Couples Camp Ch. 03


Brad abruptly woke up to the loud ringing, coming from his phone, sitting on the nightstand next to his lonely bed. He quickly reached for it hoping it was Brooke, but as he picked it up he could clearly see the call was coming from an unknown number. His heart sank, and instantly he began to worry once again about her and the possibility of having lost her. Even though this wasn’t Brooke calling he thought it could be important and quickly decided he should answer.

“Hello?” Brad’s voce was dripping with urgency and desperation.

“Good morning baby. Have you left yet?” It WAS Brooke.

“Brooke, my god it’s you. Is everything ok? Where are you? Are you ok? What is going on?”

“Baby, relax everything is fine. I’m at Pine Lake silly.”

“Brooke, I don’t,” Brad’s continued questioning was cut off abruptly when Brooke explained.

“Listen I don’t have much time. Make sure you bring both of the suitcases I packed, and do me a favor and grab my leather mini skirt. Ok? It’s in the bottom drawer of my dresser.”

“Text me when you get here”

Before he could respond, Brooke hung up.

Brad was so confused. What the hell was going on? He could clearly hear her laughing and other people in the background, but wasn’t even given a chance to find out who else was with her. What kind of a couples retreat was this? Sounded more like a wild club with music and laughing in the background then a quite lake side couple’s improvement camp. He was sitting on the edge of an empty bed as the phone went dead. His heart racing, feeling left out of Brooke’s world and franticly wanting to get back into it.

Brad wasted no time. He jumped in the shower as quickly as possible and washed the previous day off his body. He wanted to get to Brooke and Pine Lake. NOW! A quick toweling off and Brad was dressed and ready to go. He went to the bottom drawer in Brooke’s dresser and retrieved the leather skirt she had told him to bring. As he lifted it out of the drawer, he remembered the last time he had seen her wear it. It was the first night they met. It was a bar he and his buddies went to quit often. They always tried to pick up woman there but of course it never worked. Until the night Brad saw Brooke. She actually came up to him and started chatting with him. Brad offered to buy her a drink and the rest as they say is history.

Brad folded the skirt in half and tucked it in the outside pocket of the larger suitcase sitting on the floor already packed for him. He grabbed the handle and attempted to lift the bag upright.

“Dam this thing is heavy.” He thought, struggling to lift it.

He struggled out to the car with the larger bag and had to go back for the smaller of the two. Brad locked the door and tossed the smaller bag in the trunk next to the other and slammed the trunk closed. He rushed to the front of the car and quickly jumped in the driver’s seat yanking the door closed and inserting the key in the ignition. Brad pulled his phone out to start the GPS to Pine Lake when he remembered the email he had seen the night before. He couldn’t help himself and swiped once. There is was. The picture he had so nervously studied the ankara escort night before was still zoomed in. Brooke’s soft fingers rest so close to another man’s weeping dick and it was searing its image in Brad’s psyche. He was transfixed on the glistening cock so gently resting after its obvious use. Brad was amazed. It hit him at that moment the size of this man’s tool. He had obviously just released his seed and yet his dick looked like it was nine inches long. How could he be that large after he came? Brad thought about his own prowess and how quickly he usually loses his six inches. This guy must be even larger than he looks in this picture. Brad thought.

Just then a car door slammed next to him and jolted Brad back from the picture in the limo to his own car. Embarrassed he was sitting in his car looking at a picture of a well-endowed man that had just had sex, and worried he would be seen looking at another man that way, he hastily swiped back to the GPS and entered the address 11133 Pine Lake drive.

For the next few hours Brad drove with the radio off and the thoughts of that picture swirling in his mind. He was imagining what must have happened leading up to that picture and wondered what Brooke’s part in the activities had been. Obviously it was the other woman that had been screwed by Nick but Brooke’s breasts were naked for all and she looked as if she was an active participant in the limo ride affairs.

“Nick? Wait. “He thought

Nick was the name of the person, who picked Brooke up, according to her text, but it wasn’t until then it hit Brad that was the name she had called out between moans the other night. This must not have been the first time she met him. Once again Brad was overwhelmed by fear. Had Brooke been cheating on him? How long had it been going on? Why would she let Brad in on it now? Why would she cheat on him? What had he done wrong to drive her to an affair?

“In ten miles your destination is on the left” The GPS announced.

Brad was once again brought back from the depths of his jealous imagination to the reality of the bulge in his pants. Thank god no one could see him right now or the embarrassment would send the fire burning in his chest and groin directly to his face.

Brad was trying to focus on the last few miles of his drive and the vast redwoods all around him. He was focusing on anything to take his mind off Brooke. He glanced over at the GPS on his phone and it showed he only had eight miles left to go before he came to t Pine Lake.

Time seemed to stand still. There were redwoods all around and the road had narrowed. Twisting and turning undulating up and down Brad found he had to slow to nearly a crawl to stay on the road. Finally he came to a dirt driveway with a large overhead arch. Carved in a slab of redwood was a sign that read “PINE LAKE”.

Brad made the turn and passed under the sign coming to a stop in front of a gate about 100 feet off the main road. There was a key pad on the driver’s side obviously requiring a gate code to proceed.

