curious no more, the story version.


curious no more, the story version.I wrote a short blog entry about my first experience with another man. A number of folks asked if I could give more detail and make it a story. This will also be my first story. Be forewarned. I write how I talk. And I am prone to going off on tangents and derailing my own train of thought. It sure is sunny out. What sounds good for lunch today. A little background on the characters that appear the fun event that took place. Myself, late 40’s married over 20 years. Wife is hot and cold on the intimate encounter front but, more on the cold side. I travel for work quite a bit. Midwest US mostly. Usually in a hotel 2 to 3 days a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Now, the wife and I do on occasion get kinky in the bedroom. And she knows that when I get in the mood for it. She uses a nice big vibrator on me. She’s even been known to bend me over the footboard of the bed. While fucking my ass hard, spanking me and calling me her bitch. But sadly those times are very few and far between. Shame. Always have liked the ass play. My friend, Another middle aged guy. Meet online. He had previous bi experience. But said it’d been several years and was craving some more. He was in the mood to suck some cock. And as it happens, I have a cock. And I was wanting to try the real thing as opposed to my toys. And again, he happened to have a hard cock. A damn thick one too. But we’ll get to that. Grab your popcorn, I would suggest no salt and perhaps extra butter. “Curious no more”. The story. Anyone who has chatted with folks online and really does want to “hook up” has ran into this issue I’m sure. You get told “I’d sure like to “fill in the blank” with you. Give me a shout when you’re in my area”. Only to have them disappear when you say “hey, I’ll be in your town for work next week. Lets grab a beer and shoot the shit “ And at that point it’s all crickets and tumbleweeds. Not in this case. Believe it or not I actually found someone who said “OK “ . He was somewhat familiar with the area. Being from another town too. We agreed to meet at a bar that was close to my hotel. I figured that an offsite meeting, so to speak would be best. Giving us both (Me) a chance to change our minds and walk away. But no expectations were set. No obligations. Just a couple of guys having a drink and talking about guy stuff. Sports, cars, beer, the sweet ass on that gal tending bar. I received a text saying he had gotten in town a little early and was at the bar. He told me where to look and what color shirt he had on. I was tuzla escort 5 minutes away at the hotel. I had decided I’d clean up a bit after a long drive in. (never underestimate the importance of good hygiene.) Just in case. You know, things went where we had discussed. I parked the car. As I was walking in I was surprised that I was not more nervous. Oh I was nervous, but not shaking as I’d thought I’d be. I went in, took a few to let my eyes adjust. I’d never been here before. And wasn’t familiar with the layout. It was a nice big place. I start to walk to the area he said he be in. I see him sitting there. He looks up at me as I started to walk his way. Then immediately looks down at his beer. I laughed to myself a bit because I would have done the exact same thing. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. Started talking like we’d know each other for years. Because we are both cool like that. And I’m sure the bartender had noooo idea what was up. (yeah right). Well the gal that got our first round, maybe. But the guy who took over. Yeah, not his first rodeo. After chatting for an hour? About the games on the tv and sharing some stories without getting too personal. The conversation turned to why we were really there. We established that we were both bi, (me curious at the moment) Both loved women first and foremost. He told me a little about his experiences in the past. I told him my only experience with another man was receiving a glory hole bj. And how while it was good it really wasn’t my thing. I decided the anonymous aspect just wasn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. So the question came. “ so, do you want to get out of here and see happens?” he answered to the affirmative. And I gave him directions to the hotel . 10 minutes later he sent a text he was here. Missed the turn and had to turn around. Longest 10 minutes , let me tell you. And still I was not that nervous. Thanks in a large part to the easy going manner and kindness of my new friend. But of course I was all new to this. And he joked that this was a bit different for him. Because in the past there had been much more alcohol and later hours involved. We decided to check out some stuff on XHamster. He recommended one of the vids in his favorites. A bi vid in a hot tub. Didn’t take long for us both to get worked up. He was first to unzip and start stroking. After asking me “do you mind?”. Hell no I didn’t mind. I then did the same. With my own hard cock in hand, already leaking a little precum.