CRUISING FOR GRANNIESThis is a true story only the names have been changed.Last November I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean purely to find a granny to have sex with, as I had heard that old ladies like to go on cruises.So I booked up and took a week off work to see if I could fulfil my wish and get a nice old dear to sleep with me. Little did I know just how much enjoyment I would have.On the first night at dinner, I was placed on a table of eight, comprising of three couples and a single lady who looked in her late seventies. She spoke with a clipped English accent, very school mistress like and looked the part as well. She was a little over weight for her height about 5’ 3” but not fat, she wore a light blue pleated skirt teamed with a powder blue blouse, her hair was grey in a tight perm and she wore glasses.I ask if she was traveling alone, she told me that she had come with a group of ladies from the Woman’s Institute but they had messed up when allocating tables so she agreed to dine on her own and was glad she did because she got to sit next to a handsome young man (me). I told her well I think I’m the lucky one having such a charming lady think I’m handsome. She placed her hand on my thigh and said “Well you are I wish I were 40 years younger”. I leant towards her and whispered “Well you know what they say you’re only as old as the man you feel” and gave her a wink. She asked me how old should she feel, I told her I was fifty three and said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel older than you are”. She told me I was a little flirt and that she was eighty one. “No way” I said. She told me that I must need glasses. So I said. ”You know what they say love is blind”. We both laughed.After dinner I was about to leave the table when she asked if I would like to join her for a drink in the Jazz Bar, as the rest of the ladies were meeting her there before going to watch the cabaret in the show bar. I told her that I would love to.We found a quiet corner and sat down and started to chat, just general chit chat about the cruise and life on the ship. Then she asked me if I were married, I told her I was divorced and said “What about you surely a lovely lady like you must have a man somewhere. She told me that she was and had been a widow for twelve years and really missed the company of a man. I asked her why such a lovely lady hadn’t found someone. She told me she didn’t fancy another old man. I said what about a young man then. “The chance would be a fine thing but no young man would be interested in an old lady like me”. She said. “I would jump at the chance”. I replied.Just at that moment a group of ladies joined us. Saying looks like Joy has found a toy boy. She introduced me to her lady friends and the night went well. They all flirted with me and me with them. canlı bahis Joyce had disappeared for a while when she returned she pressed a piece of paper into my hand so the other ladies couldn’t see and bided them and me good night saying it had been a long day and needed some sleep, so I walked with her to the exit of the show bar when we were out of earshot of her friends she told me to meet her in her cabin in fifteen minutes. I said “OK sweetheart are you sure” I am if you meant what you said earlier “.She replied.Let me tell you my heart was almost bursting out of my chest at the thought of what the night would bring. It was the longest fifteen minutes in my life but soon found myself outside her cabin door. I knocked it quietly two knocks, I heard movement from behind the door and soon it began to open. “Hello sweetheart” She said. “Come in before anyone sees you”. I went in and she closed the door behind us. She was still in the cloths she was wearing. I said “I thought you were going to slip into something a little more comfortable sweetheart” “I was but thought you might think that I was being a little bit presumptuous. I have freshened myself up for you.” She replied. I said “You are always fresh enough for me my darling”. It was then we had our first long lingering kiss with our tongues playing with each other’s. I was taken aback by the passion in her kiss this old lady wanted me and I was going to give her just what she wanted.I broke away from the embrace and whispered in her ear. “Would you mind if I took off your skirt sweetheart”. She replied by telling me that there was a button and zip on the side. I undid the button and pulled down the zip but I still needed to ease it over her wide hips before it slid to the floor under its own steam, leaving exposed to my roaming hands but before I could get to her, she was undoing and taking down my trousers and briefs, exposing my smooth rock hard cock and balls to her gaze. “Oh my dear boy it’s beautiful”. She exclaimed. I told her that isn’t fair and proceeded to pull down her tights and knickers and got her to step out of them. I got my first close look at her old cunt as I bent over to help her out of her tights and pants, which were the full white cotton brief type old ladies like to wear. It looked just about how I hoped it would. It looked completely bald and very smooth and plump, her puffy pink cunt lips were a little wrinkly and just about visible between the top of her chubby thighs. That did the trick; I immediately sprang to attention leaving her in no doubt that she had sexually aroused me. “Oh my dear” She said. “I hope you will be gentle with me, it’s been such a long time”. I told her not to worry and get undressed, while I go back to my cabin to get a few things to make it easier for us. I pulled my trousers bahis siteleri and pants up and left her to get naked. Telling