Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 03


Christmas Eve. My heart thumped rapidly in my chest as I threw my overnight bag into the trunk of the car.

Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. Two days with Colton. Of course, the fact that we wouldn’t be alone at all did put a small damper on the excitement, but still, it had been two days since I’d seen him last, my internet was still down, and my cock was basically throbbing. I’d blow him underneath the dinner table if I had to.

I climbed into the back seat of the car, and my dad turned on the radio. My mother kept her usual sour expression on, even as my father turned up the cheesy Christmas music. My father loved Christmas, it was his favourite time of the year, and it was becoming my favourite too. My mother, on the other hand, well the last time I saw her smile was at my Great Aunt’s funereal.

But, I wouldn’t let her spoil my mood. I got to see Colton. I was in such good spirits, I even sang along to “Feliz Navidad”, even though I’d never learned a word of Spanish. My father sang along too, but he was more off key than I was. What he lacked in good vocals he made up for in tacky Christmas sweaters though.

“Are you excited for Christmas?” My father asked as he sped down the highway towards my cousin’s house.

“So excited!”

“What do you think you’ll get from Santa?” My father had always kept up the pretense of Santa, even though my mother had told me he didn’t exist when I was four. And even as recent as last Christmas, I’d gotten a present from “Santa”, and I was fairly certain I’d get one from him again this year.

“Honestly, Dad, I think I’ll probably get coal. I’ve been a little naughty.” I snickered. My father laughed too, even though he really had no idea what I was talking about.

Even before I’d realized I had feelings for Colton, I’d loved Christmas. On Christmas Eve my family and Colton’s family would get together. We’d meet up for a late breakfast, and then we’d all go down to the Christmas Tree Farm, we already had a tree, but on Christmas Eve, The Farm always served free hot chocolate, and everyone sung Christmas carols. And then we’d go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, (Aunt Gemma’s idea), then we’d head back to my uncle’s house and leave cookies and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer. It was a tradition, and I loved it.

Christmas day was even better. Colton and I would always wake up by like, six or seven, run upstairs and unwrap presents. We’d all have lunch together, our grandparents would come over. Colton and I would go sledding in his backyard, and at dinner time all the extended relatives came over. But they were all much older than Colton and I, so we’d just hang out with each other, playing our new video games. The best part though, is sometimes (often), our dads would sneak down to the basement and play games with us. They didn’t really like our extended relatives that much either. Last year, we got into a six hour long game of monopoly. I won. I’m telling you, the Thimble never loses.

The drive was short, surprisingly, there wasn’t too much traffic. And I was so excited when we pulled in the driveway, I didn’t even grab my bag before running to the door.

Colton was waiting outside the door, and I was surprised to see him in pajama pants and a black V-neck. I was even more surprised to see that his eyes were pink, like he’d been crying. He looked … broken, almost. I eagerly jumped into his arms, hugging him close to me. He squeezed me back tightly.

“Hey, kid.” He murmured, kissing the top of my hair, before quickly releasing me.

Our parents walked past us, into the house without interrupting us. They closed the door behind them. I looked at Colton, he sniffled, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Colton, what’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?” I asked, stroking his cheek gently. He glanced at the door, then back at me, before grinning widely.

“Vapour rub,” He said, motioning to his face, “pretty good, huh?”

I looked at him quizzically, dropping my hands from his face. He rolled his eyes dramatically at my inability to catch on.

“I can’t believe she broke up with my on Christmas Eve, Aaron!” He whined, loud enough for anyone inside the house to hear. Oh! Now I got it.

“Now come inside, before we freeze our butts off.” He said, grabbing my hand and leading me towards the door. I chuckled quietly, following him inside the house.

My breath caught when we entered. It was decorated to the max, my uncle had really gone all out. There was a large Christmas tree in the front entrance, the first of four, if I remembered correctly. The banister was wrapped in tinsel, there was fake snow everywhere. And the entire house smelled like cinnamon. I breathed it in greedily, the familiar smell reminding me of Colton.

My father was waiting in the front entrance with my uncle, and when we walked in they both gave Colton a sympathetic look. Colton, hamming it up, sniffled exaggeratedly, tears still sliding slowly down his cheeks.

“Colton, illegal bahis why don’t you stay home today, get some rest?” My uncle asked, squeezing his shoulder reassuringly.

“Thanks Dad, I don’t think I can handle going out today.” He whimpered, wiping the tears from his eyes. I looked to my dad, who looked just as heart-broken as Colton, he hated to see anyone sad on Christmas.

