Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 31

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Thirty-One

He knew he should have stopped…and yet he did not. Whether or not he could stop was another question entirely and one that Kao was not all that keen to answer while he was busy fucking the stoat, going further and further into the public eye of the family. What did it matter anyway? He knew what was going on and if they all knew too it was hardly going to stop him from doing what he was doing, which seemed to well enough be wrecking his relationship with Chemical.

Hunkering down over the stoat with a near enough demonic glint in his eye, the dragon tried to fuck away his guilt, pounding Scott over the back of the sofa, both holes already dripping with cum. Of course, he had chosen the stoat’s pussy for that round and he squealed like a virgin as his hips slammed into the furniture over and over again, needing what Kao had to offer. He’d been reassured by the studly dragon that he wanted him and, of course, his body too but that didn’t do anything to detract from the worry and conflict twisting its coils around the dragon’s heart.

He hadn’t called Chemical despite Fyr’s pestering. Oh, she knew, she very much knew that he’d gone and chickened out and it was hardly a secret from her that has still ‘doing the dirty’ with Scott – even more so when she walked in on an early morning to find Scott on his back on the kitchen table and Kao with his cock stuffed up under the stoat’s tail as if he was taking his fill of breakfast in a very intimate way.

She hadn’t said anything though. It hadn’t even hurt to see the stoat who had tugged so sweetly at her heartstrings screaming for her brother, which was strange but a thought she filed away for later perusal. It was something that, oddly enough, she would have expected to come from her mother, finding Sasha, once again, fucking a friend or a potential love interest (or at least a bedroom interest) just to see her squirm, pinning her own daughter back under her paw. But that was likely why it was Scott and not Kao who had fallen prey to baser urges. She could not have possibly imagined that the stoat would be strong-willed enough, especially if he had already fallen to her mother and Ropes, to say no to Kao, who had, obviously, pursued him… On that count, there could be no other explanation in her mind, although the dragoness had no possible way to know just how wrong she was. Fyr pressed her lips together and shook her head, judging her brother more than Scott himself. He knew better. Just how could he be guilty when they were still going at it like rabbits on a mission?

Kao saw her as she walked away and his jaw fell slack, though he did not pause in his thrusts at all, hammering in and only driving on all the more ferociously for a climax that would, maybe, sweep his vulnerability back deep within his being. But she could not pause to talk to him, even though she could not truly say that the dragon looked like he wanted to talk at that moment, the sound of their lust filling the kitchen. It did mean, however, that she’d had to go without breakfast that day but it was hardly as if she had the stomach for it anymore.

She told him that he was making a mistake but everything she said and tried fell on passive ears and the dragoness slunk around the borders of the scene, distrust brewing in her heart. Why the sudden change of heart and mind from the brother she knew? What was going on there? And if he was not with Scott, Sasha always seemed to be clinging to him, although that in itself was not all that unusual. She’d been very clingy even when they’d been younger and even now Fyr knew well enough that Sasha very much preferred Kao over her – the golden drake of sorts. He was the one always in the spotlight for the right reasons, any mistakes and misdemeanours flitting away as if they had never happened even though he was usually the one who got himself caught up in sticky situations over Fyr.

So, no, it was not that strange that Sasha was always hanging over him and doting on him – probably just trying to make Fyr feel even more inadequate than she usually did, cast out into the background of the scene that was supposed to be a dominant part of her own life as if she didn’t even matter. The dragoness scowled and turned her back on the pair of them yet again after walking in on them in the little office that she was trying to put together for the boring side of running the ranch: paperwork and the like. Who knew that her lovely, repurposed desk would be the perfect height for them to fuck on, Kao snarling and rocking it dangerously as he drove into the stoat, bent over like a slut on show.

Yes… Fyr growled mentally, clamping her jaws shut lest she unleash her vehemence on her small corner of the world. He is a slut!

