Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 6


Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 6Saturday I woke up and cooked dad and I pancakes for breakfast. We chatted as we ate, and I told him about my plans for the day. When he asked when he would be able to meet Linda, I told him that we would be coming over in the afternoon for a bit before heading out for the evening, so he could meet her then. He grinned and pulled out his wallet and handed me $40.“Dad, what’s this for?” I asked.“Well, if you two are going out for the day and again tonight, you should have enough money to do more then have a couple of meals at Burger King and nothing else. So you go and have a good time, I’m sure I’ll find something to do.”Knowing my dad, he was going to go spend the day bowling. But he loved it so who was I to complain? Finally I drove over and picked up Linda, and off we went.Now as funny as it sounds, in all my time living in LA, I had yet to go to Hollywood other than to drive through it once with my dad. So that was the destination, and soon I was driving through the Cahuenga Pass on State Route 101 and heading towards the movie capital of the world.And it was as bad as I remembered. Linda directed me to a small side road at the Eastern end where we parked and then walked back West. At this point she started to fill me in a bit more about what the locals called “Hollyweird”. Almost no movies were made there, just a few TV shows. The reputation came from the early days when several studios did start there, and many still had offices in the town. But the studios had almost all left decades ago for more and cheaper land. Universal City, Burbank, Culver City, that is where the actual movies were made now.The “Walk of Fame” was kind of cool though. At Hollywood and Vine there were 4 huge stars, one on each corner for the Apollo 11 moon landing. Schwab’s d**g Store where some stars had been discovered was there, but it looked run down. And as we continued West, everything largely looked the same.It seemed every business was either a porn shop, a bar, a clothing store for the punk rock crowd, or a store selling tourist junk. But there were a few surprises along the way. One of them we spent over an hour in was a huge used book store she showed me. We looked through the racks, and realized we both had a fondness for fantasy and sci-fi. We each saw a couple of books we wanted, and I grabbed them and took them to the front. They agreed to hold them for us until our return and we kept going.Now things were really getting weird. On the corner were these almost hippie k**s trying to chat up all that passed them. “Scientologists” Linda said with a sniff. While waiting for the light to change we overheard them talking to this couple about how they should go to the center and get tested. Then on the next block there were 4 Hare Krishnas banging half-heartedly on a tambourine and trying to sell flowers. We were now seeing the real Hollywood. A few cult members, some punk rockers, lots of homeless k**s, and a few tourists here and there. Even a few girls I was pretty sure were prostitutes.Oh, we had some fun though. One store we checked out was full of punk rock gear. Surgical steel safety pins, shirts with punk rock band logos, and lots of studded and spiked collars and bracelets. I even put one jokingly around Linda’s neck with 1” spikes, and she said no way unless I wanted to kill her.“What do you mean babe? It’s not that tight, and it’s kind of cute.”“Oh come on, I’m a Valley Girl. You know how easily we get confused.” She then broke into Valspeak, shrugged her shoulders and bobbed her head back and forth going “Why, I don’t know! What do you want to do?” And each time she bobbed her head back and forth the spikes dug into her shoulder a little bit as she said that. “These things were made to kill us you know, that is why the Punkers wear them and we do not.”Laughing as everybody in the store watched the two norms, we exited and kept going, past several closed up theaters which seem to have been awesome in their day. We then passed other theaters still open, offering such films as “Cum Under My Spell” and “Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls”.Finally we were in front of the famous Chinese Theater. We looked around and of course I tried my footprints in those of stars. Walking a bit farther, I could see things were quickly getting worse. There was no denying that some of the girls on the street were prostitutes. Linda took my hand and we headed to the other side of the street for the final block West.“There Pete, this is the end of the line for us. We never go past Hotel Hell.”“Hotel Hell?”