Controlling Aunt Jenny Ch. 03


The girls sat on the couch with Jenny draped across Jenna’s lap completely naked and still recovering from her orgasm. As she lay there, she tried to wrap her head around just how powerful of an orgasm that had been. She knew she usually got off quite easily when being dominated by her previous lovers, but nothing had ever compared to this one. She wasn’t positive, but she was pretty sure she had even squirted on her niece’s lap.

The girls stared at their aunt while she caught her breath and calmed down. After a bit, they both looked at each other and recognized the sparkle in both their eyes. The girls had started experimenting together ever since Jenna turned 18 at the beginning of the summer while traveling with their parents, so they were at least a little familiar with orgasms and sex, even lesbian sex. They had even played with domination a couple times and both found it fun to be the dom. However they had never witnessed or experienced anything like what just happened. In fact, all their experience came down to probably 7 fun days in the past 2 months since Jenna turned 18. The first one was a surprise to Jenna when Emily crawled into her bed at night and starter licking her pussy saying it was actually Emily’s gift to Jenna for her 18th birthday. They could both feel their arousal soaking through their panties as well. But before they continued their games, Emily spoke up.

“Ok ladies, before we continue, I think it is time to get dinner arranged. And since I’m the responsible adult in the house, we’ll do as I say. I’m going to order a pizza, and I want you two to stay right where you are. I’ll be right back.” Emily left them on the couch as she headed to the other room to order pizza.

The two sat in silence for a few seconds. Then, Jenny felt movement that made her moan again. Jenna was slowly petting Jenny’s pussy again, rubbing up and down the full length of her slit. Jenna said nothing as she played with her Aunt’s pussy; she just sat there and enjoyed the power over the woman 10 years her senior. This woman was supposed to be a mature adult in control of herself and her life, yet here she was squirming on the lap of a young 18-year-old girl. She pinched Jenny’s clit, just for emphasis, and delighted in the sharp inhale she heard when she did. Jenna had no intention of getting her Aunt off again so soon, she just wanted to show her dominance over the woman some more. She loved having this power over somebody that was supposed to have power over her. She could feel her own pussy leaking through her panties now and new she was getting close to making a spot on the couch below her.

Emily walked back to the room and paused in the doorway. She leaned on the doorframe and watched the two women in front of her to her own amusement. They were so engrossed in their own playing they didn’t even notice her walk back in. She smiled at herself, knowing their aunt was just their plaything now. She wasn’t quite sure why, but something about having their aunt under their control was really driving Emily crazy with lust too. Maybe it was the taboo of it all combined with the dom/sub dynamic. Regardless, this was proving to be an excellent opportunity to explore her own fantasies and kinks. She wanted to get more info though, so she could really explore and push her aunt even further. She spoke up as she stepped into the room.

“I hate to interrupt the sexy show, but that’s enough for now. Jenna, let little Jenny up off your lap. It’s time to move on to new stuff.”

Jenna gave Jenny’s pussy one more rub, and a light smack before letting her up. Jenny got to her feet on shaky legs. After a few seconds she was able to stand up straight again. Damn these girls really new how to keep her turned on constantly.

“Ok, Jenny, stand right over here in front of the couch. That’s it. Now turn and face us. And put your arms at your side, you know we’ve seen everything already.” Emily sat on the couch next to her sister while instructing Jenny. The girls sat there for a few seconds looking at their aunt. Jenna patiently waiting to see what Emily was going to do next.

“Jenny, my sister and I are gonna ask you a few questions. I want complete honesty from you. If we think you aren’t being honest with us, the real punishment will begin. Do you understand me?”

What did she mean by real punishment? Surely it couldn’t get more humiliating than being controlled by her nieces. “Yes, ma’am.”

“If we believe you’re honest with us, we will reward you more than earlier. We all know that is something you want, too. Are you going to be completely honest with us, Aunty?”

“Yes ma’am.” She answered much quicker and with more enthusiasm than she would care to admit. Yet the fact remained, her pussy was in control of her decisions right now.

“Good girl. Now, you clearly get off on being punished, and I have a suspicion that it goes further than just punishment. You seem to be pretty submissive. Have you ever played with being submissive before?” They closely watched casino oyna Jenny’s face as she answered.

