Cuckold Foot Slave Journey Ch. 01


The verdant hedgerows whizzed by in a blur as the car accelerated down the narrow, winding country lanes. Long grass and grain in the fields rippled in the summer breeze. Everywhere was basking in the glowing sunlight of another hot summer afternoon. On any other day I would be calm, cool and collected. Driving down the roads with the windows down. The hum of music coming from the radio. Perhaps making plans to head to the beach. But not today. Today small patches of perspiration had begun to seep through my shirt and bead on my brow. There were butterflies in my stomach. My mouth was dry. I only needed to glance at the driver seat to remember why.

Emily turned to me briefly and smiled. I smiled back. As her gaze returned to the road mine lingered on her. My Goddess. My heart’s desire. I had longed for Emily for years. We were now in our final year of college, and the image of her perfect body enveloped in her college uniform had become seared into my memory. My eyes ran over her shapely legs, wrapped in a short tight skirt. They led to her toned ass and finely curved waist which in turn flowed to her perky breasts. Her shapely face and cerulean eyes were surrounded by her curled chestnut hair. She had discovered a few months before that I was her secret admirer. Her response was one of amusement, describing it as ‘sweet’ and earned me her affectionate nickname of ‘Babes’. Her light-hearted mocking was like a thousand knives stabbing me at once, with each thrust more delightful than the last.

We remained close, but her romantic interests lay elsewhere. As was the case for most girls in our year, her attention lay focused with my friend Ryan. It wasn’t hard to guess why. Six feet two inches tall, chiselled good looks, bulging muscles and bronzed skin. Ryan was the embodiment of a hero from Greek mythology, and was certainly talked about as much. At least, a certain part of him was. Ryan had a string of girlfriends from within our year and naturally this gave rise to rumours. Before long, it was established that Ryan’s manhood was enormous. One girl liked to joke that he was as well hung as the horses he rode around on at the weekends.

Emily was more bookish and reserved than the girls he usually went for, but that did not stop her vying for his attention.

It had been a bolt from the blue when Emily asked me to help her revise for our upcoming exams. The entire year had now been released on study leave for the few weeks before our finals. Emily asked if I might help her look over some things and I had barely managed to splutter a response.

“I really can’t thank you enough for doing this Babes,” she said, “I just get totally scrambled looking over everything.”

“I-it’s really no problem,” I replied.

“Not far to go now, just around the next corner.”

Emily slowed her car and turned left down a narrow laneway. It was flanked either side by tall overgrown hedgerows. Eventually they gave way to reveal a large mown lawn on the left. The paved laneway led onto a gravel driveway which swept to the front of the house. The house itself was a small quaint bungalow, the front of which was covered in creeper and ivy. Potted lavender and flowers flanked either side of a red front door.

“My parents have headed off to France for a week, so it’ll just be us. You happy enough with that?” Emily said, smirking through her sunglasses.

“I’m fine with it,” I replied.

“I thought you might be. Don’t forget your textbooks on the back seat, we’ll be needing them.”

We gathered our things and headed through the front door. Bright beams of sunlight were streaming through the front windows, illuminating the hallway. A small living room was to the right and the kitchen and dining room were on the left. Down the hallway were two more doorways on either side.

“My room is last on the right if you want to head on through. I’ll get some iced water from the kitchen. It’s pretty roasting in here.”

With a click of her kitten heel shoes, Emily disappeared out of sight before I could respond. I made my way through to the room she pointed out. I pushed open the door and crossed the threshold. How many times had I imagined myself here? I couldn’t count. The floor was covered in a thick cream carpet. Centred against the far wall was a four poster mahogany bed. It was decorated with a range of pillows in rich burgundy sheets. Against the left wall, beneath a wide window, was a large desk. Emily’s laptop was sitting on the left hand side and most of the rest of the desk was covered in scattered notes and open textbooks. Sitting before it was an office swivel chair. In the corner to the left of the desk was a compact dressing up table with a mirror and stool. The right hand wall was dominated by a tall three compartment wardrobe. The right most door of it was open, displaying a collection of stacked shoes. I almost wondered if she had left it open deliberately. Toying with me by showing off her collection of shoes and sandals. I saw her black strappy sandal heels from the formal night, as well casino siteleri as her cream peep toe heels for general nights out. Nestled amongst them were her gym trainers as well as sandals and flip flops I didn’t recognise.

