Crushed by the Cable Guy


The cable guy was due any minute. I’d been without Internet for days since a big storm blew through town; electricity had returned but not the Net, and as a mature gay man who loved his porn, it was maddening.

I called up some gay wrestling stories I had saved, really smoking hot stuff about older men being dominated in various holds by young, smooth-skinned studs, my own personal fantasy. I had a shitload of photos and clips saved as well, gorgeous young hunks facesitting older dudes in their sculpted asses, smothering them in their huge, smooth balls, crushing their skulls in their thick, muscular thighs. I was working my way through those, popping my dick out of my jeans and having at it, working my routine of approaching climax, stopping to lick up the precum oozing from my dick head and then starting in again.

The doorbell rang, and I was almost pissed, yet relieved the cable guy was finally here. I clicked off the material on my screen and stuffed my cock back into my jeans and answered the door. I opened it and blinked: There stood a deliciously handsome, well built young black man in cable uniform with a smile and a work order.

“Mr. Benson?” he asked, offering me his hand as I nodded, accepting it. “My name’s Gregg, I’ll be servicing you today.”

I loved the sound of that. I was still annoyed that it took so long for someone to help me, but as I shook his hand, my dick twitched; the young stud’s fingers were huge, long, slender, strong, and dwarfed my hand. I gulped, looking at it, and beyond that, his crotch. I swore I saw the outline of his cock in his brown work slacks. His boots down below looked huge. Big hands. Big feet. Big cock. My favorite math.

“Yeah, thanks, great,” I groused, releasing his hand and waving him inside. “Just that Christ, it’s been five fucking days without the Internet, and I know it’s not your fault, you guys have been flat out, but shit…”

“I understand,” he said calmly, putting a big hand on my shoulder, the fingers tight, warm, comforting, as he looked down into my eyes, he being around 6-3 to my 5-7. “I’m here for, where’s the router?”

“Uh, this way…Gregg,” I said, walking toward my small home office.

“Thank you Mr. Benson,” he said, following me.

He stepped into my office and I stepped back to watch him work, but mostly watch the best looking young ass I’d seen in ages. It was perfectly shaped, seemingly rock hard, muscular, in his slacks that hugged his butt and long, strong-looking legs. He bent over the router, jiggling and wiggling wires and such. I licked my lips, brazenly feeling my cock in my jeans as he worked, his long fingers playing over the wires; he wore a short-sleeved shirt and his arms were powerful, sleek, hairless, smooth.

I wanted those arms around me. I wanted that ass in my face. I definitely wanted what I imagined to be a huge cock down my throat and/or in my butt.

I was lost in the reverie of imagining all that and didn’t notice my screensaver had kicked on, flashing images of smooth and sleek gay men completely dominating older studs in a variety of wrestling holds, some while naked, some in singlets, some in shorts, and all of them sexy as shit, up to and including naked studs, powerful and sweaty, face fucking their victims or boning them deep, the bottom’s faces etched in pain and pleasure.

I froze as I noticed it. And noticing Gregg noticing it, too. His back was toward me as he tilted his head up to see them briefl, then down again. He put the router back down and stood.

“All set,” he smiled. “Just a reset, very simple. I’m so sorry you had to wait so long, phone support should’ve talked you through that process.”

“Uh, no, no, it’s, uh, it’s fine, Gregg, thanks…and uh…I’m sorry about…ummm…” I babbled, nodding toward the laptop that I couldn’t get to because he was standing in front of it that I just wanted to slam shut.

He smiled more broadly than ever.

“Not a problem,” he shrugged. “Interesting screensaver. I was a wrestler myself in college a couple years ago. You?”

“Uh, no, no, I uh…I like…I mean, shit, college, fuck, that was in the ’80s, I’m an old man…”

“Hardly, you look fit, you keep in shape,” he said comfortingly, eyeing me up and down.

“Oh, well, gee, shit, thanks,” I laughed weakly. “You wrestle still? Shit, what am I saying, you’re out of college…”

“No, I wrestle still…privately,” he smiled, eyes widening. “I have…clients, men who enjoy wrestling with me.”

My mouth dropped. He turned to look at the screen where one beautiful blonde stud had an older guy’s face buried in his ass, applying a reverse figure four scissors, crushing him in his smooth thighs and smothering casino siteleri him in his sweaty rock hard ass.

