Commiting Sins


Let me tell you something off the bat: I’m not that religious. Sure, I pray every once in a while, and sometimes go to youth group meetings, but other than that, I really don’t practice any religion. I guess you could say I fall under the “Christian” category. That’s what I was raised as a child. And when you’re a kid, you usually believe whatever your parents believe. Well I’m an adult now, and I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, onto my story…

I was pretty bored one night, and, with nothing better to do, I called up one of my old friends from a youth group I attended a few months back. His name was Jacob, and I was pretty interested in him when we’d hang out at youth group. But then I’d been busy with work and other things, and he’d been busy with his new girlfriend, so I stopped going to youth group and we didn’t hang out anymore. I hadn’t talked to Jacob since I’d attended a y.g. meeting, so I decided to see what he was up to, and, if he was available, see if he wanted to hang out.

Here’s a few things comparisons/dissimilarities about Jacob and I that you should know: 1. He’s a 22 year old virgin; I’m a 21 year old non-virgin (but that’s another story…). 2. He’s an engineering student; I’m a psychology major. 3. He’s had probably two serious girlfriends in his life; I’ve had at least 10 non-serious boyfriends, but none were really that serious (yes, I lost it to a guy that I wasn’t serious with).

So, him being the good-Christian-guy that he is, he had the plan that he was going to “save it till marriage”. And me being the naughty-not-really-a-Christian-girl that I am, I lost it with some guy I’d known for like a month when I was 18. So, as you can tell, he probably didn’t want to have sex with any girl until he was married. But, from the moment that I met him, I had some drive to change that.

Which leads me to this story…

So anyway, I call Jacob up one Friday night in the Spring, at about 7:30pm. He answered his cell on the fifth ring.

“Hello?” I hear his familiar voice answer, and I get the little butterfly feeling in my stomach that I usually get when I talk to a cute guy.

“Hey, Jacob? This is Emma, do you remember me?”

He chuckles. “Of course I remember you, Emma! How are you doing? How’s your psycho-career going?” That was a little inside joke we had. When he’d found out that I was a psychology major, he’d come up with a whole bunch of “psycho” jokes and stuff.

“Haha, it’s going good, actually. I just took finished all my midterms today, so I’m pretty happy about that.” Did I mention that Friday that night was the first night of Spring Break?

“Oh, sweet! Yeah, I had all my midterms during the week, and my last one was last night.”

“Cool. Hey, so what are you doing tonight?”

“Uh, well actually I’m not doing anything. Do you wanna hang out or something?”

I laughed, because he’d asked what I was going to ask. “Yeah, sure! What would you like to do? You know, since it’s your idea to hang out,” I flirted.

He flirted back, saying, “Well, how about we go see a movie?”

I quickly thought about what movies were currently playing in theaters. “Uh, sure! I don’t know what’s playing right now though. Oh wait! There’s that new Bruce Willis movie! We could go see that!”

“Yeah, that looks awesome! What time would you like to go?” I could hear clicking in the background, so I figured he was probably looking up times on the internet.

“Whatever time it’s playing.” More clicking.

“Well, on the theater’s website, it says it’s playing at 9pm? So we could see it then, and maybe get some dinner beforehand?”

I was conviently standing by my mirror, so I frantically checked my hair and make-up to see if it was OK, since it sounded like I wouldn’t have that much time to get ready before we hung out.

“Yeah, that sounds great! So do you want me to pick you up or do you want to pick me up?”

“I’ll drive, it’s cool. I’ll pick you up in, say, 20 minutes?”

I breathed a sigh of relief, 20 minutes would be plenty of time for me to get into a cute outfit and redo my make-up and do something acceptable with my hair.

“20 minutes sounds great! See ya then!”

“Yeah, see ya!”

I suddenly realized he didn’t know where I lived “Hey, wait, Jacob?”

Thankfully he hadn’t hung up. “Yeah, I have no clue where you live.”

We both cracked up. After I told him where I lived, we said good bye.

As casino oyna soon as I sat my phone down, I rushed to get ready.

