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cuckold lifestyle 54I got home from work Friday to an empty house. This isn’t normal, if my wife is haveing a afternoon delite she usally is always home when I get here. I went to the fridge to get a cold water and there on the fridg door was a note. It said ” I’m camping with some friends , you are welcome to come up but theres two rules. Number one, you can’t stay the night and number two you MUST wear your CB3000.” Well I just had to think about that for a while. If I go, I’ll be watching my wife being fucked , but if I stay home I’ll be all alone. I’m going . I got a shower and shaved my dick and balls smooth, then I put my CB3000 on. Now what to wear. I got my baggy swin trunks out, If I set just right my balls and dick can be seen up the leg hole. I put them on and I got a bright yellow tank top too. I jumped in the truck and started toward the lake. I just realized I didn’t know where they where at the lake. I called her cell but got no answer. So I figured I’d just ask the gate attendent when I got there.I pulled down the winding road to the gate, and old dude about 80 came out. I told him I was looking to meet up with my wife , that she had come through eariler that day. Whats her name he asked, I told him, he looked on his clipboard , nope she aint here. But she’s got to be I told him , she was with some guys towing a boat. Whats the guys names he asked. I thought , I have no idea who she is up here with. I know if I tell him that he’ll call the cops on me for being a creep. So I just said Mike, he said Mike who? I have no idea what Mike’s last name is or even if he is up here. So I said Kennedy. He looked again. Nope he aint here either. I didn’t know what to do next, then he said buddy I think you have the wrong camp ground. I took that as an easy out and thanked him for his trouble. I pulled out and drove to the boat ramp to see if I recognised any one’s truck. There was a few white four door trucks. I just sat there for a few minutes. Then I heard my name called. I looked around and saw John, he is one of my wife’s steady fucks. And one of the few that know I know. He walked over and asked what I was doing. I told him that my wife was up here with some guys and I didn’t bakırköy escort know who or where they where. He said well shit, get in my boat and we’ll cruise the coves and look for them. I parked and he and I started out, I asked him what he was doing up there alone. He told me he had met one of his buddie’s wife up there and they had been out fucking in the boat. I said does he know she is doing that? He said no and he’s very jealous. I said dude that’s playing with fire. He said that’s what makes it so fun. I asked if the fact I know about him and my wife took away from the fun? He said no, in her case it’s different , I asked how. He said your wife is a sexy freek, she will fuck anytime and anywhere. Yeah any one but me I told him. He asked if she still made me wear that damn cage? I said yeah and I pulled my shorts leg over far enough for him to see I had it on. Man , that’s fucked up he said.We where cruising into the cove of the camp ground I had just tried to get into. I was standing up looking. John said hey there they are and he pointed at a camp site. We pulled up and tied off to a tree . He and I walked up to the tent and trucks. No one was around but one of the trucks had a boat trailer behind it. John said they are out in the boat, and probably fucking. Yeah, I bet they are out in the boat I answered back but how do you know they are fucking.He picked up my wife’s bikini bottom and said your bride left without any bottom on. I said well you can leave me here if you need to go. He said how will you get back to your truck? I can walk I said. He said it’s three miles , I’ll just wait with you and maybe I’ll hit it while I’m here. We got into their cooler and stole a couple beers. We where all relaxed when we heard a boat comeing up. We could hear someone saying that there’s someone fucking with their stuff. John said just set still and watch this. Three guys jumped off the boat and started running up the hill to their camp. Neither John or I knew who they where, I looked and saw my wife climbing out of the boat with a towel around her. One dude bowed up and said I’m going to kick your ass straight at John. John stood up , all six foot 3 of beşiktaş escort him and just about three hundred pounds. He said no , you aint kicking no body’s ass little man. Then he said in fact I’m taking another one of your beers and then I’m going to fuck your lady friend. My wife got there just in time to hear that part. John said come here baby, my wife walked over to him and he hugged her tight. She dropped the towel to show us she was butt assed naked. John told her to grab her bikini we where going for a boat ride. She stared to pick up her suite. Little tuff guy grabbed her arm and said what are you doing? She said I’m going to get fucked by this man. So let go of me. He said you slut , I don’t think the t sound was all the way out of his mouth when John’s fist knocked his ass out cold. John, my wife ,and I all walked to John’s boat and shoved off. When we where out far enough so they couldn’t hear us John asked who those guys where. My wife said they all three work with her. I said no shit now they will think you are a slut. She said I don’t care. Are we really going to fuck she asked John? He said if you want to. She said find a cove and let me dive in and clean up. all three of those guys left a load in me. Then she said unless ,and she smiled at me. Oh I will I said. John said dude, you going to eat the cum of those guys out of your wife? I said I am and when your done I’ll eat your’s too. You are one crazy fuck he said. John tossed the anchor out and we got busy. It was still light out, maybe about seven thirty. My wife pulled her bottoms off and I got on my knees between her legs. She spread her legs and there was her beautiful shaved pussy looking just a little red. I ran my finger up the slit and it opened right up. I put my mouth to her soft swolen lips and ran my tongue right between them. I got a big burst of cum all at once. I didn’t waste any of it. I licked her to one orgasum , she grabbed the back of my head and raised her legs over my shoulders. I knew she was clean but I kept on, she caught on and pushed me away. With her eyes half open and her legs wide open she motioned John to her with her finger. He stood up and dropped beylikdüzü escort his shorts. Out sprang a cock that was at least nine inches long and fat as my wife’s wrist , it was rock hard and ready for action. He didn’t even try to get head, he went to his knees and sunk that bone all the way to his balls. That lifted her ass up off the seat a little. Her dark tanned legs wrapped around his back and he went to hammering her like he had never had her pussy before. The boat was rocking and I mean bad. I really couldn’t see his cock going in and out of from this angle so I stood up and took the seat on the left side, this seat faces rearward so you can spot your skier. They fucked like that for about five minutes then he picked her up , he was standing up holding my wife in his arms and his cock burried in her, he said open that windshield to me, I flipped it open and he walked threw it to the bow. He sat down with her still on his dick. Now I can see , she rode him like that untill she said her knees where hurting. She got off him and I watched as his cock just kept comeing out of her. He patted the windshield frame and she took hold of it, her face was no more than a foot from mine. She and I where locked eye to eye , I tell the second her entered her again. Her eyes closed for a few seconds and a straight smile came to her. She opened her eyes and stared me right in the eye the whole time he finished fucking her. He stopped moving and then he put his hands on her back to help himself stand up. She stayed bend over, his dick was still in her. He had cum in her but didn’t want it to leak out. Here you go buddy ,I have a treat for you he said to me ,come get it. I came in behind him on my knees. I watched as he slowly pulled his cock out. It had white foam all round the base of it and so did her pussy lips. When the head fell out his cock swung back toward me. He steped aside and I looked right up my wife’s very well fucked womanhood. The pussy lips where apart and the little hole was about the size of golf ball. I just watched untill I saw the cum started to drip out. I caught it and sucked every drop out of her. When she could stand upright I helped her put her bikini bottom back on. Well , do you want to go back to the camp site John asked my wife? She said no, after that fucking my pussy is to loose for those guys. lets go home and fuck some more. John , my wife and I all headed to our house. I slept in the guest room so John could enjoy the company of my wife. Live is good.

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