“That’s my favorite,” he laughed. “No one escapes that scissors.”

“No…” I croaked weakly, mouth gone dry.

“Now, let’s have a look to make sure you’re up,” he said, emphasizing the last word and sitting at my desk, tapping the screen, making the saver go away and calling up the Internet. “Yup, working fine…let’s see now…”

He tapped history and scrolled through my gay porn sites until he found one and clicked on it. He smiled, scrolling through images of young dudes butt- or face-fucking older guys, some in wrestling holds, some just straight out sex scenes.

“Yup, you seem to be up, Mr. Benson,” he said, turning in his chair and spreading his legs, his beautiful long legs where down the right pant leg snaked a very visible cock.

I was dumbstruck. He stood up, guided me to my chair, sat me down, spun me to face the screen and the sex going on there. He stood close behind me.

“We’re not supposed to take tips, Mr. Benson, but it’s a fairly loose rule most guys ignore,” he said, and I heard the unmistakable metallic sound of a belt unfastening and the slither of fabric of pants being dropped and kicked away. “Now then, ready to give me your… tip?”

I nodded, sweat breaking out on my brow. I could feel him so close, smell the fresh but funky scent of his perspiration and man scent. His strong hands gripped my shoulders, startling me.

“In you go, Mr. Benson!” he said sharply.

He bent me backwards in my office chair, my head over the back, horizontal to the floor. For the briefest of moments I saw his massive, muscular thighs spreading, brown and sleek, and devour my head, and that beautiful ass, naked and sans undies, envelop my face.

I groaned in sweet pain as Gregg stood now on crossed feet, the geometry of the position sending his beautiful, hunky thighs on a killer scissor mission, the slabs of black meat rock hard and pulsating as they crushed my skull. His ass was in my face, around my face, his delicious cheeks parting to accept my nose into his smooth, funky pucker. I inhaled his scent, a mix of soap and sweat and rump and nearly shot my load in my pants.

The position was awkward and fantastic, bent backwards to be victimized by this gorgeous young black dominant stud’s incredible thighs and ass. My hands roamed the shank slabs of his upper legs and rocky crevices of his pulsating ass as he stood, quivering all of that luscious meat into my head and around my face. I felt his giant cock drape over onto my chest, hard as stone and tried to open my mouth to lap at the insanely huge, smooth-shaven balls smothering my mouth.

He eased the squeeze just a bit to let me part my lips, snake out my tongue and lap at those beautiful big nuts, full of cum and promise.

“Open……take ’em in…yeah, that’s it, stud, take both my big black balls in your mouth…mmm, stuff ’em in there…don’t bite! Just lick..suck, baby, suck the sweat from my nuts…your nose feels so fucking good up my ass, fuck my ass with it, baby…you like my thighs holding your head, squeezing ya? I told ya my headscissors are inescapable…and you are NOT escaping my THIGHS!”

His dominance was complete. Nothing makes me hornier than a stud who not only loves to take over but whose verbal skills match his physical ones. And Gregg was talking a verbal erotic masterpiece and would make me cum in my pants if he kept it up.

“Mmmm, I love CRUSHING old fucks like you in my big…black…THIGHS!” he snarled, punctuating those sexy three words with brutal jolting snaps of those immense thighs, my answer being matching agonized grunts. “Suck those balls…fuck yeah, clean the sweat from those big black NUTS! Smell that ass, get that nose RIGHT up my shitchute and SMELL MY ASSHOLE!”

I was delirious, both from pleasure and pain, mostly pleasure…or pain. It was just a fucking beautiful blur of both, his thighs nearly cracking my head, his balls choking me, his asshole fluttering around my nose, milking it in deeper. I was lost in Gregg’s dominance and power, my hands flopping to the side in a near unconscious state from my master’s big black thighs crimping the blood to my brain, my body moving in the chair wherever the stud’s legs took me.

I felt his hands down my pants, fishing out my cock. He bent over to suck it, and I stiffened, body tense, as he took me full throat. It was heaven, and as he stretched, his long hamstrings rippled long and flowing with the move, the muscles crushing me in a different way as they stretched around my head. His ass pulled off my face a bit, and my nose wasn’t pinched, so I desperately inhaled, slot oyna sniffing his asshole just inches from me. I continued to worship his balls, nearly gagging on their sheer size. I’d sucked on some giant balls in my day, but this young buck’s nuts were literal chokers as I worked them toward my throat, my eyes brushing his luscious butt flesh.