Exactly 20 minutes later, he showed up, ringing my doorbell. That’s the awesome thing about Jacob, you can always count on him to be on time.

Anyway, I had decided on wearing just jeans and a cute shirt (I didn’t want to go overboard, since this wasn’t really a date). Before I answered the door, I quickly spritzed on some awesome smelling perfume, smoothed my hair and clothes, then took a deep breath, trying to calm my fluttery insides.

“Hey, Jacob!” I said, returning the huge grin he gave me.

“Hey, Emma!” He gave me a hug. He smelled so good, I think it was Axe (and I love a man who wears Axe).

We both gave each other a once-over, smiling. Then we laughed, because it was suddenly awkward silence.

“Wow, you look great, Emma.” He gave me his award winning smile.

I felt my face heat up. “Thanks, Jacob, so do you.”

We stood around, looking at anything but each other.

I cleared my throat. “Shall we?” Jacob said, gesturing to his car.

“We shall,” I said, sending him a flirty smile, which he returned.

Once we sat down in his car and were on the road, I was curious to know where we were going for dinner. As if reading my mind, Jacob startled me, saying, “I’ve always wanted to try the new bar over on 10th street, and I’ve heard they have some great food, so I figured we could try eating there? If we don’t like it, there’s a McDonalds a block away.” I glanced at him to see if he was joking about the McDonald’s part, which, judging from the mischievous grin he had on his face, he must have been.

“Oh come on, haven’t you heard that supersizing your meal makes you fatter?”

He gasped, and jokingly said, “Are you calling me fat?”

I laughed, “No! Of course not! You’re skinny!”

“Well, it sure seems like you’re calling me fat, because you said ‘fattER’, implying that if we did eat there, I’d get fatter.”

I couldn’t think of any comebacks, so I just laughed. He joined in.

“Oh, crap, I just passed the bar I think,” he said, looking for a place to turn around.

“Well, we could go to McDonalds.” I grinned.

“Nah, that’s OK. I’d rather get buzzed than get fatter.”

Yeah, it surprised me too when I found out that Jacob likes to drink. You’d think that someone like him wouldn’t, but hey, Jesus drank wine too, right?

As we walked into the bar, a few guys were coming out of the door. I don’t know if it was by instinct or not, but Jacob put his hand on my back, guiding me inside. I smiled back at him. He blushed.

We decided to sit at the bar. He ordered a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and I teased him about getting drunk when he’s supposed to be the driver. He took a few drinks of it before he replied back with, “Well, if I get drunk, let’s say you’re the designated driver. And, if you think I’m too drunk to drive the few blocks away from your home, you could let me stay at your house.” I felt my mouth hang open. I would never expect to hear that from Jacob. He saw my stunned expression and his smile grew then suddenly disappeared. “What? You must think I’m a prude or something.” He turned and faced the other way, obviously upset by my expression.

“Wait, no, Jacob, I just…” I heard him start laughing. I swatted him. “Don’t do that! I thought I seriously pissed you off.” He turned back around I pouted, crossing my arms.

He chuckled. “No, it’s OK. Everyone thinks that I’m a prude because of my faith.” He shrugged and held up his hand when I tried to protest. “But I’m fine with that. Let people think what they want to.”

“Wow. That’s really cool, Jacob.”

He smiled shyly and fiddled with his drink. “So, about me coming over if I get too drunk…”

I laughed loudly. “We’ll have to see how drunk you get.”

He must’ve really wanted to come over, or something, because after four more lemonades, he was slurring his words and acting drunk.

“Uh, Jacob, maybe you should slow down,” I said, a little worried, when he opened up his sixth Mike’s.

He laughed, obviously drunk. “Oh, come on Emma! It’s Spr-Spring Break! Live a little! Let me par-tay!” He was being obnoxiously loud, and people were starting to stare and glare at us. “Everyone thinks I’m a prude, so I think it’s time to maybe prove them wrong!”

