Confessions Ch. 00 – Prologue


‘I am definitely not doing this!’ Gillian announced quite defiantly. She tried to smile as she spoke, but she could barely hide her discomfort with the idea they were pondering upon.

It was one of those stupid ideas of Selen, as usual. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed about her in the last 10 years. She was always the wild one in the group. Gillian could recall how Selen used to be a tease back in their high school days. Selen always loved the attention. In fact, she almost craved it every time she would see a man. It was quite usual of her to tease around with the boys in the class, or to flirt with the professors, or just being extra sweet to some random man whom she would find ‘cute’, as she used to say!

“Oh girl, you oughta do it!” Maya smirked. Clearly she was in support of Selen’s idea. And clearly, there was no protest from Anne or Karen either.

It has been almost 10 years since Gillian graduated from Paxton Institute and moved out of her little town of Dorset. She managed to get an internship in one of the top news daily in London. Within 6 months, the internship was converted into bahis firmaları a lucrative job offer, and right now after 10 years, Gillian is one of the top journalists in The London Daily.

It’s been 10 long years since she parted from her high school friends. Life had different plans for everyone. Gillian met someone at work whom she thought was the love of her life, dated him for 8 months and eventually got married. Things however were not as rosy as she thought, and to cut a long story short, she went through a divorce and settled on her own in London. Out of all her friends, she was regularly in contact only with Maya, for the sole reason that Maya was also been in London for all this years. Settled with her long-term boyfriend Josh, Maya is now a happy wife and mother, something which Gillian secretly envied about her. Maya’s place was actually not far from Gillian’s, all the more reason for staying connected.

It was Maya who often kept Gillian informed about the whereabouts of their old friends and what they were doing these days. Karen too, was settled in London since last year, but work pressure of her kaçak iddaa law firm made it nearly impossible to meet frequently. Mainly due to Maya’s effort, Gillian managed to stay in contact with others over phone & social Media, and even met Karen once or twice in between. But it was nearly impossible for the all five of them to actually sit back, relax and chat about random crazy things like back in those high school days. So when Maya informed her last night that Selen and Anne will be in London this weekend and that this might be a good chance to catch up with all the old besties, Gillian was quite elated. Gillian thought it might just be a perfect opportunity to revisit those old days. In fact, she made all arrangements and invited all of them to her apartment for the weekend.

Right now though, Gillian was almost cursing her enthusiasm. It was all good until the dinner was over. They had been talking about how their lives have changed, old times, how they used to crush after some professor and stuff like that. It was then when Selen proposed the idea of playing their old favorite ‘Spin the Bottle’ game. But this kaçak bahis time, with a twist. “Whoever gets selected,” Selen announced, “will have to share a confession.. about one of your naughty deeds, you know what I mean.” she finished her words but kept on giggling.

“Woo.. I like where it’s going!”- Said Maya,” I am in!”

“Great!” Selen jumped in eagerness, “And it has to be something spicy, kinky stuff. I am pretty sure you all have had some! hell, I am so curious to know!”

‘No way!”- Gillian tried to cut them down..”‘I am definitely not doing this!’. She had never been comfortable about sharing her fantasies and desires even with her closest friends back in those high school days, and it hasn’t changed much even now. But she had little support from the rest of her friends, and had to reluctantly give in.

“You girls are crazy!” she growled in her annoyed tone.

“Oh, come on Gillian! We all know you have a dirty mind!” – smirked Selen, “I can still recall how you used to look at Professor. Richards back in those days!”

“Stop it, will you?”- Gillian gave her one of her angry glaring look.

“Enough now, let’s start!”-Maya announced, “I am spinning the first one!” she grabbed the empty bottle. “come now, girls.. quickly, sit around the table, shall we?”

And so it began.

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