It pained her to say casino siteleri it, even in the privacy of her own mind (although even that seemed to be dragged out into the open and molested those days) but it made her feel just a little bit better as she slammed the door on her office, what was supposed to be one sanctuary for her, somewhere where no one else, at least, would bother to go. And just look what it had turned into yet again – another room besmirched and ruined by sex! Sex was supposed to be fun! But it wasn’t fun with all the strings attached that family and broken relationships seemed to apply, not anymore… It would have maybe, just maybe, have been more fun, however, if she’d been involved more often than not, for it seemed like life and, indeed, sex too was moving on without her.

So caught up was she in her own grumbling and the innermost sort of turmoil that no one else seemed to care about that she almost walked into Sasha, the demoness stood back down the hallway staring into a mirror on the wall as if she had just become a fairytale villain. Of course, she had no long hair to comb out as she stared longingly into its depths, although just what she saw Fyr could not fathom and managed to pass by without notice or, blessedly, attention.

That was another warning sign that she should have noticed. If she had realised that something was afoot back then, things may well have turned out differently. But it was not to be.

She pressed her lips tightly together as she went about her chores for the day, working even while something else worked right along with her in the background, a lingering, dark presence that rose up in the pit of her stomach. There was something there but she simply couldn’t put her finger on it, kept carefully away from the action as Scott and Kao even went out in the late afternoon, Kao taking the keys of her truck without even asking. From the kitchen window, Fyr frowned at them but made no move to stop either, knowing that it was most likely pointless if they were heading off to some other secluded place to fuck. Better that it was not in her house, at least, she tried to tell herself, although that was a difficult one to even convince herself to believe.

Yet again, however, there was Sasha, perched on the deck as if she was a feature of the location, paws clasped together and lips ever so slightly parted as if she was trapped in the breathy prelude to a kiss. Ropes was not there either but Fyr was almost glad of that, which was disturbing to think, considering the fact that he was, of course, still her husband. She wondered how long that arrangement would hold up in the eyes of the law, as they certainly were no longer living together as husband and wife by any stretched definition of the term.

Sasha caught her attention, muttering something that she had to strain to hear, stepping out behind her as the dragoness didn’t even move a single muscle, too focused on what she was watching to worry about who or what was behind her. What fool, anyway, would dare to think to sneak up on a dragoness when she was lurking, after all?

Perhaps Fyr was well enough that fool. Perhaps she was the saviour of another. Only time would tell and fate would play out irrevocably regardless of what she did, but a passive player in the landscape of her own life.

“Now…” Sasha murmured, eyes on the truck as Kao and Scott hopped into it, a giggle on the stoat’s lips. “Now… Things are finally coming together.”

Fyr frowned and rolled her eyes.

“Plotting evil deeds, mom? I would have thought you knew better than to monologue.”

Sasha didn’t even jump but her gaze slid smoothly over to her daughter, the green orbs seeming to flicker around the edges as if they were suddenly able to extend beyond the bounds of her eyes. Her daughter blinked and shook her head but the illusion, for it had to be some kind of an optical illusion was gone almost as soon as it appeared, her mother’s eyes the same demonic ovals that they had been for so many months already. She could hardly remember a time when her mother had not looked like a predator from the otherworld, her wings even more ragged than they’d been. Maybe Sasha liked them that way? Fyr did not have the courage to ask.

“Oh, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, sugar,” Sasha scoffed, flipping her paw. “Are you lurking again? Haven’t you something better to do?”

Sipping her coffee, Fyr wrapped her paws around the mug, letting the heat of the liquid spill down into her stomach.

“Maybe so but so do you.”

What she meant by that Fyr could not have said, not even in hindsight, but it took Sasha aback just enough to shift her weight onto her heels. Something shifted in the demoness as she looked her daughter up and down, tail twisting back and forth in an undulating curl that rang reminiscent of Ropes’ tentacles. Fyr shivered. That was disconcerting…but she was a demoness, after all, and so much of what she did those days seemed to be put down to that fact. Was her odd behaviour down to it too?

“Don’t press me.”