“Uhh…yes, ma’am, with some previous lovers.”

“Ah, just as I hoped. Now, dear aunty, did you enjoy everything we’ve done to you so far today?”

Jenny blushed and lowered her head to stare at the floor. She quietly mumbled “yes, ma’am.”

“Speak up, little Jenny.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So I thought. You came so hard you squirted all over Jenna just a bit ago. And I bet if I ran my hand through your pussy right now, you would be wet, probably close to dripping down your leg. Am I right?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Her shame was our in the open now. They knew how much she was turned on by all this.

“Awe, little Jenny really likes this! Is it the being controlled part, the fact that your nieces are the ones controlling you, or that you were mistaken for and treated like a teenage girl that turned you on so much?”

“I don’t know. All of it.” She hadn’t thought it through completely, but she couldn’t deny how her insides fluttered with arousal as her niece stated each option. She was slowly realizing just how much she truly enjoyed the entire situation.

“Good girl. I’m so glad you enjoy being our little submissive so much. Now, the pizza should be here any moment. If I made you answer the door just as you are, naked head to toe with those little titties and that beautiful ass, would that turn you on?”

“Please don’t.”

“You didn’t answer my question, little girl. What if I made you tip the pizza boy by giving him a blow job, or if it’s a girl by licking her pussy? Would my little slut be so horny she would drip on the floor?”

“Yes, but please don’t, ma’am.”

“And if I made you spread your legs so they could have their way with you? Would you do as I said and let them use you however they wanted. Get over here, I want to see how wet you are just thinking about it.”

Jenny walked over to her nieces, who each ran their hands through her pussy in turn. They looked at each other with mischievous smiles and laughed. Just then, the doorbell rang. Jenna leaned back and put her hand in her mouth, licking her fingers clean, while Emily stood up in front of Jenny.

“You’re lucky, little Jenny. I’m not going to make you do all that. Not tonight. Maybe another day. For now, I want you to put your shirt on and go answer the door. No, not your panties, bra, or skirt. Just your shirt. That way you’ll have to be careful with how you move, or else you’re going to give whoever it is a show. I already paid for the pizza, so you don’t need to worry about money or a tip. Now go, slut.”

Jenny grabbed her shirt off the floor and quickly pulled it over her head. At least it came down to just past her pussy with her arms down, but if she lifted her hands, she could feel it rise halfway up her ass and knew her pussy would be exposed. She quickly moved to the door as the girls got up and headed to the kitchen.

When she got to the door, she peeked through the window next to the door and saw it was a young man, maybe 19 or 20, probably in the local university with a summer job. She groaned inwardly, knowing how he would tell all his friends about this experience afterwards. She opened the door and saw his eyes go wide immediately. He looked her up and down at least twice before making eye contact with her. He was several inches taller than her, which didn’t help her feeling out of control of the situation.

“Hello, I have your pizza. Would you like some help carrying it in?” Did he take her for an idiot? It was one pizza, why would she need help? He just wanted an excuse to look at her even more.

“No, thank you. I can get it.” She reaches out for it, not realizing how far she raised her arms as she reached. As she turned away, the boy got a good look at the bottom half of her ass. He tried to pull his phone out of his pocket, but he wasn’t fast enough to get a picture before the door closed.

While all this was happening, Emily and Jenna were talking in the kitchen.

“Ok, Jen, here is my plan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this could be a fantastic and safe way for us to experiment with sex, which is something we are both interested in. We can try so many different things with her, if we can get her to give in to letting us be in complete control. I think she will go for it, though, given how much she’s loved everything so far.”

“Ooo, that sounds fun! Yeah, I’m definitely up for trying! I have so many ideas of things I’ve always wanted to try. But you really think she’ll go for it?”

“That’s our goal tonight. We need to show her how much she will enjoy everything. I want you to spend the night with her and drive her crazy. If we can get her to play along for just a bit longer, we can cement the roles tomorrow when we go out with her. Are you up for it?”

“Wait, you want me to spend the night with a little submissive woman and play with her all night long? Why would I say no to that?! Of course I’m slot oyna up for it! I’m getting wet already just thinking about it!”

“Haha good! But keep your pants on for just a bit longer. Follow my lead and we could have her pleasing us all year, or even longer!”

