Cougar Party



Steve felt Randi’s legs tighten around his waist as he slowly pounded his long, hard shaft into her wet tunnel. At nearly twice his age, Steve was amazed at the stamina she showed in bed. A petite mother of two, with long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes set above sharp cheekbones, Randi was in tremendous shape with a slim waist and slender legs, her breasts, while small, were still pert and firm.

As Randi’s breathing became heavier, she pulled Steve’s face to hers and kissed him deeply, her tongue pushing hotly into his mouth. Randi loved to kiss him like this while they fucked, “completing the circuit” she called it laughing at the nerdy expression she had coined, adding that only an engineer would think of it. But there was nothing nerdy about the way she fucked; nearly insatiable, Steve had never been with a woman who wanted it as badly or enjoyed it more.

Steve’s college friend Marcus had introduced him to Randi during a recent business trip the two of them had taken to Chicago. Marcus and Randi worked for the same large semi-conductor company in Ohio and they had begun an affair earlier in the year. Although she had never strayed in the previous twenty years of her marriage before Marcus, Randi was making up for lost time since Steve slept with her on that trip. Randi loved to describe her various trysts to Steve when she visited, knowing how excited he would become. Randi was making more frequent “business” trips to Chicago and had told Steve it was a good thing her company was doing so well, since her husband showed no signs of suspicion about her being out-of-town so often.

“AAAAhhhhh . . .Shit! . . . Baby you’re gonna make me cum again . . .You cock feels so fucking good!!!” Randi breathed hotly in his ear.

He picked up the pace, slamming his thick cock harder into the beautiful MILF, her feet sliding down to lock behind his calf muscles as she moved in an easy rhythm beneath him. Randi moaned loudly and moved her hands her hands down from his broad shoulders to grab his thrusting ass cheeks trying to pull him even farther into her.

“FUCK ME BABY!!! AHHHHHH . . .SHIT . . .FUCK ME!!!!” Randi screamed as she came, spasms racking her taught body as she convulsed beneath his bulk. A thin satisfied smile crossed Steve’s lips as he contined to viciously pound the soccer mom and moments later he shot a huge load of cum deep into her married pussy. Randi rolled her hips as he came drawing jet after jet of seed out of her young lover’s cock.

Steve kissed her softly as they caught their breath, their tongues dueling, her small breasts pressed deliciously against his thick chest. When he rolled of her, Randi reached acrossed him to the bedside table for her wine glass. Taking a long sip, Randi replaced the glass and laid her head on Steve’s chest, one leg splayed over his, tracing patterns lightly on his chest with her french-manicured fingernails. She sqeezed him and sighed contentedly.

” I love the way you fuck me. You were superb today darling!”

Steve smiled in response and reached down to push her long hair away from her face, “We’d better get moving . . . the limo will be here at 9:00.” Steve smacked her playfully on the ass to emphasize his point.

Steve had invited Randi to attend a private party in a posh high rise downtown. Randi understood that a group of young men would take their more mature lovers to this party every month. A formal affair, Randi was instructed to bring her little black dress and Steve was wearing a tux. The members referred to it as a “Cougar Party” and Randi was intrigued by the possibilities.

Randi raised up and kissed Steve quickly and then rolled out of bed. She picked up the short, silk robe that she had discarded earlier and slid it over her arms, belting the sash. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and padded into Steve’s kitchen to make a call.

Randi was checking in at home and Steve overheard her talking with her husband and children asking about school,work and soccer practice. Laughing with her youngest and telling her that “Mommy will be home on Sunday.”, Steve was again struck by the duel lives Randi was living. He knew that people would see her at the soccer game or church, or pass by her in a grocery store aisle and only see an attractive, middle-aged woman who most likely lived a fairly normal life much like their own, never once guessing that her private life contained secret rendezvous and lust, deceit and passion that far exceeded anything they could imagine.

The contrasting sides of a woman like Randi was extremely exciting to Steve. The risks she took to go behind her husband’s back to see him, and her other lovers, were considerable, but her lust for young cock was a powerful emotion that she had decided not to even try to control. Steve’s first introduction to the world of older woman/ younger man lust was very personal and profound and, ironically, his friend Marcus, Randi’s first lover, had played a pivotal canlı bahis şirketleri role.