Sasha’s eyes narrowed and she slot oyna pulled herself back, shoulder blades back and wings spread as if she was actively trying to make herself seem more intimidating than usual. It was not as if the demoness tried to hide her powers from others but there was something all the more dominating about her when she turned on the seductive charm, advancing step by step with a glint in her eye that seemed derived from a deeper sense of wickedness than she usually let up to the surface. She was capable of so much more than what she let on but time too would show the full extent of her demonic lust.

Fyr grunted as she was hip-checked out of the way, more of a cute bump than a shove, but every move the demoness made was calculated down to the very last muscular twitch. Her tail slunk sensually down the length of Fyr’s tail as she moved away, casting her daughter one look back over her shoulder, lips ever so slightly parted, although, this time, it was for the more lurid of smirks.

“Everything’s about to change, darling. I do hope you’re ready.”

Fyr trembled, backing up even though her mother was already down the deck steps, a sway in her hips that made her weak at the knees. How did she have that effect on her? Was it the voice? That particular kind of over the top voice that would not have been appropriate in her younger years but seemed to come out with just that little bit of a drawl she could draw on too? Gulping, Fyr’s chest rose and fell sharply, needing breath but not wanting to inhale so deeply that she would draw attention to herself, wanting nothing more than to slink off into the background, back where things, at least, seemed simpler and easier.

And yet her mother was gone as if she had never been, acting the part of a happy housewife or something or the other as she pottered off around the corner to what part of the large garden (most of that was still in the works) that she had claimed for her own. She sashayed about in a skirt that fell down… Actually, it no longer fell all that far down her legs, becoming shorter and shorter as the days went by. That was strange. She was even showing a bit of thigh. Fyr tried not to think about just how much she wanted to be between those thighs again, drawing a sharp breath in through her nostrils, sealing away her need in lieu of something more prominent and driving.

There was something wrong. Very wrong.

She had to find out what her mother was planning.


Of course, Sasha knew just how to keep what she was doing under wraps: with a little help from Ropes, that was. Fyr could scurry about and fret and worry and try to uncover what was going on as much as she liked but it would be too late by the time all came to light. A little touch on her son’s arm built into so much more as he cried on her shoulder, spilling the beans about Chemical so sweetly that it was as if she had actually made him do it.

Oh no… No. A demoness like her would never do that, much less hurt her son. She was just going to show him a better way, a happier way – a way that would make every last aspect of his life so very much better for the thrill and delight she could bring him.

“I know, honey,” she breathed, rubbing his back, down from his shoulder, as he tried to regain control of himself, although it was more of a grunt and sniffle than any sort of real crying. “It’s okay, I know how you feel… Well, no, sweetheart, I know that doesn’t make it okay but you didn’t know. How could you have known what was different with Scott? Why…it’s not a bad thing about him, of course not, but it’s not obvious now, is it?”

Oh, how good a liar she was becoming, turning lies to truths and back again, weaving a tangled web of passion and lust that could not be contained. One day, she would eventually have to release it, if only to see just what chaos a ‘made’ demoness had to fuel. Then again, there was still the egg to consider and what the hatchling may entail, although the lower incubation period of a hatchling waiting to break free of its egg would draw that out a little later than she personally would have liked. And that was just why she’d had to find other ways of amusing herself in the meantime, for there was only her imagination and Ropes’ word to go on with regards to what havoc a young demon could wreak… She couldn’t wait!

Ah, yes: her son. He was there and she was comforting him. Maybe she was not all that different to her daughter in the regard that she often became lost in her own thoughts, imagining lustful things that made each and every day all the more seductive for their, and her, presence. Grunting, Kao shook his head minutely, tail curling down against his ankle in a tight twist of tension.

“It’s not fair to her… And Fyr said the same thing as you, that I couldn’t have known, that Chem will understand…”

Ah, an opening. Her eyes gleamed.

“Then you should listen to her, Kao, and listen to me too,” she said, tipping his chin up, eyes earnest behind the lenses of the contacts that, temporarily at least, hid her demon-ness from him. “Look… It’s something canlı casino siteleri that happened and you have an agreement… Let things be, sugar, you can’t keep pushing and pushing, not when you’re like this.”

