Daddy’s Girl


I was only 17 when my little girl Stacey was born, and she was only 11 when I split up with her mother. Well, to be precise her mother took off with Stacey to Cyprus with her toyboy waiter. I re-married a short while later, and got divorced again not much longer after that. With one thing and another I didn’t see Stacey again until about six months ago when, just after her 20th birthday, she decided out of the blue that she wanted to come back to live in England. I was a bit nervous when I met her at the airport, but when she emerged from Arrivals I saw that my little angel had blossomed into a lovely young woman, who I was proud to introduce to friends as my daughter. She moved into my spare room, and we soon developed a close, jokey relationship.

Every Friday night I go to a club a few miles away with my mates. It’s a pub cum dance hall where we go to try and pull birds. One or other of us sometimes succeeds, but most of the time we just wind each other up about our attempts to do so, see who can come up with the most outrageous chat-up lines, and sink a few pints of lager. Stacey normally went out with her own friends from college on a Friday, but one night she was at a loose end and asked if she could come with me. I agreed reluctantly, as I thought having my daughter along might cramp my style with the ladies, but as we climbed into our taxi I had to admit she looked a knockout. She wore a glittery black off-the-shoulder dress which perfectly complemented her shoulder length silver blonde hair and light tan. It also barely covered her bum, but I didn’t mention it as I didn’t want to sound like a typical middle-aged dad.

As we walked across the club car park, arm in arm, I saw a workmate who doesn’t know Stacey. He greeted me and, clearly thinking I was cradle snatching, complemented me on my ‘girlfriend’s’ appearance. Stacey put her hands on his shoulders, leaned very close to him and whispered something in his ear. He then gave me an odd look and scuttled off as if he’d just seen a ghost. I asked Stacey what she had said to him. She replied “I said this was our first date, but that my mum told me you’ve got an enormous cock.”

That was typical Stacey, but my face turned so red with embarrassment I was surprised çıtır escort it didn’t light up the entire car park! We joined my mates, and after a couple of drinks Stacey decided she fancied a bop, and disappeared onto the tightly packed dance floor. We eyed up the talent for a while, then I heard one of my pals talking about Stacey’s long tanned legs. I gave him a filthy look, then turned to look at my daughter, moulding her body to some scruffy kid I’d never seen before. I suddenly caught myself thinking “I’ll bet she’s a right little raver in bed.”

I couldn’t believe I’d just thought that about my own child! I don’t know if Stacey saw something in my expression, but she gave me the sexiest smile, and the most knowing wink. I quickly buried my face in my beer, trying to convince myself that I hadn’t just had incestuous thoughts about my little girl, and to ignore the stirring I felt in the front of my pants. When I looked up again Stacey made sure she had caught my eye then, slowly and deliberately, slipped her hand down inside the boy’s trousers and clearly began wanking him. He only lasted a few seconds, and I watched astonished as she walked laughing to the ladies loo, leaving the lad standing dazed on the floor.

Afterwards Stacey sat down with us for another drink. I was too embarrassed to mention her little floor show, but after a few minutes she asked me to dance with her, ignoring my protests and dragging me out onto the floor. As we danced her hand twice brushed against the rapidly hardening pole in my slacks, deliberately I thought. I put a bit of distance between us, but as the song ended she turned her back to me and wiggled her sweet little bum hard into my groin. I was now so stiff I had trouble walking back to my seat with dignity, but thankfully my pals didn’t seem to have noticed anything untoward. I sank gratefully into my chair, but Stacey had other ideas. She pranced over and asked if we could go home now as she’d had enough dancing for one night. I was actually quite relieved as I thought she was clearly getting over-excited, and the cool of the night might calm her down a bit.

As our taxi set out for home Stacey, giggling, started tickling me. This was an innocent game escort demetevler we used to play when she was small, and I happily joined in. Suddenly – she made it seem accidental – her hand dropped into my lap. Still giggling she squeezed my rock hard dick and half-whispered “I wasn’t wrong about you being enormous, was I?”

