Cum Sucker


Authors note: This is one of my fantasies. It is not a true story. I have only sucked one cock in my life when i was younger, and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I hope you all enjoy.

I was eighteen. Long blonde hair, baby faced, cut build (I was in water polo), and tan. I had been browsing on a hook up website for a while. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and my girlfriend was at the beach with her friends till the next day. I figured today was the day. I went on the website and messaged a guy i was talking to. He was 25, white, brown hair, and had a nice face, but a slight beer belly. He said he could come over.

After he said he was coming i quickly got in the shower. The whole time i couldn’t stop thinking about what was gonna happen. All the different scenarios were going through my head. My heart didn’t stop racing. When i was getting dressed, i decided to put on a pair of my girl’s thongs. Te smooth fabric and string up my ass crack was turning me on even more. The more I thought about what was about to happen, the more hard my cock got. When my phone vibrated with his message that he was here, I was completely hard.

I was embarrassed and nervous, what would he think? what will he do? what should I do? Should I have not done this? but to spite all my questions, I answered the door. There he was, standing right in front of me. I felt faint, I shaking.

“Hi” he said

I stood there for a second

“Hi…..come in” I said.

He came in and i took him to the couch. I had a bong fully packed on the table.

“Would you like a hit?” I said

“I’d love one” He said

We both took a hit. I was awkwardly silent

“You look better in person” He said

I blushed and said “thanks”

My heart was beating a million bets a minute. I took another hit. As i did he put his hand on my leg. I almost coughed into the bong but held it back. I thought to myself ‘just do it already’.

As I exhaled, I put my hand on his thigh, rubbing his jeans. He moved in to kiss me but I turned my neck. I wasn’t comfortable kissing a man, but he played it off and gently kissed my neck. I could feel his scruff on my neck, but i liked it. As he kissed my neck i rubbed his inner thigh, getting closed to his cock. I couldn’t help but think about it. I saw pictures online, but i needed to see the real thing. My hand creeped over his crotch. I could feel his slightly hard cock underneath and my heart jumped. I wanted it in my mouth, I wanted to taste his manhood. I wanted to worship his cock.

He backed off my neck and looked at me. I started to unbuckle his belt but had some problems casino siteleri doing it, but he came to my rescue. He unbuckled his belt and jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. He had some grey boxer briefs on. I could see the outline of his slightly hard cock through them, and my cock twitched. He then began to pull my shirt up. I willingly let him.

“Ooo, I like that” he said

I was confused, thinking he was talking about my body, when he grabbed the top of the thong i had on. I quickly became super embarrassed and blushed like crazy. He noticed and said “Its ok, that’s hot.”

Even though I was embarrassed I as rock hard. I stood up in front of him and moved the table and bong. He st there looking at me as I bent over to move the table and grabbed his cock. I saw him and this gave me a head rush like crazy. I was caught up in the excitement and I unbuttoned my pants, while facing away, I slowly pulled them down, revealing my ass in the red thong. I bent over pulling them completely off and looked back at him, seeing him rub his hard cock through his boxer briefs. I turned around revealing how hard I was. My dick stuck about 4 inches out of the top of the thong (I’m about 8 1/2 inches).

“Wooh” he said

That made me more excited, and I quickly dropped to my knees a couple feet in front of him. Seeing this he quickly stood up. His cock as standing straight out in his boxer briefs. I stuck my hand out and touched it. My cock jumped again. My excitement took over and i grabbed the rim of his briefs. I pulled them down. His cock popped out straight at my face. It was about 7 maybe 8 inches long, slightly thinned then mine. Hard, veiny, circumcised, and clean shaven. I loved the sight. I wanted to see more, so I eagerly pulled his briefs to his ankles. His balls, also clean shaven, were hanging there. They were bigger than mine and hung lower too. Fuck I was so hot!

With one hand I grabbed his cock. It was hard and warm but the skin was smooth. I pulled it up revealing the balls and rubbed his cock between my hand and his stomach. With the other hand I smacked and grabbed my ass. I was so horny I wasn’t thinking anymore, just doing. I moved my head closer to his balls, inhaling through my nose. I could smell his balls, clean with a slight hint of man. It was turning me on more than anything. I got closer and perked my lips. I kissed his right ball and my heart jumped…It was on.

I stuck my tongue out and started licking his ball sack. They were slightly salty. I was still rubbing his cock. I started making out with his balls, pushing my face into them as I kiss and licked them like a mad man. I took my other slot oyna hand and rubbed his cock with both my hands. He was moaning slightly. That turned me on more than anything. I engulfed his left nut in my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue. I let out a slight moan.