“Okay son, go to your room. Get some rest, we’ll be back for dinner, okay?”

Colton moved towards the stairs leading down to his room. I slipped my shoes off, about to follow him.

“Don’t take your shoes off, Aaron, we’re leaving in just a few minutes.” My uncle said, walking past me to the closet to grab his coat. Colton and I looked at each other, panicked.

“No! No! He can’t go! Don’t leave me alone!” He sobbed, crumpling dramatically to the floor. No way our parents would fall for this. Colton slammed his fists sadly against the floor, sobbing like a two year old. I stifled my laughter.

“Would you stay with him, Aaron?” My father asked, giving me an apologetic look. What? He was seriously buying this?

“Oh, of course Dad.” I said, walking to Colton. He stood and gripped me fiercely.

“I feel so alone.” He whimpered, resting his head into my shoulder. I rubbed his back, trying to hide my laughter once more. God, he’s such a ham.

“Let’s go to your room Colton.” I said quietly, taking his hand and leading him down the stairs. I gave one final look to my father and uncle who gave me small, appreciative smiles. I shut the basement door, before breaking into laughter.

“That was the worst acting I’ve ever seen, Colton!” I snickered, walking to his bedroom. He followed, chuckling softly.

“I was channelling you after Cindy dumped you last year.” He said, plopping down onto his bed. My mouth hung open.

“Douche.” I muttered, sinking down next to him on the bed. Colton snickered, weaving his hands into my hair, pulling my face closer to his.

“I did good though, right? Now we have the day to ourselves.” He murmured, his lips brushing against my cheek as he spoke. I nodded slowly, my eyes fluttering closed.

Colton’s lips grazed my jaw, trailing down to my neck. I tilted my head back, my fingers fisted the blankets as he bit my neck. He chuckled against my skin as I shivered beneath him. Colton’s warm hands moved from my hair down to my shoulders and he pushed me gently against the bed, so I was lying with him on top of me.

My hand moved to his scalp, petting his hair. Colton rested against me, relaxing his face into the crook of my neck, his arms lazily wrapped around my torso. He purred softly as my fingernails brushed his scalp. His eyes closed.

“Let’s wait ’till they’re gone. Just in case.” He said softly, his warm breath dancing across my skin. I nodded slowly, my free hand moving to his back, holding him to me. We stayed like that until we heard the front door open and close.

“They’re gone.” I mumbled quietly, still stroking his hair. He opened his blue eyes slowly, before propping himself up again. He looked past me, at the clock on his bedside table.

“We have roughly six hours and twenty seven minutes until they get back. What do you want to do first? We could open our presents early, play with them and then rewrap them, we could steal all the pillows from the guest bedrooms and build a fort, we could go sledding…” He looked at me and cocked his eyebrow.

“Mm…” I said, scrunching up my face in contemplation.

“Or, we could…” And then he leaned over me and gently pressed his lips to mine, I tenderly took his cheeks in my hand, the tips of my fingers dancing along his jaw. He tasted like Christmas, like cinnamon and gingerbread. He shifted slightly, resting more of his weight on me, as our lips slowly moved together, his tongue brushed at my lips. Finally, he pulled away and pecked my lips softly a few more times.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked, hovering just a few inches above me, resting on his hands. I smirked, pulling his face down to mine once more.

Our kisses were more desperate this time, more demanding. I was painfully aware that it had been two days since my last orgasm, two days since I’d last been with Colton, and that was two days too many. Colton’s tongue entered my mouth, passionately moving against mine. Colton moved completely on top of me, and I in turn wrapped my legs around his hips, holding our bodies together. His lips moved down to my neck and he nipped gently at the skin there, and I gasped with pleasure, tilting my head back.

The stubble on his chin grazed my neck as he kissed all along it. I moaned softly, tangling my fingers in his hair, rubbing his scalp. Colton’s hands trailed up beneath my shirt, pushing it up. He pulled away from me slightly, and I sat up, allowing him to pull my shirt off over my head, he threw it to the floor.

His hands explored my body, running over the small muscles in my stomach, squeezing illegal bahis siteleri my hips, grazing my nipples. He planted kisses all over my face, down my neck and onto my chest, and I was helpless against him. I whimpered beneath him, slowly grinding my hips against his. I could feel him easily through his pajama pants, his hard dick pressing forcefully up against mine.