I sat down on the desk chair and unpacked my notebooks. Soon I heard Emily’s kitten heels clicking on the hallway floor and she turned into the doorway.

“This should keep us going,” she said, putting the jug of iced water and two glasses on the desk.

Stepping past me I got a feint scent of her perfume and my heart fluttered. Emily removed her blazer and threw it on the bed before sitting down beside it, crossing her legs and leaning back.

“So, I was thinking of starting with history stuff before moving on to French if that sounds good?”

“Works fine with me,” I replied.

“Good, so this is what I had in terms of cue cards,” she said, leaning over and removing them from her bag.

Emily proceeded to flick through the cards before handing them over to me. They had a series of questions on them with facts, figures and dates underneath. I proceeded to ask each of the questions with Emily thinking up responses. Her eyes looked upward as she tried to think of the answers. We were only two or three cards in before I noticed she was doing it. She had begun to dangle one of her kitten heel shoes. I had noticed for some time now that she did it when she was thinking. It didn’t help that in history class I sat behind her and to the right, allowing a perfect view as she dangled her shoe from her dainty foot. She flexed and tensed the arch of her foot, moving the shoe back and forth from her sole.

“…Umm Babes, did I get that one right?” Emily said.

“Oh, yes, of course. 100%,” I fumbled in reply.

“Are you feeling OK Babes? Is it the heat? You can take a glass of water if you want.”

“I’m fine, just thought there might have been something else you could say for that question, but nope, you covered everything. Ready for the next one?”

“Sure, fire away,” she replied.

I asked the next question and she answered as before. Eyes to the ceiling, her dainty foot beginning to play with her kitten heel shoe. The shoe danced back and forth. This time she began to rotate her ankle, moving the shoe in small circles, her slender foot and arch trying to flex themselves free of the shoe. I felt heat rising under my collar and inadvertently licked my lips.

“…Babes?” Came the familiar chirp.

“Umm, yes, again, very strong answer,” I replied.

“Right…because I just asked if you were feeling OK.”

“Yes, of course. I’m fine. Ready for the next question?”

“You seem distracted by something. Like you’re looking at something down there…”

Emily glanced down at her foot which was half free from its shoe and then back at me. Her glance went back and forth a couple of times before she began to smirk.

“Right, I think I know what’s going on here.”

“W-what do you mean?” I said nervously. A bead of sweat fell from my armpit down the side of my chest.

“I kind of had a hunch about something. And I didn’t want to say anything. But I remember on the run up to the formal, you seemed very interested in what shoes I was going to wear. Like, extremely interested, for a guy. And you were even interested in what pedicure I was going to have. Then there was all those offers of foot rubs on nights out. And, initially I just kind of thought you were interested to make conversation, and to be nice, because you like me. But part of me thought there was something more to it. And I might as well ask. Do you have a thing for feet?”

I felt her eyes burning in to me as she continued to dangle her shoe from her foot. I tried desperately to fumble a reply.

“No, of course not. I mean I just wanted to have a conversation about it, like you said. I just liked talking to you and it happened to come up…”

“Honestly, it’s not a problem if you do. I wouldn’t judge. We both know I’m quite open minded.”

“Honestly Emily, I was just being nice. I mean, if you wanted a foot rub I would give you one no problem, but it’s not like I’m into feet or anything.”

“Are you quite sure? So, if I wanted a foot rub right now, would you give me one?”

Her eyes stared into me as she finally dropped her shoe off her foot. It hit the floor with a bang and I felt my resistance waning.

“I-I guess that would be fine.”

“Oh goody, should be more fun than revision. And like you say, if you don’t have a thing for feet then there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Emily slipped off her second kitten heel and beckoned me closer to the bed. I rolled the office chair closer until her sock clad feet came to rest on my knees. I gently cupped her right foot in my hands and began to rub them slowly and gently, feeling their heat through the cotton socks.

“Mmm that doesn’t feel too bad. Certainly beats exam revision. Don’t forget the other one.”

