Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 03


“Beep beep beep beep beep.” The alarm clock rang out loudly. “Click.” His hand pressed the off button then it fell sagging to the side of the bed. The covers stirred as his feet moved back and forth beneath them. He rolled over onto his back and stretched out his arm and felt the empty place beside him. Raising his head to see that it was empty, he wiped his sleepy eyes.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Little Dragon said while coming to his side of the bed with a mug of steaming coffee. She sat it down on the nightstand and curled a leg under her as she sat down on the edge of the bed. She was wearing his shirt that was two times to big for her.

Her long red and wavy hair hung to her side. She put an arm over him and leaned in and kissed his forehead. “The waking Tiger growls?” She said smiling.

“Oh, I slept hard last night.” He replied while wiping his face then reached his arms out wide stretching. His bare muscular chest bulged outward with his arms tightening and fist clinched from his waking motions. Yawning as he brought his hands to his side.

“Tiger was hard last night alright.” She said with a giggle and grin.

Little Dragon eyed his tightened abb’s and stomach and playfully pulled the sheet from him slowly. The sheet inched its way down his body and over his rippled muscular stomach. Tiger’s eye’s widened but he didn’t stop her. The sheet raised slightly as it began to expose his limp cock that lay to one side. She continued to pull the sheet down further over his muscular thighs and down his legs.

“Frisky Little Dragon?” Tiger asked while he put his arms behind his head and laced his fingers.

“Always frisky for a Tiger’s tail.” She replied as she leaned down and sucked at his nipple. Her lips folded around the darkened nub. Then licking circles around it as it grew taught. She kept her tongues toying play while she looked up at him and smiled. Tiger’s arms still behind his head, he settled into the pillows more.

“Little Dragon is a nympho, huh?” He said snickering. “Ah.” He yelled as she bit his nipple then licked it to ease the sting. She raised up just a bit and licked her lips. He brought his arms from behind his head quickly, but then laid them on the bed beside him.

“You like your Dragon frisky, don’t you?” She went back to sucking on his hardened nipple then trailed her tongue downwards.

“Tiger loves his frisky Dragon.” He put his hands back behind his head and locked his fingers again. His eyes watched her every move as she went down farther across his stomach. Her tongue traced over his muscles and continued towards his crotch.

She runs her slim fingers along his rising cock, lightly following its shape from base to head then back down again. Little Dragon kissed his cock’s head as she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it while it grew more and more.

“Tongue of the Dragon is mesmerizing.” Tiger said while sinking into the pillows more. His right hand came to the back of her head while the other remained behind him. He stroked her hair sensually while she rolled her moist tongue along his ridged shaft. Her fingers pulled slightly at his hardened muscle.

“I’ve got a Tiger by the Tail.” She said just before she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in fully. His moans were light and pleasing to Little Dragons ears, encouragement. She began pulling back with tight lips then opening her mouth and taking him in again. His cock was fully erect and standing at attention to the attention it was getting.

“Dragon’s tongue is a dangerous weapon.” Tiger said with a raspy voice and closing eyes. He arched his back and pressed her head onto him tightly. She engulfed his cock fully and held there before pulling her mouth from him. Then licking her tongue across his cock’s head. Tugging lightly at it in long slow strides.

“You know what the Dragon wants?” She asked smiling.

Tiger opened his eyes and looked at her. “Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon?”

“I want to Ride the Tiger.” She said playfully as she raised up and took his shirt off of her. Her hands raised above her as she slipped it off. Her perky tits poked through her long red hair. She swung a leg over him and sat at his crotch. Her hands fell to his chest as she settled over his cock. Rubbing her pussy along his hard stiff dick.

“Dragon cast’s her spell.” Tiger said while gripping her waist and pulling and pushing her over his cock. He pushed his hips upwards pressing into her. Little Dragon began swaying over him faster while grinding into him more. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit several times before grasping his cock and fixing it upwards allowing her to slide onto it. Her wetness allowed him to push into her deeply and quickly.

“Oh, fuck me Tiger.” She squealed out as she began bouncing on his stiff cock. Her fingers dug into his chest as she swayed her hips in a rise and fall motion. Tilting her head forward and looking into his eye’s wildly as she sucked on her lower lip. Riding his cock faster and faster, he took her ass cheeks in both hands and gripped tightly holding illegal bahis her on to him. She flung her head to the side swinging her hair behind her while she went up and down.

