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coming home usedWhile watching a few videos on here sat night i stumbled upon one titled” coming home” used which instantly got me wet and playing with myself(saved vid in my favorites)hearing my moans of pleasure my b/f walked in on me legs a kimbo knickers dangling off one ankle and furiously finger fucking myself while playing all the while with my swollen,trobbing clit.Well what has got my dirty little bitch so horny he says as he presses replay on my video of choice,wow hot babe i like it he says dropping his jeans and boxers and proceedes to fuck me senseless.When we were done he announced to my suprise that we should give it a go.Basicly I would go fuck someone and come home with my cum soaked pussy and he was going to clean me out.I didnt need asking twice i wanted to do it straight away but i also knew it would take some planning to find someone discreet and that i at least half fancied.Sun afternoon came and i had decided i want to do this tonight not being one to hang around i had to find some one to fuck me bakırköy escort fast i knew if i left it till next weekend one of the two of us would have got bored with the idea.After mulling the idea around in my head for ages i came up with two options both being my x’s,neither which i fancied much.sadly i decided to give up on the idea and head to the pub with john instead.As it was a sunday we decided to drive out of town to a country pub we often go to,have a few drinks a bite to eat and even stay over if we had one to many.About an hour after we arrivied two guys came in,about 17 at most and after nervously ordering a couple of pints they got served and sat down beside us.After exchanging hello’s the guys told us they were hitchhiking around the country and asked would we recommend the place for food and a stopover.Of course i said were staying the night ourselves much too the shock of john sat beside me.Cool they said and went off to book themselves in.Right john quickly listen beşiktaş escort this is the plan once they come back you go book us in, ill chat them up and later get one or both to fuck me and then come back to you.Cool im hard all ready he said, well slip your hand under my skirt and see how i feel then which he did and felt my juices soaking my panties.A couple of hours later and the beer and chat was flowing easy and the boys compliments were getting more raunchier especially while john went to the loo all of a sudden taking the bull by the horns i said to the boys how would they fancy some fun in there room with just me as john would be heading to bed early for work in the morning.Yeah they said together and when john came back i said with a sly wink why dont you head to bed darling and ill have another drink with our new friends and follow you up.Nervously he headed to bed and downing our drinks we quickly followed upstairs.Once in the boys room there was no messing about beylikdüzü escort in seconds my top and skirt were off i had a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my wet cunt.My bra was yanked off and my panties pulled down as my two young studs were over eager to fuck and long foreplay was not on there agenda.Within seconds one had cum in my pussy and the other in my mouth.Dissapointed i started to dress but was pulled back on the bed turned on my belly and with my ass cheeks been spread by one i felt the other forcing his now hard cock into my arse once he got going he went for it big time fucking and streching me like there was no tomorrow till i could feel his hot cum gushing inside me,his friend soon took his place and again fucked me hard and furious till he came,now i was well and truly filled and used i pulled my knickers up and made to leave i could feel the cum oozing out of both holes as i stumbled back to john.Once in our room i collapsed on our bed exausted i felt john take down my knickers and lick the boys cum out of my pussy when he started to finger my arse he noticed cum coming from there too and that was just too much for him and he fucked me like never before filling both my holes again.Needles to say the following day i could barely walk but we have all ready decided to visit this pub more regulary/xxxxxxxxxxx

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