Cynthia Sedair Conquers The World



(This story series contains elements of harsh domination, shameless incest, unrealistic hermaphroditic characters, and massive size. If any of these things offend you, do not feel impelled to read on.)

I don’t know where to begin my story, because I’m not sure if what happened to me was a dream, or a nightmare, or something that really occurred.

One night, I was picking my way through my parents mansion, a little tipsy from some sherry I’d stolen from the kitchen, groping my way along the wall, my hand fell on one of our candelabras, and it made a distinct “click”. Then there was a grinding, shuddering scrape of stone-on-stone.

My head whirled to see the grand fireplace spin completely out of place, revealing a sloped ramp, blackness descending into gloom. Scowling down, I resolved that I would see just what this was about and quickly located a flashlight.

It revealed nothing. This tunnel was so vast; there would be no answer just from looking. I would have to explore.

I crept down into the black, It seemed it must have been ten minutes before the decline went flat, then it was uphill another couple minutes. The tunnel ended in a room, huge, lit by some unseen source. There were mirrors surrounding the wall, and I took a moment to behold myself.

I was 18.

My hair was long, straight, and platinum. I’d been having it dyed and foiled so long, I could barely remember the natural shade. Sort of a dirty blonde, perhaps?

My eyes were grey, hard looking. I’ve never met another person with naturally grey eyes.

I was 5’8″, 145 lbs, with a good amount of muscle. Not buff, but defined. Kickboxing had been good to me.

What got in the way of being a more virtuoso kick boxer were the tits though. 42 fucking G cups. My father married a total trophy wife to adorn his arm before rival businessmen, and while hers weren’t quite in my league, I’m sure I got them from her.

My eyes flicked around the room…there were carvings. Women warriors. Amazons, perhaps, or Valkyries. Who had made this?

The room seemed to be a dead-end; the only object of any note was a slim, straight sword hanging from a couple hooks.

I picked it up, blinking in astonishment at the beauty of the thing, confused as to how it could be so free of dust. I wasn’t much for playing with swords as a girl, but the thing did feel light, and nicely balanced. I swung it a few times before I was startled by the hooks I’d lifted it from sinking into the wall. Then there was another one of those stone-on-stone grinding noises.

A portion of the wall draw up into the ceiling, and a hideous creature stalked out from behind it, massive hoof beats echoing in casino siteleri the large empty room. The thing was a Minotaur, like I’d read about in college. Shaggy and dark, its huge bull nostrils pierced with a single large ring. Heart beating in my chest, I only had a second or two to take the thing in before it lunged forward and attacked me.

The beast was a whirling dangerous zone, filled with goring horns and swinging fists, 10 feet tall it came after me. But while I did not know swords, I did know footwork, and I danced, circling it, getting a sense for the rhythm of its motion, and finally, exploiting openings it left, making a little slash here, a little poke there… Black the thing bled, as wound-after-wound appeared upon it. I had harried it with perhaps 40 or 50 such gouges when it finally caught me off guard, knocking me back across the room, to the floor.

The thing took a breath and snorted, and perhaps because of this lost its adrenaline, for while it took several steps towards me, each one slowed, and at last it collapsed, slain by my many tiny thrusts the enormous corpse prone before me. Now only I drew quick, ragged breaths in the empty room, head swimming. The sword in my hand dissolved into light, and seemed to flow into me. My whole body tingled and trembled and my vision blurred.

I blinked and looked around. I was in my room, sitting on my favorite couch where I had evidently fallen asleep.

I do not know whether to say what I had just experienced was a dream, or a nightmare, or some other sort of vision entirely. Whatever it was, I had the bruise on my head to prove the reality of it.

That and one other thing.

When I shifted on the couch, I felt something funny, good, and different. Running my hands over myself to check for just what it was I froze. Between my legs, dangling from my skirt and over the edge of the couch was an enormous, limp, cock.

This seemed like as good a time as any to scream, and scream, dear reader, I did.

* * *

The thing was obscene. Fat. Grotesque. I waggled my hips and it swung, the sensation so different and good that I made an embarrassing little noise, a sort of shuddering gasp. What were those? My god! Look at the size of them! Beneath the huge cock, slung low in a thick-looking sack of smooth wrinkled skin were two THINGS. Balls! Easily the size of a coconut each, but with more of a potato shape to them the felt strange and weighty swinging around.

