undo her shirt illegal bahis but she stopped me with a weird look on her face. She told me to just rip her jeans off and shag her which I didn’t argue with being so horny. I picked her up and put her on the kitchen table face down. I pulled up her skirt and thrust my shaft into her wet pussy. She let out a cry of pleasure as I pushed my shaft in. My hands groped her tits through her shirt and bra as I started fucking her loose pussy. Instead I pushed her down against the table and fucked harder as I pictured her getting impaled less than an hour ago. She bounced her skinny pussy off my dick and was soon moaning like I had never made her before. I turned her over in the heat of the moment and impaled her once again. I wanted a better view of her small tits bouncing to the rhythm so I started to undo her blouse just enough to expose her bra clad tits to me. One of the cups was damp, no doubt from the huge amount of illegal bahis siteleri sperm leaking from that filled condom.

While I was balls deep in my wife I told her I had seen everything and that I knew about what he had done to her. My cock was harder than ever and now I was shocked. I let go of her arms and gripped her neck so I could really shag her hard! I pounded her harder than ever and I could see her loving it but also confused.

She eventually pushed me off and told me to wait downstairs until she called me. After a few moments she called me upstairs with a few pairs of handcuffs in her hand. She pointed to the bed and attached me hands above my head and my feet to each bed post with red ribbon. She was still wearing her leather skirt and her blouse was still on but exposing only the slight hint of black lace from her bra now.

“You liked what you saw did you?” She said with a nasty smile.

“You like to see another canlı bahis siteleri man making your woman moan with pleasure or do you like how he’s so big you could never hope to make me feel as full as he does?” She said.

Holly reached under the bed and tucked something in her waist band behind her out of my vision. She straddled my legs just in front of my hard cock and reached into her bra to pull out the used wet condom. She put it over my dick and it went on like a loose glove.

“You see, you’re nothing compared to what i’m used to. I’ve been getting it from so many guys you know. I’ve eaten so much cum you’d never believe it” She said. I was in pure shock now. She reached behind her and pulled out a cock shaped dildo with veins and everything. Before I could even protest it was half way up my back passage. I screamed out but she just gripped my used condom covered dick and started to wank me off. I knew I enjoyed it and there was nothing but pleasure and embarrassment fighting within me. pleasure took over when Holly got on my dick and started to ride me to the rhythm of her fucking my ass with that dildo. Before long my juices were mixing with his and I was now officially my wife’s sex slave.

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