( He noticed that) I have a lot of precum. Leaks sancaktepe escort for most of the time I’m hard. I took a look at my first real live, in person cock of another man. I’d seen the pics. But of course this was different. After a few minutes he asked again “do you mind” and reached for me. A few seconds later I reached for him. My first time holding another man. It was firm and hot and THICK. I couldn’t get my entire hand around it. Not too long, like me average. Which turned out to be a good thing. After mutual stroking while still discussing the lady and hard cocks in the vid we were watching. He bent over and took me into his mouth. It of course felt wonderful. (who doesn’t like a hot mouth on their cock?) when he came up for air and a quick break. ( my nervousness all but gone now) I said I’d like to try that for the first time. He said ok, Of course he said ok. So, I figured I’d do it right. I got on my knees in front of him. He was still seated at the time. Eye to “eye” with him. I brought his head to my lips. He was clean and yummy. After bobbing my head a few times I decided to see just how far down I could go. I sucked the head in first and just kept sucking. Using the vacuum to pull myself farther down, and he farther in. I was amazed. I got his entire cock in my mouth. I’m sure I had my mouth open as far as it would go. His cock got very thick at the base. I did my best for as long as I could. But after 5 min or so we decided that it’d be more comfortable on that king sized bed. Laying on my back he climbed on top of me and angled himself towards my mouth. As his cock slipped between my lips again he started to go to work on me. We stayed in that 69 for a good long time. Heads bobbing, mouths sucking. Both of us needing a short breather I asked him if he’d ever fucked another man. He said once before. I then asked him ( like he knew this wasn’t coming) If he’d like to make it two. Saying yes he went to dig in his pocket of his shorts to find a condom. (like I said, yeah he wasn’t expecting that request.) Meanwhile I reached in the nightstand and got out a tube of Astrolube. Yeah I was hoping it’d come to this. I lubed myself up good making sure to get it as deep as I could. Then I squirted a good amount on my hand and proceeded to lube up his cock. Granted I’m not the biggest man. A little guy in fact. But I still couldn’t get my hand all the way around him. This cock was probably the biggest thing I ever tried to get into me. And there I was. Face down, ass up. ( yes that silly üsküdar escort song ended up going through my head, which caused me to laugh at myself) He rubbed his cockhead up and down my crack until he found what he was looking for. Then that nice pointed head slid in. It felt wonderful. Then the rest of him. DAMN was he stretching me. He started pounding me like a $2 whore. My breath coming in gasps and moaning with each thrust. I loved it! And I told him. It felt like I thought it would but better. He wanted to see me stroke my hard cock (yes I was and stayed hard the entire time he was fucking the crap out of me.) We changed positions. Me on my back, he holding my feet in his hands, His cock back in me. The sensation is difficult to describe. Not only did the physical attention feel wonderful. But I also felt like I was being taken care of. It was almost sweet in a way. Well as sweet as a fucking fat cock continually being shoved up your ass. ( did I mention I loved the feeling?) After some time he was worn out. Personally I could have laid there and let him have his way for a much longer time. But I understand. Us middle aged guys can do just as great at many things as a younger guy. We just need a few breaks now and then. He lay next to me and asked me to cum for him. He wanted to taste it. Don’t have to tell me twice. I started to stroke myself as he watched and encouraged. Decided I needed to speed this up to give him the treat he was asking for. I took my other hand and started to finger my lubed and loose asshole. A few minutes later is shouted out “I’m going to cum” He dove for my cock with his mouth. Sucking out the cum from the orgasm his treatment of me brought on. It was so nice. He didn’t miss a drop. And not a thing to clean up. We lay there for a few, catching our breaths. He laughed and said he didn’t want to be the guy that just dresses and leaves. But… he had a drive to make and it was getting late. We’d been playing in the hotel for over an hour and a half. I told him thank you. It was a night of first for me. We decided that would not be the last time we got together. Depending on our travels we could do this quite a bit. This was the first time for me. First time to literally touch another man. First time to suck a cock and the first time to get my hungry ass fucked for real. The sucking was nice. And with the right guy I’d do it again. The ass fucking was incredible. And I’m hooked. (always safe and discrete ) And I do want to do it again. I think the meeting at a public location was a good idea. Giving an opportunity to bail to both. And the no expectation or requirements is the only way to go. I feel very fortunate that I found such a kind and understanding man to experience this for the first time. He made what could have gone wrong a very fun and positive night.

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