All of it was so fucking intense, my whole body on pure sexual fire, that my orgasm was just part of it. Ordinarily when I cum, it’s the focus of my entire existence. Now it was just part, my entire existence being all of Gregg’s sheer sexual power as the cum just blasted out of me as part of everything else that I was feeling. I came and came and came, and could feel his gullet gulping my load into his belly at the same time I inhaled his asshole and sucked his balls and felt his massive black thighs crush my skull.

I’d never cum like that in my life. I knew I likely never would ever again.

He let it diminish, the sensation, and slowly, very slowly released his mouth lock on my cock, slipping it out of his lips, smacking them, swallowing. He pulled his balls from my anxious mouth and I gasped for air. He parted his thighs a bit to now just capture the top of my head in their relaxed embrace, laughing and pulling his giant cock and balls off my face.

I realized I was seeing for the first time and instantly fell in love with what appeared to be 8 rock hard inches of black magic. He looked down into my wide-open eyes and smiled that smile – and then let a long drizzle of my cum escape his lips in a river of white directly into my open mouth for me to anxiously swallow.

“You came a lot, and it was rather delicious, you must eat healthily,” he said simply, smacking his lips and stepping back to let me spring forward in my chair, my mouth a smear of my own cum and his sexy ass sweat. “You want to taste mine?”

I turned and gasped. I knew he was beautiful and well built but I’d only seen, for the last fantastic few minutes, his ass. Now he stood, stripped down to nothing but mid-calf black socks and work boots, the rest of his body slim and smooth and etched in youthful muscle, from his chiseled legs to his hard defined pecs.

“You’re a statue,” I gushed, in love. “Your body…a beautiful statue of black marble!”

He roared, his huge cock, which now looked bigger than before, wagging side to side, slapping his immense thighs, smearing the quivering quads with precum, which oozed like a cumshot from his giant black mushroom cap cock.

“How…how big?” I rasped, gulping, rolling closer to his majestic statuesque body, inhaling his scent of sweat and power.

“Ten inches,” he sighed. “If that’s too big…”

I cupped his beautiful ass in my hand, dipped my head to the tip and slurped him into my throat in one long sweep. Gregg gasped at my insistent sucking and then laughed as he looked down at my face bursting with cock. The tip was lodged in my throat and my tongue barely had enough wiggle room to lap the thick shaven base of the biggest prick I’d ever had the pleasure of devouring.

“Wow!” he gasped. “Not many dudes can throat me! Fuck, stud, you’re a keeper!”

I nearly came again thinking he’d keep me, enslaved at his home, imprisoned to use and fuck and suck whenever he wanted. Such were my fantasies anyway, but this one…seemed real. No matter if he was just talking in the lust of the moment, in my fevered, dicknotized state I could imagine us married, I was that far gone. It enthralled me and now I sucked his giant black rod in earnest, letting it slither out of my throat to stroke in both hands.

The slick wet sounds filled my office as I set about making my master spurt. I stroked him in twisting, grinding motions, up and own the slick, spit-soaked shaft, pulling him to the balls down my throat and out again. I’d stop occasionally to worship the tip, madly jacking the shaft and billowing my cheeks in and out as my tongue washed the precum oozing cock hole.

“Fuckkkkk,” he hissed, as my hands and mouth and throat coaxed him to orgasm.

Most guys cum in spurts, short and sweet, some bigger and stronger than others. But Gregg…jesus h. fucking Christ, Gregg’s orgasm was fucking spectacular, long, thick, succulent ropes of pure joy, jism, cum, spunk, whatever you want to call it, filling my face, rocketing down my throat, choking me with a volume unexpected, delightful and welcome.

I held the shaft, not stroking, just feeling it pulsate and twitch in my grip. Cum continued to shoot into my mouth, where I’d savor, swallow and suck for more. He came long, he came hard, and he came and came and came. I lost track of the ribbons of heavenly sperm he jetted into my soul.

I pulled canlı casino siteleri the head out at the last of it, looking up at his astonished, handsome face, and painted my face with what was oozing out in thick, white, delicious gobs. I covered my face, my lips, my chin, cheeks and slurped the head clean, smacking it against them.