“Sounds like a plan, Em. Ooo this is so exciting! Who would have ever thought we would have a woman 10 years older than me under our control?!”

Just then Jenny walked into the kitchen with the pizza. The girls were standing at the counter, clearly waiting for her. She went to put the pizza on another counter, turning slightly away from the girls. They immediately noticed her ass hanging out below her shirt and couldn’t help commenting.

“Oh Em Gee! Look at that ass hanging out! Did you intentionally show them your ass when you met them at the door?”

Jenny’s jaw dropped as she quickly lowered her arms and pulled the bottom of the shirt as low as she could. She couldn’t believe she’d accidentally done that! He must think she’s a slut!

“Since you like showing off your ass so much, go ahead and take that shirt back off while we eat.”

Jenny did as she was told, and didn’t bother covering herself up since she knew she would just be scolded if she did.

“Good girl, you’re learning! Ok, while we eat, we are going to go over the two new house rules. They are pretty simple and we expect these to be followed at all times while in the house. Anytime you do not follow these rules, you’ll be punished. And since we know you like being spanked so much, your punishment will usually involve some form of you humiliating yourself in front of others. Am I understood?” Emily eyed her Aunt as sternly as she could manage while speaking.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll do as told.” She didn’t want to admit how much saying that out loud was turning her on even more.

“Let’s start with the obvious one, 1) Jenna and I are in charge here and you will do as instructed at all times. You’re already doing a decent job at that one, so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it up. The next one is also simple, but should help us in settling in to our new roles permanently. 2) you will call us ma’am, even if others are here, and if you ever need to mention our names to other people, you will call me Aunt Rose since I decided to go by your middle name, dear aunty, and… wait, Jenna should get to decide her own name. Jen, are you ok with going by Emily?”

“Actually, I think I’d rather go by your middle name too, since it could get confusing if people call me Emily. Plus I’ve always loved your middle name!”

“Sounds good. So you will call her Sophia. In fact, let’s call each other those names too, so we can get used to them. I’ll be Rose from now on, Jenna will be Sophia, and Aunt Jennifer can just go by little Jenny.” (NOTE: they will be referred to by these new names during narration from now on)

Jenny hated going by that nickname, but there didn’t seem to be much she could do about it. Just hearing them call her Jenny constantly reminded her that they were in control of her and the situation. Instead of fighting back, Jenny continued to quietly eat as the girls started giving her some basic commands.

“Ooo, Rose…wow that’s going to take some getting used to…I have one rule I’d like her to follow from now on.”

“Haha yeah, it will. But we’ll get used to it! What would you like her to do, Sophia?”

“I want us to be in charge of when she gets to cum. If you want to cum, you have to ask us permission first. And don’t pretend like that doesn’t make you wet, little Jenny. I just gave you the biggest orgasm of your life a little bit ago and I’m sure your pussy is practically drooling at the thought of us making you cum again and again and again.”

“Oh, I like that one, Jen! Shit, I mean Sophia. Haha that really is going to take some getting used to! Ok, Jenny, from now on you have to ask us permission to orgasm, and you can’t cum until we say so. Understood?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I can control that, and you really shouldn’t be doing that stuff with me anymore. This is getting way too much, I think.”

Rose started to answer, but Sophia put her hand on her sister’s leg. She walked over to her aunt, and bent over so she was face to face with the shorter woman. She lovingly put a hand on the back of Jenny’s head, tilted her own head, and leaned in to kiss her full on the lips. Jenny was taken aback and resisted at first. Sensing her Aunt’s hesitance, Sophia grabbed her Aunt’s pussy and quickly inserted two fingers into her soaking wet hole. Jenny gasped at the suddenness of it all, and Sophia took the chance to stick her tongue into her Aunt’s mouth.

It only took a second or two of the assault on her pussy and mouth before Jenny started melting into the kiss. She started kissing back, playing with her niece’s tongue and putting her arms around her niece. Once Sophia felt Jenny lower all her defenses to engage, she slowed down and enjoyed the sensations. After around 15 seconds, canlı casino siteleri she pulled her mouth off of her Aunt, and her fingers out of Jenny’s pussy. All three women could hear Jenny’s groan of frustration when Sophia’s fingers came out. Sophia leaned in close to Jenny’s ear and whispered to her.