“That” she said, pointing to a run down 4 story building with a sunken court and 2 wings. “That used to be high end apartments and hotel rooms, until it closed a couple of years ago. Now it is filled with junkies, whores, and runaways. You never come to this area at night, and even in the day you watch your back.”Having now reached the end, we started heading back. We checked out a few more stores, and played a few games in a storefront arcade. As we were playing Dig-Dug, I looked over at the girl playing the game next to us. She had to be about our age, but the short leather skirt she was wearing and low cut top made it obvious that her arcade money did not come from an allowance. Linda caught me looking after she finished her last life and winked, then took my hand as we left to head back to the car.We picked up the books I bought us, and kartal escort I was trying to figure out where to go next. “We go back to State Route 101 and head to Interstate 405 to get back, right?”Linda laughed at this and kissed my cheek, saying “Baby, you need to start talking like a local if you’re gonna live here. Or everybody’s going to think you’re still a hick. We don’t say ‘State Route 101’ or ‘Interstate 405’ down here. It is just ‘the 101’ or ‘the 405’. Nobody here says ‘State Route’ or “Interstate’. The only time we say anything like that is when we say the actual name. Now you can say either ‘The 405’, or you can say the ‘San Diego Freeway’. But never ever ever say ‘the 405 freeway’. Locals just don’t do that.”That is when I realized she was right! I was speaking like I did at home, and did not even realize that the locals were saying something completely different. Filing that away we passed the Hollywood Bowl and were soon heading back to The Valley. As we drove, she gave me a rundown of the different freeways, and their names. The 5 was apparently the “Golden State”, and the 170 was the “Glendale Freeway”. 14 was the “Antelope Valley”, and the 710 was the “Long Beach”.“You will need to learn this, we are as likely to call one by name as we are by number. But it is not that hard, I can not even drive yet but I know which is which.”Still with no real destination, we decided to head over to Balboa Park. We spent the next hour or so just wandering around, holding hands and occasionally stopping under a tree to kiss for a bit before continuing on. There was no real heat or desire in any of this, we were simply enjoying being together and getting to know each other better. We were trying to decide where to go to next when Linda suggested we could go over to a skating rink she knew in Reseda. She said it was more “main”, so might be more my speed than Skate!. So together we headed over to her house so she could change into something else.Her mom, Mandy and I chatted for a bit while Linda was changing, and sure enough, one of her first questions was how old I was. I admitted I was 16. No, I had not known she was so young when we first met, yes we do spend our evenings going skating and watching movies, indeed the new Star Trek was better than the first one, but it looks to be the last in the series since they killed Spock.Linda called Mandy in to help her with something, and once I sat back down and was alone with Mrs. Carol she told me that she was a bit apprehensive, but she had decided to let me keep seeing her daughter. “The age difference still worries me a bit, but there is no denying I am liking what I see. None of her dates has ever greeted me the way you did, to them I was just the gatekeeper to get past to see my daughter. And to be honest I never saw any of them more than once or twice. Before you, Linda seemed to go through about a boy every couple of weeks. They would go skating or somewhere, then 2 weeks later it was a different boy.“But she has been seeing you for almost a month now, and I am seeing no sign that it’s not going well. But I will tell you this, if you hurt her nothing is going to save you from me.”“Ma’am, I’m not gonna hurt her. We have kissed but that is about it. I will never pressure her for anything, and she sets all the rules between us. Neither one of us is ready for k**s or marriage yet, and I intend to keep it that way for the immediate future. And if you tell me to stop seeing her, I will of course comply. But we both like the same things, since we ran into each other by accident the first 2 times doing things we both enjoy. And next weekend we are going to my school dance, which is well chaperoned. So if you want me to stop seeing her after that, it will be rather hard. Since no matter how big this city is, we will run into each other again.”She studied me a bit after that, and nodded her head. “I can see that, and I can also see that you seem as taken for her as she is with you. And I am also under no false pretense as for her innocence and what you two are probably doing. But if you get her pregnant, there will be hell to pay. Our family does not condone either abortion, nor unwed pregnancy.” She said the last with a raised eyebrow.“Mrs. Carol, this is a conversation you should really be having with Linda. As I said, she sets all the rules and limits in our relationship. And I will say no more about that relationship, but you might want to know that she is still a virgin, and neither of us has any plans to change that any time soon.”She sat back and looked hard at me for a few moments, and then smiled and nodded again. “Good, then no more will be said. Are you sure you’re only 16? Are all guys like you up in Utah?”“Idaho Ma’am, Idaho. And yes Ma’am, most guys are.” I then told her about the town I grew up in, a small town of maybe 10 thousand near Pocatello. Yes we were on the edge of an Indian Reservation, and many of my friends were Shoshone Indians. I pulled out my wallet and showed her a picture of Kim and I together, telling her that she was my last girlfriend before I moved. We had been together for 6 months, and indeed her name was Kim Little Buck. We still wrote to each other and had talked on the phone a few times, but we were only friends now. We knew the last 3 months we were together that I was going to be moving soon, and we parted bostancı escort on very good terms.