Her perky breast’s bounced with her strides as she vigorously thrust herself on him grinding. “Uh…uh…uh.” She sounded out while her juices flowed in abundance. Tiger gripped her hips tightly and pumped her faster as she slowed her pace and fell into him. Her hair covered them both while Tiger feverishly fucked her faster. She lay atop of him still as he pumped her deeply and madly. His ecstasy came in waves deep within her.

Little Dragon raised up slightly and kissed Tiger as his last waves of cum filled her. She pulled her head back as he loosened his grip and his tightened muscles began to relax. He smiled as his body went limp from exertion.

“Tigers got Dragon breath.” She said laughing as she sprang up sitting on him then swung her leg around and got to her feet. She pranced off to the bathroom naked while Tiger lay there motionless watching her disappear around the corner.

He heard the shower’s water before he sat up and took his coffee in hand and sipped at it. “Damn I love that women.” He said as he drank from his cup again.

_ _ _

Tiger was driving when he decided to turn on his radio, reaching down and turning the knob for a favorable song. “We are the champions,” rang out and he left it there smiling as his memories filled his mind while his eye’s scanned the road.

Pulling into an alleyway he remembered his promise to Little Dragon to be careful and that he’d meet her at the Dojo in about an hour. If he weren’t there, she would send out the Calvary.

The gang of thugs lined the back alley with glares and scowls. Tiger recalled his days of growing up in back streets just like this back in Korea. His eyes searched for his objective before he finally came to a stop and put the Mini-van in park.

He spotted Little Tommy sitting on the trunk of a nice bright green low rider. Tiger got out and adjusted his slacks and leather jacket shutting the door then setting the locks with his key chain controls. Walking with steady pace and cat like strides to Tommy who was surrounded by youths with red bandanas around their heads.

“What’cha want man, some rock?” A rather large young man asked leaned against the car.

“Nah, he looks like a pig to me.” Another blurted. “Looks like a fucking cop, man.” Tiger never said a word as he slowed his pace and headed straight for little Tommy.

“Hey man, I’m talking to you chink.” The rather large young man yelled.

“I don’t want any trouble guy’s, I just want to talk to Tommy.” Tiger said humble. All eye’s turn to the youth wearing a football insignia jacket.

“You know this Jap, man.” The obvious leader blurted at Tommy.

“Yeah, I know him.” Little Tommy said in a low tone. “What do you want Mr. T?” Tommy asked with a nod of his head.

“Can I talk to you?” Tiger asked looking the young man in the eyes kindly.

“Yeah, you can talk to him but its gonna cost ya.” The rather large man said laughing. The band of young men around the car snickered. “Yeah man it’s gonna cost you.” Another said braving his words with the gang around him.

“Ok, how much?” Tiger said as he reached for his wallet. All eye’s fell to Tigers hands and wallet as he opened it and pulled out two twenties. Then extended his hand out with the money to the obvious leader.

The rather large young man took the money laughing then looked around him as Tiger put his wallet up.

“Ok Tommy lets go.” Tiger said lightly. Tommy slid from the trunk and began to step forward when the large leader put his hand out to stop him. Turned and looked at one of his fellow gang members on the opposite side of the car and nodded in a signal jest.

“I said you can talk to him, didn’t say he could go any where old timer.” The man snarled and stood up towering above Tiger closely.

“This is America, He’s free to go where he wants.” Tiger said shifting his weight to his back leg.

“It’s ok Snake, I’ll go with him.” Little Tommy said in a pleading tone.

“You ain’t going no where till I tell you to.” The rather large man snarled. Looking back and forth from Tiger to Tommy then to his fellow members that were surrounding behind Tiger now. “Now let me see that wallet you got.” The rather large young man spat.

“I gave you all the money I had.” Tiger said looking around at the situation that was developing fast.

“Well I don’t believe you old man. I think you might have a credit card in there china man. And we take credit cards, don’t we guy’s?” The man said laughing. Chuckles came from the band of men that were around Tiger. “Yeah.” “Sure do.” “Uh huh.”

“Well I can’t give you access to my credit card freely.” Tiger said with a serious tone. Looking at Tommy who was scared stiff obviously. Then back to the man they were calling Snake.

“Well we’ll just have to take it then.” The man reached for Tiger in the middle of speaking. Tiger took the mans arm pulling illegal bahis siteleri it and spinning swiftly, slinging the man into the small crowd. Then reached and handed Little Tommy his keys and grabbed his jacket and slung him away from the car. Turning back to the approaching group and took one man by the arm and spun him so that he was before him as a few swinging fist landed upon their own member. Tiger pushed the man hard into the oncoming gang and half of them fell to the ground.