Steve and Marcus, while playing different sides of the ball at Northwestern, had quickly become friends their freshman year. Although Steve was white, he and Marcus had many things in common: Both studied hard, trained hard and enjoyed the attention they received from the girls.

Midway through the season, Steve invited Marcus to come home with him during an off-week. Steve’s parents were excited to have their son home and were gracious hosts to his new friend although Steve could not recall a time when a black man had been in their home.

Steve’s father owned one of the largest BMW dealerships in Illinois and their large home reflected his good fortune. His mother, even in her late forties, was an extremely attractive woman. Although she had let her prematurely greying hair go unchecked, she had a great body with large jutting breasts, and she always seemed to wear a little more make-up and dress a little sexier than the other women in her social circle. Active in school and in church functions, as well as the local Opera Guild, Steve’s mom stood out from the other mothers.

Steve went to bed early on Friday, school and football practice taking its toll, and he had promised his dad that he would go to the club for a round of golf early the next morning. Marcus, who didn’t play, was going to sleep in and wait for their return.

At the turn, Steve begged out of playing the back nine, his scores were high and his dad indicated that he usually ate lunch at the club at the finish. Not wanting to leave his friend alone for this long, Steve headed back to his parent’s house. Oddly, his mother’s convertible was still in the garage when he arrived, remembering her saying that she intended to do some shopping.

Inside, the large house was quiet and Steve headed upstairs to his room. While on the landing, he heard his mother laughing from his parent’s bedroom in the back of the house. Steve decided that he better tell her that he was home early, so he headed back towards their room.

As he approached the doorway, he swore he recognized his friend’s voice inside his parent’s room, his mother again laughing in response. Suprised, Steve walked quietly towards the door that was open partway. Positioning himself in such a way that he could see inside, but keeping out of sight, he peered in.

Marcus was laying on his parent’s king-sized bed, completely naked. His mother, in a short, black, teddie laid next to him raised up on one elbow, stroking his long, hard cock and smiling down at his friend. As Steve watched, his mom leaned down to kiss him, her tongue sliding past his open lips. They kissed deeply, as she continued to stroke him, the diamonds on her wedding bands sparkling in the morning sun.

After a few moments, his mother pulled away from his friend’s lips and moved lower on the bed, licking and kissing his deep, hairless chest, taking a nipple into her luscious lips. Steve watched as his mother flicked her tongue into his friend’s navel, smiling lewdly at his suprised response, all the while slowly lifting his long, dark shaft upward.

His mother lowered her head to his cock and her tongue darted out, slowly licking around his bulbous hed. She licked up and down his thick shaft as she cupped his ball sack in her hand. She began to moan as she sucked one of his large rocks into her mouth, then dropping her jaw, she took his cock deep into her eager mouth.

As Steve watched his mom’s head bob rapidly, slobbering over his friend’s cock, he noted with shock that his own cock was rock hard, almost painfully so. His mother was stroking Marcus in rhythm with her mouth and Steve noticed that his eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth open, clearly enjoying her technique.

His mom pulled her mouth off his cock with an audible pop, and looking up at Marcus, she smiled lustily, the flat of her tongue licking the sensitive underside of his bulbous head.

“Do you want to fuck me again?” she purred, “We don’t have to be as quiet as we were last night!”

Marcus sputtered, “But what about Mr. Lee?”

She took the head of his cock briefly into her mouth .

“He’s not here!” she teased licking his shaft slowly.

“I know,. . . but they might be back soon . . .”

“Marcus, we have plenty of time . . .now come on. I need to feel that big thing inside of me!” she said as she peeled her teddie over her head ,allowing her heavy breasts to fall free.

She laid next to Marcus and spread her long legs as he moved quickly between them. Grabbing his cock in both of her hands, she guided him towards her pussy. With a quick thrust, Marcus slid his entire length easily into her and began to lustily fuck Steve’s mother.

“Slow down, Baby . . .You feel so good. I don’t want this to be over too quickly!” she instructed the young man.

Marcus slowed to even, steady pounding, his mother wrapping canlı kaçak iddaa her legs eagerly around him.

“That’s it . . . Oh . . .Yeah . . .That’s it . . .Now you’re doing it!” she panted.

Marcus leaned down to kiss his mother and Steve saw his friend’s tongue disappear into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing , her hands spread acrossed his broad, cinnamon shoulders.