“And yes Ma’am, you can say that we were all raised with ‘old fashioned values’. The Mormon Church has a lot of influence out there, and most of us grew up under it’s influence. No, me and my family were never Mormons, but like people in the South we say Sir and Ma’am, we stand for a lady and hold doors open for them. If my dad had ever seen me not doing so he would have whooped me, and my mom would have too.”At this Linda came back out and I stood up again. Mrs. Carol smiled as she realized that it was the second time she had seen me do that, the first when Mandy left the room. This time what Linda was wearing just about floored me. It was a very loose fitting, almost sheer blue dress that looked exactly like one that Olivia Newton John wore in Xanadu. And it had a V-neck in the front low enough to tell she was not wearing a bra under it, even though the layers of cloth kept her nipples from being obvious.We said our goodbyes, and headed on to my home. We got there and I introduced her to my dad and we all chatted for a few minutes before I headed upstairs to change myself. Loose fitting brown slacks and a white polo shirt was the plan tonight, and after brushing my teeth I headed back down. Linda was gushing over the books I had bought her, and soon the three of us were discussing if Asimov or Heinlein was the superior author. Amazed that she had never read Starship Troopers, dad promised to find his copy to loan her next time Linda came over.We headed on out, and found Holly leaning against the back of Scout. We all exchanged hugs, and I could tell she was almost bursting. She hugged me again and told me that Keith had finally asked her out! It was almost the last minute, but she was going to be his date at the Halloween Dance! We each gave her another hug, and I after looking at Linda and getting a nod at my unspoken question, I told her we were going skating, and asked if she wanted to come.“Are you sure? Like, I don’t wanna be a third wheel ya know. Keith’s practicing with his band tonight, and I don’t wanna get in your way.”“Well,” Linda said. “We’ll just have to drop you off after skating, that’s all. I don’t think you wanna sit in front here as Pete and I are making out in the back.” The girls giggled at that, so we all climbed in and headed to Reseda.We were almost to the rink when I spotted a store on the side of the road. I quickly turned around and pulled in front of the game store I spotted. Neither Holly nor I knew about this place, and we all piled out and went inside, Linda being puzzled about what was so special. Once inside we spent about a half hour looking at the various games and miniature figures as Holly was apparently doing her best to indoctrinate my girlfriend in the delights of D&D. The time for the skate session was about to start as we finally headed out, and I bought 2 lead figures that had caught my eye. One was a warrior, that I thought would be good for Fairbough. And even though Ariel was dead I knew that the next session would have Holly playing yet another elven female mage. She was the only one in our group that actually liked playing magic users, and looking at her character sheets I realized only 2 or 3 were not elves.I threw the packages into the glove box and we finally hit the rink. And yes, this one was much more my style. Like Skate!, it had been converted from an old bowling alley. This gave it a very long run, even though the width was a bit shallow. And the music! We had just finished lacing up our skates and they started playing Charlie Daniels! So I immediately hit the floor and spent that song and the next one (Love in the First Degree by Alabama) skating in the usual style I did when skating solo. Finally they transitioned to “9 to 5” which was more of a pop song so I rejoined the girls.They both gave me golf claps, and I realized they had never really seen me skate before. This is actually the first time I had been skating with Holly, and it is likely Linda had never really noticed my solo style before our collision. “Wow Pete, that is almost like you were dancing out there! You were not just going along with everybody else, it was amazing the way your feet were moving.”I told them that I had no idea, it was basically my own style. I then spent the next half hour showing them exactly what I did and how I did it, crossing my rear foot back behind me and then crossing over with the front foot. This tended to cause me to constantly turn left, so when finishing a 180 turn at the end of the rink I would then swing out towards the outer edge by simply putting one foot out and leaning, then resuming the cross-over all over again.Now as much as I loved watching Linda skate the last time in her tight jeans, she was even more stunning in that loose fitting dress. Watching her on the floor, I wonder if I dared to tell her that I had a serious crush on ONJ back when Xanadu came out. I must have seen that movie 3 or 4 times in the theater. And watching Holly in her tight jeans making those turns, I told myself I was really going to have to get Linda to do that again next time so I could see her sweet little bottom making those cross-over movements as she turned.The first couples skate came up and Holly left the floor as Linda turned around and held maltepe escort my hands as we continued skating. I can barely remember what all we talked about, but we all had a blast. A bit later they had a trio skate, and I enjoyed holding Holly’s hand on one side and Linda’s on the other. Towards the end of the last couples