“Get in the van.” Tiger yelled at Tommy. Little Tommy scrambled to his feet and jetted to the mini-van. A man was in full swing with a baseball bat when Tiger intercepted it stepping into the man and twisting bringing the man to the ground as he released the wooden bat.

Tiger stood poised as men were getting to their feet and another ran at him with a pipe and swung. Tiger blocked the pipes swing with the bat in a clash and gripped the pipe and twisted it bringing the man in a circle and landing on the ground. Tiger went to step away as he heard a “click,” and something small press to the back of his head.

Tiger looked at the mini-van and saw that Tommy was sitting in the passenger seat with wide eye’s and open mouth. Tiger raised his hands slowly, “Ok, you got me.” He said as he fell straight down with lightening speed and his hands raised straight up gripping the mans hands and gun. Spinning his body that spun the man off to the side. Tiger stood there with the pistol in hand and the gang scattered. They all ran as fast as their feet would carry them. The few on the ground still scrambled to their feet and took off too.

Tiger walked to the mini-van looking around at the vacant alleyway and shook his head from side to side. He let out a powerful sigh and opened the door and got in. Tommy was shaking like a leaf.

“I’m sorry Mr. T, but they said if I didn’t hang out with them then I was against them and…”

“I know Tommy. I know how it works.” Tiger said as he drove off. They didn’t say to much on the short drive to the Dojo. Tommy mostly was apologizing for his actions. Tiger just sat there in thought, mostly.

When they pulled up to the Dojo, Little Dragon came to the large front glass window and smiled. Touching the glass and looking at Tiger with a small smile. Tiger smiled back and waved then gave a thumbs up. Tommy went to get out of the mini-van; Tiger reached and took his arm, stopping him.

“I talked to your mother last night Tommy.”

Tommy sat back with the; here it comes look, on his face. “And?” Tommy spat with a rebellious tone.

“And…She’s going to your Grandmothers for a week. And…Your going to stay with Dee and I for awhile till all this blow’s over.” Tiger said.

“Alright.” Tommy lit up smiling looking at Tiger with refreshed brow. “Way cool.”

“And…One more thing.” Tiger said with a mischievous grin. Tommy looked at him with anticipation anxiously. “Don’t mention what happen awhile ago to Dee. She’s red blooded American and gets excited easily.” Tiger said smiling.

“Oh you’re kidding Mr. T. that was awesome, you went through those guys like a hot knife through butter.” Tommy said excited.

“No. I didn’t. I defended myself and my friend.” Tiger said with a smile at Tommy. Tommy’s smile was wide at his words.

“Can I ask you a question Mr. T?” Tommy asked.


“How come you never hit those guy’s or give them a good karate kick. You just spun them around and around.” Tommy asked inquisitively.

“Tommy, their just a bunch of young men with a lot of time on their hands, like you. Trying to act tough to ensure their safety. Band together for security in an uncertain world. They still represent danger, but only to those unprepared in this aggressive universe.” Tiger said humbling.

“Huh?” Tommy looked at Tiger seemingly confused.

“Come on Dee’s waiting.” Tiger said smiling.

The two got out of the mini-van and walked into the Dojo. Little Dragon met Tommy at the door and handed him a new Gi and pointed to the dressing room as she eyed Tiger. Tommy went darting off when Little Dragon yelled, “Stop. Come here.”

Tommy turned around with a curious look on his face and walked back to Little Dragon. “Yeah?” Tommy spatted.

“First off, it’s yes ma’am. With respect, or I’ll turn you over my knee and earn that respect. Got it?” Little Dragon asked sternly.

“Yeah, I mean yes ma’am.”

“Second, no shoes in the Dojo.” Dragon pointed at Tiger who was already taking his shoes off smiling at Dragons introductory speech. “We work out bare footed. Shoes trap and pick up pebbles and slivers of glass and other things that might get on the dojo floor and that wouldn’t be to good now would it?’

“No ma’am.” Tommy answered as he was removing his shoes quickly then placing them with the others.

“And third. Put your right hand as a fist.” Little Dragon showing him her fist and Tommy did the same. “This is the Strength of the Tiger.” Tommy looking with enthusiasm. “Take the left hand open. This is the Wisdom of the Dragon.” canlı bahis siteleri Little Dragon watching him open his hand. “Now lay your left hand over the fist as so.” Showing Tommy how to wrap his left hand around his right. “Right knuckles to left hands palm. Good.” She said seeing that Tommy was imitating her.