“That…was…fucking…amazing…” My master laughed.

“Epic…,” I groaned, warm cum streaking my face as I lapped the pearly goo from the thick black head. “Fucking epic cum load…”

He guided me to my feet, holding me in his big arms, kissing me, sharing his sperm, slurping my face with the longest tongue I’d ever felt. We made out for long, sexy moments, swapping cum until both our faces were soaked. I pulled back and watched a long web of spunk bridge between our faces, break and fall against his chest. I bent to suckle his beautiful tits, nibbling the big nipples and lapping cum from the hard steel pecs.

“You up for a fuck, stud?” he snarled suddenly, pushing me to the chair on my knees and yanking my pants completely down, standing behind me and slapping my cheeks with his still-hard cock.

“Please…please Master Gregg…please FUCK ME!” I heard myself scream as if it weren’t me and I was watching a porno clip.

He grabbed a bottle of lotion from my desk I kept there for stroking sessions and squirted some into my hole and I heard him pounding his cock with some, the squishing sounds wet and sexy and promising.

“Watch,” he said, tapping my shoulder and pointing to the laptop inches away where the screensaver flashed five-second images of older faggots like me getting scissored and smothered and sucked and fucked by young studs like Gregg.

I’ve been fucked by big cocks; one guy was like a beer can, thick but not terribly long. But this cock, Gregg’s cock, Gregg’s fucking black pipe cock, felt like it would literally split me up the middle. He wiggled the head in and pushed, and I relaxed and took him inside, slowly and at first very painfully. But the pain blurred to pleasure and then the sheer joy of being taken, devoured, embraced and enveloped by another man’s complete sexuality.

I was in heaven. I’d never felt more full, physically and emotionally, in my life. Gregg’s long fingers held my hips and he thundered into me, his giant balls slapping at my flesh, my own now-stiff cock bouncing madly. His cock was thick from tip to base and he pulled out to the top and pushed in to the bottom and the full feeling of cock never waned.

“Oh…fuck..fuck..FUCKFUCKFUCK!!” I screamed, back arched to drink him in, his pace quickening as he pounded me harder and faster.

I had never been fucked like this before. His hips were an engine set on overdrive, his cock flashing in and out of me like a giant, meaty black piston, his balls crashing against mine, making them hurt beautifully.

And then he came. Most guys when they’ve fucked me go stiff, holding still, and I relish the ropes of cum scorching my guts. Gregg never let up his blinding fuck pace, and I felt his cum fill me and slosh around in my bowels and his thundering dick push it deeper and deeper and all around and then ooze out the bottom and coat my balls his own balls still violently slapped.

He finally slowed, stopped and held fast into my ass cave, and I could feel his sweat drip onto my back and the last of his legendary load dribble into me. He pulled out very slowly and I moaned at the loss and vacant feeling. The air whooshed into my cave and he groaned, parting my cheeks. I felt him kneel and attach his mouth to me and that long, elegant tongue invade the slippery depths and scoop out his spunk.

“Oh FUCK Gregg FUCK!” I screamed as screwed his beautiful face into my ass and sucked out his cum. “FUCKING FELCH THAT SHIT BABY!”

He was there, cleaning me for a good two minutes, gobbling, swallowing, laughing, tongue drilling me, kneading my ass in his long, strong fingers as he continued his felching feast. He then slurped down to my balls and licked them clean and stood, spinning me around, his big wet dick at my face.

“Oh God, yes,” I hissed and took him inside my face and throat and cleaned him of me, of us, and then it was over.

He stood, smiling, pulling his clothes back on as I sat, stunned, watching. We walked to the door, and shook hands and then embraced. He tilted my chin up and kissed me. Not with tongue. Just lips. Gentle. Loving.

“Will you be back…please?” I said imploringly. “I love…oh, fuck it, I LOVE you, your cock, those thighs, please please crush me in those thighs again!”

He laughed, opening the door, stepping outside and nodding. He stood by his truck and then opened and closed his long, strong legs rapidly, his powerful thighs clapping together loudly. I gasped, laughing.

“If you’re sure you can stand the pressure,” he smiled. “I may come back..”

I could not wait and prayed for the next outage.

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