“You have reached your destination “His phone announced.

“Hey I’m here.” He text Brooke.

11133 was the escort ankara reply. Not much of a security code Brad thought to himself considering it was the same as the address. But he punched it into the keypad, and sure enough the heavy black Iron Gate slowly swung inward allowing access.

Brad proceeded slowly down the long dirt road. This place was incredibly secluded and beautiful. Some of the trees were bigger around then his car, and as he continued daylight turned dark as the dense trees blocked out the light shining down from above. As he made the final turn into a clearing were he could see other cars parked and there the Lake came into view. It was gorgeous here. The lake was buzzing with activity. There were jet skis swirling around in the distance and closer to the shore a sandy beach with men and woman lying around sun bathing. Off to the left he saw a couple holding hands jumping into the lake from the same dock he had seen pictured on the internet. Brad was excited. This place was even better in person than the pictures on the internet.

He came to a stop at a small building that reminded him of a guard shack or ranger station at a national park. Brad pulled up alongside the building and the small window opened.

“It this your first visit?” The voice from inside asked as Brad rolled down his window.

“Yes I’m meeting my girlfriend who is already here though.”

“Ok well you are in the long term lot then, right here.” The attendant said as he pointed to a group of parking spaces just past the little shack.

“Just park and get your bags out. I’ll call for a shuttle to take you up to check in.”

Brad had no sooner shut the car off and gotten out of the car when a young man in a green polo and tan khakis pulled up to his trunk, in a golf cart.

“Let me get your bags for you sir.” The young man said as he enthusiastically hopped off the seat of the cart.

“Keys?” The young man asked reaching out taking the keys from Brad’s hand and opening the trunk of his car.

A few seconds later and Brad was sitting in the passenger’s seat holding on as the two bounced up and down on the dirt path up to the main complex. The young man was flying down the path turning and bouncing threw the dense shrubs on his way around the lake. Brad was taking in his surroundings and was overwhelmed with this place already. It was a mix of lake side summer camp, and a five star Caribbean beach resort. Five minutes later and they were at their final destination.

“Check In sir” The young man announced as he pulled up to a spot along the curb.

As Brad got up off his seat, he was greeted by a beautiful brunet wearing a bikini top and mini skirt in the same color green and tan as his chauffeurs’ polo and khakis.

“This way please.” She directed.

Everything was moving so quickly and Brad was on auto pilot. He hadn’t had time to process things and never said a word to either his driver or his guide now walking in front of him. Brad was following down the cobble stone path when they came to a building. The sexy woman opened the door, and directed Brad to have a seat in what looked like the waiting room at ankara escort bayan a doctor’s office.

“Someone will be right with you “The brunet said as she let go of the door and walked away.

Wow this place is cool, but things seem a little odd, and where is Brooke? Brad thought to himself. It felt as if he was being rushed through a process, guided in a direction he had no clue about. Looking around the room he noticed there was a distinct feel to this room. He noticed a few magazines on the table next to his chair but didn’t notice what they were. He looked around trying to get an idea of what this was. No check in desk. No counter with a computer for checking in guest, just a few fake plants and two doors. One was the glass door he had walked in, leading back out to the parking lot and the other a solid office door with locking keypad like you would see at the doctor’s office. That was it. This is exactly like a doctor’s waiting room. He thought. It was just then that the office door opened and a woman wearing a long white smock walked in.

“Brad, right?” she pronounced.

“Yeah.” Brad responded wondering how she knew is name.

“Please come with me.” She said as she turned around and held the door open for Brad to walk through.

Brad got up from his seat and followed her direction. As he proceeded walking into the next office with her he said. “Hey I’m looking for my girlfriend.”

“Oh she’s waiting for you to complete the check in process. That’s why I’m here.”

She proceeded to explain she was the intake nurse on site and the one that would be checking him in for his first stay at the resort. It turns out they have an extensive health requirement for long term guests and require all first time guests to undergo a thorough examination. It started out with the basic, height, weight, age, and her taking his temperature. Then she moved on to taking his blood pressure and finally asking him to disrobe and sit on the exam table.

Shocked at the request, brad snapped. “Disrobe?”

Brad began to fuss and complain. Trying to explain he was only there for a vacation with his girlfriend and did not intend to get undressed for an exam. It wasn’t until the highly skilled brunet nurse, using her powers of persuasion, was able to calm him down enough and convince him to remove his shirt that she was able to use her stethoscope and listen to his heart and lungs. She continued reassuring him, telling him things sounded great and gradually she was able to convince him to remove the rest of his clothes so she could complete her exam. Brad once again found himself on a roller coaster ride he couldn’t get off of, and didn’t know how he had gotten on. The nurse made her way from head to toe, checking for any signs of abnormality. She explained this would be a thorough exam including checking for any signs of hernia or an enlarged prostate, and would even include a colonoscopy. The whole “check in” procedure took a few hours and even included drawing a number of vials of blood. Brad was also given three shots; one he was told was for the flue another he was told was a preventative for malaria and the third he didn’t quite know what that one was for.

Once the uncomfortable ordeal was over Brad was instructed to put his clothes back on and return to the waiting room where someone would come for him and show him where he would be staying while at the resort.

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