Cruise Ship Affair

Big Tits

My wife Elaine and I weren’t getting along these days. After a dozen years or so of marriage we didn’t see eye to eye anymore. Elaine proposed that we take a vacation cruise and see if we could work things out. I figured we might as well try that. It seemed like a desperate move to get things right. We flew to where the ship was docked and we boarded heading to the Caribbean.

The first couple of days went smoothly. There were no fights between us and we even had sex for the first time in months. We were out at sea and the sun was just starting to set. Elaine was reading a book in our room. I told her I was going to go up to the deck and take a walk to get some exercise. She waved to me and I walked up to the top deck. I began my walk when I was brought up short.

There was this gorgeous looking woman standing at the railing looking out at the sea. She turned and looked at me. It was one of those times that you see someone for the first time but you feel like you have known them forever. I got the same look from this woman. I walked over and introduced myself. She said her name was Beth. She told me she needed to get away from her job so she booked this cruise.

We just stood and talked like we had known each other for years. It was starting to get cooler and Beth ask me if I would like to come to her cabin and talk some more. I wasn’t sure if she saw I was wearing a wedding ring or not. If so, it didn’t seem to matter to her. I would have guessed that Beth was in her mid-twenties. She had curly brown hair to her shoulders. I was thirty eight at that time. I did wonder why she wanted to talk to an older man.

We got to her room. She had a view facing out looking to the sea. We barely got inside when Beth told me this.

“When I first saw you, I thought I knew you.”

I told her the same thing. It was like we were old friends even though we just met. The next part I still can’t believe. We started to kiss each other. It was like we had all these built up emotions inside us. I started to pull Beth’s top up and I removed it from her body. Beth unsnapped her bra and I buried my face in her chest. Beth’s tits were more than a handful. I was sucking and chewing on each of her nipples.

I backed Beth over to the bed and I stood there and pulled my clothes off. Beth removed her pants and panties to reveal her shaved pussy. We got onto the bed. I got on top of Beth. My cock was rubbing across her pussy. I could feel the wetness of her gash. I was getting hard as hell. I knew this was totally crazy. I was supposed to be trying to save my marriage. Instead I was on top of a young, naked woman.

Beth drew her legs back. Her hand reached down and took hold of my prick. She brought me right to her opening and I began to slide into her drenched pussy. It was like a hand slipping into a glove. It felt like a perfect fit as I sunk my dick deeper into her passage. Once I was completely inside Beth, she clamped her pussy muscles around my erection.

I started to pull out and then push my cock all the way inside Beth. Beth was moaning and she told me she need to be fucked hard. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I gave Beth bizimkent escort the longest, hardest strokes I could. My balls were hitting her ass hard as I filled Beth with my thick rod. Beth brought her legs up high onto my back. Her hands went to the sides of my body and she held on as I pounded her quim.

Looking back on it, my wife and I hadn’t had sex like this in years. I wanted to give Beth the fucking she deserved. I started to build up speed. My ass was like a jackhammer as I drove into Beth’s hot hole. How long had we gone at it? I had no idea. I did think of my wife waiting for me to return after my walk. After some long minutes of taking Beth on her bed, I felt like I was getting close to releasing.

I told Beth I was getting close. She told me not to pull out. She wanted me to cum inside her. That is what I did. I send my hot cream deep into her belly as I let go. Beth let out this moan and she gripped me tighter with her pussy muscles. It seemed like I had an endless amount to give her. My seed went pouring into her belly and Beth took every drop of it.

I finally got to the point of going soft. I pulled out and looked as Beth started to pant like she was trying to catch her breath. I was thinking of how long I had been gone. I told Beth I hated to run but my family would be waiting for me. We made a decision that we would look for each other on the ship. If we didn’t see each other, we would meet on the deck at night. I quickly got cleaned up and I got back into my clothes and left.

When I got back to my room, Elaine was asleep. I got into bed and Elaine turned over.

“How was your walk?” she asked me.

Thank God she couldn’t see me in the dark room. I know my face was flushed from all that fucking and then being questioned by Elaine. I told her it was refreshing to get out. I said I might do it again tomorrow night. Elaine gave me a kiss and went back to sleep. I really hated to lie like that and nearly getting caught. I soon fell asleep myself. I woke up and my mind was completely on Beth. To be honest, I wanted to fuck my lover right there and then.

Elaine and I got ready for the next day. The ship was pulling into port and we were going to made one of the side trips. We went into one of the towns along the coast to go shopping. You can imagine what happened. I saw Beth there in town. I tried to be careful but I know we were looking at each other intently. I just hoped Elaine hadn’t noticed. This place was small and there were people from the ship shopping as well. It seemed like every time I turned around, there was Beth.

We finally got back to the ship that afternoon. Elaine said she was tired. Would I mind if she took a nap. I said she should sleep. I would go wandering around the ship for awhile. I went to the deck but I didn’t see Beth. I know it was stupid but I walked to her room and I knocked on the door. Luckily Beth answered. I think she was shocked to see me. She let me in and I told her I was sorry to arrive unannounced.

She said it was no problem. She had been thinking about me the whole time. I told her the truth. I was with my wife bostancı escort and she was taking a nap. Beth didn’t question me or berate me. We got undressed once more. This time Beth had me get on my back. She climbed over my cock and she took me in her mouth. Beth held my dick in her one hand as she bobbed up and down my cock. She was taking me right down to the root and then pulling up and licking my crown with her tongue.