Before I realised what was happening she had shoved her hand down the front of my pants and wrapped it around my cock! I moved to pull her hand out, but as I did she grazed a long finger nail up the length of my shaft. The effect was electric, and I gasped and threw my head back as my prick twitched against her hand. Taking her chance, before I could get my breath back she had unzipped my fly, buried her head in my lap and started swirling her gorgeous tongue around my painfully stiff cock. I saw the taxi driver glancing at us in his rear view mirror, but I was beyond caring. I just wrapped my fingers in Stacey’s hair, and tried to put out of my mind who it was playing my dick as sweetly as a flute. I shot my load into her mouth just as we reached my flat. As Stacey triumphantly swallowed my jizz I tucked my dick back into my pants, gave the driver a huge tip, and rushed inside as he leered at me and wished me an enjoyable night.

Once I got inside my composure returned slightly. Trying to sound stern, I told Stacey that what she had just done to me had been lovely, but that nothing like it must ever, ever happen again. She gave me her big-eyed innocent little girl look, and said meekly “Yes daddy.”

After that I decided I needed a nice cool shower, so I went into my bedroom to change into my dressing gown. As I was stood there naked I heard the bedroom door open behind me. I dragged the dressing gown on and hurriedly tied the belt before turning to face my daughter – who was also completely naked!

She looked unbelievable! Tall and willowy, like her mother at the same age, with small but perfectly shaped breasts, a diamond stud in her belly button, wispy golden pubes and long, shapely legs. I couldn’t help noticing that her tan covered her entire body, with no white bikini marks. My mouth immediately went dry, and I wasn’t sure if I could even speak. I escort dikmen managed to croak “Stacey, this has to stop, now.”

She wasn’t any more convinced I meant it than I was. She gave me a sweet smile and murmured “But daddy, I was so good in the taxi I thought perhaps you might want to give me a special present as a reward.”

She emphasised the word ‘daddy’, making me feel even worse about the situation. As she advanced towards me, and I backed to the edge of my bed, it felt almost as if I was a nervous teenager and she was the mature, experienced adult. She stopped inches from me and I could feel the heat radiating from her body. I whispered “Stacey, please.”

In response she glanced down and exclaimed “Ooh daddy, is that for me?”

I saw with horror that my iron-hard cock had poked out of my dressing gown, and the burning tip was actually brushing against her thigh! With that she pushed me in the chest and I toppled backwards onto the bed. Stacey took her chance, straddling my chest and tickling her stiff little nipples across the tip of my nose. Finally giving up trying to fool myself that I was in control of the situation I sucked a sweet tit into my mouth, flicking the nipple with my tongue and enjoying the warm, salty taste of her sweat. My daughter needed no further encouragement. Scooting down my body she raised herself above me and plunged her pussy down onto my ramrod stiff cock.

After a few seconds of Stacey rising and falling on me I flipped her over, so I was on top, and rammed my prick into her like a steam hammer, my balls slapping against her arse, as she whimpered “Oh yes daddy, so big, fuck me daddy, fuck me”.

I kept going for as long as I could, but after a couple of minutes the sight of that beautiful face below me, eyes screwed up in ecstasy as she howled her enjoyment, was too much for me, and I exploded into my little girl, her hips bucking up to meet my thrusts and her finger nails raking deep across my backside. Then I collapsed, temporarily spent, beside her on the bed. After a minute or so Stacey leaned over me, her breasts cushioned against my chest, and gave me a deep French kiss. She whispered “Oh daddy, I do love you so very much.”

As she rested her head on my belly I realised that I would probably feel as guilty as hell in the morning; but at that moment the only thing that mattered to me in the world was spending the entire night making love to this beautiful, sexy, incredible young vixen who was smiling happily up at me as her hand cupped my balls.

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