Cum Sweet Cum Ch. 03


“Surprise!” is what she said and it was a surprise indeed. It didn’t take me more than a nanosecond to release what exactly was in her hand she was shaking. Birth control pills.

A smile cracked across my face. This could only mean we are not only going to finally have sex, but since she’s on the pill now, I’m going to be able to be inside her with nothing in between us but our own sweat. The mere thought of that made my penis spike up just a bit. She had only but to touch me and I would already be ready.

After a short moment of both shock and awe by her surprise and my stunned response, Hajera finally ended the moment of silence by speaking up. “I told you it was going to be worth it.” She then proceeded to explain how she had been on the pill before. They helped her regulate her periods and also made them much lighter as well, but she faltered on using them as of late. “You gave me a reason to back into my program” Hajera exclaimed.

We then looked into each others eyes, waiting for one another to make the first move. Hajera moved first, leaning back on her bed slightly, letting her hair cover the right side of her face while hey naughty left eye looked at me with a twinkle. “You know what?” she said “We are both dirty people. We are both nasty and maybe even perverted.”

“What do you mean? Because we’re both sexually charged by each other? I think that’s normal” I answered.

“No, the sexual attraction isn’t it. It’s just…” She said before tapering off. She thought about her words for a second before continuing “I’m nasty because I liked the taste of your cum, and you are nasty because you want to cum inside me. That’s why I went back on the pill. I knew it, without you even saying it. It’s what binds us, our dirty minds.”

At that, I admit she was right, dead right. Maybe I had alluded to it in my desire to have sex with her, but she knew that my ultimate fantasy was. I had a creampie fetish and she had a cum fetish. It was a strange twist of erotic destiny that we became intimate with each other. My cum was the sweet cream she loved and now I was going to find out that her vagina was exactly where my penis always belonged inside.

“What are we waiting for” I told her, and we both started to strip. Soon enough we were both in the buff. My cock was now as excited as I was, and was pointing right at Hajera. “He’s pointing at you kid” I joked. Hajera was bending over to pull off her panties, her tight ass pushed up into the air, facing me. When she finally looked over, she giggled and answered “Wrong hole. You are coming through the front door like a gentleman.” Hajera always had a way with words.

We both then walked towards the bed and met with our arms out for each other. I began to kiss Hajera’s neck, my dick sliding across the side of her belly. Hajera had both her hands on my waste, but slowly reached out and began to massage my balls with her left hand. It was then I let my hands go from her cheek bones. One hand dropped to beside her pussy while the other fell gently on the top of one of her tits. I continued to kiss her neck and slowly made my way up to her lips, our noses rubbing across each other. She was breathing heavily and we had only just begun.

I then began rubbing her chest with my hand, will my other hand began searching for her clit. When I found it, I began softly touching the knob, which was as erect as I was. I then for a moment stopped kissing casino siteleri her and moved my body down hers. I got to her nipples, and began to suckle like a child. Meanwhile, she moved her my other hand of her breast and now placed in on her ass. I grabbed one of her cheeks, and was tempted to give it a light slap. Hajera sensed this and whispered “Lightly.” I then gave it a few quick but very gentle taps. I could feel it jiggle only slightly as her butt was just as tight as it looked.

All this time I had not realized I had been caressing her clitoris for a while now, and so when Hajera let out an orgasmic grown, it caught me a bit off guard. “I just came” she said, barely audible with her breath so deep and her chest heaving so. I then stopped sucking on her nipple, and looked up at her as she said “Now it’s your turn.”

“Do you want to a taste?” I asked Hajera, alluding to her giving me head like she always does. “Yes, but not right now” she answered. Her eyes were stern but not angry. She grabbed me close, with my face only mere inches from hers. “I want you inside me” she told me as her hand grabbed a hold of mine. Hajera then led me to her bed. She then let go of my hand, and crawled on all fours to the center of her bed. She turned to me with a swoosh of her hair and beckoned me to join her.

I did not hesitate, and I stood above her, looking down at her gorgeous body. Her areolas were now very small and stiff, and I couldn’t help but give them the attention they deserved. I tried to be as gentle as possible with her breasts, not biting but more licking and sucking, but sometimes her nipples would stick to my lips and my mouth would slightly pull them up into the air. Hajera didn’t mind though, as she enjoyed the attention this sensitive site was getting.

Hajera then reached her hand up to my chin and motioned for me to look up at her face. Her eyes were large and dark. It was a one in a million look, and I knew that she wanted me to finally join her. I slowly grabbed my penis to guide myself into her, but she stopped me. “Let me” she directed, as I let go of myself and let her hand take it’s place. She used her other hand to spread the sides of her pussy lips, and slowly, inch by inch, I entered her. When I finally got in nearly all the way, I looked down at the sight. It was beautifully erotic. The brown lips of her labia were now encircled around the base of my penis perfectly, as if they could grip me like a hand.

Before I started to move, I took a moment. I was finally inside Hajera. She was so warm inside and snug but not too tight. She was wet but not gushing, just enough to lubricate our actions. I took a deep breath and began to pump Hajera, who lay below me with her head back and her eyes now close. “Slowly” she said, and I ablidged. I fucked her as slowly as I could, wanting to last as long as I could for her. The next words to escape her were “deeper.” And I went further and further into her with every stroke of my penis. Finally I had filled her up as much as I could, the bottom of my dick now pressed against the outside of her cunt.

I was so concentrated on the actual sex that I began to neglect the rest of Hajera’s body. I wanted this to be special. I wanted to pleasure her body as a thank you for the great gift she was bestowing me with. So I continued to slide in and our of her with a regular gentle pace while I began to lay my arms across the rest of her body. I rubbed slot oyna her shoulders as I pushed. My fingers ran threw her hair, now slightly wet with sweat from the heat between us. I caressed her high with my other hand, and her body soon began to quiver with my touch. “Oh my god” was the only line she could muster up as her body was now in the heat of the moment.