her that, I would be back in five minutes, I took her key card and left.I soon returned with my shaving bag, which contained a tube of KY lubricating gel and a few sex toys that I hoped would give her a BUZZ. I let myself in with her key card and found her naked on the bed she was quite plump but not what I would call fat by any means, her breasts were quite full and saggy but the rest of her looked in pretty good shape. I undressed and got on the bed next to her and began kissing her on the mouth. She was a great kisser and soon found that she was on top of me and really going for it with her tongue playing with mine. I ran my hand down her back and over her smooth dimpled bum cheeks and gently stoked a finger along her bum crack. I broke away from the snog to wet my middle finger and return it to her bum crack, she took my head and continued snogging me while I worked my wet finger deep between the cheeks of her smooth hairless bum crack, until I found her puckered bum hole and push it in slowly to the second knuckle and wriggled it around inside her. To my surprise she loved it and I soon had it working in and out of her old bum hole like a well-oiled piston, and the kissing progressed with even more passion than before.After what seemed an age I broke away from her embrace and removed my finger from her bum hole. I gently rolled her off of me and moved my head down to her breasts and flicked my tongue over her nipples while my hand went between her chubby thighs and gently stroked her plump smooth cunt, it was completely dry her cunt lips were stuck together so had to be pealed apart with my thumb and forefinger, before I could massage her clitoris. I again wet my fingers, this time I spat on them to make sure they would be wet enough and wiped them along the length of slit making it nice and wet and ready to rub vigorously, with my middle finger. As I rubbed her clitoris she started to moan and convulse her hips, her legs parted as wide as any younger woman’s would go by bending her knees and opening them to almost ninety degrees, giving me easy access to her dry tight pink hole between her now well spread bald plump cunt lips. I knew I had to get my tongue in it, so I broke away from her breasts and pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up until her knees were resting on either side of her smooth round tummy, I then knelt on the floor and clamped my mouth over her gapping cunt slit and began sucking, licking and probing her hole with my tongue. God she smelt and tasted good. By now she was ready for me as she told me she wanted to feel me inside her.So I got a pillow under her bottom to lift her up so that she would be the right güvenilir bahis height for my granny loving cock. I then opened my shaving bag and took out a tube of KY gel and squeezed a blob onto my index and middle finger, then slowly eased them into her tight hole slowly twisting them from side to side as they disappeared into her silky smooth cunt, as I did this I asked if she was alright, she told me it felt wonderful. I have got to tell you, the deep pink flesh between her smooth bald cunt lips looked fantastic as well, glistening with the residue of my saliva and lubricant. I wiped the rest of the KY gel that was on my fingers between her bum cheeks and stood up. I took my cock and lined it up against her twitching pink hole and slowly fed it into her until the head was in, then took a hold of her legs behind her knees and slowly worked it inside with short stokes at first getting deeper and deeper with every thrust until I could feel my balls slapping against her bum crack. It took all my will power not to cum at this time, because it felt so good, she was really making a lot of noise I asked if it was hurting, she shocked me by saying. “Fuck me harder baby boy”. WOW! She was really up for a good session. I reach over and pulled out a vibrator from my shaving bag and turned it on and handed it to her, she placed it on the clitoris and started moaning even loader as I really started to give this old granny what she wanted, after a few minutes of hard pounding of her old cunt I could feel the lubricant starting to dry up. So I thought it would be a good idea to change position. I asked her if she would like to kneel on all fours for me. She agreed, so I helped her up and got on all fours, this was the first time I had managed to see her plump round bottom close up, so before I reapplied the KY I spread her bum cheeks wide and licked her bum hole for a few minutes. She liked me doing that but I had other ideas as to what I wanted to do.So I squeezed another big blob of KY onto my fingers and covered my cock and wiped what was left over my fingers and reinserted it into her cunt, which looked like a babies bum protruding from between her chubby thighs and slowly work a slippery finger into her bum hole and began once again fucking her with long trusting strokes while working my finger in and out of her sphincter, my other hand held her hip and soon I made her cum just by slapping my balls hard against her cunt, I too followed shortly afterwards, shooting my load deep inside her.After we had recovered, she asked if I would visit her again before the end of the cruise, I said “Of course I would and did twice, the other ladies got to hear about what had happened and so I was kept very busy visiting them as well, some were very passive but another old dear was really dirty. I’ll tell you about her another time but for now I will say happy sailing to any real granny lovers out there. Get yourself booked on a cruise you can’t miss……….. I HAVE!!!!Source:

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