“You like those balls, huh?” He said

“Mmhmmm” I said with the nut in my mouth

He moaned from the vibration. I let his ball flop out of my mouth and pulled his cock back towards my face. I noticed precum dripping from his cock. With both my hands I try to milk any more precum out of it. I stick my tongue out and rub the tip of his cock on it while I looked up at him. He was looking down at me smiling as the precum rubbed off onto my tongue. I try my best to taste it but its not as much as i thought. I just want the real thing.

I rub his cock slowly, I watched the skin pull slightly over his head of his cock. ‘Fuck it’ I think. And I put the head in my mouth nd suck with all my might. I pull away and make a popping sound. After that i rub the bottom of his cock with my tongue. I let my tongue rub all the way down his shaft to his balls, I lick his balls slightly and rub it back up his cock to his head. I let the head go back into my mouth. It was so warm and filled my mouth completely. I moaned again.

“You like sucking that cock” He said

I didn’t say anything, just began bobbing my head on his cock, I couldn’t get but half way down without feeling like i was gonna choke. I used both my hands to rub the rest of his cock. My saliva was flowing, lubing his cock for my hands and throat. I was sucking it like it was the last thing in my mouth.

He pulled my head back so I couldn’t reach it.

“You want it?” he said

“Yes Yes I want it in my mouth, I want your cum! I want to taste you!” I said

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I was panting like dog. I just wanted his cock. He pulled my head closer, and started slapping me with his dick. The wet cock was slapping me on my face and tongue. It hurt but i loved it.

“Uhh, fuck ya, give me that cock. I want you cum, I want your cum all over me and in my mouth!” I said

I pulled his cock back and shoved it my mouth grabbing my head. As he did i reached back and grabbed both of my bare ass cheeks. He started humping my face. His cock was making me gag. I would gaga and turn my head, and catch my breath. Turn my head back and look up at him with my mouth open, and he would go back at it. We did this repeatedly, sometime i would pull my head back and bury my face in his balls; sucking, licking and kissing. I just wanted to drain them.

He pulled back and said, “Get canlı casino siteleri on all fours on the couch”

I quickly obeyed. He got at the end and grab my head again. To reach his cock I had to pull my head down, and stick my ass up. He started to fuck my face again and grabbed my ass. I was moaning like crazy at this point. He pulled my head back and stuck his fingers in my mouth, then put my face back on his cock. He then pulled the thong to the side and took his wet finger to my asshole. I was moaning and moaning. At times i couldn’t even suck his cock. I was his little whore, his cock slave.

“give me your cum!” I yelled as he fingered my ass.

“How bad do you want it?” he asked

“Ill do anything!” I said

“Ok get back on your knees” He commanded

I quickly did, and reached back and started to finger my own ass.He stood closer rubbing his cock quickly.

“Ohh ya, ohh ya, open your mouth bitch!” He moaned

I opened my mouth moaning, sticking my tongue out. I was gonna finally taste cum. His balls weren’t saggy anymore. I knew it he was about to cum. He grabbed my head under his balls as he panted loudly. I started licking his balls and moaned more and more with him.

“There we go! There we go!” He yelled.

I pulled my mouth in front of his cock.

The first spurt hit faster then I thought. The warm liquid hit my cheek and lips with force. I quickly wrapped my mouth around his head. I felt his cock pulse with each delicious, salty, and slightly bitter spurt. His cum was filling my mouth and i couldn’t help but moan like a whore. As his cumming ended I pulled his cock out, cum still in my mouth. I swished it in my mouth, my cock twitching bout to explode.

“Does that taste good?” He said

“Mmmhm” I said, with his cum still in my mouth

“Show me it you cum slut!” he commanded

I opened my mouth showing him his cum and play with it with my tongue.

“Now swallow bitch” He said

I did, it was hard, but i willingly took it down. I gagged slightly but moaned after. He was still standing there over me, his cock slightly less hard, with a small amount of cum about to drip from it. I quickly put it back in my mouth and sucked all I could from it. I pulled it out and gently licked the bottom of his cock and balls. I grabbed him by the dick and went to couch, I laid down with his cock hanging over my face. I kept lick and kissing his balls and cock while rubbing my cock. He pulled his cock up and started slapping my face. I stroked harder untill I call all over my belly. After I came, he left his balls on my face and grabbed the bong, and took a hit. I was laying there in total ecstasy.

He puled back and put his pants back on. I stilled laid there.

“That was nice, but im gonna go” he said

“Ok, see you soon” I said

He let him self out…This has to happen again (:

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