“Now look at the Dojo and the Flags, bow with respect and admiration.” Little Dragon bowed low with her hands before her as she had shown him. Tommy did the same. “Now do this every time you come in or go out of this Dojo. Ok?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” Tommy said with a huge smile.

“Ok, now go get dressed for class.” Little Dragon said as Tommy took off to the back. “Jason, want to show Tommy how to tie his belt and Gi?’ She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” One of the half-dozen students that were there on the mat’s stretching jumped up and ran to the back with Tommy.

Little Dragon turned to Tiger. Eyeing him closely, “Have any trouble?” She asked with a tilted head and watchful eye.

“No ma’am.” Tiger said with a huge grin on his face.

“I bet.” Dragon said with a disbelief look. “You better get dressed you have a class to teach.”

“Yes ma’am.” Tiger said smiling as he clashed his right fist into his left palm, in the Way of Tao. Strength of the Tiger and Wisdom of the Dragon. He bowed low and slow with much respect then headed to the back to change.

_ _ _

Their faces flush red and breathing hard, panting. The class of 8 were all moaning and tired. Tiger stood at the mirrored wall waiting for a moment catching his own breath. Parents were coming in the front door as class was ending.

“Chariat.” Tiger yelled loudly and the class all stood at attention. Little Dragon was in front left, senior student. Most of the students were teens, with the exception of two gentlemen in the back with local law enforcement. All were gaining their composure when he barked. “Anjo.” The class all sat on the floor crossing their legs.

Tommy was the last student and just followed along with what everybody else was doing. Tiger smiled at him nodding his approval and Tommy smiled back. They all settled into a meditating silence.

“Breathe deeply, close your eyes.” Tiger said to the class that already had their eyes closed except Tommy who took the hint and closed his eyes. “Breathe deeply and relax.” Tiger said loudly. This was their cool down period. Allowing the body to cool off before releasing them into the evening air.

“Once upon a time, there once was a shaolin priest named Da Mo.” Tiger began his ending speech, that usual contained some sort of wisdom tale.

“Who ventured out from his temple in search of enlightenment, to carry back to his fellow priests to share learning’s from the world. He was traveling one night when it was raining and getting dark. He was wet, cold and tired as he found his way along in the dark. He came to a cave. Well the gods must be smiling on me he thought as he made his way into this cave out of the rain. His feet stepped, making crunching sounds as he made his way deep into this cave. Thinking it must be wood or twigs blown into the entrance because not to much farther in his feet felt soft straw that he balled up and laid down on in this pitch black damp cave. He fell asleep from his weary travel thinking that the gods have taken care of him this evening and gave him shelter.”

Some of the kids had opened their eyes and Tiger would shoot them a look and they would close them again.

“In the middle of the night Da Mo woke up thirsty and listened as he heard water dripping so he felt his way over to the sound and felt what he thought was a goblet of liquid.” Tiger stopped as a hand was raised. “Yes Jason?”

“What’s a goblet?” Jason asked.

“A goblet is a large round usually metal, drinking cup.” Tiger said smiling. Then continued.

“The water was dripping into some cup like container, that he quickly smelled and tasted and quenched his thirst. The gods have truly blessed me this night he thought as he went back to sleep. The next morning he awoke. The cave was dimly lit but he could see that the crunching sounds he heard was bones he had stepped across, and the straw was hair of long dead and left.”

“Ewe.” Some of the kids sounded out.

“The container of water. The goblet, was a skull that he had drank from.” Tiger had to pause as sounds rang out from the class.

“Yuck.” “Ewe.” “Gross.” They all made their comments.

“Ok, settle down. Quiet and breath deeply.” Tiger calmed them back down, then began again. “

“Well Da Mo got a little ill and very upset but he went back to his temple enlightened, from a lesson he learned. Know what that lesson was?” Tiger asked.

“Yeah, don’t drink from a skull.” One kid yelled out. “Don’t go into a cave at night? There might be a bear in there.” Another shouted.

“No.” Tiger replied snickering. “Enemies of the mind.” Tiger said as he heard the confusion from the class. Then he finished.

“Every thing was a blessing to Da Mo’s body till his mind had told him that it was not. The mind rejected its blessings once the mind knew what was given to him to comfort him and his body. His needs were met but the mind rejected them.” Tiger smiled as most had their eyes open and looking at him with confused looks on their faces.

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