As they fucked, his mother moved in an eager rhythm beneath him, her breasts bouncing lewdly each time he pounded his thick meat into her married pussy.

After several minutes, Marcus pulled his lips from hers and picked up the pace, his mother squeezed him tighter and began to moan loadly.

“That’s it . . . Ohhh Baby! . . .That’s FUCKING IT! . . . Keep fucking me . . . Give me all of your big, beautiful cock!!!!”

Marcus was close as well and he kept repeating: ” OHHH Mrs. Lee . . . I’m gonna cum . . . Ohhhh . . . Shit . . Mrs. Lee!!!”

His mom let out a shriek as she began to shudder, her legs and toes now pointed straight up in the air.

“OHHHH . . .FUCK!! . . .MARCUS!!! . . .OHH . . . SHHHHHIIIIIITTTTT!! . . .BABY!!!!!!”

Marcus came seconds later, his ass driving frantically into his mother , shooting a huge load deep into her warm, wet tunnel.

Later, after Marcus rolled off his mother, she sat up against the headboard, her heavy breasts still flushed. Pushing her silver hair out of her eyes, she looked over at his friend with an amused smile on her face.

“Whew . . . that was incredible!” she sputtered. “Isn’t it better when we can get loud?”

“Aren’t you worried . . . I mean . . .about your husband . . .”

“Honey, if you only knew . . .! He is too busy, with work and golf and all, and he seems to trust me . . . God knows why!” she added with a sly smile. “It’s not like I don’t screw him and he thinks I’m getting enough . . . Which I am, just not from him!”

She went on to describe for Marcus some of her numerous affairs with her husband’s employees, golf buddies and several of Steve’s high school friends. His mom reached for a pack of More 120s that were lying on her bedside table and lit one of the them, dragging deeply. She leaned over to kiss Marcus , her hand with the cigarette reaching down to rub his thick cock. As he began to stiffen, she took another deep drag and lowered her head saying softly “Mommy’s got a suprise for you!”

Steve watched a few minutes longer and then quietly backed away from the door to his parent’s bedroom. Back in the garage, Steve leaned against his mother’s car and pulled out his still hard cock and began to jerk off, visions of his sexy mother fucking and sucking his young black friend vivid in his mind.

Marcus became a regular visitor after that, and Steve found himself arranging their trips home during times he knew his father would be out of town. Although, they thought they were being discreet, Steve was able to watch Marcus and his mother continue their adulterous affair. If he left the room, he would sneak back to invariably find his mother pinned against the wall, kissing Marcus deeply, smiling as she sucked on the tongue that was thrust into her mouth, her hands cradling his face as he would start rubbing her breasts or between her legs.

Once he excused himself for the night as the three of them were watching TV. Later he crept out of his room to find Marcus, still seated on the couch, with his mother on her knees between his legs lustily sucking his cock. When Marcus warned her that he was cumming, she pulled her mouth off his straining cock and pumped him furiously, her mouth open, her tongue extended. Marcus shot a huge load onto her face and into her mouth before she sucked him lovingly back into her mouth, moaning with desire.

Steve would listen outside his parent’s bedroom at night as the two of them fucked. Muffled groans, shouts and moans painting a lurid picture of the activity inside.

That summer,Steve fucked his Calculus teacher’s assistant, a married mother of four, and he was amazed at how easy it was to get her into the sack. In her late thirties, the slim brunette was open to anything sexually, and didn’t cause a scene when Steve stopped returning her phone calls. He quickly followed this affair with numerous others, all of his partners married, some of them friends of his mother. Although he didn’t bed older women exclusively, he had to admit that sex with soccer moms and MILFs was incredibly exciting and that his latest affair with Randi went far beyond anything he had previously experienced. He couldn’t wait to show her off at the Cougar Party.


After adjusting his bow tie and grabbing his jacket off the bedroom chair, Steve walked into the living room of his condo to find Randi perched sexily on a bar stool enjoying a glass of white wine. The slit on the side of her short, halter dress showed the lacy tops of her thigh highs. Her long, honey blonde hair had been flat ironed and it hung straight down, beautifully canlı kaçak bahis framing her dark smoky eyes, and her lips were heavily glossed in a cinnamon shade. Her legs were crossed and Steve noted that she was wearing her new Prada pumps with the five inch heels.