I took his arm and made him stand up with me. I swatted his hand slot oyna away from his beer. “No, Jacob, I think you’ve had enough. Let me take you home,” I sternly said.

“Aww, fine, Mommy.” He cracked up.

I forced a chuckle. I lead him outside and to his car. I made him stand in front of the passenger side door, and he swayed. “Can I have the keys, please?”

“Why do I have your keys?” He looked at his car. “Oh, sw-sweet ride!”

I started to get a little annoyed. “Jacob, it’s your car, but you’re too drunk to drive, so can I have the keys?”

“Oh, yeah! Haha! That is my car!” I waited for the keys, holding out my hand. “Oh, yeah, keys. Where are they?” He patted all of his pockets, finding the keys in his right pants pocket. “Here you go, little lady.”

I snatched them, unlocked his door, then opened it and shoved him in.

I got in and realized I didn’t know where he lived. Or how to drive a stick-shift, which it unfortunately was.

So for the next thirty or so blocks to my house, I struggled with driving his car. He was sound asleep.

I pulled up to my house and turned off his car. “Uh, Jacob?” I tried to wake him up. He mumbled something uncomprehensible, but eventually woke up.

“Wha?” he asked, a little string of drool coming from his mouth. I tried not to stare at the grossness.

“We’re at my house. Can you tell me where you live, and I’ll drive you there, OK?”

He looked worried. “But how will you get back?” He sounded a bit more sober, which relieved me.

“Oh, don’t worry, I can walk back. You only live a few blocks from me, right?” He shrugged. “You don’t know where you live?” He shook his head. I groaned. “OK, here’s the deal. You can spend the night on my couch, then tomorrow morning you’re going to drink a sobering-up milkshake OK? It’s a recipe that’s been in my family for years, and trust me, it’ll definitely sober you up.”

He grinned. “Sounds good.” He got out of the car, so I followed.

Once we were inside, he plopped down on my couch and seemed to be ready for bed, so I quickly got him a pillow and a blanket.

“Can you tuck me in?” he asked, an excited look on his face.

I cracked up. “Sure.” I tucked the blankets underneath him, and to do so, I had to lean down close to him. My face was a few inches from his, and we looked at each others mouths for a few seconds, then, before we knew it, we were furiously making out. His tongue and my tongue were dancing in the other’s mouths, and I felt him try to tug off my coat.

I wanted to stop him, because I didn’t want it to go where he didn’t want it to go, but hell, I was buzzed and he was drunk, and I wanted it as much as he obviously wanted it. So I didn’t make a move to stop him. In fact, I helped him. I removed my coat and then my shirt, throwing the clothes off the couch. I was now straddling his waist, and he had his hands on my hips. He looked up at me with a content look. I suddenly realized what was going on. Here I was, straddling good-guy Jacob Brown,

in only my bra and jeans. And now he was trying to take off my bra.

“Hey, Jacob, do you think maybe we should slow down?” We were both breathing heavily now.

He thought about if for a few minutes. “You know what, Emma? I’m really tired of being seen as a ‘goody-two-shoes Christian boy’. So no, I don’t think we should slow down. In fact, if you want, I wouldn’t mind going all the way. I figure my chances of actually marrying a virgin are slim-to-none, so I might as well enjoy myself.”

I couldn’t argue with that, so instead of answering him, I leaned down and started kissing him again. He grabbed my hips and made me grind into him, as he matched my moves, grinding into me also.

I was starting to get really turned on, and I knew that I wanted to have sex with him, right then and there. “I’ll be right back, I need to get a condom from my room,” I whispered in his ear, then climbed off of him and quickly walked down the hall to my room, grabbing a few packs of condoms from atop my dresser.

While I was in my room, I decided to take off my pants, making it a little easier for Jacob.

When I got back to the living room, I saw he’d taken off his pants and shirt too. I sat down next to him on the couch, suddenly feeling shy.

“So, do you really want to do this?” I asked him, searching his face.