Damn if she didn’t get me hard as could be. She pulled off and climbed over top of my erect dick.

“I know we don’t have much time,” she told me.

Just like that, Beth sunk down on my hardness. We just went crazy fucking each other. Beth would slide down onto my long prick and I would lift up and fill her pussy. I brought my hands up to her tits and I cupped each one. Beth was screaming as I pumped my rod deep into her belly. I only hoped no one heard us. Luckily, most people were out of their rooms at that time.

It was perhaps more intense than the night before. We didn’t have as much time as we would have liked. Beth seemed to be having these intense little orgasms. I could feel her muscles grasping at my cock and then letting go.

“Please Jeff, cum in me again!”

I did exactly as Beth wanted. For some reason I seemed to have this store of male cream inside me. I blew my load into Beth. Just as I unloaded I pinched Beth’s nipples hard. That seemed to push her over the edge. Her body shook as we shared our orgasms together. I hated to do this but I had to run off. This time I got her cell phone number. I said I would contact her when I was free to meet again. Otherwise we would meet in the evening.

I went back to our room. Elaine was still asleep thankfully. I sat down in one of the chairs and waited until Elaine woke up.

“How long was I out?” She asked.

A couple of hours I told her. It was soon dinner time so we went to have our meal. Our routine ended up being the same. Elaine liked to read before going to bed. I told her I felt full from our meal. I was going for another walk that evening. Elaine didn’t blink an eye. I found Beth once more on the deck. We went back to her room. This time we talked. Beth wanted to know what we were going to do. The cruise was going to end in just a couple of days. Did I want more than some sex on a cruise ship.

I didn’t quite know what to say. My marriage was still rocky as hell. Here was this beautiful woman who wanted more than just some sex on vacation. I told her to let me come up with a plan for the both of us. That seemed to satisfy Beth. Even though we had sex earlier, Beth wanted more. This time Beth got on all fours. She placed a pillow at her face.

“Jeff, put you cock in my ass.”

I didn’t think we would ever do such a thing together. I rubbed my dick up and down her crack. Beth would push back on me. My hands went to her waist. I slowly pulled back and then fitted my cock head to her opening. It was slow going. Beth was so tight back there. I managed to get a few inches inside her bottom. Beth buried her face in the pillow. I pushed in the whole way and Beth let out this scream. büyükçekmece escort Luckily you couldn’t hear much.

I gave Beth the ass fucking she wanted. Her ass muscles were gripping me as I fed her cock. I pushed in and pulled out. We didn’t go that long. I just couldn’t hold out.

“Cum in my ass Jeff,” Beth pleaded with me.

I did just as she asked. When the time came I seeded her bottom. I shot streams of cum into her ass channel. I could hear Beth whimpering as she squeezed my cock dry of cum. When I pulled out, Beth flipped over onto her back. She said that it had hurt but she wanted to experience anal sex for the first time with me. Once again I went back to Elaine. You could set a clock to my wife. She was asleep when I got back.

Two more days passed. It was more of the same. I met Beth at night and we fucked. The morning arrived when we would be back at port to head home. Beth begged me not to forget her. I said I wouldn’t forget and that I would contact her as soon as I could. My wife and I left the ship and boarded our plane home. Finally, we were back at our house.

“How did you enjoy your vacation?” Elaine asked me.

“It was great,” I told her.

“Did you enjoy your time with your new girlfriend?” she asked.

It was like someone punched me in the face. I stammered and didn’t know how to answer.

“I smelled your girlfriend’s perfume, Chanel, I think.”

I told her I was sorry. It wasn’t something I set out to do. It just wasn’t working between us. Elaine didn’t seem mad. Maybe just disappointed that it had to end this way between us. I said I would gather up some clothes and get myself a room. Elaine said she would see a divorce lawyer in the next week. We could share everything evenly. She didn’t want a messy fight. I didn’t either, I said.

I got my possessions and I got myself a room at a local motel. To be honest, I felt crushed. You never figure something like this would happen to you. Once I got into my room I called Beth.

“It’s over between my wife and me,” I said.

Beth couldn’t believe the news. I told her that my wife figured out that I had cheated on our cruise week. There was no sense in pretending any longer.

“Do you still want me in your life?” I asked.

I thought she might tell me that it had been fun but all that was in the past. Instead, she said that I was welcome to move in with her and start a new life. I said it would take some weeks but I wanted to be with her. There was good and bad that happened next. I had to leave a good paying position that I had for almost fifteen years. I soon got the divorce papers. The reality had finally set in.

It is now some months later. I am officially divorced and I now live with Beth. I have a job but it isn’t a very good one. I am trying to find something that would use my skill set properly. I am doing okay financially after we split the money and we managed to sell our home. There was one thing I didn’t know when I was with Beth on the cruise ship. She wasn’t on any birth control.

I had fucked her bare the whole time and I lost count of how many loads of my baby seed I gave her. Beth missed her period and she tested herself. She is officially pregnant, says the doctor after the fact. I can tell you that Beth’s sex drive is off the charts now. I can barely satisfy her these days. She wants cock all the time. I guess that is a good problem to have. All in all, it worked out for the best.

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