But his moment of vulnerability was gone and Kao shrugged her off, standing and trying to shake away his guilt, although such a simple act of thumbing his nose at it would not do. He could pull away as much as he wanted, fighting her will, but Sasha knew right there and then that she had him.

Well…not quite. But she was close. Slinking her tail out as he rounded his shoulders, trying to turn his back on her, she smiled as she hooked her tail into the crook of the tip of his, drawing the sensitive appendage into something of a draconian embrace.

“You know you’re a strong, young drake, don’t you, Kao?” She breathed, contacts itching as her demonic eyes flared, gleaming behind them. “You can do anything you want… Don’t let something like this drag you down. You are so much better than all this.”

He swayed, weight shifting from one hip to the other as he tried to pull away and yet did not have the strength in his body, ironically, to do so.

“Yes…” He breathed, nose tipping down as if he couldn’t even hold his head up either. “Yes… I know, mom…”

“And you’ll keep trying too, sweetheart, won’t you? This isn’t something on you, sugar. It’s all gonna come right in the end. Mom will make it right again.”

Like a happy family, they smiled and hugged, everything back to normal, if only for one moment. Kao laughed softly and said what a fool he’d been and she kissed his cheek, the imitate moment lasting longer than usual, not that the dragon noticed, his thoughts and inner worries soothed for a short while. And that was because of his mother, something that made him want to be closer to her, near her, all so she could, as she’d said, make it right again.

Ah, the dragoness still had a little more of her plan to put into place and that would all come to light – soon. Very soon. For he could be swayed at his most vulnerable, as strong as he thought he was, and everything would be better for it, even if he could not yet see it – simply because he did not know of her plan.

Holding her son close and tightly, Sasha smirked as she ran her tail up the length of his, slinking it up so high that he had to tremble away ever so slightly, the sensation too intimate for the current moment. But that was okay, even if she was not quite the patient dragoness that she professed to be at other times, intent on working her magic as she kept her son’s attention turned away from the door and the shadow of the cougar who had done so very much for her too in the doorway. His tentacles flickered, wrapped around and sucking off his own cock even as another cradled his balls, lips moving for the murmur of incantation that would, once again, plant the seed of their plan just a little bit deeper than before.

Kao sighed, leaning his head over her shoulder, although his hips pulled back uncomfortably as if he was trying to stop himself from touching her there. Murmuring to him, she soothed and rubbed his back and shoulders – contact that may have been a little too familiar if not for the closeness of their relationship, which allowed her to push further and further before anything had even taken true effect.

“Thanks, mom,” he said quietly, grip tightening on her in a more masculine fashion for the briefest of moments before he stepped back, a small smile on his face. “I don’t know what to do without you.”

And Sasha smiled, resisting the urge to rub at her itching contact lenses, the tip of her tail curling back and forth over and over again, the figurative feline waiting to pounce.

“You’re always welcome, darling. I’d do anything for you.”

If only he knew just how far she was prepared to go for him.


Personal time with her son – the very son that she had not seen in several months. What could be better? Of course, Kao had his work to do, even if it was work that he could do anywhere at any time, although everyone had to put their snout to the grindstone and work through hard and fast whenever they were able. Visiting family was not, most likely, the most productive scenario for a writer to work in, it had to be said, and she had, in all honesty, understood why he hadn’t been around all that much. And, with becoming a demoness and laying an egg, she had been rather busy and preoccupied herself in the time since she’d seen him, so one could have said that things had all worked out just fine too, if they wanted to pass judgement or not on her life.

Sasha, however, was not a dragoness who cared what others thought of her, even though she had to put on a front and a face for Kao, though not for long. Oh, no… She couldn’t possibly stand for that, hiding her true self when she could, so very easily, simply be the dragoness she had always been meant to be, right there before and for him. Her eyes glittered across the restaurant table, a little bistro that served the best Italian food she’d ever had! Not that she’d been to Italy, of course, but she was sure too that there’d be some fine studs over there too if she did get across the water at some point. They might even be an incentive for her to do just a little international travel…

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