Colton slowly rose off of me, sitting on his knees. He smiled down at me, before pulling his black shirt off over his head. I sat up too, kissing his neck and running my hands along Colton’s beautiful, toned chest. His chest was smooth, hairless. My fingers trailed along his body, up his chest, and I ran them over his nipples. I was surprised when I felt cool metal there. I pulled back slightly.

“You had your nipples pierced?” I asked, with a small smile. Colton nodded.

“Yeah, but you can’t tell my mother. She’ll kick my ass.”

I chuckled, leaning in closer to his chest, before flicking my tongue over the horizontal barbell. He gasped, tilting his head back slightly.

I slowly moved my tongue along his left nipple, circling it, while I rubbed my thumb tenderly over the right. Colton breathed shakily above me. I took his nipple in my mouth, sucking on it gently, my cock growing harder with every gasp or quiet moan that escaped Colton’s lips.

I moved to his right nipple, taking it in my mouth and sucking on it. My hand moved to Colton’s crotch, and I rubbed him through his pajama pants. He moaned softly, moving his hips to the rhythm of my hand.

I gasped when Colton roughly pushed me back against the bed. We were moving fast, completely unreserved now. We both knew what we wanted; we wanted each other. He grabbed my jeans, and quickly tore them off of my legs, without even unbuttoning them. Colton and I didn’t break eye contact as he pulled off his pajama pants, leaving both of us completely naked on his bed.

Colton’s hands hooked underneath my knees, and he pulled me closer to him, positioning himself between my legs. He leaned over me, and pressed his lips gently to mine, straightening out his body so we were pressed together. I could feel his erection, naked, against mine. His cock was big, larger than mine and thick. My stomach churned uneasily. I began to feel small waves of nervousness course through my body. It was going to hurt, wasn’t it? What if I couldn’t take it? What if I did something stupid?

“Colton, I don’t think I’m ready for this,” I blurted out. He pulled back slightly, his eyes searching my face. “I’m new to all this, and I just don’t know…”

“Is it because you’re a virgin?” He asked earnestly.

“Well, I’m not a virgin, virgin. I’m just like…I’ve never had anything…you know, up there. That’s all.” I said anxiously. Colton was so intimidating. He didn’t try to be, he just was. He knew so much about everything, he’d done so much. I was, well practically a virgin when it came to gay sex. I chewed my lip anxiously. Colton’s face scrunched up in contemplation.

“Do you want to fuck me first?” He asked, giving me a reassuring smile. My cock jumped in excitement.

“You’d do that? You’d let me fuck you?” My eyes widened in surprise. “Aren’t you more… dominant?” I asked.

“I switch. But either way, I’d let you. This is an equal opportunity relationship.” He said with a wink. He rocked his hips slowly against mine, rubbing our cocks together deliciously. I whimpered and reciprocated his movements.

I wanted this, more than I wanted anything else my entire life. None of my previous girlfriends had ever, ever let me try anal. It was something that I (like most other boys) had always fantasized about. And now, getting to do it with my cousin, the cousin I’d been looking up to for years… oh God, just the thought made me tremble.

“Yeah Colton, I want to fuck you.” I said. He smirked at me.

“Thank God.” He breathed, climbing off of me. He moved to his hands and knees, pressing his ass up in the air. I took my place behind him, and gently squeezed his firm ass.

“Oh! Here.” He said, reaching into the bedside table and pulling out a bottle of lube. He handed it to me.

“Colton, you’ve got a great ass.” I said, rubbing my cock between the crack of his bottom. I pulled away, squirting some lube onto my fingers and onto his hole.

“Mm, why don’t you slap it?” Colton asked. I chuckled.


“Slap my ass.” Colton said again. I smirked, bringing my hand down hard on his left cheek. He whimpered softly, before sighing contentedly.

“Yeah, keep that up while you fuck me kid.” He said. “I like it rough and mean, if you’re up for it.”

“Sure, Colton.” I said, bringing my fingers to his hole. I started with my middle finger, slowly pushing it against his asshole. He groaned quietly as I thrust my finger into him. The walls of his ass tightened for a moment, but Colton exhaled calmly, and he relaxed around my finger.

I pumped my finger in and out of him slowly, canlı bahis siteleri working his asshole open. He whimpered, but gave no sign of pain or resistance.

“Ready for another one?” I asked.