She eyed Steve steadily, as she reached into her clutch purse, removing a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s. Flipping the top of the hard pack, she slowly removed on of the long, white, cigarettes, and slid it between her fingers.

“MMMMMmmmm . . . Mommy like!” she smiled thinly, her blue eyes flashing as she lit her cigarette in that way that Steve found so erotic. Propping one elbow on the bar and exhaling a thin stream toward Steve, he found his cock begin to stir. Randi had started to refer to herself more often in this manner, and she knew the effect it had upon him. Steve moved towards her and lifted her chin with his hand, leaning in to kiss her and tasting the tang of her breath. As they began to kiss more deeply, Randi reached down between his legs to rub him through his pants.

Steve groaned when the intercom buzzed indicating that their limo had arrived. Randi smiled lustily up at her young lover and said “Saved by the bell. Another minute and I wouldn’t have let you out of here!”

On the way downtown, Randi noticed the attention the driver was giving them in the rearview mirror. Giving him a little show, Randi crossed her legs and leaned into Steve, licking his earlobe and kissing his neck. She began to rub his chest, and when he turned to kiss her, she reached down to slowly rub his cock. When Steve cupped one of her breasts in his large hand, Randi hit a button which slid the privacy partition down and she eagerly unzipped his pants.

Later, Randi was reapplying a thick layer of lip gloss with the thin applicator when the limo stopped at their destination. When the back door opened, the driver offered his hand to Randi and she slid out of the limo giving him a lovely view of her bare pussy.

Randi looped her arm tightly through Steve’s as they rode the elevator to the top floor, already more than a little buzzed by the alcohol she had consumed on the drive and excited by the prospects of the evening.

Once at the top, the elevator opened onto a large, elegantly furnished room with a bar and a balcony that looked out over Lake Michigan. There were usually 15 to 20 couples at the parties and Steve thought it looked as crowded as it ever had been. He got a couple of drinks from the bar and he and Randi went out on the balcony to one of the tables. Taking a seat, Randi reached into her purse for her cigarettes. As they looked out over the lake they were approached by a women Steve had seen at the party before. Her name was Shonda and her husband was a local attorney with big politcal connections. She was slightly taller than Randi but model thin, with surgically enhanced breast. Her black hair was cut short, over her ears, and she had big brown bedroom eyes and thin lips.

“Excuse me.” she said to Randi “Could I trouble you for one of your cigarettes? I’ve been trying to quit, but I figure what is one MORE vice.” Randi offered her the pack and she placed one of the long, white cigarettes, between her lips and leaned down to accept a light from Randi. Steve invited her to sit and Randi asked if she had come alone.

Shonda pointed to a tall latino with long dark hair pulled back in pony tail and said “That’s Maunuel, . . .Manny. he used to work for my husband. Now he works for me!” she added with a smile. Steve excused himself and went inside to find a seat at the bar. Later, he felt a pair of familiar hands on his shoulders and he turned to fing Randi smiling brightly.

“Baby, . . . I want you to show me around.”

As she took him by the hand, he noticed that they were following Shonda back to the smaller rooms in back. The rooms were doorless, and lightly lit with sheer drapes as partitions and contained a variety of couches and chairs. Shonda disappeared into one of the farthest rooms and as Randi led him after her he noticed that some of the rooms were already occupied.

Once inside, Steve saw Shonda sitting across the room on a chair, legs crossed seductively, wine glass in hand. Randi joined her new friend and turned to Steve. “Shonda told me that she has seen you here before . . . and always wondered what you were like . . .I told her I didn’t mind sharing! Now . . .Get naked!”

Steve did as instructed and stood before their admiring eyes. Shonda walked slowly towards him, her eyes alight, taking in his broad shoulders, deep chest and the thick cock that hung between his muscular thighs. She walked around him, her fingers dancing lightly across his skin.

“MMMMmmmmm . . .He is gorgeous!” she remarked to Randi almost as if he wasn’t in the room.

When Randi joined them, Shonda reached up and unzipped the back of her dress allowing it to pool at her feet. Clothed only in her thigh highs and high heels, Steve’s cock quickly hardened. She stepped closer to him and looked up lustily and began to slowly stroke his cock. Her hands then went to the side of this face and she pulled him down to her hungry lips, his tongue pushing into her warm mouth.

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