My fear and confusion was giving way to another emotion. Lust! For myself! I reached down and hefted the huge flesh tube, cradling it in both hands I lifted it up higher for a closer look. It seemed to be uncut, with slot oyna a bulbous head flaring out beneath the foreskin. I let if drop, flopping it over one thigh, amazed that it was long enough to curl all the way around the thickest part of my left and still touch the couch I was sitting on. I reached down and lifted the balls next, giving a grunt, surprised at the heft of them. I palmed all over the smooth sac, gasping a little with each new touch, my hand trailing back to find that my pussy, though now overshadowed, was still perfectly intact, though somehow pushed a little further back in my anatomical arrangement.

It was also dripping wet just from the groping I had just given myself. And there was another sensation too…the huge limp prick was rolling a little…swelling…thickening… my nipples suddenly went hard at the sight, easily winning the race to erection. Curious and horny, I groped along the shaft, rapidly growing too thick for one hand to wrap around it. I mauled and mashed at it a little. I squeezed and massaged the balls one at a time. I opened my shirt to let my raw nipples have some relief. I whimpered with pleasure as the stiffening meat lazed slowly outwards, then upwards, getting stiffer and straighter, the huge thick veins throbbing as they pumped more and more blood into the spectacular weapon.

SLAP! The thing almost knocked my breath from my lungs as it smacked home between my huge breasts. My mouth hung open as I marveled at the sight, the foreskin now totally peeled back just from sheer size, the engorged purple head like a purple, precum-leaking doorknob just beneath my nose. I’m sure I must have looked quite foolish, leaned back, balls throbbing below while above my eyes nearly crossed to look at the glistening head, my wobbling udders curling slightly around my shaft. I flicked my tongue out to taste the seed. It was strongly flavored, savory, and sweet at the same time. The texture and taste were completely intoxicating, and I couldn’t help the throaty moan that escaped me as I rolled the morsel around in my mouth.

Then my mind was gone and I was just a wild, needing thing, almost sobbing with excitement as I stretched my lips to slip the colossal head into my mouth. My hands went low; doing everything they could to agitate the balls, roughly handling them, slapping them around, tugging them and squeezing them, almost to the point of pain. I inclined my elbows in to let the huge pillowy orbs on my chest envelop the upper-shaft of the thing. My hips bucked and I fucked my mouth and tits as one, almost choking on the increased flow of presperm that leaked out.

I was a madwoman, possessed with lust and capable of only self-pleasure in this moment. I whimpered, canlı casino siteleri practically mourning all the un-touched cockshaft that wasn’t getting attention. Flopping over the edge of the couch I ground my hips into it, grinding against the cushion, fucking the furniture with every inch not getting sucked, titfucked, or groped. As my cock heated up from the friction, the head conducted into my bulging boobs and I abandoned my balls to grab at them, increasing the speed they were traveling up and down the pulsing column of thick fuckmeat. I found that if I sort of alternated my tits instead of bouncing them up and down in time, I actually covered more ground and got more pleasure at once, so I stuck with that as I wanked faster and faster. As the cock got harder and harder, the balls swelled and tightened, lurching in their ponderous sack, and a most curious sensation was echoing between my clit on my dick. Boldly I stabbed my tongue into my cum-slit, and then threw back my head with a scream even louder than the one I’d let out when I discovered this new oddity.

A sensation traveled from my balls slowly up the shaft and to the tip of the thing, my moan getting at once louder and from deeper in my throat as white blasted from the tip, ricocheting off my forehead and fountaining back against the wall. Alarmed at the mess I had already made, I stood, accidentally unleashing another blast that arched through the air, soaring almost to the far wall, an obvious white trail splatting to the ground between me and it. Even as the pleasure flowed through my body like some overwhelming electricity, I was getting more agitated.

“OH NO! I!” I managed, twirling as another thick fist of spunk thudded into the near wall, splattering out in a back blast that fountained me with droplets.

Paralyzed from action at this seemingly unsolvable problem, I fell back on the couch and wanked hard, trying to urge all the cum out quickly so I could get to cleaning.

But it was a long wait. Powerful blast after preposterous splash rained all around the room. Perhaps 40 such hose-blasts were soon dripping from the walls, the ceiling, soaking the couch cushions and plastering my blouse so thickly that when I motioned to pull it around me, my breasts were completely visible as though I were in a wet T-shirt.

I was having girl orgasms too…. multiple ripples of withering pleasure surging from my poor neglected nethers to the tips of my toes, curling them as my orgasms fought for attention from my brain. I had almost blacked out by the end, and my ragged sobs of perfect pleasure hung in the air like the droplets of cock-sauce that still dangled and snapped all around me from every piece of furniture and surface in the room.

My cock had finally subsided, hanging thick and low over the edge of the couch, foreskin dripping with the remainder of my load.

That is exactly the moment my brother walked into the room.

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