I lifted her left foot into my left hand so I was kneading one slot oyna foot in each palm. I gently rubbed around the ball of her foot and down the sole before rubbing her ankles and heels. I could feel myself growing warmer and warmer. A heat was rising within me and I felt my cock twitch in my trousers. My hands moved back up Emily’s soles to her wiggling toes.

“Oh wow, you’re actually pretty good at that Babes. But, if what you said was true, I wouldn’t find anything if I was to press one of my feet up there?”

Emily motioned towards my groin and my growing erection. I felt myself freeze. Her gaze was still locked on me.

“Umm, I don’t know why you would do that…”

“Oh you know why Babes, to see if there’s anything ‘going on’, come on then, let’s see.”

Emily released one of her feet from my hand and began sliding it up my inner leg. I pushed backwards on the chair and moved away.

“W-what are you doing?” I exclaimed.

“Ha! I knew it,” Emily giggled, “Aww is my Babes getting hard massaging my little feet?”

“Look Emily, I’m sorry. It’s true, I have a thing for feet. I just can’t help it. I notice when you and other girls are wearing certain shoes or get certain pedicures and yes, I did notice in class that you’d play with your shoes and it drove me mad. Just, please don’t tell anyone.”

Emily looked at me and back at her feet. She was planning her next course of action. She stared at me like a lion stares at its prey. She had me where she wanted me.

“Well Babes, it would be good fun to tell our friends you’re a naughty footboy. But, then again, it would be equally good fun if we kept it between ourselves.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was planning to spend the afternoon revising. But having fun with your little secret sounds much better.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Emily smirked at me and stood up, walking around me towards the desk.

“Well, it’s like this Babes. You know I’m out of your league. I know you pine for me and are desperate to be with me, and I find that adorable. But you also know that I’m more interested in Ryan. And you probably know why. I mean, you only need to look at him to know why. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still serve a purpose for me. I may be more interested in Ryan for certain fun, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something for me. You could be my personal footboy. So, I propose you spend some time this afternoon showing me how much you love my pretty feet. Sound good?”

“Very good,” I replied.

“First of all, let’s try a little test,” Emily said, lifting her kitten heels from the floor. She moved to the desk and slid herself onto it, beckoning me closer. I moved until I was inches away from her. Emily leaned over and raised her hand, running her fingernails under my chin.

“First of all, a little test to see how much you really like my little feet. Now, close your eyes.”

I obeyed without question. A couple of seconds passed before I felt the press of leather against my nose. I opened my eyes to see Emily pressing the sole of one of her kitten heels onto my face.

“Breathe deeply, tell me how my little well-worn heels smell.”

I inhaled deeply and felt ripples of ecstasy across my body. The potent aroma of worn leather and salty sweat poured through my nostrils.

“Oh, they smell so good Emily.”

“Of course they do, Babes, now smell the other one,” Emily ordered.

She raised the second kitten heel and pressed it onto my face with the other until my entire face was encased by the soles of her heels. I continued to breathe deeply, inhaling every particle of scent from the soles, heel to toe.

“That’s right, get your nose deep into the soles of my heels footboy. Sniff deeply.”

What seemed like an eternity passed as Emily rubbed the soles of her heels across my face and nose. She then removed them from my face and dropped them on the floor, allowing my face to spring free.

“Now then, you passed your test. Now I think I would like you to finish that massage. Now.”

Emily towered over me on the desk and set her sock clad feet into my lap. I took them gently and resumed my massage from earlier. Rubbing over each toe, the soles, arches and heels. Emily offered occasional words of encouragement or instruction as my hands rubbed and kneaded every square inch of her sock clad feet.

“Mmm, not a bad job at all footboy, but I guess you will want a reward. How about a fresh scent of my little footsies? I mean I’ve been walking around in those kitten heels all day and they must be a little sweaty by now. What do you think?”

“Oh yes Emily, I would love to smell them.”

“Of course you would, but I need to know you’d control yourself. Two seconds.”

Emily slipped off her school tie before leaning in and removing mine. She flicked them around each of my wrists, restraining my hands firmly to the armrest of the chair. She then returned to her perch on the desk, leaning over me with the sunlight flowing in behind canlı casino siteleri her.

“Ok then footboy, let’s see how you cope with my sweaty sock feet.”

