completely true story about my wife drunk and tire


completely true story about my wife drunk and tirethis is true and i will tell it as best as i can.there were 4 of us in total my wife (sam) myself and 2 friends and we had visited a few local pubs and all had a few drinks but it was a little dead that night so we decided to go back to our place and collect more booze on the journey.after around half hour we arrived loaded up with lager wine and vodka which was bought by sam which was a little unusual but what the hey it was friday night so we settled in and put some music on the sattilite tv station.sam was pretty much pissed before we got home but as she was handing out more drinks to everyone it was apparent that she was more drunk than iv seen her in a while but we were all having a good laugh and enjoying the night so it didnt matter.about a hour and half after arriving i noticed that sam hadnt come back from the toilet and was a little concerned as she had been there for around 10 mins so i went to see if everything was ok.when i got there sam was sitting on the toilet but was a bit spaced out which was a mixture of booze and being tired from the early rise that she had that morning so i helped her back into the living bakırköy escort room to say goodnight to our friends (as i thought )but to my suprise she wanted to stay with us and carry on drinking so she poured herself another vodka.another 20 mins went by and sam was almost lying on the sofa and so i said to her it was probably time for her to go to bed and i would join her very soon but she just blanked me and said nothing so i said it again to which one of our friends said “she is realy pissed and out of it” .she seemed as though she was out of it so i thought i would play a game to see if she was putting it on so i said “if you dont go to bed now i will have to undress you myself in front of us all”.she still ignored me so by now i was wondering which way to take things when one of our friends suggested pulling her skirt up and see how far she will let it go before she stops me and i said ok .she was wearing a t shirt top and a knee lenth skirt with no tights as she had already taken them off in the toilet earlier so i went over to her and started pulling up her skirt slowly and talking to her all the time saying things like beşiktaş escort “they will all see your knickers” but she just lay there and let me carry on pulling it i got to the top of her legs my heart was racing like a racing car because i knew our 2 friends were watching and waiting to see her underwear but i had started so i had to finish and so i eventualy pulled her skirt right up and her black knickers were openly on display , in fact i had pulled her skirt so high it was over the top of her knickers and a little of her pubic hair was also visible .by now it was obvious that every one of us were sexualy aroused and after around 5 mins of us all looking at my wife lying there with her skirt raised up to her belly one of our friends suggested the idea of taking her knickers off so we could all look at her pussy and he also reminded us that she wouldnt know anything about it .by now my heartbeats were realy racing but i saw the look on their faces and i made the decision to show them her pussy so i told them to behave and i will take her knickers off.i put my hands under sams arse and started to pull at her knickers beylikdüzü escort and wow they came from under her realy easy and then i pulled them down to her knees and turned around and i had 2 faces either side of my head watching and saying things like wow and great so i pulled them right down to her feet and removed now we were all looking at my wife with her skirt raised above her waist and her knickers removed and a lot of pubic hair on display to all but the hair was hiding the thing they wanted to see so with a little help from one of our friends we placed one of her legs on the floor and left the other on the sofa so now her legs were very much open and her pussy was very much on view and the atmosphere was electric.we all spent a couple of mins just looking between her legs when i just leaned forward and actualy opened her vaginal lips so inside her pussy was on view i dont know why i just did .it was then that 1 of our friends leaned forward and started touching her and feeling inside her which left me a little out of control as to what to do next so i just stood back and spent a couple of mins watching him fingering my wife .it was after a few mins that he took his fingers out of her and took his cock out and asked me if he could fuck her.i so much wanted to say yes but i thought it had gone far enough so i said no.we left her in that position with her pussy on view for about 10 minutes and 1 of our friends masturbated next to her while touching her .belive me this is true

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