“Jenny, stop resisting. We all know how much you loved being controlled, you are literally dripping with arousal as we play with you. You know you are going to enjoy it, and we will make sure you are looked after constantly. I personally plan on playing with you as much as I can, so stop fighting and give in already. Now, I’m going to walk back over next to my sister. I want you to take a breath, feel how hot you are for this whole thing, look up at us, and then tell us that we own you and can do whatever we want. Admit to us how much you want to be controlled by us and then the real fun can start.”

Sophia walked back over to Rose and turned to face Jenny. Jenny looked at the ground and took a deep breath. She could feel her pussy leaking down her leg and she knew she was going to give in just like Sophia had said. She took a second breath then looked up at her nieces.

“Ma’am’s, you own me. You can control me and everything about me, even my orgasms. I am so fucking horny just thinking about giving in to you, but I’m scared. I’ve never done this for real and I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick with this type of lifestyle completely for the summer. Please be patient with me as I adjust.”

“Good girl! We are gonna have so much fun together. We understand your hesitance, but know that insubordination or not following orders will not be tolerated. You will be corrected and punished when you make mistakes, but we trust you will settle in nicely. Don’t forget your rules and do as we say. Now, come in to the living room so you can thank us properly for controlling you.”

All three women moved into the living room, again with the girls on the couch and Jenny standing facing them.

“Alright, down on your hands and knees, Jenny, and crawl over here. Sophia, I’ll let you go first. Take off your pants.”

“Oh, no, Rose. We talked about me getting her all night. I want you to have a turn first. You get to try out her tongue first.”

“Ok, I won’t turn down that offer as I’m sure I’m soaking through my thong at this point. Get over here, Jenny, and take my pants off.”

Jenny crawled over to Rose on her hands and knees, and started unbuttoning her jeans. She pealed her jeans and thong down at the same time, and got a good look at the neatly trimmed pussy of her eldest niece for the first time. She had it shaved to a neat and tidy landing strip down her mound, with her lips clear of any hair.

“Now, before you get started, I want you to thank me for taking control of you and beg to lick my pussy.”

“Thank you so much, ma’am, for taking control of me. May I please lick your pussy to show you how thankful I am?”

“Sheesh, your begging needs work. You’re lucky I’m so horny right now. Dive in, slut, and do good or we’ll have to punish you all night.”

Jenny had never done this before, but knew there was no sense in fighting them. They were clearly in charge here. She stuck her tongue out and gave Rose a tentative lick. She’d tasted herself many times before on her own fingers or on the cocks of her previous lovers, but she’d never tasted another girl before. She was surprised that the taste was definitely different than her own, but actually quite pleasant. She licked a few more times, still getting used to the taste.

“Oh, come on, get in there. Don’t just lick my lips. Wait, little Jenny, have you never done this before?!”

“No ma’am.” Shit, they found that out way too quickly.

“Wow, what a lucky girl I am that I get to be your first pussy to get a good taste of! I’m sure you’ve had your little cunny licked before though. Just do what you enjoy when someone else is going down on you. I’m sure I’ll give you more direction as we go along.” She turned and laughed with her sister as they got excited about really teaching this woman about sex too! This setup was going to be great for all of them!

Jenny used her hand to pull Rose’s lips back, found her clit, and began licking it eagerly. The more she tasted it, the more she found she liked the taste of Rose’s pussy. She wouldn’t admit it to them out of sheer embarrassment, but it sure made being forced to go down on her niece easier.

“Ooo, that’s it. Focus on my clit like that. Oh, that’s it, right there…” Rose was glad Jenny seemed to be a natural. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her Aunt’s tongue. After a minute, she opened her eyes and turned to her sister. She hadn’t explored too much with her own sexuality yet, but she had already found out how much she loved dirty talk. And right now, degrading and controlling her aunt was definitely doing the trick down below.

“So, Sophia. Did I tell you what the plan for tomorrow is yet?”

“No, but I’d love to hear about it.” Sophia smiled and put her hand on the back of Jenny’s head. She began petting her head as if she were a puppy, and Jenny seemed to eat Rose’s pussy with more energy as she did.

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