After a while of me beneath her, Hajera began to calm down. While she was still clearly enjoying the dance we were doing, she seemed to finally step back on ear for a moment. She stared into me and with her hands rested on my forehead asked “now let me be on top.”

I stopped humping her for a second for us to switch positions of our body. Hajera then rested her two hands flat on my chest and told me “now let do the rest of the work. You just sit back and try to enjoy the show.” Hajera always seemed to know what words drove me wild, and I then laid back with my hands be my side as she began to ride me like she was in a rodeo. One hand always on my waste as if holding the reigns while the other flowing through her hair and into the air, almost balancing her on top of me. “Ride it cowgirl” I joked to which Hajera responded with a cheesy “yeehaw”. I nearly slipped out of her from laughing at how ridiculous this all was.

I then reached up for her and began mashing her boobs together. I then let them fall and watched them bounce as Hajera did above me. I continued this several times, watching her tits dance. Hajera wasn’t busty but they sure were perky and boy did they sway with such sexual energy. It was like they were googly eyes looking down at me while moving in crazy motion. I was blow away by her breasts now and told her so. “I am transfixed by your tits” I told her. “Well then lemme show you the girls putting on a real show” she answered.

She jutted her chest out and began to grind me faster. Her ass pushed against the top of my thighs while her pussy smeared across my skin. She was now fucking me faster than ever, and while her breast were now going buck wild, I could hardly pay attention as now my penis was beginning to ache. I knew exactly what was going to happen soon.

“I think I’m about to cum” I stammered out, nearly out of breath. Hajera responded without words but with her body. She stopped grinding me back and forth and now began jumping up and down above me. She would get so high my penis would nearly come completely out of her, with only the head of it staying inside her barely. I finally let out a loud groan, and began to cum.

As I ejaculated into her, she stopped moving momentarily to let me release. I can’t tell you how long it seemed I kept cuming but it never seemed to stop. All the while, Hajera looked into my eyes with a gentle smile. She was happy she was giving me the pleasure of coming inside of her and their was a air of satisfaction lighting up her face. I finally spurted the last of my semen, and proceeded to pull out.

Yet Hajera stopped me. She leaned forward and whispered “Cum one more time for me.” I looked at her with a bewildered look. Did she realize I didn’t have a zero minute refractory period. “I’m not a porn star” I thought to myself. Yet I looked into her endearing eyes and knodded my head. I just couldn’t let her down.

I then sat up slightly and Hajera wrapped her legs around my stomach. Slowly we began to fuck again. I wasn’t hard and I was afraid I would slip out of her. I tried my canlı casino siteleri darnest to stay inside, which was more work then pleasure, but eventually my body began to cooperate and I began to get another erection.

While I then began to fuck her more forcefully, I could feel the squish of the cum already inside her. Instead of the clean slap sound of our bodies rustling against each other, I heard a more muffled sound. I was having sex with Hajera using my own cum as lubrication. While at first I felt almost awkward, the thought persevered and I began to get very aroused by it and now realized why Hajera wanted me to cum again. “She was nasty” I thought to myself, almost laughing.

With my hands on her ass, I pushed Hajera into me, deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her chest was now in my face and I took one of her nipples into my mouth, while Hajera was now fingering her own clit as we moved in elegant motion together. Hands everywhere, we were now a crumpled mass together, pushing our hips towards each other. I didn’t last nearly as long as before, and soon enough I was cumming again.

While the first time Hajera realized on her own I was cumming, now that she was already filled cum, it took her a second to realize I was ejaculating again. Her eyes widened and she squealed with glee. I shot over and over again, almost being afraid I was topping off inside of her. I looked down and she was so full of my cum that it was already dripping out of her and down my shaft.

I was not spent. So tired of the back to back sex, I leaned back on her back, and rested for a while. Hajera was clearly exhausted as well, and began to lay flat on top of me. Her breast pushed up against my body, her nipples pressed into my chest. She laid her head on my shoulder, and we both relaxed their for a moment. I put my arms around her and held her. Our lungs were in unison, she exhaled as I inhaled, causing our bodies to move up and down together.

Finally, Hajera got up. She lifted herself off me, and my penis finally slide out of her vagina. It was followed by a steady flow of white froth.

“Look” Hajera said, as my cum continued to ooze out of her. It continued to flow and I was amazed at home much cum I had produced. I stared unable to keep my eyes off of how hot the sight was. Meanwhile, Hajera kept pushing my buttons, and began gathering a little bit of cum that was coming out into her palm.

I knew exactly what she was about to do, but it still shocked me. Hajera then licked the cum from her hand. A little bit of it got on her upper lip, and she licked it off with her tongue. “It taste great, even better with a little bit of me mixed with you” she said.

I then began to think back to what she said before we began having sex, and now I realized this was the taste she was waiting for. I let it all settle in my mind before finally coming out, saying “you are a dirty girl” to Hajera. She began to laugh, and that pushed even more cum out of her, which in turn made her laugh even more.

There was now a small pool of jizz next to her crotch on the bed. Her pussy was wet and white with bits of cum sticking to her. She then took her index finger and scooped up a little bit of cum. It was the image of her sucking her finger in her mouth that was the last thing I remembered before we cleaned up and got dressed. It was the sight of her in such a child like pose that seemed almost innocent, which was stunning given the actual situation.

The last thing I remember Hajera saying that night was “we must do this again.” I agreed, with the thought of all that transpired still boiling in the back of my head.

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