He looked back at me, with a look of sincere seriousness. “Yes, Emma. You’re beautiful. canlı casino siteleri I couldn’t imagine my first time being with anyone as beautiful as you. It just seems right, you know? How can I pass this up?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

He chuckled, laying down and pulling me down with him. I was again in the position of straddling him. I started to grind on him again, and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. I leaned down and our tongues danced again, then I moved to biting his ear. He moaned in pure pleasure, and whispered into my ear. “Oh God, Emma, that feels so fucking good.” It turned me on to hear him say “fuck”, it was my favorite swear word. To hear it from him especially turned me on even more.

“Oh really? Well, maybe I need to bite a little harder.” He moaned again as I nibbled harder. He grinded into me even harder.

“What would you like me to do to you, Jacob? I’m your little slut, so tell me what to do.” He moaned again.

“Keep talking to me like that.”

“OK, Master. What do you want me to do?” He didn’t answer me, unless you counted moaning and grinding into me even harder and faster an answer to my question. “Do you want me to suck on your neck-?” I whispered as I started to do just that.

“Mmm, yeah. Suck harder you little bitch.” I was getting more turned on the more he dirty-talked and the more he thrusted into me and the more he wanted me to hurt him. I was happily surprised that he liked a little pain with pleasure, because I most certainly loved pain and pleasure together. I could never have an orgasm unless a little pain was given to me.

He was breathing really hard now, and that wasn’t the only thing that was hard. I felt that his cock was fully erected, it had to be at least 8 inches long. Definitely the largest cock I’ve ever fucked.

“Mmm… You little slut, I want you to suck my cock, give me the best blow job you’ve ever given a guy before.” I inched down towards his boxers and pulled out his cock. I was right, it was a little bigger than 8 inches long. I covered it with my lips and deep-throated him. He moaned so loud, and I heard him mumble, “Oh yeah, keep doing that.” So for the next two minutes I bopped up and down, continuing to deep throat him, until he finally came. His orgasm turned me on so much that it almost pushed me off over the edge.

“Oh my god, Emma. That was fucking awesome! I wish I’d tried that sooner.” We cracked up, and I laid back down, on top of him.

“I’m glad you liked it. I hope that wasn’t the last time I can do that.” He shook his head, a grin staying plastered onto his face. “Good.”

“So, what would you like me to do to you?” I thought this over a few seconds.

“Ooh, is it my turn to be the Master?”

“Your wish is my command.”

“OK, then, I want you to get on top of me, bit and suck the hell out of my neck and nipples, then when I can’t take it anymore, I want you to shove your cock into my pussy and fuck me senseless.”

He flipped me over. “Done,” he grinned, then started to attack my neck, biting and sucking with the right force at the right times.

“Oh, fuck, Jacob, fuck me now, fuck me so fucking hard!”

He didn’t hesitate to slip out of his boxors, and to save time I quickly pulled off my underwear. He grabbed a condom off of the back of the couch and quickly slipped it over his cock, then he eased into me slowly.

“Don’t go slow, just fucking fuck me now!” I yelled, and he moaned as he started thrusting me as hard and as fast as he could.

“Oh fuck yeah, keep fucking me like that!” I yelled, as he slammed repeatedly into me.

“Fuck, oh god, this is fucking amazing!” he exclaimed, moaning. He took off my bra while still pounding me, and started to twist my nipples, starting to push me over the edge.

“Hurt me, Jacob. Twist them as hard as you can.” We both moaned as he twisted the shit out of my nipples, and I could feel an orgasm coming on. He must’ve been close too, because he suddenly started shuddering and was pounding into me really hard and fast and deep. We both came at the same time, screaming out in ecstacy.

Afterwards, we both collapsed in a happy, breathless pile. “Fuck, Emma, that was amazing. Thank you for being the one I experienced it with.”

I smiled happily. “Hey, no problem. Thank you for fucking me.” We laughed.

After that, we made out, which turned us on again, and the only way to take care of that was to fuck again. So we did.

I’ll never forget the night I fucked the goody-two shoes, Christian boy. Since that amazing night, we’ve been together and actually got married three years ago. The sex has only gotten better.

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