skate of the night (which was the last skate for the session) Linda pressed herself against me and we shared a kiss, bringing an end to the best skate session we had shared yet.Well, we all drove home and I dropped Holly off, giving her the figure and getting a nice hug. They then pressed me into service as a driver the next day, saying that they both needed to get costumes for the dance next weekend. So I agreed, and finally Linda and I headed to the Japanese Garden, with about 2 hours to ourselves.I laid back the seats again and we crawled back, giving her bottom a caress as she went first. By the time I got back there, her dress was already off and she was only wearing panties. Linda pulled my shirt off and was sucking on my nipples as she pulled off my shoes and took my pants off. Shortly after that I was lying on my back and she was down between my legs sucking on my cock. This time she was between my legs, so I could see her eyes looking up at me as she was bobbing and sucking. I reached down and caressed her face, feeling her push down even further. She tried that a few times, then pulled up gagging a bit.“I’m sorry” she tried to apologize, and I told her anything was fine. I was certainly not going to be complaining about a bad blowjob from her. She then moved down and started to lick my balls, which also felt amazing. She gently took one into her mouth as her hand was now slipping up and down my cock, lubricated by her saliva. She then took my other ball into her mouth and was moving her tongue all over it. Wanting to take a taste myself, I told her to turn around.“What?” she asked, so I again said I wanted her to turn around. She turned sideways until I could reach her hips, and I guided her all the way around. She sighed softly as she finally got the idea and straddled my head. Reaching up I wrapped my hands around her hips, cupped her bottom, and pulled her down onto my face.I could feel her moan around my cock as I slowly licked over her pussy. I spent several minutes licking her outer lips before I started to slide my tongue between them. I once again felt the delightful moans through my cock as I stiffened my tongue and slid it inside her pussy. I continued this for several minutes, and she moved to more of a gentle sucking. Bringing my hand around I moved down so I could suck on her clit as I penetrated her with 2 fingers. It felt wonderful as I slowly slid them all the way inside, then started caressing her inner walls. It was getting a bit harder after a few minutes, as her hips did not seem to be able to keep still. And I found she really liked it when I pressed against the forward wall inside of her cunt. So I continued my internal massage, rubbing that front wall and licking her clit as fast as I could.Within a minute Linda pulled off of my cock and her face was pressed against my thigh, her fingernails digging in each thigh as she moaned almost constantly. She was moaning my name over and over again as she came on my face, her wetness now covering me from nose to chin.I continued giving little licks and kisses as she came down, and she finally attacked my cock! And attack is right, she took half of me into her mouth in one gulp, and was bobbing her head as fast as she could, her hand moving up and down the shaft that she was not sucking on. A minute later I was warning her that I was close, and I felt her move up so her lips were sealed tight around the head of my cock.Her hand was now flying up and down the entire shaft, her mouth sucking on the tip. Calling her name I came, once again feeling like I was emptying myself into her mouth. Finally the spurting stopped, and she pulled up. Giving a last suck she pulled off and turned around, the two of us sharing a kiss that combined both her fluids as well as my own.I was on my back and Linda started licking my entire face. It was a strange but wonderful feeling as she licked everywhere, from my chin to my nose, then down my neck, obviously trying to capture everything that had flowed from her onto my face.I pulled the blanket back over us, and we cuddled and talked. I told her about my ONJ crush of a couple of years before, and she told me that the dress had actually belonged to her mother! She had bought it for a party she had attended right after the movie came out, then never wore it again. She saw it when she was looking for something to wear, and had thought I might enjoy it.“Well duh, yea I enjoyed it!” Saying this I cupped one of her breasts. “I was going crazy all night knowing that that dress was the only thing between me and these.”“But they are so small” she almost whined. “Mandy is a year younger than I am, but her boobs are already bigger than mine are.”“Baby, I don’t care. They are yours, and that makes them perfect for me. Besides, I think I know what happened.”Linda looked up into my eyes and softly said “What is that?”“Well come on now, it’s obvious. While you were in heaven before you were born you had obviously gone through the book line several times. So when they called out for the boob line, you thought they had said ‘books’ again, and you just decided you already had enough.”That earned me a bite on the ear, which dissolved into a lovely tickle-kissing-groping match until we settled down again for some more cuddling. I wanted to curse when the alarm on my watch went off, and I knew it was time to make ourselves presentable and head on home.

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