Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 5


being young I was aware of the beauty and allure of underwear in general, but only from the ‘normal’ sense of attraction.. mostly gained from the odd porn magazine I’d gotten a hold of, stocking and suspenders type stuff.

I remember being at my best friends house on a summer’s day (back when we had a summer), bored, mischievous, and of course horny because I always was in those days. Now I need to fill you in on a couple of things, my friend, J lets say, had two female members in his family – his mum, at the time aged late 30’s, a nurse, with pleasantly large tits and a lovely smile. Many a wank was undertaken on behalf of those lovely jugs I can tell you. Also, there was an even better target for my lewd thoughts, that of his then just turned 18 year old sister – I can recall at the time she was in the local 6th form and still wore a uniform. Thankfully she had been blessed with her mum genetic heritage and grown a lovely set of jugs too. They were both of average height and build, maybe illegal bahis a touch rotund on the part of the mother and likewise with the sister, who had a typical English teenager’s biggish bum.

Ok, the first time. His family was out that day, and we’d been lounging around his front room watching TV. I remember going upstairs to his toilet with the intention of having a pee.. but this time, for some reason, as I locked the bathroom door I noticed the wicker basket clothes hamper just to the side of the bath area. Being ultra cautious and already feeling a little adrenalin, I ran the tap to mask any noise the lid lifting might make… I slowly raised the lid and found the hamper near full with clothes. Right on the top of the pile was a large white bra – without a doubt belonging to my friends mum. Tent peg time.. with bulging erection I lifted and examined the bra, although now I can’t recall the exact size – It must’ve been at least a 38D.

Aware that I was eating up time, I illegal bahis siteleri lifted some of the other clothes out of the hamper (a mixture, jeans, tops, a skirt – the whole family used this hamper) and looked deeper, this time spotting a scrunched up ball of cotton material that would become my first step down the dark, fetid path of panty stealing. Careful so as not to upset the order of the other clothes, I set them down and quickly reached in to pick up the knickers. The other clothes around them looked to also be his mums, so I think its fair to say these knickers were hers too – I still remember to this day they were quite worn, thin even, a light grey colour with pretty little tiger symbols printed on them. And then.. of course, the magic moment.. I opened them up and looked at the gusset.. it was very yellow and I could smell piss on it – not just piss though but something else, something that electrified my animal instinct and made me want to rip my cock out and wank it furiously!! canlı bahis siteleri What an experience.

Time was running out, and I decided I needed to keep this beautiful item for later use. I bundled the knickers up, and slid them into my underpants, being sure to even out the bulge. Later I would use my socks for this task instead.. I replaced the clothes quickly and had a last look at the bra before flushing the toilet and rejoining my friend. Suffice to say I didn’t remain at his house for long, and near ran all the way home upon which I sniffed those private under things, tasting them too, and had many an amazing cum in my bedroom..

Well that was it, it was quite a pleasure to recall in such detail I must say, you should give it a try! AND of course, you’re all wondering.. what about the sisters’ dirty knickers? Well that’s another tale.. which I will of course post when I get the chance – suffice to say, there were times when she would come in from 6th form in her uniform, goes upstairs to change, dutifully placing her dirty clothing in the hamper – I would then go for a supposed ‘number 2’ and lay out her complete uniform, just peeled from her young body, white cotton bra and wet dirty 6th former knickers too boot.

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