Emily leaned back on the desk and raised her sock clad feet into the air, inches from my face. I got a hint of their scent as she began to move them closer and closer to my face. My face was now beaming red as my heart beat got quicker. My cock was straining against my trousers as she finally pressed her sock clad feet into my face. My face was smothered by the warm, thick, scented cotton of her socks. I heard Emily giggling as she massaged her feet against my face and I strained against my restraints.

“You alright under there Babes? How do my sweaty little feet smell? That’s it, get a good strong whiff of my sweaty sock clad feet.”

“Oh my god they smell so good,” came my muffled reply.

The aroma was almost overwhelming. A combination of sweat and a fruit scented foot cream Emily used. My cock was now surging as she rubbed and massaged across my face with her sock clad feet. She rubbed them purposefully around my face, first in circles, then alternating each one up and down before finally pushing them hard into the centre of my face, pressing my head against the back of the chair.

“Wow you must really be enjoying yourself now Babes. Let’s see just how much.”

Emily’s right foot slid away from my face and down my chest. My body tingled as it ventured further south, crossing my belt and arriving at my groin. Emily didn’t have to look for long to find my pulsing erection pushing against my trousers.

“Oh wow, there’s a lot going on down there. I’m almost not sure if you could cope with my bare feet. What do you think? Do you want to experience my pretty bare feet Babes?”

“Oh yes please Emily.”

“That’s what I thought,” she giggled, “But first things first.”

Emily retracted both of her feet. She watched me staring greedily at her as she reached for the top of her right sock and began to slowly remove it. My eyes followed each scintillating inch as her sock came away from her calf, then her ankle and then finally sprang free from her heel, arch and toes revealing her glorious bare foot. The skin was smooth and supple, and her toenails were adorned with a dark red polish. She then slowly but purposefully removed her sock from her other foot, smirking at my reaction as it peeled away from each inch of skin. My body rippled again as her second foot sprang free from its sock. Emily dangled her bare feet off the desk and wiggled her toes.

“Mmm, that feels so much better Babes. Based on how you reacted to my shoes and socks, and how you’re drooling just staring at them, I can only imagine how you will react to touching, sniffing and maybe even tasting these pretty little tootsies. So, I will have to do this carefully.”

Emily leaned in close and pressed one of her socks into my mouth. I let out a muffled groan as the salty cotton pressed onto my tongue.

“I’m going to let you free now Babes, but only on the condition that you strip off your clothes, get on your knees and crawl over to the bed. And you better keep that sock in your mouth. All this excitement is getting me quite hot so I think I will take a few things off myself,” Emily Chirped.

She untied the knot on in the tie around my right wrist before slipping past me towards the bed.

I followed her instructions frantically, using my freed hand to untie my other hand. I then stood up and unbuttoned my shirt, slipped off my shoes, undid my belt and removed my trousers. Wearing only my underwear and socks, with Emily’s sock in my mouth, I fell forward onto my knees and turned towards the bed. My Goddess was waiting there, lying along it on her side and facing towards me. She had unbuttoned her shirt revealing the hint of her light blue bra. She had slipped out of her skirt and thrown it across the floor, showing off her underwear and gorgeous legs and ass. Her pretty bare feet were calling to me from the end of the bed.

“That’s it Babes, my little foot boy. Crawl over to me.”

I obeyed without question, throwing myself down on my hands and crawling slowly across the floor towards the foot of the bed. My surging cock was pressing against my boxers, releasing dribbles of precum. As I rounded the corner and reached the foot of the bed, Emily rolled onto her back and sat upright, withdrawing her feet from the end of the bed. She leaned back against the wall of pillows and stretched her arms out either side. Her feet were a short distance up the bed from me, her smooth silky soles staring back at me.

“Alright footboy, I don’t want you to rush things and get too excited, so how about another little foot massage. See how you handle my pretty bare feet, sound good?”

“Yes Emily,” came my muffled reply.

She slid her feet slightly closer to me as I leaned over the end of the bed. I rested my elbows on the sheets and took her silky feet in my hands. I began once again to knead and rub them gently but firmly. The sensation of her bare feet raised me to new realms of pleasure. I gazed longingly at her silken soles, heavenly heels and amazing arches and they gazed back at me. My hands rubbed across them, exploring every inch of her perfect feet.

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