“Yeah cuz.” He responded, rocking his hips on my finger, fucking himself. I smiled, bringing my index finger to his hole and gently pushing it inside of him. He moaned this time, continuing to rock himself on my fingers.

“Scissor them, open me up,” He said softly. I obeyed, separating my fingers as far as I could inside of him, stretching him open for me. “Yeah, kid, just like that.”

I added a third finger, pumping them inside of him. He groaned with pleasure, as I stretched him open for me. Just feeling the way his asshole clenched around my fingers was getting me horny. My prick was rock hard and begging for attention.

“Colton, can I-“

“Yeah, fuck me, kid.” He cut me off, pressing his ass against my cock. I chuckled, spreading his ass cheek with my hand, grabbing my cock in the other. I placed my cock against his entrance, and slowly pushed it in. Colton groaned, pulling away slightly.

God, it was heavenly, being inside my cousin’s ass. The walls of his channel tightened around my cock, massaging me as I pressed my length inside of him. It was so much better than being with a girl.

I thrust in and out of him gently, pushing more of my length into his tight hole with every thrust. I sighed contentedly, gripping his hips as I fucked him. He whimpered with every pump of my cock, his asshole slowly adjusting, allowing me to fit more of my length inside of him.

“Fuck me hard, kid.” Colton moaned, when he was able to take my entire cock. I smirked, pulling out of him almost all the way, before roughly slamming back into him. He groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure.

“Yeah, just like that.” He said. I gave his ass a hard slap, causing him to moan loudly again. I slapped his other ass cheek, alternating between the two, watching his pale cheeks turn bright pink. God, he had such a great, round ass.

“You like it rough, huh, Colton?” I asked, ramming my length into him. I came all the way out of him, waited a few agonizing seconds, and then slammed back into him, forcing all of my length into his tight hole.

“Y-yes.” He stuttered, gasping as I pounded him, continuing to slap his ass. I loved this. Thank God he was a switch, we’d have some serious fun together.

“Pull my hair.” He begged, meeting me part way on every thrust, backing his ass up to me. I leaned over him, gripping his thick black hair in my hand and pulling him back towards me.

“Yes, fuck yes!” Colton moaned as I fucked him hard. I smiled, his language and need for violence was arousing. I was curious to see how far I could push him. I was curious to see how far I would go. I don’t think I’m actually a dom, but rather, I just loved hearing my cousin moan while I fucked him. If it took me hitting him and pulling his hair, that’s what I’d do. He was too fucking hot to resist.

“You like being fucked by your cousin, you little cock-whore?” I asked, releasing his hair and giving his ass another hard slap.

“Yes.” He growled.

“Are you a fucking slut, Colton?” I asked. The power trip was getting to me. Colton was older than me, and I’d always looked up to him. And here I was, fucking his ass without abandon, making him my little cock-whore. This was too fucking good to be true.

“Yes, yes, Aaron.” He moaned. I slapped his ass again.

“Say it, whore, tell me what you are.”

“I’m a fucking slut.” Colton groaned, as my cock plunged all the way into his perfect, tight ass. Colton fell to his elbows, balling his fists and resting his forehead on them. His legs twitched slightly against mine as I fucked him.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” He moaned. I was so close, I could already feel the pressure building in my stomach.

“I’m going to cum, Colton.” I groaned, gripping his hips.

“Cum on my face, kid, please.” He begged. I pulled out of him and he quickly fell to his back, looking up at me. He stroked his prick quickly as I moved beside his face.

I jerked my dick above his face, and he opened his mouth wide for me. He kept his eyes open. My free hand moved to his hair and tangled in the dark tresses.

“Please, cum on my face, cousin.” He said quietly. It sent me over the edge.

I moaned loudly, cum erupting from my cock and onto my cousin’s perfect face. My warm seed coated his cheeks and nose, shooting across his face in thick, long streaks. I shuddered, riding out my orgasm, pumping rope after rope of jizz onto him.

As soon as I was coming down from my climax, Colton came. His back arched up off the bed, his eyes squeezed shut, and he let out a low guttural groan. I watched him cum, his cock sending streams of spunk up his pale chest. He shuddered, his body quaking with the force of his orgasm.

Finally he sunk back down on the bed again, panting. He opened his eyes slowly and looked up at me.

“Feed it to me, baby.” He said softly. I smiled, rubbing my thumb along his cheek, scooping up my cum, and feeding it to him. He sucked my finger clean, and I continued on, feeding him until his face was clean.

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